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Here are the answers to CodyCross Fast Food Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

Arkham in the Batman stories.

Running shoes with metal points on the bottom.

Shish __; meat cubes cooked on skewers.

Pleaded for money.

Summing two numbers.

Creature that is a cross between two species.

Home of knights, kings and princesses.

Ferocious, like a lion.

Opposite of "lighten", make less bright.

SJP's celebrity-endorsed perfume.

__-Bear Workshop, a place to make your own teddy.

A container for carrying water.

High street bakery chain with famous sausage rolls.

Puzzle 2

Small desert rodents often kept as pets.

Outcome at the end of an experiment.

Afraid, anxious.

Hangs loosely from something.

Red sausage sold in fish and chip shops.

__ Pounder; McDonald's burger with weighty name.

Penelope __, glamorous Wacky Races racing driver.

Collection of bones protecting heart and lungs.

Made a house tidy and pristine.

Indoor entertainment venues with slot machines.

To make louder.

Coaches, mentors, teachers.

Innocent, related to celestial beings.

These are lit and then blown out on birthday cakes.

Nationality of a native Madrid resident.

Puzzle 3

Pirate gold coin.

White-spotted handkerchief tied around neck/head.

Marking with limestone stick.

Good-looking, very attractive.

A straight line drawn between two opposing corners.

__ fried chicken; American-style spicy fast food.

A person who fixes cars and other machines.

Green sliced pickles in a hamburger.

System of communication, e.g. Italian, Mandarin.

One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, __; Dr Seuss story.

Puzzle 4

One-two movement in basketball.

Describes a charity walk, silence, baked bean bath.

Another name for a chicken leg.

__ Felt So Good, Michael Jackson hit ft JT vocals.

McDonald's food options for small budgets.

Large grey mammals that live in herds.

School subject studying the earth and places.

Fairy tale lord has many wives and facial hair.

Big bang from a bomb going off.

A place where boys and girls can meet up.

Ferry journeys between countries.

A pain in or around the teeth.

Puzzle 5

Singer Sia's surname.

If your bank account has any money you're in __.

Seeds on a burger bun.

Mary had a __ lamb, Edison's first playback.

Cool-__; calm and patient.

Every sixty minutes.

Patterned material used for kilts in Scotland.

Made a noise like a lion.

Varied, spontaneous, chosen without method.

Bigger than towns but smaller than conurbations.

Sunken is the state of many of these old boats.

Ecclesiastical chessman, moves in diagonals.

Ancient people who built straight roads.

Sport where fighters wear padded gloves.

Steak and __ pie; sold in fish and chip shops.

Thomas Kuc's character in Game Shakers.

Puzzle 6

Going down a slide with your legs behind you.

Thankfulness, appreciation.

City in Israel with the Wailing Wall.

The smallest, most tiny.

Someone who leads a marching band.

A 100th-year anniversary.

Flight __ is another name for an airline hostess.

Coffee chain with green mermaid logo.

__ Down; tale about rabbits looking for a new home.

XXL portions of fries and drinks.

Invertebrate such as an arachnid or crustacean.

Experts in the field of plant life.

Puzzle 7

Tex-Mex menu item with meat served in wraps.

Pretended to punch.

Baby beds that rock.

Aftershave, perfume for men.

Little ridges on a surface.

Rotting animal flesh eaten by scavengers.

Journeys on ships taking tourists to many places.

Shaped chicken pieces, eaten with sauces.

There are five __ of Islam.

__ deeply by sucking in lungfuls of air.

Cleaning something, e.g. a car or your face.


Became blurred around the edges.

Puzzle 8

__ on; supporting, encouraging.

Where the stars and stripes might hang.

Musical instrument inflated and played by Scotsmen.

Japanese manga about robotic child in Metro City.

Pupils at a school or university.

US fast-food chain founded by several brothers.

Ewan __, Trainspotting actor.

Crowned with laurel, like a famous poet.

Corn __; KFC veggie side on a stick.

Vision, how well you can see.

Interesting or famous place in a city.

Catholic prayer bead strings.

Talks in a soft, quiet voice.

Grand, castle-like.

American lizard with long legs, skips across water.

Puzzle 9

Renting somewhere to live.

__ Legend; premium McDonald's poultry sandwich.

Two or more female siblings.

Britain, Spain and Austria-Hungary all had them.

Millie's __; bakery selling biscuits and muffins.

David Walliams' story about Chloe and a tramp.

People who sell things; anagram of "starred".

Blow these with soap.

Motorcyclists wear them on their heads.

Brand of tissues that's not dirty.

Moving the body to music, e.g. ballet, flossing....

Spotted big cats from Central and South America.

Small sphere of water.

Footwear for exercising.

Puzzle 10

The end of a joke.

__ Purchase, 1803 US deal to buy land from France.

Day, month and year when you expire.

Extremely tired.

Ocean predator that sounds like a male cow.

Socks hung up for gifts on Christmas Eve.

One nearby not involved in events.

The pelt of a bear possesses this quality.

Tells someone what to do, teaches them.

Extreme weather, seen in a desert.

Clothing adopted when retiring to bed.

Breakfast food made from pan-fried potatoes.

