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Here are the answers to CodyCross Flags Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

Beyoncé's eldest child, born 2012.

Part of a circle bounded by two radii.

Indirect, inexplicit, not clearly expressed.

Countries with black, white, green and red flags.

It's Not this, sung by Tom Jones.

Preparing your home before giving birth.

Actor and ex-president of the Philippines, Joseph.

Dish of lightly battered fish and/or vegetables.

Long-bladed knife on Angola's national flag.

Cut intricate holes in wood for ornamental reasons.

Short heavy clubs used as weapons.

Former currency of Greece before the euro.

High-powered yellow pressure cleaner brand.

Scribed language started in ancient Iraq.

Hybrid equine, crossed with stripy mammal.

Arranged references into alphabetical order.

Greek fleet-footed goddess of the hunt.

Puzzle 2

Get fully involved in something.

Giving birth to a horse.

Planning diagram with linked thoughts and themes.

Proteins that acts as biological catalysts.

Government in which two people hold equal power.

Jenner, who is a supermodel.

Flag design with three parallel stripes.

Race of warlike women who excluded men.

Louis XIV's nickname.

Slimming plan, maybe more suitable for equines.

S American nation with red, yellow and green flag.

__ Rodríguez, 1500m runner who collided with Burka.

Painter who spent the end of his life in Tahiti.

1987 film with Peter Weller as a cyborg officer.

Old Town Road rapper.

Broadway musical set at Kit Kat Klub in Berlin.

The bottom edge of a skirt or dress.

Fortified shelter, and hidden position for attack.

Rising upward with only the upper part visible.

Part of the small intestine after the duodenum.

Territory held by noble above a viscount.

Puzzle 3

Danish researcher of atomic structure.

Number of rays of sun on Kazakhstan's flag.

Dry-cured salmon and dill.

Cut into the conversation, add a point of view.

Non-dominant gene.

Heart medicine obtained from foxglove flowers.

Ancient warrior king, son of Philip II of Macedon.

Changeable, unpredictable moods.

Mountain in Ancient Greece where the Muses lived.

Emblem in the middle stripe of Ghana's flag.

Michael who was on NCIS and Bull.

Queen hit that ends with the line "Fried chicken".

Fluffy dog breed that guarded Tibetan monasteries.

The Park in the title of an 1814 Jane Austen novel.

It's who you operate on in a game of Operation.

Puzzle 4

Impressionist art style with shapes and symbols.

Flying a flag at a low height as a mark of respect.

Stocking an emergency shelter... just in case.

Summer festival season at the Royal Albert Hall.

Old term for one who inspires fights.

Westworld's Man in Black.

A share of profit paid to a company's shareholders.

Bogart's role in 1941 movie The Maltese Falcon.

Revealed, uncovered a work of art.

The whole kit and this.

Dennis, "Non-Flying Dutchman" of soccer, born 1969.

Settling down in the branches overnight.

Imperial Seal of Japan, known as Chrysanthemum.

Shakespeare wrote about The Taming of her.

__ Judy, seaside husband-and-wife protagonists.

American writer of The Checkerboard Trilogy.

Traditional knitting technique from Scotland.

Military standard flown by Ancient Roman armies.

Description of Wenceslas in Christmas carol.

Frozen flavored dessert.

Dropping a weight into water to measure depth.

Short musical composition reflecting the nighttime.

Puzzle 5

Country of birth of filmmaker Lars von Trier.

Become less intense, e.g. pain.

Act of bending a joint or limb.

Circus __; Ancient Roman chariot-racing venue.

Alan, travel presenter, spoofed by Monty Python.

Scandinavian alcohol, aka "water of life".

Caribbean spice island with nutmeg on its flag.

Apogee's opposite.

Gland in the throat that controls metabolism.

Projecting spouts at the end of hosepipes.

9th month in Muslim religion of fasting and prayer.

Force time out from employment for wrongdoing.

Where anglers hold on to their fish.

Shapes on Swiss, Greek and Maltese flags.

Jerome K Jerome wrote about Three Men here.

