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Here are the answers to CodyCross Fast Things Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

The Jewish Queen of Persia described in the Bible.

Run very quickly.

Roma Downey's role on Touched by an Angel.

These public transit carriages run on railways.

Show up, appear, be present.

__ kiss, the rubbing of noses as a greeting.

The Day of the __, by Frederick Forsyth.

Only country with the Equator and a Tropic line.

The Silver __, superhero who travels on a board.

Leave a job, hand in notice.

Puzzle 2

Toy disc to throw and catch.

Clay-like rock, world's main source of aluminum.

John __, US tennis legend and commentator.

Jodi __, My Sister's Keeper author.

__ messaging, such as WhatsApp or Messenger.

The yellow of a fowl's ovum.

Common surname to two American presidents.

Filmed sequence, often used as evidence.

All your __ goods, everything you own.

__ well, throw pennies in and be lucky.

More dismal, dreary or depressing.

Puzzle 3

The most preferred.

TAP Air is this country's national airline.

Tall structures, they belch smoke.

Ringing, booming, evocative.

Venus __, fast-serving tennis player.

Small spaces, crevices.

__ Hotel, exotic place for pensioners in India.

Brings a law into effect once more.

Vessel set ablaze to cause havoc in a fleet.

Another name for Aurora Borealis: __ Lights.

James __, actor of Babe and The Queen.

Like a dictator.

Motorway path for overtaking in; hectic life path.

Shrank/moved from a blow to the body.

Puzzle 4

Actress Calista __, from Supergirl.

Bug that's like a worm but with many legs.

Head of an espionage agency, especially literary.

Splendid, magnificent, extravagant.

Rebuke, a scolding.

Django __, Belgian jazz guitarist and banjo player.

Including, placing in an envelope with a letter.

Building linked to a church where clergy live.

Chinese/Japanese eating utensil.

Horoscopes, constellations and star signs.

Jamaican sprinter, broke 100-m record in 2009.

US company making agricultural machinery/vehicles.

DFTT, or don't feed __.

Fast vessel on water.

16th-century English king with six wives.

Deviation from planned lines.

Puzzle 5

Sir Garfield __, West Indian cricket all-rounder.

__ of the Apes starred Roddy McDowall as Galen.

Turned a check into notes.

Santa's mode of transport.

Another name for hazelnut or filbert.

__ of Miletus, early Greek philosopher.

__ eagle, precious-metal speedy flight bird.

What sheets or sails do in the wind.

Slang for police.

All My __, The Beatles will always be true.

__ Sheen, Emilio Estevez's famous actor father.

Machine that squashes lemons.

Book, Around the World in __ Days.

Puzzle 6

Lens type originally created for lighthouses.

Study of animals.

Droplet, round particle.

Person who fixes toilets and water pipes.

German pioneer polar researcher and meteorologist.

Kwashiorkor is caused by a lack of this nutrient.

Fernando Alonso drove for this F1 team, 2015-18.

Julia and Eric, acting brother and sister.

Period drama movie, Far from the __ Crowd.

__ Duncan, American dancer strangled by her scarf.

Dressed, clothed.

Sword fighting.

"From the Halls of Montezuma to the shores of __".

"The game __" cried Holmes at the start of a case.

Puzzle 7

Large flightless bird that runs fast.

Scottish purse worn on kilt.

Borrowers; those who must pay creditors.

Nickname for movies that bring a tear to the eye.

In the best possible circumstances.

Look after or defend.

Somali-born, UK distance runner, 2012, 2016 gold.

Jessica's father in The Merchant of Venice.

__ Ball, I Love Lucy star.

Used for eating instead of cutlery in India.

Run-and-gun platform video game.

"Love Me Do" was their first single record: the __.

Puzzle 8

Soaking up a liquid.

Walled Croatian city on the Adriatic.

Explained in clear detail.

Cate __, Australian actress and Oscar winner.

Make calls using this.

Tall topper as worn by Abraham Lincoln.

Two-wheeled vehicle with power.

Catching prawns.

Hockey shot, generally used from a penalty corner.

__ Taylor; actress who married at Neverland ranch.

Nickname of 16th Earl of Warwick, Richard Neville.

Puzzle 9

Type of plum named after an English queen.

Plunging, nosediving.

__ Macron, French politician.

South American monkey; hooded friar.

The "Jacaranda" city of South Africa.

The World Wide Web.

Inventor of basketball: James __.

Michelle Pfeiffer and Halle Berry superhero.

Saw briefly.

"30 days hath September, April, June, and __".

Youth is wasted on them.

__ Day, February 28 celebrates Finns' epic saga.

The __ Chugabug, Lazy Luke's Wacky Races car.

Great __ War ended Swedish imperial ambitions.

The Lady __, Miss Froy is lost in a Hitchcock film.

Hard, long body part between the foot and knee.

Perennial woody plant in The Owl and the Pussycat.

Puzzle 10

__ coaster, fairground ride that loops the loop.

Ropes of interwoven hair.

Subantarctic island possession of Norway.

The Illustrated __ News, former weekly magazine.

__ Around The Christmas Tree; Brenda Lee song.

Grant __, US chef of molecular gastronomy.

Zeus in Clash of the Titans (2010): Liam __.

Horse __; equestrianism.

Domesticated polecat that hunts rabbits.

Self-confidence, assurance.

Pepper, cinnamon, cloves....

"Cloud __ land", an ideal realm.

Flying space stone that crash lands on earth.

The outer layer of the cerebrum: cerebral __.

Puzzle 11

Backbone related.

To pick or choose.

__ drop; trick with a false transfer of an object.

Gregor __, friar who experimented on pea plants.

Ice huts built by the Inuit.

Scarf worn as a necktie.

Saucer thrown at the Olympics.

