CodyCross Fight Club Pack answers

Fight Club PackFight Club

Here are the answers to CodyCross Fight Club Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Site of key North African battles in Libya in WWII.

__ Strait, body of water between Oman and Iran.

To be in charge of a team.

Looking at the stars.

Author of "Airport": Arthur __.

Not solid.

Standing-up hold in grappling, no punches.

Dribble and drool.

__ Driver, English actress, Good Will Hunting.

Studious looking girl in the Peanuts cartoons.

__ Klitschko, Ukrainian heavyweight boxer.

__ Pathok, Indonesian sweet rolls with mung beans.

Shanghai's international airport; its code is PVG.

Flattened metal bolts used in shipbuilding.

Making a noise like a cow.

Deadpool can __ severed limbs to be good as new.

Camila Cabello song tribute to her home country.

Puzzle 2

Sticks used in taekwondo, like nunchucks, no chain.

Benin was previously known by this name.

Bauble, anagram of knitter.

British airline that abruptly folded in 2017.

Low class to Caesar.

Bamboo stick used in karate, taekwondo.

Parsley-like French herb.

Pre-Christian Russian heathen priests.

Liquor added to orange juice to make an Ambassador.

The king of the jungle's other half.

French-named hairstyle; a bun at the nape.

Sci-fi TV series followed by the film Serenity.

Jack __, author of On the Road.

Puzzle 3

Red sandstone palace near Jaipur, India.

Pink Floyd: in what are two lost souls swimming?.

__ rates measure equivalencies between currencies.

Futile and ineffective, hopeless.

Pauses for a brief time, but then restarts.

Ancient ruins, southern Italy wine region.

Protective board that goes under a dinner plate.

Ran really fast.

No room __; totally full, no vacancies.


Informal boxing with opponent in training.

Cuthbert __, professor-inventor from Tintin.

Mysterious underwater pyramid in Japan.

The referee, by another name.

Quote associated with James Cagney, "You __".

Board game to work out the identity of characters.

Puzzle 4

Pasta sauce made with eggs, bacon and cheese.

__ Ridgeback, hunting dog with Zimbabwe's old name.

Partly closing your eyes to avoid strong light.

Twist these round you under gloves, for protection.

Highlighting text for emphasis.

Patron saint of magicians.

Water rushing while cleaning yourself.

18th-century French-influenced Canadian currency.

Easy __, unexacting music genre aka mood music.

Uranus and Neptune.

Genus of about 110 species of shrubs or small trees.

Large round cooking utensil with a flat bottom.

Highest color of waist wrap in karate/kickboxing.

Icy city which is the world's northernmost capital.

Puzzle 5

Mediterranean Sea off of northern African coast.

Pigs eat out of this.

Poinsettia country of origin.

Chinese art of pushing hands, flowing sequences.

Rack and __, steering system used in modern cars.

Pirate flags, Jolly __.

The __ of bells.

__ Rouge, Zsa Zsa Gabor female lead, 1952 film.


Boxers wear these for protection when sparring.

Floats just off the ground.

Cherry brandy from Germany's Black Forest.

Puzzle 6

Acid __, regurgitation of liquid from the stomach.

Sean __, Donald Trump's first press secretary.

Prosper, flourish.

Ratio of a side next to acute angle to hypotenuse.

Kendo sword that is long and curved.

Desert hallucination.

Northernmost country in Central America.

City that's home to Buckingham Palace.

Men's swimwear.

__ Chan, martial artist, comedic actor.

Mexican sweet made of caramelized goat's milk.

Puzzle 7

Tallest bird native to Africa.

2012 British Song of the Year sung by Adele.

__ Kidd, pirate whose execution was controversial.

__-barr virus, the agent of glandular fever.

The souls of people (or stiff drinks).

Ammonium __, white crystal used in agriculture.

Bare-__ boxing, no gloves.

One who thinks very highly of oneself.

Jonah __, BuzzFeed cofounder.

Sugar Ray __, one of the Fabulous Four.

Planet with the strongest surface winds.

Traditional white gowns worn by brides.

Puzzle 8

Bowie's astronaut.

First year of the Khmer Rouge's rule in Cambodia.

Cleaned a spillage on the floor.

Top part of a car seat, to protect from whiplash.

__ seats are found around the edge of the canvas.

An animal that preys on others.

Series of falls in Sierra Nevada national park.

André __, very tall WWF wrestler, and actor.

Like a cocktail but with no alcohol.

Study centers around coats of arms.

Mel Gibson tries to save Tennessee Valley farm.

Two adjacent lines with same distance in between.

Relating to the Earth's plates.

Unrivaled, matchless.

Puzzle 9

Post-Soviet state.

__ punch, thrown after your opponent's punch.

The art of paper folding, a Japanese tradition.

Let air out of a tire.

A Japanese warrior or a sword.

Medical term for the loss of the sense of smell.

A jeer or remark at a live stage performance.

Another word for spectacles.

Classification of a group of organisms, e.g. cod.

Egyptian vulture goddess.

__ for Columbine, a Michael Moore's movie.

Pope Pius IX inspired pastry.

Nine times as large.

Captain __, fishy-sounding friend of Tintin.

White cat, Tom's love interest in Tom & Jerry.

Puzzle 10

A small earthenware cooking pot.

Emitting air from lungs, noisily and hacking.

Dueling __, instrumental from the film Deliverance.

Filled a suitcase ahead of a trip.

Minerva, to the Greeks.

Saul __, US philosopher wrote Naming and Necessity.

Japanese martial arts warrior spies and assassins.

Sea on the East Coast of Greece.

Vasco Núñez de __, European explorer of Panama.


Name given to Chinese martial arts, esp. in films.

