CodyCross Feelings and Emotions Pack answers

Feelings and Emotions PackFeelings and Emotions

Here are the answers to CodyCross Feelings and Emotions Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

West African skin-covered drum, goblet-shaped.

Sad feeling you get when you have no company.

Third most populous island in the Mediterranean.

Model of a person destroyed as a form of protest.

Meal serving system where people help themselves.

In boxing, to hug an opponent to avoid blows.

Wading birds with long bills and camo feathers.

To want something or someone.

Country where Einstein was offered the presidency.

Name the film: "A boy's best friend is his mother".

Puzzle 2

Expanded widthways.

Cradle of Minoan civilization.

Not connected to the internet.

Confused, perplexed.

Istanbul's main international airport.

Speed stars Keanu Reeves and actress, Sandra ___.

Retired NBS star Karl Malone's nickname, The __.

Relating to the stars.

DIY Cassette containing specially chosen songs.

Anxious/concerned about something.

Name for a startup valued at over $1 billion.

Puzzle 3

Country called the Land of Cakes.

Feeling that a person is deserving of disrespect.

Saying something without changing your pitch.

Nigerian blend of Yoruba, jazz and funk.

__ Bob, Krusty the Clown assistant on The Simpsons.

First major battle of the English Civil War (1642).

Sitting like a bird.

Mythological daughter of Oedipus and his mother.

Stopped, obstructed, closed up.

Even-__, not easily agitated.

Puzzle 4

Canadian rocker.

An urgent situation that requires medical attention.

What one turns when ignoring unwanted information.

Religious rite, such as baptism and communion.

Spiders or scorpions.

Country where the Patagonian desert is located.

Ward of a hospital for mothers and new-born babies.

Study of the structure and function of the skeleton.

Rose or increased quickly.

These devices provide shade at the beach.

Broth made from cows.

__, The Legend of Ron Burgundy with Will Ferrell.

Spiky high heels.

Puzzle 5

Tailors used a __ machine with a balance wheel.

Ford __, Weasley's flying car in Harry Potter.

A scene that has been faked or set up.

Major taxonomic group, between kingdom and class.

__ Aires, capital city of Argentina.

Your things of value.

Hostile and caustic, harsh.

Cake with a mixed look of vanilla and chocolate.

Books of the Bible named for women: Ruth and __.


Puzzle 6

Novel by C.S. Forester: "The __ Queen".

Morgan __, won an Oscar for Million Dollar Baby.

Resists decay, wear, able to endure.

Only bird with eyes larger than its brain.

Drug group that reduces cholesterol in the blood.

To disrecpect something sacred, to be irreverent.

Criss crossed design on desserts, esp. pies.

Chilean desert, the driest place on earth.

Composer famous for violin piece The Four Seasons.

The bravery to do something difficult.

Full of rage, annoyed.

Puzzle 7

Was the capital city in acient Mesopotamia.

First language the painter Gauguin learned.

Pumping or spouting out, e.g. fumes.

Stumbled over an obstacle.

Having a smooth, soft appearance or feel.

Braided bread used for Jewish holidays.

In MMA a bodylock is commonly known as this.

French film by Louis Malle: "Au Revoir les __".

River mouth; where the tide meets the stream.

They brought gold, frankincense and myrrh.

Highest singing voice.


Puzzle 8

The price of getting in.

Two teams vying to be the winner.

Put together, constructed.

Meat-eating animal.

Fitful and intermittent.

People employed to staff telephone switchboards.


Northern side of the Seine in Paris.

Of unknown name.

Ear correction surgery.

To decorate by sewing patterns into cloth.

Ornamental covering worn like a crown.

Nation that produces Sumatran coffee.

Kitchen utensils for sifting out lumps.

Puzzle 9

Joy you get from doing something you love.

Austrian singing family from The Sound of Music.

Largest snake in the boa family.

Capital and largest city of Finland.

Stopping punches before they reach you.

Study of wine and winemaking.

Causing something to start, i.e. labor.

Strong religious believers.

Name of boat on TV Show Gilligan's Island.

Avoidance of reality.

Puzzle 10

First name of English astronomer, Halley.

Literary method of comparison: as quiet as a mouse.

__ roll, capsizing a kayak and righting it again.

Canada's capital and political center.

To cover with flour.

Typically dark red gemstone linked to January.


Taken without permission.

Metal Yellow Brick Road walker.

