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Here are the answers to CodyCross Fashion Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

The House of the __, novel by Isabel Allende.

The Maine Coon is the __ breed of domestic cat.

German wireless and TV set manufacturer.

Bitter criticism, also a glassy chemical sulfate.

Igloo architects.

Remove a member of clergy from office.

Manolo __, Spanish shoemaker.

The Pride and the __, movie with Cary Grant.

Slang term in India for half a rupee.

Yogis would be champs at this party game.

The branch of anatomy that concerns muscles.

This aboriginal tongue sounds like a cold place.

It's not fun going back to this board.

Arcade Fire album or service for the dead.

Dance with a fast tempo.

Sea of the Arctic Ocean, east of the Kara Sea.

Puzzle 2

When something doesn't develop in the body.

Spanish riding school in Vienna; horse breed.

Roman emperor who made his horse a senator.

Political movement of French president Macron.

Metamorphic green rock from Africa.

Sea of the Italian Riviera, ancient people.

Said to be the oldest legume in the world.

This kind of key opens all doors.

Ridged velvet fabric.

Main body section of an aircraft.

Language of Eastern Europe relating to its peoples.

Most babies have sucked on it since 1473.

Imitation animal skin fabric (portmanteau).

Puzzle 3

__ Santos, right back played in 4 WCs for Brazil.

To ward off an attack, assault, injury.

Pretoria is the capital of South __.

To attempt to counterbalance carbon footprint.

The 14th Dalai Lama, Tenzin __.

WWII French Resistance, named after Shrubland.

Meeting of people united for a cause.

Document releasing responsibility.

Regular section that is printed in a newspaper.

Spoon used as discipline device by some.

Fruit, nut, icing dipped in chocolate.

Puzzle 4

Prisoners shackled together while on work duty.

Vest especially worn over a shirt.

Madama __, Puccini insect opera.

Snorri __, Icelandic writer of the Edda.

Long-lost trace, like tails in human beings.

Jack __, US award winner and star of "The Shining".

Common name of brass-colored mineral pyrite.

Densely forested state in central Germany.

Inflammation of joints, causing tender swelling.

Actor who played the patriarch of Addams Family.

Latin motto, "Seize the day".

Worn by sporty types on wrists and forehead.

Puzzle 5

Egg-shaped musical instrument with finger holes.

TV drama about the Halliwell witch sisters.

Literary genre that doesn't end well.

Makes progress difficult.

The Baltic States are Latvia, Lithuania and __.

Ben __, offspring of Frank Costanza, Anne Meara.

The way we fall.

Egyptian paper made from reeds.

Opposite in meaning; contrary of synonym.

Male perfume and a German city.

Sacha Baron Cohen in Alice Through the __ Glass.

Spring and Fall __, sun crosses the equator.

James of __, disciple and brother of John.

__ Armani, Italian fashion designer.

Portuguese system of inns and small hotels.

Henri __, French artist of paper cut-outs.

Once Britain's most popular sport.

Garden ornament that uses shadows to tell the time.

Puzzle 6

Collapsible refuge.

School of philosophy inspired by Thales of Miletus.

Pedlar, hawker.

Don't run with this ancient Egyptian invention.

The symbol of the only arachnid sign of the zodiac.

Flamboyant entertainer with look-alike boyfriend.

Jean-Paul __, designer and Eurotrash presenter.

Franciscan monk shares name with a monkey.

South Moluccas Indonesian waters.

A measuring device detected it for the first time.

Renaissance song for several voices, unaccompanied.

Of or relating to the shoulder.

Puzzle 7

__ of Zion, fabricated group for Jewish dominance.

Can kill you softly and silently.

Kitchen tool to extract citrus juice.

William the Conqueror built house here.

Double-breasted jacket worn by sailors.

French inventor of the hypodermic syringe.

Easy fix for a program or computer.

French city with an international film festival.

Lace head dress usually worn by UK women.

In German, two little dots that change the vowel.

Stripy-tailed primates.

Queen of the gorgons, snakes for hair.