Puzzle 11

Butted against, like a male sheep.

Macedonian capital and Mother Teresa's birthplace.

__ Metcalf, Rosanne, Big Bang Theory actress.

British word for gasoline.

Synonym of titanite, means "wedge" in Greek.

Attached washing to a line with clips.

Spanish dough treat dipped in chocolate.

UK literary magazine in existence since 1889.

The part of the body you are aiming to attack.

__ Smith, veteran captain in LA Confidential.

Flexible cement used as a filler.

Puzzle 12


Nationality of IKEA founder Ingvor Kambrad.

Country where Queenstown is located: New __.

Nuclear debris.

Filled a turkey with chestnuts and breadcrumbs.

Thank you in Spanish.

__ sheet, where all the negatives are gathered.

Agreeing silently, head moving up and down.

Foul punch/kick, below the belt.

A fighter, e.g. a Samurai.

Devoted and steady.

Burn this tree's limbs to ward off evil spirits.

Stieg __, Swedish writer of crime novels.

Buster Keaton film where he saves a train, The __.

__ chromodoris are off-white with yellow spots.

Puzzle 13

Upward blow to the chin.

A form of glucose; often a food ingredient.

He lost the Erebus; crew resorted to cannibalism.

Efficiency, ability to get results.

Building for arrivals and departures at an airport.

Tile game.

Hosiery for a leg.

Sea mammals whose calls are relaxing.

Cleaning up with a broom.

Oil __ is turning crude oil into useful products.

Meat workers.

__ the bride, the groom's new male relative-in-law.

Brazilian dance-based martial art.

Gentle singers of jazz standards.

Hans Christian Andersen said this bird was ugly.

Puzzle 14

Spanish sweet preserve made with quinces.

Those in a crowd who are not the leaders.

Supermodel host of America's Next Top Model.

Hanging sphere for hitting quickly with fists.

Mortimer __, owner of New York Daily News.

Holiday basis with all meals included.

US state known as the Garden State.

Mountains are these, so are obelisks.

Contact fighting, grappling.

Circus march tunes played really loudly.

French sculptor who created the Statue of Liberty.

"I heard it through the __": Marvin Gaye.

Child's gnashers.

The hide of an ovine, used for gloves and rugs.

Puzzle 15

French stepped plant pot stand.

Green __ Street, sisters love same man.

Japanese close combat against armed person.

Youthful, timeless, unlined.

The darkest hour is just before __.

Country where potato salad originated.

Aggressive occupier.

Becoming tart.

Downpayment for security.

The lower edge of a person's skull.

Cringed in fear.

Pre-fight measuring of boxers.

Kidnaps for money.

Puzzle 16

A "man" in Spain and Spanish-speaking lands.

Largest national park in South Africa.

Saxony-__, Luther's state in north-central Germany.

The way a martial artist stands, ready to fight.

Verse rhythm used by Shakespeare: __ pentameter.

__ of '42, coming of age one sided romance.

Shower __, glass-walled areas.

__ NFL the most popular football game in the US.

Country where Celine Dion was born.

Beer ingredient.

Gloved-hands combat sport.

Puzzle 17

Aladdin's kingdom in the 1992 Disney film.

Low bed on casters can be hidden under another.

Thin sword-fighting sport.

Fling far and wide.

Ends of the boxing ring where opponents recover.

"Alice in Wonderland" author's pen name: Lewis __.

New __, Phineas Quimby founded religion.

Describes coins of two elements and colors.

Frasier Crane moved here from Boston.

South Indian frame drum of the tamborine family.

100 __, Mao's 1956 campaign to express opinions.

Firstly, secondly, __.

Time times flux.

When a ship leaves port at the start of a voyage.

Hair style, back of head, rodent inspired.

Latin phrase meaning law of the land.

Cherries __, flambeed liqueur dessert.

The Big __, western with Gregory Peck.

Attack! is a light __ from Eagle Games in 2003.

Puzzle 18

People who have had a limb removed.

Old Testament figure, rebuilt Jerusalem's walls.

Pivoting lever used in gaming.

Luchino __, Italian film director of The Leopard.

Mildly caffeinated hot drink from pale leaves.

Awarding of a fight based on points scored.

A Flock of __, Liverpool New Wavers.

Bookplate printed with owner's name or initials.

Picking out individual hairs.

The dohyo or __ is the place to wrestle.

A memory aid, e.g. an acronym.

Pay out from a fund.

Family of 200 species of eels.

Orientation of an image, higher than it is wide.

Puzzle 19

This hermaphroditic tree is rare in the wild.

Maybe an old gingerbread man walks with one.

Float like a __, sting like a bee.

Plato's most famous pupil.

O Romeo, Romeo, __ art thou, Romeo.

Very small unit; one billionth of a meter.

Brutal working conditions, generally in textiles.

Atlantic weather system.

Mawashi belt worn by sumo wrestlers.

Songs from the ethnic community of a region.

Neolithic mounded tomb in eastern Ireland.

Dropping __; many people suddenly falling ill.

Smoke __ tell you when you have a household fire.

Puzzle 20

__ Mule, vodka buck with spicy ginger beer.

Inner margins of the pages of a book.

__ Brando, plays Vito Corleone The Godfather.

Haute-__ French dept, sounds like Austrian capital.

Dull and drab.

Long sticks used in martial arts training.

Wicked and immoral, committing bad acts.

__ right of kings: monarch's authority from God.

__ Rachmaninov wrote Piano Concerto No. 2.

Small scented bag with spices or other aromatics.

Coins that have been struck or stamped.

Formal wedding jacket, maybe with black bow tie.

Martial arts weapons with long blades, e.g. katana.

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