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Here are the answers to CodyCross Field Trips Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Became less warm.

Goodies, nice things.

Large brown/yellow wasp with painful sting.

A giver of money, who expects to get it back later.

Doc __, retired blue racing car doctor.

Thin, flat pieces of bread.

Capital and largest city of Cuba.

Put a teabag and hot water in this, then pour.

Underground waterways.

Italian round dough with tomatoes and cheese.

Not winning, trailing.

Seeking company of others, friends, people.

Nature __, country paths to study the environment.

Small bone at the bottom of the spine.

Name for a shirt traditionally worn by women.

Packed lunch eaten outdoors.

Cherry red color.

Puzzle 2

Princess, companion of Disney's Aladdin.

Pond __ helps you learn about water ecosystems.

Wooden planks you can store things on.

Sugar found in milk; some people are intolerant.

You're cheated, you feel __, rhymes with "licked".

Cleaning with a bar in the shower.

Mount Kilimanjaro is a dormant __.

It's not a comedy.

"Many happy __", a well-known birthday saying.

Way to address the Queen, Her __.

An online location, with a homepage.

Space __, spacecraft used by NASA.

Irish spirit with a very loud screech.

John, Paul, Ringo and George's band.

Detailed study on a specific topic.

Something that is not full price is __.

Insect or creepy crawly.

Causing extreme pain to extract a confession.

In the center of something.

Power source with cells and chemical energy.

Puzzle 3

To buy.

Foreign __ trips improve your language skills.

__ Bound, the story of a dog's incredible journey.

Link between black & white, shortcut through time.

Asking someone to a party.

Breathe this in when you go outside.

Business side of the White House.

Putting too much water in a container makes it __.

Poker Face and Paparazzi singer.

Protecting, standing watch over something.

The people watching a play or a film.

Cargo sent by sea.

__ plates, segments of the Earth's crust.

Pre-Christian religion worshiping Mother Earth.

The mathematical symbol for adding.

__ Head, vegetable toy with removable body parts.

Played when a tennis set reaches 6:6.

Ready-made breakfast snack from the toaster.

Toca Life: __, pretend you're going on holiday.

Wooly garment that buttons up the front.

Baby frogs start out as these.

When there is no light, there is only __.

Puzzle 4

Like a deer, this animal lives in Africa.

When the morning light arrives.

A daredevil who performs dangerous tricks.

Team __ activities encourage working together.

A tiny part or piece of something.

Soldiers' feet are always __ in a parade.

A surface that is difficult to walk on, e.g. ice.

At some museums, you can try on old-fashioned __.

Another word for your spine.

A crook or villain.

Beauty and __, fairy tale with Belle.

To do up; make improvements to a building.

__ Falls, Zimbabwe water feature.

Frozen water blocks.

Presents that you would like to receive.

Puzzle 5

What is 2017 in Roman numerals?.

Traditional servant in a house, often male.

Lord __, His Dark Materials aristocrat.

Act of passing thread through cloth.

__ gum, chewy gum that's often pink.

Second largest river in the world.

Dog-like wild animals that scavenge food.

Small beings in tales, with pointed ears.

The Simpsons __ Out, create your own Springfield.

Mid-section of an insect, between head and abdomen.

Educational __ are trips to museums or galleries.

Sharp stones used as tools in ancient times.

Making your choice in an election.


Activities such as basketball, football, tennis.

__ Bell, green fairy friend of Peter Pan.

Puzzle 6

Daily book in which to keep thoughts or diary.

Five Nights at __ is a survival horror game.

Landscape that you see in the countryside.

Monarch of Ancient Egypt.

Squealing like a dog.

Broke free.

Ghost __, spooky tales told around a campfire.

In maths you'll need to solve this.

Where a bus or coach waits while you are on a trip.

Getting dismissed from a job.

Chewbacca was one of these furry types.

UK stands for the United __.

A team's plans about how they are going to play.

Action of the mouth when eating food.

Children's room and a place for growing plants.

Meat cutter.

Very poisonous chemical element, symbol As.

Puzzle 7

Dressings you can use to wrap up like a mummy.

Hoofed animal that chews the cud such as a camel.

Sweeping using a broom.

Training from a sports professional is known as __.

A building or statue that has a historical meaning.

Describes the pulling of a flag up a flagpole.

Soft cake icing (not just in winter).

Boo-Boo's friend, who is smarter than average.

Gas used in swimming pools, chemical symbol Cl.

