CodyCross Fashion Throughout History Pack answers

Fashion Throughout History PackFashion Throughout History

Here are the answers to CodyCross Fashion Throughout History Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Plaid fabrics tied loosely around the shoulders.

Glued, fused together.

Pacha's wife in The Emperor's New Groove.

__ pigeon, bird with supreme sense of direction.

Man's neckerchief, forerunner of the necktie.

Up Where We __, duet by Cocker and Warnes.

1939 Wright novel that has no letter E in it.

Describes wine with a musty smell and taste.

Daylight __; clock change for more hours of light.

Annie Jump __, cataloguer of stars.

Just over three light years.

Puzzle 2

Pablo __, from The Wire, Orange Is the New Black.

Getting hot under __ means to get angry.

Magic, tricks or guile used for evil purposes.

Powerful Iranian ruler assassinated in 1747.

Highly frustrating.

French word for men's and women's overcoats.

Kiss The Girls and Along Came A Spider detective.

Celebration, event, jamboree.

Cavalleria __, opera about passion and murder.

Kristin __, Wicked's original Glinda.

Thermally insulated underclothing for mountaineers.

Puzzle 3

Group together tightly.

South American garments, blankets with head hole.

Zapf Unicode space-filling typeset character.

Underwater breathing apparatus.


The bottom part of the traditional Punjabi suit.

First Belgian King to abdicate the throne: __ III.

Paul __, actor of Priest and Legion.

Spiny egg-laying mammal native to Australia.

French dept in Grand Est, name means lower Rhine.

Puzzle 4

Plan of attack for making a change.

__ dress, elegant robe for drinks parties.

State of being old.

Long-sleeve knitted jacket worn in the Crimean War.

Diversion to avoid mundane reality.

Person who is legally responsible for a child.

Large, warty amphibian with poison glands.

Kyra __, actress of Singles, wed to Kevin Bacon.

Code of appropriate conduct.

Frailty, senility.

Wine glass sound.

Flat, wall-mounted central heating appliance.

Spanish milky drink made from tiger nuts.

__ on the Beach, stage work by Philip Glass.

Puzzle 5

Shackleton's ship on his 1908 Antarctic trip.

__-Venezia Giulia, northern Italian admin region.

Ubiquitous 20th C blue-clothed jeans or shirts.

Adventurer, the focus of Kingkiller Chronicle.

Wooden pole with metal spike that levers logs.

Singer born Emma __, better known as "Baby Spice".

Peregrine __, super-fast bird of prey.

Courageous and noble godlike people.

Château __, fine red wine of the Pomerol.

Rachel __, US ecologist, writer of Silent Spring.

Short decorative jacket of Spanish origin.

Liz Taylor's husband, Richard __.

Puzzle 6

Opposite of easterly.

__ board, pegs-and-hole device for navigation.

Divorced royal couple: Prince Andrew and Sarah __.

Geometric knitting design from Shetland.

Song from the Sixties: Little Old Lady from __.

Common Russian ballet teaching method.

Grew pale with shock.

Uses a battery instead of plugging into the wall.

1974's Best Film Oscar starring Redford and Newman.

Mystery where an unknown murderer is identified.

Supernatural dwarf in German mythology.

Ring someone after they've left a voicemail.

Japanese deep fried breaded pork cutlet.

Tardiness, unpunctuality.

Originally, early 19th C loose sleeveless chemise.

Puzzle 7

Julia __, wrote the Battle Hymn of the Republic.

Feeling at ease, unwinding.

Wrecking a car.

Toilet and shower facilities.

"Darling" actress: Julie __.

US writer of One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest.

__ Dress Society, advocated looser boneless dress.

Loyd __; American-British TV gastronome.

Indian dish of spiced potato with spinach.

Country whose colonial name was Dutch Guiana.

Confuse, baffle, bewilder.

Highest point of the Pindus Mountains: Mount __.

They have been to war.

Arthurian character who sought the Holy Grail.

Wide women's trousers that resemble a skirt.

Vanessa __, actress-sister of Corin and Lynn.

Dependence on.

Mary __; Ireland's first female president.

Puzzle 8

Northern English word for alleyway, or Lemony __.

__ up; preparing oneself.

Projecting part of a military line.

Failure of an electrical component.

Isle of Wight palace of Queen Victoria: __ House.

Tom __, Spider-Man.

Country in North Africa, location of Carthage.

Ray __, easy-listening band and singers leader.

Vacationing, to a soldier.

Theatrical performer, a dedicated one.

The most idiotic.

Liquid residue after distilling Russian petroleum.

Put down on paper.

Snuggling, like a bird maybe.

Men's undershirt made from linen.

Artichoke-like plant with edible roots.

Floral arrangement worn on a gown.

__ cream, essential scone addition in a Devon tea.

Puzzle 9

Depression-era swindlers movie with the O'Neals.

Not hostile or confrontational.

Mary Quant short garment of the 60s.

Not stationary; mobile.

Lime green amphibian with see-through skin.

River-maid wife of Tom Bombadil.

Château __, Quebec City's grand railway hotel.

High-collared garb named after a Chinese leader.

__, pound foolish, personal expenditure profile.

Limits, curtails.

Puzzle 10

Château __ Rothschild, French wine estate.

__ Chuzzlewit, Dickens character visits the US.

Sweet nickname of Jebidiah Allardyce in Atlantis.

__ Polo, Marco's father and journey companion.

Two-piece bathing suit.

Graphite writing tool.

James L __, the producer of The Simpsons.

Keep possession of, hold onto.

19th C hooded cloak with tassels.

Largest of the Channel islands.

Puzzle 11

Dissertations or submitted assignments.