Another name for a crispy pizza base.

Puzzle 11

Talented, able.

Substance that a rhino's horn is made from.

Person who fixes someone's hair/clothes/makeup.

When the Sun, Moon and Earth line up.

Giant burger served in Burger King.

The sound that bees make.

These are used to keep broken bones in place.

Shine out, give off heat.

Three-pronged spear of Roman sea god Neptune.

Dumbledore's kindly old spy in Little Whinging.

Paper serviettes.

What the old are over.

The flaps under shoelaces, or found in mouths.

Someone who comes to see you at your house.

Figured out the answer.

Strenuous exercise session down at the gym.

Puzzle 12

To get up and wander whilst asleep.

Attempt to overthrow a government, a revolt.

String of paper decorations thrown in celebration.

__ and chive; cool pizza dip flavour.

Kept on trying, continued doing something hard.

Chocolate, chestnut or caramel ursine.

Part of S America settled by the Welsh in 1865.

Outlandish stories.

Armchairs that can be adjusted to tilt backwards.

Ball game played by two teams in a pool.

Identifying documents for travelling abroad.

Foot device on a piano that quietens the sound.

McDonalds menu choice aimed at kids, with a toy.

Divided into four equal parts.

Puzzle 13

To add __ to injury, to feel more humiliated.

Western European country, home to the Eiffel Tower.

__ Burger; hot and spicy KFC chicken burger.

Gary __, Nathaniel Shepard in The Space Between Us.

Warning to be vigilant.

Hallowed people in the Christian faith.

Argue, squabble, quarrel.

The evil counterpart of Dr. Jekyll.

Thin pancakes with sweet or savoury fillings.

Small bunches of flowers, carried by bridesmaids.

Puzzle 14

Wind power generator with paddles or blades.

Breathes out.

The world where the Warcraft games series is set.

Small round stones found in a river or on a beach.

Gain this in a foreign language with practice.

They sit under teacups.

With lots of fans or friends.

Julia __, Auggie's mother in Wonder.

Spectacles, aids to help improve your vision.

Monkey or ape.

Green shredded salad leaf vegetable in a burger.

Flag down or book for a lift to your destination.

Metal or wooden sticks on which kebabs are cooked.

Puzzle 15

Have a pungent and unpleasant aroma.

I've learned my lesson well/Hope I __ tell....

A long-haired animal related to the llama.

Yuna Kim or Oksana Baiul: retired figure __.

Bates Motel TV series is related to this movie.

A cough making noise in the lungs is a __ cough.

Small paper packet containing salt or pepper.

The Mexican Catrinas, for instance.

Potato __; chunks that are an alternative to chips.

I, Robot writer.

Puzzle 16

Lots of dots in written text, like ....

Sing a song of __, a pocket full of rye.

Put hand to front of head in exasperation.

Another name for table tennis.

Coated in flour and deep fried.

Dumbo's marching pink elephants were __.

__ matter; you can do it if you try hard enough.

A useful pocket-sized camping tool with blades.

Jewellery worn on the hearing organs.

McDonald's hot fruit pastry dessert.

Snubbing someone to look at your phone.

Magic word used by magicians, like Abracadabra.

Bars between ropes used by acrobats in the circus.

Largest city of New Zealand, on the North Island.

Puzzle 17

Plans, plots, conspiracies.

Household appliance preserves food at minus temps.

Ranger of the North or Strider in LOTR.

Talking Tom: __, collect precious metal game.

They make clayware.

Inside Amy __, TV series.

Nervousness, being timid.

Legally end a marriage.

__ act, music group that precedes the main event.

Yellow sauce sometimes served on hot dogs.

Places where people worship and relics are kept.


__ pasty; semi-circle pastry and meat snack.

Hits another vehicle.

Puzzle 18

A five-sided shape.

Low sugar version of cola.

Salad made from shredded cabbage and dressing.

Guessing game of miming clues.

Water plant also used in fish tanks.

A string of words or time spent in jail.

The child born this day has far to go.

Travelling theme parks with rides.

Global sports competition held every four years.

Daughter of Daniel LaRusso in Cobra Kai.

Stayed alive.

Benevolence and selflessness.

Puzzle 19

Seven-a-side sport, played on a court.

Tropical skin disease causes lepers.

Noises made when people are scared.

Telly __, Kojak actor and singer of hit-song "If".

Blinking one eye.

A glass box for watching how ants live.

Middle East street food made from chickpeas.

Rubbing out.

Flattened discs of minced meat that make burgers.

Demi Moore and Tom Cruise movie, A Few __.

Money handed over to buy something.

Is the grass really __ over there?.

A concoction or blend of things.

Puzzle 20

Universal language.

Beef patty, served in a bun.

Finding Dory's octopus Hank is trying to get there.

Polystyrene used to make takeaway cups.

Use a razor to remove all hair from the scalp.

Metal charms that ring when moving in the breeze.

Online mediator who keeps an eye on forum guests.

Author of the Tom Gates book series.

Female home tutor in Victorian novels.

Where giant boats are made.

Feeling of joy and contentment.

Archery combat arena game for the Ouya console.

Tropic of __ imaginary Earth line S of the Equator.

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