CodyCross Fast and Slow Pack answers

Fast and Slow PackFast and Slow

Here are the answers to CodyCross Fast and Slow Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Medical name for the funny bone.

Planet closest to the Sun.

Daily diary.

Type of bank account that's not checking.

Playing a leisurely round on the putting green.

Scandinavian traders and raiders like Erik the Red.

Italian city gives its name to a sausage and a dog.

A __ Circle, Tool's vocalist's other band.

Go to great these.

Send tweets on this social media site.

There are nine of them on a Menorah.

Exam scores, can take a long time to arrive.

Type of thermometer that shows a number readout.

1975 Oscar winner: One Flew __ Cuckoo's Nest.

Puzzle 2

Poker hand containing five sequential cards.

A common saying, A penny for your __.

These minds catch killers on the TV show.

Strong son of Zeus in Greek mythology.

It starts with QWERTY.

Toast when covered with churned milk.

Person responsible for funding and managing a film.

Large, lumbering animal with a trunk.

Chip off the __, you've inherited parental traits!.

Seasoning that tastes like cloves and nutmeg.

Total lunar reflection of the sun at night.

Beyoncé album named after a citrus drink.

The two nasal openings.

Peak travel time when everyone wants to go quickly.

Puzzle 3

Small shelters for canines.

Sometimes it's needed when receiving a package.

Study of the physical world and its people.

Pace that is unhurried.

Everybody who has a job in an industry.

Restore to factory settings.

The pianist who wrote Rocket Man and Tiny Dancer.

Rapid rescue vehicle for the injured.

Rejuvenating an old piece of furniture.

Stomach pain.

Japan's highest peak.

Advancing in a video game means going to the __.

Person who's running for office.

Puzzle 4

Last name of actress, TV host and producer, Oprah.

Traders, e.g. in antiques or commodities.

"You put the lime in the __, drink them both up".

X-Men comics, movies feature these people.

Dietary unit that builds muscle; amino acid chain.

Speed __, very fast velocity or c in E=mc2.

Natural disaster also known as a twister.

More bumpy and harsh than other fabrics, say.

One of Snow White's dwarves, the shy one.

The gathering of crops.

Country that celebrates Waitangi Day: New __.

Intelligent screen for watching all the best shows.

There is no such thing as free ones.

Turn cabbage to kimchi, a slow process.

Very, really, never, always, quickly are examples.

Puzzle 5

Tells passengers when trains are running.

An artificial grass surface for sports fields.

Where to get a Happy Meal.

Short excerpt of footage shown on TV.

Girls' name that can be shortened to Bess or Betty.

Online, switched on and fast.

Bangles worn on the wrist.

Relating to celestial bodies, e.g. Jupiter, Mars.

Original Rebel Without a Cause.

Weather scenario described by Gene Kelly, singin'.

Fast bolt that accompanies thunder.

Puzzle 6

Buses, trains, cars, etc..

Slower pace for a horse than galloping.

The remedy that counteracts a poison.

Movement of checks or payment between banks.

Pampering session for your hands and nails.

Gas with chemical symbol N.

Squishy furniture for sitting on.

Artistic medium like acrylics but dries way slower.

She has six children with Brad Pitt, __ Jolie.

Song by Michael Jackson played on Halloween.

Position given with the utmost accuracy.

You two don't agree? You're not seeing __.

Scottish lake allegedly home to a monster.

Puzzle 7

__ the moment; spontaneous.

Channel changer.

South American country where "tchau" means goodbye.

They beat fast in humans, slowly in whales.

First name of Christie, writer of detective novels.

To lightly fry food and then stew it slowly.

Pattern with lots of angles.

A creature that is not alive, but still animated.

Indiana Jones looked for lost kids in __ of Doom.

French Tower made from iron.

Fast-moving passenger vehicles in the sky.

Slim Arab racing dog used for hunting gazelles.

A form of outerwear lighter than a coat.

Groups of singers.

Person who sells at flea or farmers markets.

Puzzle 8

A tiny country in SE Asia, next to Malaysia.

Chemical element with symbol K, found in bananas.

Exceed, go too far, e.g. __ the runway.

Movie where Russell Crowe fights as Maximus.

Pyrotechnics that rocket up into the sky.

Nobel Prize category first awarded in 1969.

The lower leg region of a chicken or turkey.

Outlaw who robbed the rich to give to the poor.

What people can buy stock in.

Do several things at once for speed.

Grand Slam tennis competition held in England.

Puzzle 9

Lots of this can jam up the roads.

Video-sharing website founded in 2005.

Synthetic material that can be nylon, polystyrene.

Less corpulent, more thin.

Cake made to eat and smash in bride's face.

Singer of Toxic and Oops!.. I Did It Again.

James Bond has this permission to kill.

Moving slowly, like water in a river.

Turned, as in the way old jalopies were started.

Immediate, like noodles that just need hot water.

Nada, rien.

__ to kill; wearing your very best.

Birthplace of Angela Merkel and Heidi Klum.

Presenting a talk show or similar.

Puzzle 10

Rotating blade used to move a boat or plane.

Cut of meat from the backside of a cow.

Lack of guilt.

Bouncy Australian marsupials.

Fast, rotating storm.

Something that is threatening to biological health.

Trumpeter Louis, known for What a Wonderful World.

It's short for "microcomputer software".

__ attached, a gift given with no expecatations.

Usually the quickest swimming stroke.

