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Festive Decorations PackFestive Decorations

Here are the answers to CodyCross Festive Decorations Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Capital of the Principality of Asturias, Spain.

Suckerfish that attaches to a shark.

The game "Clue" in the UK.

Digital representation.

Old fashioned childish speak for a horse.

Hit hard, possibly with a metal object.

Feast of the Seven __, Italian Christmas seafood meal.

Latin phrase meaning completely.

Rock __ the Clock.

Pendant to keep tiny memories.

Japanese crime syndicate theme video game.

David __, UK photographer of Kate Moss et al..

Mexican aerial container whacked with a stick.

Cancel out.

Strong; characteristic of a bodybuilder.

Puzzle 2

Medical term for kneecap.

Architectural pillars from the Hellenistic age.

Table protection from ale rings.

__ Woods, a 2014 star studded Disney film.

__ Disc, plastic storage device.

To decrease in volume.

Italian region Emilia-__, Bologna is its capital.

Dried __, fruits found with cinnamon and cloves.

__ and crosses, a pen and paper game with zeroes.

Velvet/satin strips tied in bows on Christmas tree.

Threw and caught.

Infection at the side of a fingernail.

Artist accused of fake marriage with R. Kelly.

Puzzle 3

Carved red vegetable, Mexican Christmas decoration.

Sicilian cheese from Modicana breed cows.

Intertwined festoons of flowers and vegetation.

French department named after spring.

Someone in state of alarm; heart racing.

Ambushed; took aggressive action against one.

Sporting fixture without travel.

Attaches with needle and thread.

Puzzle 4

Engaged in conflict.

Jacobean playwright and Shakespeare's collaborator.

Tackle, deal with, handle.

Pits in the ground caused by collapse of surface.

Black footwear worn by he who descends a chimney.

Base step supporting columns in Greek architecture.

A written promise or assurance.

Dublin stadium for Gaelic sporting events.

Abyssinian emperor defeated Italian occupiers.

Driving backwards.

Close Encounters of the __: the five-tone phrase.

Nickname for the group created by William Booth.

Looking good on TV.

System of toothed wheels and pinions in a watch.

Gin cocktail made with apricot brandy and Calvados.

__, best wishes for the festive season.

NASA mission sent to photograph Mercury.

Puzzle 5

Site of large Moroccan earthquake of 1960.

Fashion and celebrity magazine; Italian for grace.

Belongs to a group.

Elton John song, "Goodbye __ Brick Road".

Greek goddess of compulsion and necessity.

Groups of ships sailing together.

Spiced Indian rice dishes.

Works of fiction.

Imagined while sleeping.

__ stickers, Christmas scenes for passers-by.

Guest who didn't turn up.

Groups of players from which teams are selected.

Gray-bearded, red-hatted trolls from Scandinavia.

__ Soze, protagonist/villain of The Usual Suspects.

Puzzle 6

Advent __, candle wreaths for Christmas countdown.

The condition or rating of something.

Second in command.

Like a ball or an inflatable castle.

Secret Florence corridor running across the Arno.

__-Darling, Australian river system.

Hebrew word for Passover.

Decorative sheaf of wheat at Christmastide.

Book your holiday with a __ agent.

Blending system used for sherry and other wines.

The Great __, fictionalized bio of opera singer.

Puzzle 7

Custom-made clothes.

Salade __ features olives, anchovies and beans.

Accept something as true.

Hamartophobia is the fear of __.

Spiny __ is also known as Rock Lobster.

Mike __, Instagram cofounder.

Gently hitting a golf ball on the green.

Outdoor strings of paper or lit decorations.

Possessing deep narrow gorges.

Musical term for a slow pace.

Baked egg-based dish, can be sweet or savory.

Typical of non-urban areas; pastoral.

Mum's __; keep quiet, don't give the secret away.

Julia Roberts and Richard Gere star in __ Bride.

Spanish name for "The Greek" painter.

National motto of France: __, Equality, Fraternity.

Disney's 1997 Mr. Magoo starred Leslie __.

Puzzle 8

North Caucasus republic in south-western Russia.

__ Santas, spied scaling ladders on a house front.

Thicker than florentine, chewy Italian dessert.

Circus performers who keep balls in the air.

The nose's job.

