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Female Performers PackFemale Performers

Here are the answers to CodyCross Female Performers Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Substance thrown out, as from a volcano.

Splash in this during a rainstorm.

The boy who said, "Please sir, I want some more.".

Nina __, singer of To Be Young, Gifted and Black.

Double __, bus and chocolate bar.

Used a razor to remove stubble.

Tournament sport played annually at Wimbledon.

Bette __, performer has Tony, Grammy, Emmy awards.

__ copy; something that is almost identical.

Processed using the teeth.

Ron __ who played Richie in Happy Days.

Historical record of an organism.

Puzzle 2

Unconventional dancer killed by a scarf, __ Duncan.

Word made from 1st letter of several related words.


Water lilies, the Indian variety is sacred.

Barbadian singer of "Disturbia" and "Umbrella".

Navy-colored jacket worn by sailors.

Popular TV and movie streaming service.

Arrest document.

Capital of Venezuela.

Oaty breakfast cereal with fruit and nuts.


Unfeeling, cold-hearted, heartless.

SI unit of sound intensity.

Saddle bag, handy for cyclists.

Puzzle 3

Trouble, bad behavior.

Desperately, pressingly.

Mistress of Charles II, orange-seller and actress.

Exercising, working out intensively.

Passing out due to dizziness.

Deriving ideas from a wide range of sources.

Gradually gets weaker and smaller.

Traffic signal meaning stop.

Ocular sockets.

Star of Thelma & Louise and Bull Durham, Susan __.

Puzzle 4

Not fully cooked; a poorly thought-out idea.

Medical buildings.

__ cake, light sponge from heavenly beings perhaps.

Parallel markings on a tennis court.

Cherilyn __, singer otherwise known as Cher.

Devastating, heartbreaking events.

English county where Stonehenge is located.

Blossom of the hawthorn and Pilgrim Fathers' ship.

Laughing in amusement.

Outdoor devices using lunar rays to estimate time.

Pair of baroque palaces in Vienna, now a museum.

R&B singer of At Last and I'd Rather Go Blind.

Units for computer storage space; GBs.

Puzzle 5

Bawdy, coarse.

Murder at the __, film with Margaret Rutherford.

Nickelodeon star and a Dangerous Woman, Ariana __.

Chevron pattern.

Known for his colorful pop art diptychs.

Make smaller, on a hot wash.

Paper permit, to travel.

Puts in the ground to grow.

Hold your __. Don't let those equines go.

Cooked fruit with sugar.

Starred in National Velvet and Cleopatra, Liz __.

Puzzle 6

__ horse, indoor equine for child riders.

__ clerks ensure people get paid for work.

Hermione __, oddball actress-singer, star of Gigi.

Strange or unusual person.

Ministers of churches.

Prima ballerina of The Dying Swan fame.

English scientist who "invented" the dynamo.

Pain, torment.

Large orchestral drum.

Deflects, changes course.

Prince who escorted Meghan Markle down the aisle.

Puzzle 7

Museum exhibit organizer.

Drinking glasses that have a foot and stem.


1960s Brazilian Bossa Nova song, The Girl From __.

Expert espresso server in a coffee shop.

Sound of the firing of a pistol.

Kelsey __ who played Frasier Crane.


Actress, adored by a giant ape in New York in 1933.

Drink Sean Connery liked "shaken, not stirred".

__ diver; ocean floor frogman.

__ Mayer, businesswoman and once Yahoo! CEO.

Illness, disease.

In a close-fitting way.

Elastic band for securing locks in ponytails.

__ War; Charge of the Light Brigade conflict.

Puzzle 8

2018 film sequel to spooky 1978 slasher movie.

Eddie Murphy SNL character who sang Wookin Pa Nub.

Given as a survey option with "always" and "never".

Advertising-related profession.

Karen __, sweet-sounding singer, and drummer.

Type of pasta used in Chicken Tetrazzini.

__ around, fooling around like a primate.

Bush with yellow flowers from early spring.

Lead singer of The Supremes with Baby Love.

Greatness, size, extent.

Period during which no matches are played.

Joseph-Ignace __, proposer of an execution machine.

Irish city and county known for crystal glass.

They can be V, round, Bardot, bateau....

Puzzle 9

Was a representative example of.

Wartime singer of the White Cliffs of Dover.

Horses with one horn.

Operating buttons and switches.

Spanish dance style with castanets.

Iconic Irish black beer.

Hans Christian Andersen story: The __ and the Pea.

Look after someone's property while they're away.

Narrow footpath.

Cool __, calm down.

Debbie __, lead hoofer of Singin' in the Rain.

Birds with spectacular tail feathers.

Long running race, about 26 miles.

Puzzle 10

Assigned a grade, checked school work.

Bottom of the ninth __ (in baseball).

Vegetables that can make you cry.

Joan __, controversial US comedian and presenter.

__ Washington; Malcolm X and Cry Freedom actor.

Maria __, Greek soprano diva.

Waiting with bated __ for something.

Clothes holder in a wardrobe.

State of being male or female.

__ Howser, MD; series about a teenage doctor.

Author of "Brave New World": Aldous __.

