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Here are the answers to CodyCross Fiesta Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Corporation, business.

Infamous meat-eating fish of the Amazon.

Tied up with __, packages in The Sound of Music.

A large tent for housing an outdoor celebration.

Ricky, British comic who created The Office.

Entertainer who throws and catches balls or clubs.

Long S American river that runs through Venezuela.

Performance by music or dance students.

Meat patties barbecued and served in a bun.

Serviettes laid on formal table settings.

Author of the Chronicles of Narnia.

Taking no part in; opposite of active.

Word puzzle with jumbled letters.

Open shoes for hot weather.

Puzzle 2

Suit patterned with vertical lines.

Online, user-edited encyclopedia.

Seuss character who stole Christmas.

Fun, merriment; anagram of mute names.

Undecided; not yet known or determined.

Physical comedy based on clumsiness.

Ten out of ten, 100 percent correct.

English king with six wives.

Sparkling French wine served at celebrations.

Short horizontal line makes numbers negative.

Puzzle 3

Orchestral music style to play to baby in womb.

Ticker tapes thrown at parties and celebrations.

Rotating blade on early aircraft models.

Chemical cleanser for removing dirt from clothes.

Energy types that can be used again and again.

He plays Lloyd in the Dumb and Dumber films.

Type of jam made with oranges.

Don't count your chickens before __.

Dancer who wears a tutu and pointe shoes.

American football's biggest competition.

A girl's quinceañera is this birthday celebration.

Saw a crime happening.

Puzzle 4

Broad Mexican hat associated with fiesta parties.

Spinning around freely.

Conjuror hired to do tricks at kids' parties.

The circular drain of a sink or bathtub.

The padded edges of snooker and pool tables.

Official reading of a legal penalty in court.

Zuckerberg's social media site.

Union between two or more parties or nations.

Shiny like copper, silver or gold.

Country where Siamese cats originated.

Queen who appeared on the Penny Black.

Reduction in the selling price of an item.

Nationality of a person who was born in Hokkaido.

Surname of Carrie in Sex and the City.

Puzzle 5

This type of restaurant will bring you a burrito.

Attractive fabric strips used to tie up gifts.

Superstar mother of Blue Ivy Carter.

All the vehicles on a road; it might cause a jam.

Slimy green ocean plant, used for sushi wraps.

The money available to or invested into a company.

A large broad plate for serving food at parties.

Square __, folk and country-style boogying.

Involuntary noises made by a contracting diaphragm.

England, Wales and Scotland form Great __.

Non-magical people in JK Rowling's stories.

Going as scheduled, like a prompt train.

Disc trademarked by Wham-O thrown on a sunny day.

"A chain is only as strong as its __ link".

Puzzle 6

Casual dining style that is self-serve.

This toy spring uncoils itself to climb down steps.

Surname shared by Tina, Kathleen, Sophie and Aidan.

European country with Athens as its capital.

Guy __ plotted the explosive overthrow of politics.

Pieces of fabric.

Projectiles that go with bows in archery.


You might carry the food to a picnic in one.

Signed, Sealed, Delivered singer Stevie.

Producing eggs.

US state and home to Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz.

Lee, author of To Kill a Mockingbird.

Unit of American currency.

Treat-filled effigy smashed open at parties.

A biological catalyst that speeds up reactions.

Puzzle 7

Festive bangers pulled at party tables.

To have been cunningly outwitted.

Ran really fast.

Images or photos.

Prediction of the weather in the future.

Pardons or forgives a sin.

Adorn, embellish; do this to a room for a party.

Sweet dish of baked beaten egg whites.

Unit of electrical power equal to 1,000 watts.

Spring bulb flower and a female name.

Bars between ropes used by acrobats in the circus.

Robin __, comedic legend, Oscar for serious role.

Puzzle 8

Big tech company that makes Word and Excel.

Gadget that measures number of steps you take.

Write your invitees' names on this.

Hot drink or a treat containing cocoa, sugar.

Outer cover that's shed by a slithering reptile.

Word class that describes nouns, like big or small.

Keanu Reeves first played Neo in this film.

Fabric piece used in washing up.

Sacred object knights of round table searched for.

The usual epithet of Mars.

A party where guests can come and go all day.

Puzzle 9

To keep your guests amused; anagram of retain ten.

Added sugar.

The state of having prosperity and wealth.

Large rodent with sharp quills.

Classical music composer, Ludwig van __.

Sound that's represented by your pulse.

A famous party held on Shrove Tuesday.

Not keen on being in photographs or videos.

Set of steps leading to an upper floor.

He wrote The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

Switch on this home cinema machine to play discs.

Puzzle 10

Making decorative DIY objects.

Second of Taylor Swift's two surprise 2020 albums.

Science that doctors carry out.

In charge of the hive, maybe with a crown.

Bird of prey that goes tu-whit-tu-whoo.

Book that doesn't have a soft cover.

All's well that __.

Decorative strings or paper chains.

Another word for longing.

Incident, crash on the road, mishap.

First name of the performer known as J-Lo.

It can be soccer, American or Aussie rules.

