CodyCross Father's Day Pack answers

Father's Day PackFather's Day

Here are the answers to CodyCross Father's Day Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

Regretful, remorseful.

Prison resident.


City and seaport in western Cyprus.

__ Levy, plays Jim's dad in American Pie films.

__ Trudeau; Justin's father, ex-PM of Canada.

Daisy __, Henry James novella.

Gary __, South African golfer with nine Majors.

__ shields, for protection during breastfeeding.

Pink oily fish, rich in Omega-3 fatty acids.

Addicted __; 1985 hit for Robert Palmer.

Find further hiding place at this London tube stop.

Puzzle 2

Flugelhorn + trumpet =.

Author father of a boy called Christopher Robin.

Mobster Tony __, father to AJ and Meadow.

People who make the ultimate sacrifice for beliefs.

More seasoned, anagram of retails.

My Best __ Wedding, Julia Roberts romance.

Publicized favorably on a broadcast.

Move faster than somebody.

Pilot partner.

Disgusts, nauseates.

Patrick Stewart voices Director __ in American Dad.

Bedeck, festoon.

Puzzle 3

Dislikes intensely.

Slapdash and disorganized.

A family painting, often given as a gift.

"__ of the Fittest" coined by Herbert Spencer.

Action of chewing food noisily.

South-west Russian republic; Grozny is its capital.

Three-sided shape.

__ Cumberbatch.

GoT father of Arya, Robb, Sansa, Bran and Rickon.

Demigod son of Zeus.

Assistant referee at the edge of a football pitch.

Jean-Claude, Belgian actor, star of action films.

Puzzle 4

Largest of Italy's Pelagie Islands.

Singing round on The X Factor (UK): Six Chair __.

How a Spanish would say 18.

The scientific study of feces.


A positive influence to copy or live up to.

Actor father of Katie Holmes' daughter Suri.

Game with shuttlecocks and racquets.

Whether something can be eaten or not.

Theatrical storytellers.

Dutch 17th century prolific self-portrait painter.

Horizontal bar for hanging damp and drying fabrics.

Falklands War watery battle/landing site.

Bizarrely, unexpectedly.

Anglo-Saxon ship burial and goods' site.

Common rash-causing plant.

Pierced to let air out.

Puzzle 5

From what place or source.

Sasha and Malia Obama's well-known dad, __ Obama.

Odd, weird.

Word describing a verb.

Video streaming site that Amazon paid $970 M for.

The world's second smallest country.

__ Weasley, father of Harry Potter's friend Ron.

Head bones, craniums.

Arranging roof slabs into rows.

Deer horn.

Andre __, spouse of Steffi Graf.

Puzzle 6

Stephen __, physicist who died in 2018.

Astonished, taken aback.

Method, recipe for making something.

Tech devices or novelty gizmos, loved by dads.


Eight-legged sea creature.

Estuary land that is underwater at high tide.

Informal expression for a gossipy chat.

Stand-up comedian and night club owner Bernard.

Bright red.

Spanish tourist hotel run by the government.

Director Sofia's Oscar-winner dad, Francis Ford __.

Wandering pedlar selling pamphlets.

Puzzle 7

Part of a cone cut by/lying between parallel lines.

British luxury car that rhymes with gently.

Short-grain rice often used for risotto.

Gift that can be personalized and fits in pockets.

Type of paint used by artists.

French term for custom-made high fashion: haute __.

__ Hills Chihuahua is a 2008 Disney adventure film.

Territory surrounded by another country.

Container for hammers, spanners, screwdrivers etc.

1950-60s Portuguese footballer, the "Black Pearl".

Christian saint and bishop of Carthage.

Puzzle 8

Becomes smaller in number or size.

Symbol of punk, worn in clothing or as a piercing.

Performers who take their clothes off.

Zoological term for long flexible nose.

Person who makes permanent inkings on the skin.

__ in bed; early morning treat on Father's Day.

Where Anzac Day is celebrated: New Zealand and __.

Pink milkshake body of water in Senegal.

Roman arena fighter.

Exclusive watch brand, gift idea for Father's Day.

Female presiding over television courtroom.

Puzzle 9

They sign their names in Father's Day cards.

Let's Stay __, Al Green's funky love hit.

Sergio Agüero's footballer ex-dad-in-law, Diego __.

Joanne __, married to Paul Newman.

COO of Facebook: Sheryl __.

Citrus plant-feeding insect.

Challenge a legal decision again.

Containers to keep headwear safe.

Disadvantageous "must move" situation in chess.

Kent __, TV news anchor in The Simpsons.

Clay or other china vessel for growing things in.

Novels for young women (or small hens).

Hapless, unfortunate, jinxed.

Puzzle 10

Harshly criticize, berate.

South Island NZ region, named after Dutch explorer.

One of Van Gogh's early paintings: "The __ Eaters".

Yin and yang martial art.

The __ History, Donna Tartt's murder mystery.

Muddy __, blues musician of Hoochie Coochie Man.

Of dubious morality, rakish.

Liam __, plays distraught father in Taken films.

Dad Tim the Toolman in Home Improvement TV series.

US word for formal men's evening wear.