Puzzle 11

Online presence for a business or person.

It can't change its spots!.

Shape of You and Don't singer Ed.

Time when a plane speeds up to leave the ground.

Famous magician who could escape from anything.

Local group to promote business: __ of Commerce.

First clothing size for most infants.

Biblical giant slain by David.

Big, seal-like sea cow that moves slowly.

This Percy must prove he's not the Lightning Thief.

Puzzle 12

Political murderer.

Central US state that resembles a frying pan.

World's third-largest religion.

Journey back to health, can be slow or quick.

Neo-noir action thriller starring Keanu Reeves.

Type of sole that's unusually thick, gives a boost.

We get these when shoes rub our heels, toes.

The individual or voice who tells a story.

__ of the law; get into trouble with the police.

Very fast athlete who runs.

Stimulating compound found in tea and coffee.

An Australian state and Canadian capital city.

Puzzle 13

__ case, diplomatic bag perhaps?.

The study of the entire animal kingdom.

Capsule taken to supplement one's health.

The Vulcan salutation, Live Long and do this.

Whiskey matures in these.

Describes a device with the latest software.

Biding time till something happens.

Christina Aguilera's combat-themed 2003 hit single.

Court appearance with lawyers.

Time spent between flights.

Two people can keep these if one of them is dead.

Idle and aimless drawings.

Bit by bit, a slow movement to a goal.

Time in the box or a big fine.

Superhero characters __ America and __ Marvel.

Sikhs wear them on their heads.

Film classifications, such as X, PG, 12, 15.

Puzzle 14

The Beatles song about the previous 24 hour period.

Lime and water mix for cleansing ceilings or walls.

Lemon and Eucalyptus is a natural mosquito this.

Playground game with chalk squares for jumping in.

__ thumbs, hand movements when nothing else to do.

Ending of a letter that's not faithfully.

Warner Bros.' rabbit mascot.

Having little energy, feeling fatigued.

To remove scales of skin cells from its surface.

Capital of the Netherlands.

Essential workers who must show up to work.

Jars of fruit kept in sugar for longevity.

What politicians run to get votes.

Puzzle 15

Speedy Jamaican sprinter with appropriate name.

A brave person might bite this ammunition.

Bikinis, trunks, one-piece tanks.

Soft red fruit that makes a popular jelly.

Shakespeare's A __ Night's Dream.

The world's largest island.

Essential tool for wine lovers.

Type of gaming devices that are portable.

Slow-moving, blobby ocean creature.

Policy that protects against loss or damage, etc.

Puzzle 16

Rubbish, refuse.

20th-century singer Frank who did it his way.

Whirlwind that spins quickly and fiercely.

Meat-eating fish of South America.

Tanned, sunkissed.

Companies may issue these for defective products.

Relaxing, often international boat trips.

Digital screen showing information from a device.

__ One, the F in F1 for Grand Prix racing.

Layered dish of flat pasta topped with cheese.

Puzzle 17

Steep in water, like fruit or tea.

Like a __ of hell, very quickly, per Meat Loaf.

Topic used to start writing ideas.

Five-__ Discount, aka stealing.

Yearly amount paid to full-time worker.

Continent with Kenya, Ghana, Cameroon.

Slow __, replay a video at slower speed.

An organism's complete set of DNA.

The continent which includes England and France.

Buck Rogers and Flash Gordon used this weapon.

Martial art originating in Okinawa, Japan.

Hard, sticky caramel that's bad for teeth.

Biggest organs in the human body.

Puzzle 18

What an infant says, babbling.

Explorer who crossed the Atlantic in 1492.

__ star, quick-moving meteor in the sky.

In TV, the person who oversees filming of a show.

Romantic flowers sold by the dozen.

Animal logo of America's Republican party.

Holy matrimony.

Kim Kardashian was the first to break the __.

The fingernail shape of a small moon.

Describes newly mown grass or picked flowers.

More than a hundred; anagram of handouts.

Handheld firework for writing in the air.

Concerned with or related to books.

Supermodel who fronted 1990s Burberry campaign.

This __, a song about an antiquated place to live.

This male pattern doesn't include hair.

Frozen summer treat on a wooden stick.

__ pan, used for cooking something in an oven.

Grotesque monster statue, protects building tops.

Fast car contest in a straight line.

Puzzle 19

When no one pays attention to you.

Power __; quickly strutting for exercise.

Santa reindeer and German lightning.

Protestor's banner.

__ panel; where system settings can be modified.

And now a word from our __.

Aware of the present moment, slowed-down thinking.

Finger joint that some people crack.

American-Chinese fried cylinder stuffed with meat.

Delivery device for asthma medicine.

A lack of water causing dry, infertile earth.

Polecats by another name.

Nationality of novelist Fyodor Dostoyevsky.

With The Good and The Bad they make a 1968 western.

Puzzle 20

Wires that plug in and make electronics work.

__ Gonzales, fastest cartoon mouse in Mexico.

When life gives you these, make a beverage.

The way one describes a partner they approve of.

People who do not consume animal products.

The zodiac sign represented by a bull.

Joined together, maybe using a blowtorch.

What investors hope for in the stock market.

Cooking style that mixes different nations' foods.

Beads counted by Catholics.

Vegetation, some edible, some not.

Person who reads, corrects book manuscripts.

Busy and frenzied.

Military name for a hidden, surprise attack.

Athlete who rides a racehorse.

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