Scented sprays for the neck and wrists.

Type of party that's arranged in secret.

Mexican corn triangle snack.

Grotesque statue, hangs off the side of a building.

Puzzle 11

__ band, tie-back for hair or for creating balls.

Many-layered vegetables that make people cry.

Doctor Who's police box shaped time-machine.

Soft fabric used to make cosmetic pads and balls.

Apple's smart device for making calls.

2019 breakthrough hit for Billie Eilish.

Food for party guests to nibble on.

Traveling by plane.

Christie's fictional sleuth from St Mary Mead.

The country directly north of America.

Power, like the sun's heat in the water cycle.

Dishes, often made of paper at parties and picnics.

Person from North African country, capital Tripoli.

Puzzle 12

Formal; relating to or used only by an authority.

Orange aquatic pet.

Multiplying by two.

A longer word for glue.

Film series in which C3PO and R2D2 feature.

These paper lights float away with candles in them.

Fast-running game hero Sonic is this animal.

Building for making flour powered by the breeze.

Competition recruits.

Michael Jackson's spooky album.

Face __, mask-drawing fun at kids' parties.

Easel for reading material.

One of these is usually followed by an answer.

Puzzle 13

Buzz __, second astronaut to step on the Moon.

Tiles on a roof.

It's revealed at a party by expectant parents.

1, 2, __ my shoe; 3, 4, knock at the door.

Parts of a puzzle or a pie.

Fundraiser with tickets for a prize draw.

Low area between mountains.

Bony joints in the middles of the arms.

Protective fabric hung above outside seating.

Pirouettes, spins.

Puzzle 14

Italian pasta dumplings from potato dough.

The imaginary line that goes around the Earth.

State of tiredness at the end of a long day.

Fiesta means "feast" in this language.

Drink that represents W in the NATO alphabet.

Written book critiques, often with star ratings.

__ Pursuit, general knowledge quiz board game.

Pleas or thanks whispered to God.

Folding art that begins with a paper square.

Downpayment for security.

Explosive theory of the origin of the universe.

A decorative flower, worn at parties.

Puzzle 15

Male who provides the catch of the day.

A name tag showing a guest where to sit.

Woody __, who played Woody in Cheers.

Dancer on one leg with other leg extended behind.

Home up high among branches.

North America, Europe or Asia, for example.

Sweet-smelling red berry.

Hire these band members to keep the songs going!.

To give up in a battle, raise a white flag.

Proverbially, cleanliness is next to it.

Puzzle 16

__ party, a celebration held by co-workers.

Device to move leaves or snow with air power.

Bullock, starred in The Proposal, The Blind Side.

To set on fire.

Athletes who use oars to race small boats.

Hunks of bread.

With shakers, powerful people with influence.

A jury finds you innocent or this, in court.

Roman __, firework producing explosive lights.

The measurements in degrees of a shape's corner.

Puzzle 17

Furrows one's brow.

Election targets.

Joked around.

Ship's steering mechanism.

Paved outdoor areas next to houses.

Lupita, star of Us and Twelve Years a Slave.

A popular side of thick-cut fried potatoes.

Music chords that sound happy, not minors.

One dip of many on the Moon's surface.

Tap your glass before making one.

Injuries caused by rubbing against rough surfaces.

Zeppelins for advertising.

Facilities where delivery vans are kept overnight.

Maui and Molokai are islands in this group.

Art designs inked on someone's body.

Making the sound of a crow.

Puzzle 18

Individual paragraphs in a legal contract.

Garden enclosure for digging and building castles.

Author who created Fagin and the Artful Dodger.

To use card, metal or glass again.

Covering a turkey with liquid during roasting.

Laptop devices for seeing people in video calls.

A party celebrating an anniversary.

Name for a simple eight-sided shape.

Grow this leafy romaine or iceberg in the garden.

First stop of digestive system for swallowed food.

Alan, Gruber in Die Hard and Snape in Harry Potter.

__ delivery, pay for something to turn up sooner.

Ride-filled amusement park perfect for parties.

Animated film.

Hamburg and Hanover are cities here.

Puzzle 19

Dumbo was one, only he could fly.

Fun paper headgear worn at celebrations.

A vehicle with three wheels.

Someone who thinks God's existence is unknowable.

Avast, me __!, a piratical greeting.

Metal clasp that fastens a shirt sleeve.

Put these in your drinks to cool them down.

Irish clover symbol.

Read up on products before buying them.

A __ agent connects authors with publishers.

Puzzle 20

Senior teacher in a college.

Chores such as dusting and cleaning.

First sung by the Foundations, "Build Me Up __".

Alcoholic drinks mixed and shaken.

Niagara river feature in US and Canada.

One of four major tennis events held each year.

Front sheet of a project.

Active during hours of darkness.

Spider who befriends a pig in an E. B. White book.

Do this to on-screen text before reformatting it.

__ hunt, fun searching game for a kids' party.

Support system for a bra.

Reckless superhero aka Matt Murdock.

According to the saying, what doesn't strike twice.

Labels showing how much things cost.

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