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Here are the answers to CodyCross Film Festivals Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

Slang for mouth or face.

The grouchy dwarf from the Snow White movie.

Forbidden topics of conversation.

Conform to a law or industry standard.

An enclosure for birds.

Saint Basil's and the Kremlin are in this city.

Spicy green paste eaten with sushi.

Actors de Havilland, Wilde and Munn.

Irrational fear, e.g. of heights or clowns.

Stretchy cord used in bridge jumping.

File for keeping artwork in.

The formal address when a person wins an award.

Install the latest version of software.

City which hosts the famous Notting Hill carnival.

Janis, 70s rocker of Me and Bobby McGee.

The distance from a circle's middle to its edge.

Fictional realm created by CS Lewis.

Glowing coals in a fireplace.

Puzzle 2

Amicable, welcoming.

Making psychedelic designs on clothes with string.

Jim, Doors frontman and the Lizard King.

Le Chat Noir, The __, iconic French cabaret poster.

The equator's line of __ is zero degrees.

A brief summary of a movie, book or play.

Lotion applied after exposure to solar rays.

Small pickled cucumbers.

Food publication, by Gordon Ramsay for example.

First name of English author Woolf.

Patellas, i.e. the bones in the middle of legs.

US Army icon who points a finger on old poster.

The 2017 Oscars mishap involved Moonlight and __.

The seven days before Easter.

Capital of the Pacific island of Vanuatu.

Damsel in __, a girl who needs rescuing.

Puzzle 3

Festive bough decorated and burned at Christmas.

Assembles troops or protesters.

Holocene, Skinny Love and Flume singer.

What must be purchased to go to the movies or show.

__-Webster, US dictionary publishing house.

Eat in a restaurant, not at home.

Sitcom that features the Central Perk coffee house.

Macromolecule built by chains of amino acids.

Like the coat of a dalmatian or cheetah.

Country in which Porsche cars are made.

This fashion house's logo is the head of a gorgon.

Person who is attracted to you, sometimes secretly.

Puzzle 4

Frozen kingdom where Elsa and Anna live.

Shallow container for growing science cultures.

Three __ Strangers, they looked alike.

Alternative to delete on a keyboard.

A tie, deadlock, impasse.

The director who made Pulp Fiction and Grindhouse.

Indian __; illusion with a length of thick cord.

Very long defensive barrier in China.

Longest-ruling Russian empress, known as The Great.

Snack made from fried shredded potatoes.

Puzzle 5

Motley Crue member who married Pamela Anderson.

A 3D image created using light beams and lasers.

Persuade someone to do something.

Preservative or taste enhancer in food production.

__ Dove, western book about two cowboys.

Alliterative nickname for table tennis.

Naturally occurring inorganic substances.

He directed 25th Hour and Do The Right Thing.

Pads for standing on after you shower.

The lazy fat cat who loves lasagna.

Contest to see who busts the best moves.

International Criminal Police Organization moniker.

Rihanna sang about this rain protector.

Puzzle 6

Relating to high or lofty mountains.

Author of the Latin epic poem The Aeneid.

Not bald.

Fish eggs served as a delicacy with crackers.

Artist's associate who creates the surroundings.

To film again, usually with notes of improvement.

Cutting tool similar to a long pair of scissors.

Japanese car firm with Micra and Qashqai models.

From the wrong side of the __, to be disadvantaged.

Measurement of gravitational pull of acceleration.

Racing, feral or homing bird species.

A high-pitched whistling sound made when breathing.

It's the "New Black" according to a Netflix series.

The actor who founded the Tribeca Film Festival.

Annie, one half of pop duo Eurythmics.

Flat-bottomed canal boats.

Puzzle 7

The O in OCD.

Good hygiene to do this before a meal.

Passed on through genes.

Hitchcock classic, __ on a Train.

An award given at Cannes; Formula One racing.

The point at which profits are equal to costs.

Charles Darwin is known for his theory of this.

Jerry Bruckheimer, Kathryn Bigelow and Don Hahn.

Edward Beard Budding's grass cutting invention.

Musicians who play flutes.

Puzzle 8

Divert attention towards oneself.

Low cry, sound of fear or pain.

This genre includes Casablanca and The Notebook.

Low, horizontally layered gray cloud formations.

Player positioned towards the front of a team.

Yellow food product used in tempera painting.

Multiplies by three.

City inside Rome, home to the Catholic church.

Bon Jovi sang about livin' on this in 1986.

Sharp tools used with a mallet for carving.

Add wine to a pan to pick up stuck fat.

The first word in the acronym BAFTA.

People who dole out things, like bank tellers.

Puzzle 9

The word used to refer to Mumbai's film industry.

A person with brilliant ideas of the future.

Task requiring enormous physical strength.

Stevie Nicks sang about the edge of this age.

A tree that doesn't shed its leaves in winter.

They shout "action" and "cut" during filming.

Main CTU agent who had a long day in TV show 24.

Upwardly peaked fold in rock formation.

Bryan Stevenson's hit book turned 2019 film.

A letter that isn't a vowel.

The decline of a currency's purchasing power.

Puzzle 10

Ancient grain staple of the South American diet.

The 1959 historical drama film with 11 Oscar wins.

Chemical element whose symbol is I.

Capital borrowed but not paid back immediately.

The fast-flowing turbulent part of a river.

A sibling's daughters.

The sport that has a French and Australian Open.

Eddie; Pearl Jam's lead vocalist and guitarist.

Wall mural painted directly on wet plaster.

This species includes the mandrill and the baboon.

Stand-in, substitute e.g. temporary headteacher.

Warm winter coat worn by Paddington Bear.

The Greek god of the sun.

Mickey and Minnie first appeared in Steamboat __.

