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Here are the answers to CodyCross Fine Art Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Art technique using smoke to create pictures.

Orange fruit drink and a Maori form of greeting.

Women's pointed headdress of the 12-15th C.

Head of a building full of nuns.

James Mason movie from a Nabokov book.

Remove silt from a river.

Woodrow, the proposer of the League of Nations.

Walloon town, venue of a UNESCO-rated carnival.

A recovery or revival, an improvement in results.

There's a ghost of a murdered father in this play.

__ Alley, New York's music publishing area.

Someone who has been affected by a crime.

Puerile, juvenile.

Medical term for syringes and needles.

Museum of __ Art (MoMA), at 11 W 53rd Street, NY.

Puzzle 2

Denial, nonacceptance.

Artwork designed to move with water, air, etc.

Birthday candle action.

Indian city, site of a siege in the Indian Mutiny.

Wilson, who sang In the Midnight Hour.

Cleanable material of kitchen work surfaces.

Not taking a side, like Switzerland.

Painting hues that are made stable with egg yolk.

Chisinau is the capital of this country.

Card game about a spinster.

Shocking, jolting, like a jam pot.

Packing material for a ship's cargo.

Puzzle 3

Black crumbly drawing material for sketches.

Louis, Modernist poet of Autumn Journal.

Fine art that is woven, knitted or printed.

Wind instrument, its playing is linked to navies.

Treacherous or unfaithful.

A wrist bone, often broken in falls in the elderly.

Digging up a buried corpse from the ground.

Pacific island nation with frigatebird on flag.

Miguel, cyclist who won five Tours de France.

Just __, one of four corners on a Monopoly board.

Ferocious old woman in Russian folklore.

Something scarce, but highly sought after.

Puzzle 4

Put on a __; act as if you aren't upset or worried.

Type of art that is here one day and gone the next.

Frantically, in an energetic or angry manner.

Can be dodged or swerved, not inevitable.

Northernmost city in the US.

The scientific study of snakes.

Small portrait, usually held in a locket.

Seed used in perfumery as a vanilla substitute.

English poet of Making Cocoa for Kingsley Amis.

Hang out with a strong grip.

Psychedelic rock band of The Dark Side of the Moon.

Puzzle 5

Plot, make secret plans.

Most powerful or influential.

William, Southern novelist of Absalom! Absalom!.

__ kangaroo; rodent-sized forest marsupial.

Wheelchair detective played by Raymond Burr.

Utah venue of the Sundance Film Festival.

Irish political campaign led by Parnell.

Sports car; Prince sang about a little red one.

Home of Jože Plečnik and Škocjan Caves.

Dancing at __, Brian Friel's Olivier/Tony winner.

Coated pulp for producing coffee table books.

Repaired or refreshed to original glory.

Method of etching plates giving tones, not lines.

Wraps around; interconnects with.

Filled tortillas from a Tex-Mex menu.

Puzzle 6

Medieval France coins equivalent to half deniers.

Warring couple in a Hoffman-Streep film.

Dark malt beer, like stout.

An influx, water's movement into a container.

Hank, voice actor on The Simpsons.

Marvel's David Haller alter ego.

Limp along.

Dowdy, not fashionable.

Holders for in-progress paintings.

Medieval art period of paintings and manuscripts.

Puzzle 7

2011 Kevin James comedy set at an animal park.

Fails to acknowledge.

St Lucia is part of this Caribbean island chain.

Describes a painting method using hot wax.

Venomous sea organism living in tropical waters.

Photographic print process used by Man Ray.

Cuisine associated with the dish smalahove.

Australian tennis pro, won US Open in 1997 and 1998.

Guild of __, craft group joined by Leonardo.

Make someone feel angry or embarrassed.

Strolling singer of romantic songs.

Puzzle 8

Original name of Kolkata.

American __, 1973 movie by George Lucas.

Iconic New York prison.

La __; 1963 famous French song by Brigitte Bardot.

Expressive art form with hues serving as emotions.

Itchy, fibrous material used in insulation.

Rosemary's Baby's author.

Forcibly expressing opinion.

World art fair, not necessarily every two years.

Mouthwatering, delish.

Puzzle 9

Pin used to secure campers' canvas accommodation.

Colombian F1 driver who then moved to NASCAR.

Relocating objects, mostly by spirits.

Relief print technique using flooring material.

Small furry carnivores with white underbellies.

Charles, the best friend of Fitzwilliam Darcy.

Cough that starts in the pharynx, not the chest.

Miner, ore extractor.

Type of light bulb base that pushes in and twists.

Boris, horror star who played Frankenstein.

Liqueur made of fruit juices; small almond biscuit.

Singing water monster in Canada with rhyming name.

Element 100, named after an Italian physicist.

Collective term for arts and sophistication.

Evelyn, who developed computer reservation systems.

Giuseppe, an advocate of Italian unification.

Connects, anagram of stealer.

Playful and mischievous nature.

Puzzle 10

Put down or embarrass.

Gaiman book and series starring David Tennant.

Stick used to drive a punt forward.

Seeds used in curry powder and leaves for cattle.

__ art, creations concerned with beauty and form.

Lucille Langhanke was this film star's birth name.

Klimt's 1897 Vienna __, a breakaway art movement.

A __ eye is to view something in a hostile manner.

Lead singer of Radiohead.

Brave and bold deeds, often in boys' literature.

Type of grained paper used for drawing.

1651 battle between Charles II and Cromwell.