Abundance of pride in one's looks or abilities.

Jane __, Pride and Prejudice writer.

Hindu deity, Supreme Lord of Vaishnavism tradition.

Premium cigar brand.

Caffeinated drink also popular ice cream flavor.

Tom __, Broadway legend who succeded Welles.

Deep blue dye, historically from plants.

Puzzle 8

Golfing trousers like plus fours but shorter.

Orange-like citrus oil that flavors Earl Grey tea.

Middle East ethnic group.

Struggle with plunging movements; type of fish.

__ Knights, German medieval military order.

It's happening again.

Steam whistle.

Cake cooked in a flat pan then divided into slices.

__ Punch, tropical, knockout beverage.

Fine shawls are made from it.

Spinal vertebrae attached to the ribs.

Kumar __ Birla, chair of Aditya Birla Group.

Puzzle 9

__ and abetting, knowingly taking part in a crime.

Second most intelligent dog breed.

Tropical tree-like grass with hard, hollow stems.

Estadio Marcelo __, Newell's Old Boys.

Process of extracting ores from inside a mountain.

Reverend Father, leader of a Catholic church.

Beautifying skin treatment.

__ Holland, "curved" Netherlands ferry port.

It starts a fire, literally and online.

To appertain.

Stringed instruments smaller than double basses.

__ Strikes Back, Russian doc about German battle.

40 __, circus employees who haven't been away from home.

Puzzle 10

Chocolate, marshmallow dessert, ice cream flavor.

The other way round.

This metal footwear will never be a stiletto.

Former Ethiopia.

Prominent pirate in the Qing dynasty in China.

The Magus who brought myrrh.

Wheeled-vessel and directions manager.

Post-lunch, pre-evening.

Crouching down with your knees bent.

Strong adhesive brand name that is now generic.

Tin-glazed earthenware originally from Holland.

Special obstacle in an athletics steeplechase.

WW2 British soldier fighting in North Africa.

Michael Myers is the villain in this horror movie.

Boris __, Russian author whose name means parsnip.

Big talking, low content.

Puzzle 11

Examples include rootkits and web beacons..

Teri who played Susan on Desperate Housewives.

Erin __, British supermodel.

Another term for cowboy.

Homer managed singer __ Lumpkin in The Simpsons.

Checkered fabric of workers and grunge fans.

Tenth son of Jacob, his mother was Leah.

Describes a whale stranded on the sands.

You don't use worry in "to whom".

HB, B or H graphite drawing implements.

Date filled, Iraq's national cookie.

Puzzle 12

Birds and dinosaurs evolved here.

Name fit for a locked glass wine-cabinet.

Water that is somewhat salty, but not the ocean.

Clown alley, clown __ room and prop area.

Flamboyant, exuberant, full of brightness.

World's most famous painting, by da Vinci.

Michelle __, Frankie and Johnny star.

__ surgery, beautifying facial work.

__ earth military policy destroys infrastructure.

Long coat made from waterproof fabric.

To prepare food so as to resist decomposition.

The age of it is past.

Scuba gear invented by Cousteau and Gagnan.

A Lilin-demon in female form in folklore.

J.D. __, reclusive American author.

Puzzle 13

Ear, nose and __ doctor, or ENT.

Richard __, the tiger in Life of Pi.

Mythical, tentacled sea monster in Norway's waters.

Traditional garments of German-speaking nations.

Tropical fruit with bumpy pink shell, white flesh.

The capital of Zambia.

The youngest Griffin in Family Guy.

Peter String__, UK nightclub businessman.

Best friend for life.

Tae Kwon Do, __ martial art form.

Dumb __, restaurant lift devoted to meals.

Big bellied sage aka Siddhartha Gautama.

Emanuel __, French fashion and perfume designer.

Headboard for feet, bed looks like a sled.

Puzzle 14

Very old, e.g. 'pitman' is an __ term.

Carl __, Russian maker of fabulous Easter eggs.

Motor-racing circuit in Gauteng, South Africa.

Central Indian river aka Rewa.