__ press, mass media machine created by Gutenberg.

Cleaning your teeth.

European home country of Viktor Krum.

Absorbing useful educational information on a trip.

Not looking forward to something, __ it.

Game with acted out clues.

Mary and Joseph left there to travel to Bethlehem.

In charge of the hive, maybe with a crown.

Ocean vegetation.

Made models from clay.

Meet __, where fans can meet their idols.

Drives backwards.

Puzzle 8

Gargamel's cat in The Smurfs.

Opposite of interesting; school trips are never __.

Reserved a ticket.

Spheres; balloons.

Famous composer, his name is Wolfgang Amadeus __.

Not pay attention to.

Oil company racing car sponsor in the Cars movies.

Boys in uniform, like girl guides.

A __ park lets you drive through animal habitats.

Books or folders for storing photographs.

They haunt people.

Shorthand term for a taxi driver.

Royal and fairy tale place to live.

Brain __ is the cold experienced eating lollies.

Silly __, worm-shaped color from a can.

Putting money aside for a later date.

Designer __, another word for product names.

Mission: Impossible - Rogue __, spy film.

Court sessions where criminals are sentenced.

Party __, someone who ruins a party.

Your stomach rumbles when you are __.

Puzzle 9

Dome-shaped houses built out of layers of snow.

Mischievous folklore character, like a sprite.

Parts of a flower's ovary that become the seeds.

Flotsam and __ are wreckage thrown into the sea.

Cereals like wheat, barley, corn and rice.

__ and Juliet, Shakespeare with a garden twist.

Blue cartoon characters with white hats, The __.

A piece of work summing up what you did on a trip.

Something that is not tied or fastened.

Human-shaped sculpture.

__ army are the Scottish football team fans.

Feeling tired and ready for bed.

Female monarchs.

When a plane gets onto the ground, it has __.

Fiction books that contain stories.

Important figures in religion, opposite of sinners.

A questionnaire you use to collect data.

Horses' feet.

The capital city of the UK.

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five __, movie.

Hot __, model cars to play with or collect.

Away in a __, a popular children's Christmas carol.

Chocolatey bag for felines.

What Ctrl+V does on a computer.

Puzzle 10

Springy waist cord that holds pants/trousers up.

Type of energy to do with motion.

Following rules.

Grasshopper-like insect that can leap really high.

Money put away for a rainy day.

Colored wax sticks.

A medical device used for giving injections.


If you get lost, look for your arranged __ point.

The past; you can learn about this at a museum.

Greedily consume too much food.

Small brown bird.

Kingdom in which Disney film Aladdin is set.

__ Darling, the youngest child's name in Peter Pan.

Sad, upset.

Puzzle 11

__ Planet; 2002 animated science fiction film.

Sports matches or games.

Carbonated soft drink in red and white cans.

Turtle-like Pokémon.

Hot sphere of flames.

Baby geese.

Cord activates something when disturbed by a foot.

Going out and buying things from stores.

__ skeletons can be seen in some history museums.

Mythical beasts with a man's body and horse's legs.

Wanted person on the run.

Shopkeepers who sell meat.

Interactive learning experience led by an expert.

Totally exhausted, frazzled.

Spanish omelet by its Spanish name.

You ask one and want an answer.

Puzzle 12

The continent with more countries than any other.

Someone whose parents have both died.

Messi's Brazilian teammate at Barca, __ Jr.

A spotting game to play on a long bus trip: __ Car.

The cutting edges of knives.

Tiny, fiery, ground-dwelling insect that bites.

A teacher may use one to take photos of your trip.

Smallest quidditch ball, gold with wings.

Having had enough sleep; anagram of "desert".

Toy company that makes My Little Pony.

These are given to the winners of party games.

Ugly creatures that might live under bridges.

A type of Indian tiger, and also a big stripy cat.

Puzzle 13

Mass of ice moving down a valley (and a mint!).

Purple arch-enemy of Luigi in Mario games.

To print a book or a newspaper.

Children write these to Santa.

Lower in price or quality.

Mexican tortilla, rolled, filled and grilled.

The shape of the cells made by bees in a honeycomb.

Rubber boots that keep your feet warm and dry.

Elle __, sister of Dakota, star of Super 8.

Series of Soviet satellites launched from 1957.

They go with noughts in the popular grid game.

Number of things grouped together, like stars.

Floating in water, moving gently up and down.

Rock __, "ice cold" mineral aka quartz.

Roman god of the sea.