Tense, not easy.

2016 Literature winner and folk singer.

Played Sara Sidle in original CSI.

__ Planet, film inspired by a book about an island.

Spikes affixed to mountaineering boots.

Colorful avian embodiment of Christmas on a card.

Sound of social kissing, especially among luvvies.

MEP, Member of the __ Parliament.

Typical weather conditions after the summer.

This aspect of your blood rises and falls.

It allows gas, oil and water to be transported.

Composer of "The Golden Cockerel", Rimsky-__.

Puzzle 9

Country where Tiger beer is brewed.

"Good" character from the Biblical parables.

The most fond of athletic pursuits.

Conspiracy theory, German city that "doesn't exist".

Name of the 10 military leaders of Ancient Athens.

Bolster, fortify something.

Ornate laundry item for hanging up Christmas cards.

Battle hill in Macbeth.

Transmitting a broadcast over the Internet.

Shiny material made into looped knots.

Evening gown worn by teenagers to school dance.

NY Times puzzle.

Standing up bathing under a spray.

"Signed, Sealed, __", 1970 hit for Stevie Wonder.

Don't count your chickens before __.

Amount subtracted from a total.

Counterpart to Brad Pitt in Moneyball.

Where hair roots are harvested prior to transplant.

Puzzle 10

Icons used online to express emotions.

Describes all things Scandinavian and Icelandic.

Ottoman Empire former capital, aka Adrianople.

Consumed a book again.

WWI battle also known as the "Race to the Sea".

A __ to Three Wives, 1949 husband-stealing drama.

George __, stand-up ripped apart social convention.

Beer or lemonade combo.

How isotopes are differentiated, atomic __.

Dance in triple time that is slow and stately.

__ Island, landscape is dotted with stone heads.

Supple and graceful.

Chess piece whose only movements are diagonal.

Fabric sheet wrapped around waist to make a skirt.

Made a noise like a cockerel.

Former British athlete and president of the IAAF.

The J in BJP; a major Indian political party.

Glittery strands for Christmas tree decoration.

Take up residence.

Puzzle 11

Country and surname of author Nevile Shute.

Mountain peaks on St Lucia; like climbing spikes.

Branch of animal science that studies birds' eggs.

Soaked to the skin.

Heavenly, gossamer-winged types appear in December.

Means to gain something, also a street.

“__ me while I kiss the sky”, Jimi Hendrix.

Georges __, early leader of the French Revolution.

Flexible and graceful, like a ballet dancer.

Soldiers who keep watch over a person or place.

Trevor __, inventor of the wind-up radio.

__ berries, seasonal fare, Christmas decorations.

Sweet or savory; flour, water, shortening dough.

Large area full of trees and bushes.

Puzzle 12

Unsightly, repellent.

__ over a hot stove, a form of indenture?.

African hunting dog breed.

Knotting textile making.

__ Ann, soft-bodied doll who was friends with Andy.

Red fruit of the holly tree.

Ethiopian emperor who defeated Italy at Adowa.

Bodily artery to do with the spleen.

Apple founder, Steve __.

Sea in Filipino archipelago, Ormoc and Baybay.

Another name for a conifer.

Leaving something to someone in a will.

University bar or cafeteria.

AKA Missy.

Puzzle 13

Glitzy model roundabouts hung on a Christmas tree.

Mongolian military leader founded the Golden Horde.

Incoming flights or passengers.

Cloris __, Grandma Ida in Malcolm in the Middle.

Being able to understand and work with numbers.

Plenty more fish __; don't lose heart.

Head wear for Western heroes.

Animal shell; lyrically describes defensiveness.

Dried meat and fat bar, eaten by explorers.

Tolstoy's Anna __ has an affair with Count Vronsky.

Boxes for a title.

A short curving line or doodle.

Antlered pullers of Santa's sleigh.

Puzzle 14

Midriff tie to make the waist seem smaller.

US long-jumper, the first to reach 29ft.

One of the most important tourist sites in Russia.

His cover of Fastcar went double platinum in 2015.

Pain in abdomen, study of ulcers.

Kiss under sprigs of this evergreen bush.

Ancient Greek place for naked exercise.

Blank expression for when playing cards for money.

A means of guaranteeing protection or safety.

To beg for food or money.