One of the Marx Brothers.

Form of underwear worn by women., travel aggregator site.

Practice makes __.


Stiff, three-peaked headgear of the RC clergy.

__ Lesson of Dr Nicholaes Tulp, by Rembrandt.

Reindeer love to eat this.

Puzzle 15

Rudolph __, silent film actor of The Sheik.

What a Western star might wear on his head.

Tech company that brought us Windows.

Office on road or bridge that collects fees.

Pokemon that evolves into Dragonite.

Fast 1940s jazz dance for couples.

The Road Hole, one of toughest on this golf course.

A person who gives information on TV or radio.

Pink Chinese candy made from hawthorn tree.

Banded __fish have dark vertical bands.

Hairdo popular in the 18th century.

Russian "New City"; Velikiy or Niznhy.

South African word for foreigner, esp British.

Puzzle 16

The Guns of __, movie with Gregory Peck.

Mountaineer Harrer, who spent 7 years in Tibet.

Form of address for young German woman.

Descendants of Esau, from Transjordan.

The branch of science related to fermentation.

Being composed of or covered in grains.

Wooden "legs" to help the injured walk.

A classroom where students assemble daily.

It was nice doing __ with you.

Slow-drying artist's pigment, often in linseed.

Zig zag hair fashion of the 1980s.

Champagne producer, a preferred wine of Churchill.

Kenny __, Scottish, Liverpool soccer great.

City where original CSI TV series was set.

In Aesop's tale a hare was outpaced by this animal.

Firm abs or collection of beer cans.

Lace, silk or satin intimate women's clothing.

Puzzle 17

Slept for a short while.

Person or animal lacking pigmentation.

Jeff __, LinkedIn CEO.

Humans need it to breathe.

A person who owns or manages a farm.

Anybody, any person out there, noone particular.

Ancient city of Upper Mesopotamia.

French fashion house; singer __ Dion.

Irish shoe with decorative perforations.

Hans __, German film score composer, like a frame.

__ Cunningham, Howard's Happy Days character.

Follow-up to an original book or film.

Chewy substance used as base of many candy bars.

The first horse out of the starting gate.

Danish container ship transport firm.

Foreign name for China's Qing Dynasty.

Puzzle 18

Where a space rocket takes off.

A person who supervises the safety at the beach.

Popular RV, van brand, Indian name.

The Sorting Hat almost put Harry in this house.

Big Four US bank, developed from Citicorp.

Cocktail named after one of the boroughs of NYC.

Capital city of the German state of Hesse.

International Day of __ on 20 Mar is a day of joy.

Covers feet and legs; pantyhose.

Barbara Bell Geddes played her in Dallas.

Device that cooks food by exposing it to radiation.

Bones in the fingers or toes.

Speeding in a stolen car.

Used on dry lips; popular brand.

Estadio Nacional Mane __, in Brasilia.

Ukraine disaster town.

Puzzle 19

Bedtime drink and headwear.

Science of housekeeping.

A grain plant cultivated for thousands of years.

Allen __, author of the Beat Generation.

Purple-colored gem; February birthstone.

NYC street, American theatrical mecca.

__, 2015 M. Night Shyamalan movie.

Transports in a ski resort.

Japanese term for aviation suicide attacks.

Table designed for diaper duty.

Poor visibility caused by heavy snow conditions.

__ path, Shakespeare quote and famous expression.

The __ of Samson, Rembrandt painting.

Banded __ has six dark bands on white body.

Not dangerous in case of malfunction.

Puzzle 20

Estée __, US skin care, cosmetics brand.


Red dye from insects of the same name.

To put something in place, add in pieces.

Winter apple with reddish-brown skin.

German for "knife", single-bladed sword.

Second son of Jacob; his mother was Leah.

It needs a lot of heat to melt.

The capital of Gambia.

A format used to save images.

Disease of the Americas from blood-sucking insects.

Stadio __, Udinese stadium aka Dacia Arena.

Bee's figure eight dance, food indicator.

__ Schoenberg, "atonal" composer.

British bolting.

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