A phrase said instead of an offensive or rude word.

Puzzle 11

Boats with dragging nets, used in fishing.

Speedy painting method using layers of moist paint.

Maiden family name of Letizia, mother of Napoleon I.

__ coffee; hot beverage laced with precious metal.

An animal shell.

Bodyguards are associated with this feeling.

Ridiculous, absurd.

Acting inappropriately as head monarch.

Device with bulbs that light up transparencies.

Singer with the melancholic At Seventeen.

Puzzle 12

Top-level internet domain for companies or groups.

Quantities of 24 or 25 sheets of paper.

Writer of kitchen-sink drama Room at the Top.


__ Gökçen; international airport in Istanbul.

Kenneth, the first president of Zambia, 1964-91.

Reddened raised marks on the skin.

Italian stone house with a conical roof.

Hatred, spite, vengeance.

British motorcycle brand, made the Commando.

Cape of __, renamed Cape of Good Hope.

Châteauneuf __, revered AOC wine.

Florence, pioneering US geologist.

Newspaper man that Citizen Kane was based on.

Chinese zodiac sign for births in 1975, 1987, 1999.

Arrange and choose an art gallery's exhibits.

Drawing medium with a ferrule and eraser.

The commissioner who is Gotham City's police boss.

Of or relating to mice.

Puzzle 13

__ Conditioning uses rewards to motivate.

Josquin, Renaissance composer of many masses.

Irish saint known as the Navigator.

Struggles, attempts.


Ancient Greek hero with magical musical skills.

Obstructed, restrained.

Describes someone behaving in a seductive manner.

Art that shows dissections of the body.

Matthew, the Lawrence Block's fictional detective.

Garden weedy menace that is used in teas.

__ of Paris, powder substance used in sculpting.

Brit, creator and star actress of The OA.

__ leaf-tailed gecko; demonic red-eyed reptile.

Puzzle 14

This medal is a Royal Society science award.

Devotion to a god in Hinduism.

__ ulcer, condition of the digestive tract.

Modestly, mildly, humbly.

Leafy cucumber-tasting plant with blue flowers.

Dolly Parton and Queen Latifah film: __ Noise.

French art exhibitions or galleries.

Ancient Greek and Roman cloak-like garment.

Substance that holds together pigments in paint.

Boat park.

Chests for storing blankets.

Johnny, of He's Gonna Step on You Again fame.

Puzzle 15

Weak, cowardly.

Hues that are developed from linseeds.

Treaty to formally end the 100 Years' War.

Wound up; should have gone to bed sooner.

French DIY artworks using unusual materials.

Cemetery in Ireland, resting place of De Valera.

Military procurement and transportation.

Aussie rock band, sang Shark Fin Blues.

Murders in the __, creepy tale by Edgar Allan Poe.

Innate, deep-rooted.

Puzzle 16

Pope's representative in another country.

This Black DC's heroine is a master of disguise.

State song of Indiana: On the Banks of the __.

Suddenly changed direction.

Bay of __, bad-weather sea area off northern Spain.

French painterly style of Fragonard and Watteau.

Mr. Galle, German astronomer who spotted Neptune.

Beef or mutton fat.

Old term for manner of approach.

Uproar, outcry, rumpus.

Fabric for painting on, especially oils.

__ Girl; Billy Joel hit about a downtown man.

Morose or gruesome.

Bessie, inventor of devices to assist amputees.

Way to connect pipes and valves.

Puzzle 17

Family who changed its name from Saxe-Coburg-Gotha.

Bragged, boasted.

Ancient navigation tool for sailors.

Creating sculptures or busts with a sharpened tool.

Court jester of King Arthur.

Wooden containers created by Maria Beasley patent.

His cage protects against electrical fields.

Composite artwork made from pieces from many media.

South Africa's biggest diamond mine in Kimberley.

Sweet golden citrus fruit from South Asia.

Prone to being snappy or cross; irritable.

Eel-like creature with witchy name.

Puzzle 18

Has serpents for legs, usually relates to statues.

Rogen and Theron romantic comedy.

Exhaust __, collects gas from car engine.

Comet that passed around the Sun in 1973.

Confrontation, a face-to-face final meeting.

Tirade, rant, lecture.

Fleeing police, evading capture.

Unsophisticated painting by those lacking training.

Marine crustacean, as beach flea or sand hopper.

To have put out a fire with water.

Artwork, often religious, comprising three panels.

Puzzle 19

Cuban dance form named after the capital.

US hip hop group started by 2Pac, with Rated R.

Relief printing using pine, cherry or pear.

The painted Italian woman with the enigmatic smile.

Fixed price sale, nothing less will be accepted.

French cross of one vertical and two horizontals.

Cera and Hill try to throw THE high school party.

OS describes this type of calendar dating.

China plates and bowls to eat from.

__ the Colour, ceremony for the Queen's birthday.

Puzzle 20

Disperse things like seeds or ashes.

Early keyboard instrument.

Typhoon that hit Tokyo in 2019.

Atmospheric pressure map lines.

Iron-tipped southern African tribal wood spear.

Jamaican pastry known as pinch-me-round.

Marshall, writer of "the medium is the message".

Modern art movement for wild beasts.

First name of golfer Tiger Woods.

Frolicking, bounding about.

Sculptures made from a third-placer's medal.

Weird __, also known as Macbeth's witches.

Birds that craft intricate nests from vegetation.

Speed up, hasten, accelerate.

In classical mythology, the morning star, or Venus.

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