Jim __; pilot on Apollo 8 and 13 missions.

Garden pruning tool.

Short belted dresses, worn since ancient times.

Centaur activities director at Camp Half-Blood.

Italian lagoon city famous for its carnival.

Sleeve and coat named after a field marshal.

Brian, Dennis and Carl: surname of the Beach Boys.

Spice islands of Indonesia, also Moluccas.

Oceanic event with cooler-than-average temps.

Blond tufty-haired hero from the comics by Hergé.

Puzzle 12

Beverly __; action comedy film series.

Scientist who gave his name to a US museum complex.

Flat round collar like J M Barrie's boy hero.

70s girls' fashion of short shorts with a bib.

Put up with, bear.

__ Tree Cafe, dissidents met here in Orwell's 1984.

Country where Hwange National Park is located.

Marie __; Romantic ballerina who danced en pointe.

Intentionally spoiling, eg scribbling in a book.

Funny deck game with RPG elements.

Bovine on a lilac bar of chocolate.

Surplus, leftover.

Icelandic rock band whose name means victory rose.

Reconstruction of dinosaur bones on display.

Body of water where Donald Campbell was killed.

Seeking to defend or justify a wrongdoing.

Puzzle 13

Devour, ingest.

Brought down foot sharply on the ground.

Reddish-brown pigment used in Antiquity paintings.

Gene __ as Popeye Doyle in The French Connection.

Have faith.

Rubber tool used to unclog toilets.

Low-brimmed straw hat, inspired by shepherdesses.

Robbery at financial institution.

The Ruhr, a hub of industry, is in this country.

Classic children's novel: __ of Sunnybrook Farm.

Dutch profiterole filled with whipped cream.

Decorative bands to hold stockings up.

Subject to boundaries.

Puzzle 14

The __, Wilder, Lemmon and MacLaine classic film.

Coffee jug with plunger.

Danish prince, the first king of Norway.

Socially acceptable behavior.

1980s corporate dressing, with shoulder pads.

Rodent monarch in The Nutcracker.

Base sauce of carrots, onions, celery.

Work gear, denim trousers with attached bib.

Poem by W. B. Yeats: Sailing to __.

Trip the light __, means to dance nimbly.

Puzzle 15

Captain Jean-Luc Picard actor Sir Patrick __.

Formative, influential, groundbreaking.

Keep a feeling hidden, out of conscious memory.

__ Rebellion, conflict against the Qing Dynasty.

__ shorts, knee-length Caribbean summer garment.

Louis __, TV presenter/writer on life's oddities.

The __ Cuckoos, Wyndham's tale of spooky kids.

British spelling of PJs, nightwear.

Calcium carbonate concentric rounds of rock.

__ Boys, Scottish artistic group of rural painters.

Intended to appeal to groups of fashionable people.

Distributing the cards.

Dried chilaca pepper aka chile negro.

__ Love, hit for both Soft Cell and Gloria Jones.

Tedium, dullness.

Puzzle 16

Thumbs-up, nod of assent.

Giselle's deceitful lover in 1841 Coralli ballet.

Nightwear central to the 1956 film of Elia Kazan.

Pulsating light.

Being willing to help; giving.

Authored The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole, Aged 13¾.

18th C hat with three points.

First king of unified Italy (1861-78): Victor __ II.

Bottle size equivalent to six champagne bottles.

To settle a hotel bill.

Greg Saunier US indie band.

Trademark for a cylindrical security device.

Ensemble that conceals a person's true appearance.

Puzzle 17

Choices, possibilities.

Takes something for granted.

Chinese fruits; knobbly pink shell and white flesh.

__ In Alex, war film, quest for refreshing drinks.

__ Park; large urban park in Irish capital.

Tim __, re-created the journeys of St Brendan.

Alters slightly.

Whale shark who lived with Bailey in Finding Dory.

Fashion design applied to sleeves to reveal lining.

Crime novel by Dame Ngaio Marsh: Grave __.

Gestures, hand signals to go with children's songs.

Small mountain plants that grow above the treeline.

Russian sport of throwing a bat at skittle pins.

Matching knitted sweater and cardigan of the 1930s.

Keeping an eye on one's manners.

Disastrous situation, not having it together.

__ Union; international money transfer service.

Puzzle 18

Capital and largest city of Eswatini (Swaziland).

Pharaoh, sent Phoenicians to circumnavigate Africa.


Traditional jackets worn at sports clubs or school.

Lorena __, infamous vengeful wife with a knife.

Created foam, on a coffee or in a bath.

Storage room for beer barrels in medieval castles.

November stone.

Nickname for a helicopter.

The Russian royal dynasty from 1613 to 1917.

Pedal __, 50s calf-length trousers for women.

Puzzle 19

__ suit, lightweight outfit fit for Africa.

Edith __, pioneer in medical physics.

Nymph who saved Hephaestus, castoff child of Hera.

Women's hat of the early 20th C, like a bell-shape.

Individual in a group or institution.

Levi __, lead singer with the Four Tops.

Sister of Moses and Aaron mentioned in the Bible.

Entry, admission to a location.

Colin __, US general and secretary of state.

Small colonial marine tree branch-like hydroid.

Desired strongly.

Alpine rodent.

Puzzle 20

19th C gents knee-length outer garment.

Musical get-together down the pub round a piano.

Cover a sofa or armchair anew.

Causing sadness or worry.

Founder of the Society of Friends, or Quakers.

Pleaded the case for someone.

Midday meals (in French).

Close-fitting oriental shift dress with slit skirt.

A specific role played.

Author of WWII novel, The Cruel Sea: Nicholas __.

Capable of soaking up liquid.

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