Change a liquid to a mist.

Single-stalked bulb, red ones related to Christmas.

There's __ About Mary, 1998 Cameron Diaz film.

The one that is the most in need of food.

DJ who contributed to popularize rock and roll.

When evening and darkness arrive.

Puzzle 15

Phosoprotein found in cheese and breast milk.

DH: Designated __.

Hairdresser that can be cutthroat.

Famous Julius for whom the month of July is named.

TV show about a Boston bar; famous opening song.

Rhyming term for rich tourists.

This play says "The rest is silence".

Ellipse/circle are __ (derived) from one another.

Wiggle something around, or into place.

Heavy item dropped to keep a ship in place.

__ swag, decorative ribbons/foliage on a fireplace.

The first digits on your hands.

Kellyanne __, counselor to President Trump.

Female foxes.

Yangtze tributary with many hydroelectric dams.

Reddish clay flooring tile from eastern England.

__ card, removable storage device.

Inner mystical dimension of Islam.

Puzzle 16

Stayed in a tent.

Fierce, cruel, ferocious, __ beasts.

Leader of Cambodian scourge, Khmer Rouge.

__ calendars have hidden treats behind each door.

__ girl, supporting female performer.

Indian triangle of pastry stuffed with vegetables.

Long wrap around skirt popular in many countries.

Laid back, calm.

Astute, sharp-witted, especially in business.

To present standard features of something.

__ bells, small musical instruments for December.

Sister of Moses and Aaron, regarded as a prophet.

Baby birds.

Large kitchen appliance, usually with a hob on top.

Make shiny.

Puzzle 17

Jewish legal emissary.

Nelson __ Bay, Port Elizabeth field.

Beginning of a book.

Periods of time with accentuated cold elements.

Tin __, military-looking man adorns Christmas tree.

Truthful, provable, real; no fake news here.

Banning, blocking someone from doing something.


People you want to celebrate New Year with.

The __ Girl, alcoholic actor with one last chance.

For taking a good look at yourself in.

Battle of Agincourt took place on this Saint's day.

Bent wire for holding back tresses.

Bird breeding ground.

__ horse, red-painted Swedish Christmas decoration.

Puzzle 18

Learn how to pronounce correctly in this field.

Robbing or taking property without permission.

__ sticks, make spicy drinks or bundle ornately.

Drug of alcohol and opium used by the Victorians.

Type of beach tree known for its large leaves.

Italian thick spaghetti tubes.

Garden ornament where avians can take a dip.

Cryptocurrency named after a canine internet meme.

Royally grand.

Black and white Italian football giants from Turin.

Dvořák's 9th Symphony: From the __.

Radio broadcast of over 1km wavelength.

Short candle; illuminates decorations at Christmas.

Drinking in Monterey describes Steinbeck's __ Flat.

Giovanni __, director of silent epic Cabiria.

Two-word term for the larynx.

Disperses a loved one's ashes.

Drove a vehicle backwards.

Puzzle 19

Huge hessian bag in which Christmas presents come.

Cinema fans' device for showing film on discs.

Adam Bede's profession.

Stunning; or a police officer detaining someone.

Italy's largest lake.

Escaped slave leader in the Third Servile War.

Author of the ancient Greek tragedy "Oedipus Rex".

__ coins, edible currency for Christmas trees.

The "torso" of a tree.

Printing using raised type, blanket and paper.

The Emperor's __, 2000 Disney movie.

Forgetfulness blamed on caring for a newborn.

Seaside toy.

A lover of and authority on fine wine.

Thin margin of computer display to move the view.

Bread made from naturally occuring fermentation.

Beat through superior strength.

Puzzle 20

Condor __, German planes bombed Guernica in Spain.

Fat reconstituted dairy products.

Paper __, Christmas DIY, involves a lot of licking.

To take weapons away.

Plantar __, band of tissue on underside of foot.

__ foam, clever mattress material that remembers.

French WWI hero; tennis open/stadium have his name.

__ Fall Apart, Chinua Achebe's tale of Okonkwo.

__ radio, the forerunner of commercial radio.

Beardy short folkloric characters.

Images are composed of these small elements.

Lines of weakness in a rock that water can enter.

In pool, put a ball in a pocket.

Bono's surname.

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