Puzzle 11

__ of breath; gasping or struggling for air.

Cuban-American performer, the Queen of Salsa.

Chablis, Sauvignon Blanc or Riesling for example.

Most active and energetic.

Water vortex.

Multinational coffee chain with mermaid logo.

Scottish military bonnet with ribbons and cockade.

Technical drawing of construction plans.

Man in the __, Agatha Christie novel set in Africa.

Yearning for the past.

Theatre ticket booth.

Actress played Emma Peel and married James Bond.

Deliriously happy.

The finding of a new piece of land.

An unexpected winner or high performer.

Country associated with Eva Peron.

Puzzle 12

The city of Peking, currently.

Gypsy __, burlesque stripper of the 1930s-40s.

Person who sees a crime and gives evidence.

Clothes for washing.

__ Ball, redhead, actress-comedian of I Love Lucy.

Abruptly, uninvitingly.

Karl __; invented the Swiss Army knife.

Typically asked while proposing.

Glycerin helps these pop.

__ Mother Down, hold her down, sang Queen.

Run quickly, like a puppy.

Works or office place cafeteria.

Brown powder for giving pale faces a tan.

Puzzle 13

Dwellings towed behind cars.

Billy Bob Thornton's holiday con man movie.

With care; attentively.

Miss __, femme fatale of Clue.

Adventurer, wanderer.

It indicates where you stopped reading.

Belinda __, solo singer after being a Go-Go.

Become too warm.

Interest paid on the original sum plus interest.

Her first hit namechecked an Emily Bronte novel.

Purple Nintendo games console, released in 2001.

End of the line for buses.

Earthenware or china items used in dining.

Golf course areas with short grass.

Puzzle 14

Become dispirited.

Bread seller, lives down Drury Lane.

A large-scale natural disaster.

In American football, scoring six points.

Substance that promotes growth of good bacteria.

__ Baker, entertainer famed for her banana dance.

Ellen __, sitcom star and TV chat show host.

Famous German howitzer gun of WWI.

Period of one's life post-18.

Oil used in gasoline, kerosene, and diesel.

Single by Fleetwood Mac, or a huge white bird.

Squashed to thickness of a pancake.

Puzzle 15

Archeological remains in the Saqqara necropolis.

Bargain over the cost of a product.

Ask someone to come to your party.

City also known as the "Queen of the Adriatic".

__ rice, glutinous staple for Thai dishes.

SE Chinese province, also known as Hokkien.

Pick someone's __, means to find out all they know.

Person who rides thoroughbred horses for a living.

Teasing, saying something to make others laugh.

Dame Shirley, sang a number of James Bond themes.

Louise __, bobbed-haired film star known as Lulu.

__ Panda featured Po, an aspiring martial artist.

Puzzle 16

Joints between the feet and legs – hurt if twisted.

Handheld game controller.

Surname of Mama Cass of the Mamas & the Papas.

Curly, unmanageable hair, often caused by humidity.

__ Davy; former girlfriend of Prince Harry.

Wriggled one's way out of or into a situation.

Not dead.

Starbucks cup size between Tall and Venti.

Japanese robe with wide sleeves.

To make small nervous movements.

Leos have birthdays in this month.

Chita __, Broadway star of Guys and Dolls, Chicago.

Puzzle 17

Harry Potter and the __ of Secrets.

Collectible correspondence, between lovers.

Ancient Egyptian reed material used for writing.

A spicy Indian condiment.

Nothing to __; not carrying prohibited goods.

Without delay, quickly.

__ Sisters, siblings sang Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy.

Piece of salt or quartz.

Start from __, begin from nothing.

Small private places of worship.

Bill of sale.

Lifted a flag.

Large, heavy knife.

Toppled from power.

Audrey __, iconic poster image of Holly Golightly.

Gadget that tells you where north is.

Puzzle 18

Eddie Vedder's band.

Check, confirm.

Enters where not welcome.

Not faithful.

Lack, not enough to go around, e.g. water __.

British, Finnish, German, Greek, Italian, etc..

A putting green buggy.

__ girls, famously tall dancing troupe of Le Lido.

Anne __, played Fantine in Les Misérables on film.

Taking small bites.

Military leaders, chieftains, guerrilla leaders.

Puzzle 19

__ mixer; machine for churning concrete and mortar.

Jean __, 30s actress, the first Blonde Bombshell.

__ angel; cast out of heaven, e.g. Lucifer.

__ soup, broth from the derriere of a bovine.


French word for sun.

The opposite of madness.

Waterfalls between Brazil and Argentina.

Supporting bandages for the arms and shoulders.

Parked a ship.


Edgar Rice Burroughs' jungle tale, __ of the Apes.

Shirley __, child actress became an ambassador.

Marlon __ appeared in MJ's You Rock My World video.

Puzzle 20

Chopped very, very small.

Lover of the goddess Aphrodite.

The bouncing cat's name in Winnie the Pooh.

Garden molluscs with shells on their backs.

Ma __, blues singer, the "mother of the blues".

Anno __, means "in the year of the Lord".

Language that the term "mortgage" comes from.

Headwear that protects from rays.

Small devices used for shaving.

Choose to like one thing over another.

Country Marie Curie hailed from.

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