Gladys __, lead singer with the Pips.

Costa __, sunny Spanish coast at Malaga.

Breakfast food; indecisive.

Mayim __, actress with a PhD in neuroscience.

Projectile from a gun.

Spaceship or firework.

Blossoms, flourishes.

1994 comedy starring Schwarzenegger and DeVito.

Puzzle 12

Hot wind from North Africa and the Mediterranean.

__ Karma, Lennon song subtitled We All Shine On.

Aimed, dreamed; anagram of praised.

Bag or basket on a bike.

Catalan is this country's only official language.

Undead creatures in apocalyptic film World War Z.

Favouring military force; term from birds of prey.

"__ than the average bear" said Yogi to Boo-Boo.

Baseball hurler.

Fished with a sharp stick.


Ingredient to be added to make an Irish coffee.

__ Soldier, Capa's image of the Spanish Civil War.

The Fast and the __, film series with Vin Diesel.

Jane __, chimp expert, British anthropologist.

Makes a heartfelt plea.

Puzzle 13

Improves something, achieving faultless results.

Supersonic airliner no longer in existence.

Tight lycra all-in-one for watersports.

Fly that bites, can carry malaria.

Dazed and __, teenagers' film by Richard Linklater.

T.S. Eliot quote: "April is the __ month".

You win some, you __; you can't always be lucky.

Sofia is the capital city of this country.

Most affected by gravity.

Passed out, out for the count, unconscious.

ABBA female singer with dark hair, __ Lyngstad.

Marine mollusc house.


Puzzle 14

Another word for biosphere.

Stabilizer ingredient from the acacia tree.

One entrusted to lock up business premises.

__ Leibniz, German philosopher and mathematician.

Percussion instrument with wires across it.

Device with mirrors for seeing around obstacles.

Icon who died in a car crash on September 30, 1955.

Soccer vandals.

Colourful winged insect found near water.

Bad-tempered; relating to the spleen.

Black-and-white spotted dog.

Phrase from when hounds scent their quarry.

1957 travel novel by Jack Kerouac.

House holding the Scottish crown jewels: __ Castle.

The day with the shortest period of sunlight hours.

Road in Rome celebrates an Italian victory in WWI.

Shoes that make a person look taller.

1998 Woody Allen comedy starring DiCaprio.

The art of selling and arranging flowers.

Puzzle 15

__ and the Bandit; 1977 Burt Reynolds film.

Author of the Latin epic poem The Aeneid.

Being __, exercising; having movement.

Sea predators, nicknamed Jaws.

Great Bear Lake country.

Markers, pens and pencils company.

__ foot, a sure sign of the Devil.

TV channel changer or an insect killer.

Visit the Golestan Palace in this capital city.

An American Tail: __ Goes West, a 1991 sequel.

Fish used in gravlax.

__ State of Mind, Alicia Keys hit with Jay-Z.

Rumour-based small talk about other people.

Puzzle 16

Small spade for mortar application.

Relative that Madonna was named after.

Speed __, meeting potential partners briefly.

A structure made for the extraction of petroleum.

Largest city in the Republic of Ireland.

Freaks out, goes to pieces.

Get this colour from mixing red and yellow paint.

Song by Duran Duran: __ Like the Wolf.

Wild, wolf-like dog found in North America.

Tracy Jordan's 30 Rock sidekicks are Grizz and __.

Dairy-food curry topper, to calm the heat.

__ Half-elven; Lord of Rivendell.

Currency note in the U.S..

Canadian-British war drama film: Head in the __.

__ Girl, composite of the ideal woman of the 1890s.

Puzzle 17

Athletics participant who jumps obstacles.

Shadily, unclearly.

Novel by Helen Fielding: __ Jones's Diary.

Friendly sea mammal with a beaked nose.

Space __ Discovery, NASA spacecraft.

Battle of __; 1571 naval combat in Gulf of Patras.

Kevin __, Germany's master seafood chef.

True __; Christian Slater, Patricia Arquette star.

Largest Scottish city.

The connection between two neurons.


School uniform straw hats.

Bread in small, soft lumps, with butter, gravy.

This sells famously well.

Lines of different colors next to each other.

Puzzle 18

Designer of the first practical automobile.

same number on two dice thrown at once.

Large Australian animal with a pouch.

Method of extracting coal near the Earth's surface.

Casual sports shoes, especially in the US.

Astrophysicist and Queen guitarist.

Water competition between Oxford and Cambridge.

Food sweetener also spelled glycerol.

Series of Walter Scott novels; Edinburgh station.

Lars __, co-founder of Dogme 95 film movement.

Attendance; sounds like what you receive at Xmas.

Puzzle 19

Prize given for excellence in US television.

A flash in the sky during a thunderstorm.

line-shooters; vaunters.

Kitchen appliance for heating food quickly.

Denzel Washington's character in Cry Freedom.

Nickname given to Jamie Oliver for TV.

Brings water to farmers' fields.

Scarily dehumanized society as in Atwood's novels.

In a fun manner; in a pleasing way.

Shane MacGowan's Fairytale of New York band.

Increasing the weight of a goose with food.

Relating to the capital of Russia.

Puzzle 20

With indolence.

Jeremy __, Hawkeye and star of The Hurt Locker.

Animals that neigh.

Song by the band Procol Harum: A __ Shade of Pale.

Crazy Rich __.

__ Beef, cured beef with large grain salt.

Golden __, fastest ball in Harry Potter sky game.

Give a new title to something.

One who makes hand protection.

Swallow and process.

__ weensy, tiny.

Name given to both an Indian and Pakistani region.

Raymond __ on nuclear war: When the Wind Blows.

Perhaps put a ring on this.

David __, Horatio on CSI: Miami.

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