Respectful, showing good manners.

Worker’s organizations.

Puzzle 11

To pull a plant out of the ground.

List of ingredients and directions to cook a meal.

Flood, swallow up.

Away from the wrong path.

E-readers by Amazon and a litter of kittens.

To exaggerate, carry to excess.

Buster __, doleful-faced silent era film star.

Doubtful, not certain.

"Phantom of the Opera" composer Andrew Lloyd __.

Crowded, full of moving people or objects.

Can be used for practical purposes.

Puzzle 12

The famous pirate Captain Kidd's nationality.

Feeling of hatred for someone.

A retired professor retaining a professional title.

Archaic term for a stroke.

To be alarmed or scared (past tense).

A traditional affogato: ice cream drowned in __.

Minor planet composed of mineral and rock.

Gary Cooper faces gang of killers in 1952 movie.

Mentor to the ancient Greek philosopher Plato.

Lack of justice or fairness; discrimination.

Puzzle 13

To ignore or fail to take into account.

Himalayan mountain, 10th highest in the world.

Set of steps leading up to a higher level.

Someone terrified of being without a mobile phone.

Latin term for the university at which one studied.

Dancing Clown character in Stephen King's It.

Feeling of thankfulness, appreciation.

Jam prepared using citrus fruits.

People who design and build machines.

Marks left on skin after nails scrape against it.

Feeling irritated, bitter for being treated poorly.

Puzzle 14

Tools for shaving a sheep's coat.

Teammates gathering in a tight circle.

Name of princess in Shakespeare's Cymbeline.

Popular reference to Japan: Land of the __ Sun.

Fight or __ response to a perceived attack.


School grounds.

Hunger __, not eating as part of a protest.

Broadest part of a cut gem; also an undergarment.

Gloomy and melancholy.

Ocean surrounding the country of Madagascar.

Puzzle 15


Christopher __, won an Oscar for The Deer Hunter.

Capital of Turkey.

"Hook, line and __"; completely deceived.

Burns from boiling liquid.

England's foe in the Hundred Years War.

Japanese word for a teacher or master.

Signaled approval with your head.

Beverage that Bach honored with a cantata.

Sadness, grief.

Chemical element with the symbol Na.

Group of geese.

Theologian who wrote "95 Theses": Martin __.

Female in "Merchant of Venice" disguised as a male.

Puzzle 16

Consideration and deference for others.

In a state of great happiness.

Country where the city of Cuenca is located.

Strong current flowing back out to sea.

Ringo Starr's actual birth name: Richard __.

Stops working officially.

Showing signs of bad luck or fortune; foreboding.

Joy and excitement.

Animals studied by entomologists.

Groups of lines in a poem.

Puzzle 17

Name for early 20th century refrigerators.

A pigment or a dye.

To ripple, rise and fall.

Bound together with needle and thread.

Peacefulness and calmness, tranquility.

Not having experienced defeat.

A lawyer.

Someone who sneaks illegal goods over a border.

Act of making something clear.

Nasal symptom caused by allergies.

National instrument of Trinidad and Tobago.

Puzzle 18

Steve Irwin: aka the __ Hunter.

Small fast naval ship to attack submarines.

Those who seek distraction from reality.

Bitterness, despair over losing a lover.

Without life.

Travel schedule.

Condition causes damage to air sacs in the lungs.

Deep disgust.

Declaration by a court that a marriage is invalid.

Capital of Sweden.

Puzzle 19

Holy river for Hindus.

2015 Marvel film about superhero who shrinks.

Treads heavily.

Fatty harmless tissue that grows under the skin.

Hit a goal or partially cut along a line.

You make these in secret when blowing out candles.

"To the victor go the __".

Spooned out soup.

A person's relative social standing.

Harangue, diatribe.

Showing behavior that is respectful to others.

To reveal, to pull back the cover.

Puzzle 20

Fairly, uniformly.

Ingmar __, Sweden's most famous filmic auteur.

To give pardon for an offensive, debt, issue.

__ horse, slang term for a leg cramp.

Person from the Stone Age.

__ bugs seem affectionate but cause Chagas disease.

A wailing female spirit in Irish legend.

The berry gin is made with.

Ivy League university in Boston, Massachusetts.

Lawyer's customers.

Citrus fruits that help relieve arthritis pain.

Applauded vocally, hollered and rooted for.

Coastal area.

Past tense of forsake.

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