Puzzle 11

Primitive bean counter.

Patrick Stewart played Captain Jean-Luc __.

Mount __; alternative name for NZ's Mount Taranaki.

__ Goulart, Brazilian model.

Brian __, father of the Incredible Hulk.

Senior Royal, dad to Beatrice and Eugenie.

Periods of extreme difficulty or danger.

French writer associated with surrealism: André __.

Egyptian born actor in Lawrence of Arabia: Omar __.

Dictionary; University.

Governmental reward, such as a capture prize.

Rock star who declined to write a memoir: Mick __.

Puzzle 12

Ability to do something, to be competent.

Female wordsmith in verse.

Still extant ancient wonder: the Great __ of Giza.

__ My Love, 1990 hit for Madonna.

Japanese feudal chiefs.

__ and Son, 70s NBC sitcom based on BBC show.

__ out; fainted, keeled over.

High-profile father to George, Charlotte and Louis.

Tennis coach father of Venus and Serena Williams.

Neat and tidy, well presented.

Bugs Bunny's preferred vegetable.

George __, Ocean's Eleven star.

Puzzle 13

Spiraled earth debris created by soil dwellers.

Raided and plundered.

Nickname for Canada's national police force.

Male marine creature that carries eggs.

Strip of abrasive metal used in a manicure.

Bernard Matthews' turkey catchphrase.

Shakespeare's royal father of three daughters.

E.g. a bed that can be packed away.

Stone __, expression of disbelief.

Star of the British TV series Maigret: Rowan __.

Coiled brass instrument, no valves; you got mail.

Northern French region including Calvados dept.

Remove excess oil.

Puzzle 14

__ tree formation: it goes 4-3-2-1.

"Never __ your enemy when he's making a mistake".

Small white flowers that hang down, winter blooms.

A father has one or more sons or __ or a mix.

Someone who makes business connections.

The Tales of Hoffmann's French composer.

Material hairband.

Russian title for a chief minister in government.

Jaden and Willow's famous father.

Shelled candied Chinese New Year treat.

Pretty region of honey-colored towns near BRistol.

Puzzle 15

A friend in need is a friend __.

__ gloves; protective handwear when washing up.


He fell into the magic potion when he was a little boy.

Rise up against oppression.

Fights messily.

Nicole Richie's world-famous singing father.

Kiefer Sutherland's famous actor father.

Tube that connects the kidneys to the bladder.

Cooking term meaning to coat moist food with flour.

Potassium compound used in fertilizer.

Warmly, dearly.

Puzzle 16

__, something thought to be pretentious.

Anise-flavored spirit.

Simba's father in The Lion King.

Father and son presidents, John and John __ Adams.

__ press, for squeezing cloves to put in food.

Cheeky imps.

Confuse, mix up.

Polish composer and pianist Frédéric __.

Using a tool to thin out garden plants.

Celeste Wright in Big Little Lies, Nicole __.

Ex-footballer Chris, Ninja Warrior frontman.

The Godfather __; 47th Best Picture Oscar winner.

It is passed through the eye of a needle.

Second-longest South American river.

Puzzle 17

Getting better from a wound.

An ideal partner, the perfect man.

Lowest level earthquake on Mercalli scale.

Lessened the altitude of a plane.

Lisa-Marie's world famous father, Elvis __.

Sean __, plays Indiana Jones's father on screen.

Homer's two major epic poems: The Iliad and The __.

Fanciful humor.

Take from freezer and thaw food.

Parades defiantly.

__ thinking, colorful business jargon.

Puzzle 18

Dark brown vinegar from Italy.

Key __; southernmost of Florida's barrier islands.

Outlook the most lacking in hope.

Patron saint of fathers.

Emergency medical care learned by non-medic types.

Alpinists who scale mountains.

Individual's table setting, protects against heat.

Pointlessness, hopelessness.

Kate Winslet 2017 film: "The __ Between Us".

__ eight, as squawked by Captain Flint the parrot.

Evocative, poignant; spooky.

Heather __; Melrose Place and Dynasty actress.

Acting like a male parent.

Puzzle 19

Italian Sebastian's father and fellow explorer.

Woolen hat that covers the face, with eye holes.

One who writes on envelopes.

Mrs __; 1993 comedy film about newly divorced dad.

Loose, pelvically speaking, like a reptile.

Island country, home to the Raffles Hotel.

Shape drawn by the upper lip (literary reference).

Small, round, edible autumn nuts.

Large vessel for carrying goods across oceans.

Defending position in hockey and football.

US term for a piece of fabric to rinse the face.

Trance-like state; 90s band with Cerys Matthews.

Faulty, broken.

Spots; hide these with concealer.

Puzzle 20

__ Unchained starring Jamie Foxx.

Presents, proposes.

Country where natives hide brooms on Christmas Eve.


Nutmeg and cinnamon are these.

Pomaded hairdos for 50s rockers.

Father of Zeus and Poseidon in Greek mythology.

Re-cover with gold.

Cutting through with a bladed tool.

Mr __; father of Lizzy in Pride and Prejudice.

Can't see the __ for the trees.

Tibetan peak, or South Peak, sits next to Everest.

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