Something you can't find is either __ or lost.

A group of four musical performers.

Using a car for transport.

Gland which regulates metabolism.

Bart's school principal.

The first book of the Old Testament in the Bible.

Puzzle 14

Strong coffee.

An interactive exercise that you can take part in.

Lady and __, Disney tale of mongrel meets spaniel.

Philosopher tried for corrupting Greek youths.

Rounded handle allows you to enter a room.

Evangelist Ned __ lives next door to The Simpsons.

A witch's brew is __ and simmering.

Something you buy to remind you of a place.

In-depth investigation done on a specific topic.

What St John Ambulance members provide.

Chemical element discovered by Marie Curie.

A short period of heavy rainfall.

Noise made by horses.

Person who grapples, e.g. for WWF.

Puzzle 15

Part of Finland that is said to be home to Santa.

Cycling on just one half of a bicycle.

Flat shape with nine sides.

The opening to a room or a building.

Machine attached to a PC for putting work on paper.

Expected something or someone.

Book __, where you can meet an author.

Epidemic diseases causing high mortality.

Lightning McQueen's bumper ointment sponsor.

Used an office copier.

To make the end of a pencil pointed again.

Botanical __ are great places to study plants.

Dr. __, Gru's gadgeteer and machine designer.

Rice __, sweet, baked milky dessert.

Thai cat with beige fur, brown nose, ears and tail.

A notebook to keep a record of your trip.

Ears that have had holes made in them are __.

A place where nuns live and work.

Puzzle 16

Jolly catchphrase of Santa Claus.

Steep hills that are next to the sea.

A building where you can view historical objects.

Another word for a trip or an excursion.

When a food is not raw, it has been __.

The Phoenix and the __, E Nesbit's tale of magic.

Holy __, ghostly one-third of Christian trinity.

Struck with a foot.

Ski lodge.

__ boots, a bit like inline skates.

Said between "on your marks" and "go".

Element used as antiseptic, symbol I.

Vector, or __ Perkins in Despicable Me.

Use this for sewing; anagram of "dearth".

Small mammal, like a stoat or ferret.

Puzzle 17

To answer questions under oath.

Peter Pan's arch enemy is __ Hook.

The part of a house on which Santa's sleigh lands.

Floor coverings in homes.

Selecting numbers in a national draw.

You do not always need to wear school __ on trips.

A performance by an orchestra.

Another name for the horizontal bar.

Slim glass tube used in chemistry to move liquids.

What you do when cutting designs into a pumpkin.

Bent down to be knighted.

Elastic material worn by wrestlers and superheroes.

A short visit or an outing for less than 24 hours.

Shutting, especially when talking about a shop.

Puzzle 18

Token that you use to gain entry to an attraction.

The land that belongs to your house, backyard.

The thing you flick to turn a light on.

Moldy or decayed.

Flee, escape.

__ Santa, gifts from an anonymous giver.

Musical __ is a kids' party game.

Identity band worn round the neck of a cat or dog.

The outside layer of the human brain.

Alexander __ Bell, inventor of the telephone.

Going for a long walk in the countryside.

Little Jack Horner sat in one.

Between Europe, Middle East, Istabul is capital.

Getting less wet, evaporating water.

The third Ice Age film, __ the Dinosaurs.

Past tense of seek.

Puzzle 19

A baby chuckling, or __.

Reactive element, symbol F.

Another name for the spikes of a hedgehog.

Mate, companion, best friend of a superhero.

Tree nut roasted at Christmas, or a brown pigment.

Another word for an aquarium.

Pink cream or lotion for irritations.

An information sheet with printed information.

Pink, female Toad character in Super Mario games.

It's sensible to take one of these in case of rain.

Slope that is found in deserts.

Daft Punk song featuring Pharrell Williams.

Someone who switches sides in battle.

UK actor, Eddie __, Jupiter Ascending's villain.

Circling a planet.

Horizontal pole for players to try and pass under.

Dampening the garden with a hose.

Area of tents to sleep in/spend a holiday.

Puzzle 20

Listened to someone else's conversation.

Entertainment played on an Xbox or PlayStation.

Main entrance to a house.

Binding; supportive bandages.

Baby ducks.

With no hard copy; online only.

Bright party favor that can be seen in the dark.

__ playground; a play park with climbing frames.

Making a sudden jerking movement.

Dismiss from the army.

Criminals who are being held in a jail.

A fun trip destination with pools and slides.

Rice and raw fish in a cylinder shape.

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