There were 500 days of this season in a 2009 film.

Most of the body's total blood volume.

Puzzle 11

Criminal wrongdoings.

Dessert of whipped, sweetened egg whites.

Like gadgets small enough to be carried or clasped.

The A in DA in US law, district this.

Metal clasp that fastens a shirt sleeve.

The preface or introduction of a movie or play.

The largest weasel and the smallest marine mammal.

City formerly called Constantinople.

People or things that are no longer useful.

The version of a film released to the public.

Gillian, star of The X Files and The Crown.

Another word for an actor.

Burning the candle at __, working too hard.

Type of wallpaper with a bumpy texture.

Harry's enemy Dolores, temporary head at Hogwarts.

Peasants' Revolt leader killed at Smithfield.

Demi Lovato sings that she is Sorry __.

Puzzle 12

Support, stop something from falling or collapsing.

Drake's real first name.

Jordan Peele's first movie as a director.

Rubbed, of body part on body part or clothing.

The cure to a disease or solution to a problem.

Arizona city, known as the Old Pueblo.

Chinese soybean sauce with chillies, five spice.

__ period, number of weeks before leaving a job.

Amazon Prime TV series about a virtual afterlife.

__ opus, a writer's literary masterpiece.

The now-official name for the Academy Awards.

Apartment with rooms on two floors.

A meeting where people contact the dead.

Venomous snakes with long, hinged fangs.

Golf score of one under par.

Pod Save America podcaster Jon.

Nelson singer known to be on the road again.

European country once led by Francois Mitterrand.

There's a play set in this month, in Osage County.

Puzzle 13

Careless error or clumsy entry.

Ancient science of trying to turn lead into gold.

A Mexican pepper and brand of hot sauce.

Wooden surfacing for garden areas.

Rod is Ned's __ son in The Simpsons.

Australasia and surrounding Pacific islands.

Media wire service that covers world news.

Film festival named after a Swiss town.

Beatles song written for John Lennon's baby boy.

Image files used to illustrate documents.

A movie about the events before the original movie.

A person who arranges and sells flowers.

Slang for shooing away, with Spanish origins.

Wear an ugly one of these warmers while decorating.

Someone who saw a crime take place.

Puzzle 14

Nightclub shows with singers and dancers.

A person might use their passport to verify this.

A Bret Easton Ellis novel adaptation, __ Psycho.

Decisive, conclusive end to an argument.

Coffee shot used in a type of Martini cocktail.

ID of a person online to sign in or chat.

Karma and yoga are concepts in this religion.

This EGOT winner starred in Sister Act.


Highest judges don't sing but could be called this.

Where hamburgers go to dance?.

Back boundary of a tennis court.

These Dolls had a 2005 hit with Don't Cha.

Vampire resident of Sesame Street.

Mass panic.

Puzzle 15

Preoccupied, absorbed.

Another name for a ski mask.

Obtain food without leaving your car.

Administering medicine with a syringe.

Clovers associated with Ireland.

Shiny chemical element with the symbol Mg.

US city famous for country music, Tennessee.

A group of people appointed for a specific task.

Straggle, walk slower than the rest of a group.

Louisa M. Alcott's sequel to Little Women.

The first actor to posthumously win an Oscar.

Puzzle 16

Rooms under roofs.

To have someone over a this, a no-choice situation.

A movie theater.

The right or left side of an army.

The large, flat teeth at the back of the mouth.

State of being under hypnosis.

The same movie made twice, like Pet Sematary.

First name of Everest mountaineer Hillary.

Hershey's chocolates shaped like flat teardrops.

Love the Way __, 2010 hit for Eminem and Rihanna.

Dr. Seuss creation with anti-yuletide stance.

The second largest planet in the Solar System.

Portuguese city with Belém Tower.

Puzzle 17

Someone with access to private knowledge or perks.

A pair of related novels, plays or movies.

First name of the famous English explorer Drake.

German city with a Steinway piano factory.

Actor Kelsey who played Frasier, sang theme song.

Bivalves eaten only when there's an r in the month.

Canada's TIFF is held in this Ontario city.

Skirt containing folds.

Common duck with a glossy green head.

Hue like beige or white, for achromatic walls.

The process of selecting actors for a role.

Not very sturdy, e.g. creaky furniture.

Condition where a person can't remember.

Puzzle 18

It's the B in computer company IBM.

Widespread respect; A Christopher Nolan film The__.

Long green salad vegetable used to make tzatziki.

First ten US Constitutional amendments, Bill __.

Frozen floating platform on the ocean surface.

Examples of this animal include impala and eland.

These are ranked with an Apgar score.

The movie review website, Rotten __.

Government representative abroad.

Gambling wheel that can land on red or black.

This creature has a man's body and a bull's head.

Number of full weeks in a year.

Puzzle 19

Possibilities for future career opportunities.

Germany's annual film festival founded in 1951.

Robert Louis who wrote Treasure Island.

Dug up, excavated.

A painting depicting a horizontal scenic view.

The 2008 film about Philippe Petit's wire walk.

Converter that cars have on their exhaust systems.

Irish rockers with Phil Lynott as lead singer.

Person currently in a country not their own.

Phrase for the other way around.

Puzzle 20

Able to endure hard use.

Capital of North Ireland, where Titanic was made.

Method of selling to the highest bidder.

Illusions and visual tricks, special __.

Fictional flying spirits.

Star Trek Vulcan greeting: live long and this.

Oh what a tangled web __; deception proverb.

Meat that isn't preserved.

Scale scientists use to measure an earthquake.

A courageous female character like Ellen Ripley.

First name of Dutch artist famous for sunflowers.

Bamboo, zoysia, and fescue.

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