He invented the first mechanical computer.

__ Lady; female cursed with ugliness in folklore.

Thrower and catcher of many objects simultaneously.

Puzzle 6

Extensive area of land with a big house.

Huddles of rugby players, packed closely together.

Manufacturer of electric model train sets.

Sloping font, used for emphasis.

Goddess who gave her name to the capital of Greece.

Hans, composer of film music for The Lion King.

Large raptor also known as a sea hawk.

Seafood from pointy shells.

Red fortress-style building on Gibraltar's flag.

Jewel-covered headbands associated with royalty.

Dense star that sends out radio waves.

Assorted or mismatched crew of people.

Powerful Japanese feudal lords.

Triangular flag used by yacht clubs and sailors.

The abbreviation RSVP comes from this language.

Puzzle 7

Britten opera and a Melville story.

Musical symbol of the Emerald Isle.

Repetition of a word for rhetorical emphasis.

Pole for displaying a fabric patriotic symbol.

Ripened fruits blown to the ground by the breeze.

Another word for a bell tower.

Mathematical study of groups of objects or data.

Fourth of Ancient Rome's four emperors of 69AD.

Ordem e __, motto on the Brazilian national flag.

Dense coniferous tree used in garden hedges.

Emma Thompson film about a Victorian love triangle.

First Greek leading man?.

Angelina Jolie's famous father.

A heavy burden around one's neck.

Legal complaint.

Puzzle 8

Meant on purpose.

Wonder Woman's younger sister, introduced in 1969.

Cement made from clay and crushed limestone.

Japanese charcoal-grilled chicken skewers.

Number of stripes on the United States flag.

The __, a musical with Seventy-Six Trombones.

Fate of Anne Boleyn and Catherine Howard.

Name of the hotel in Stephen King's The Shining.

It means "goodbye, until we meet again" in French.

Luther, who sang Endless Love with Mariah Carey.

Pacific island nation with frigatebird on its flag.

Caught __; not ready.

Person who believes in people over religion.

The power that a number is raised to.

Cream gene present in some horses' coats.

Katey Sagal voices Leela on this animated series.

Puzzle 9

German Communist philosopher and economist.

Able to count and understand basic sums.

They take the throne illegally or by force.

African nation once led by Haile Selassie.

Alexandre Dumas novel-based opera by Verdi: La __.

Call signal of Tom Cruise's character in Top Gun.

Toxic decorative plant, also known as nerium.

Frequencies for broadcasting on the radio.

Angela who played Jessica Fletcher.

Describes movies shown during a plane journey.

Vestments of priests or choristers.

Youth movement with fleur-de-lis flag.

Old-fashioned custard dessert set with gelatine.

Baron von __; evil sorcerer in Swan Lake.

Artist who leads an unconventional lifestyle.

Hamlet says that to be or not to be is the this.

NY-based designer famous for her wedding dresses.

Commemorative flags exchanged by sports teams.

Demigod son of Zeus.

Don't let the grass grow under __.

Medical advice thought to be from Hippocrates.

Adding shiny paint to household woodwork.

Turning engine part that opens valves.

Puzzle 10

Look for slight errors or minor mistakes.

Fish logo associated with Christianity.

Of or relating to crows.

Top Gear's top driver, heavily in disguise.

Glasses, spectacles, monocles, etc.

EU country in which Nokia Corporation is based.

Walks to the summit of a mountain.

The small metal discs on the rims of tambourines.

Surname of sportswear brothers Adolf and Rudolf.

Eastern European state with an aurochs on its flag.

Symbol of divine power in medieval heraldry.

Jojo Moyes' sequel to Me Before You and After You.

Warning sign to signal potential danger.

The flammable gas whose molecular equation is C3H8.

Puzzle 11

Martial arts move to trip an opponent.

Argued, fought.

Nickname for France's red, white and blue flag.

Persian king, battled with Alexander.

Porcelain made from ashes, feldspar and kaolin.

A stickler for following workplace rules.

It's where Freddy Krueger's Nightmares take place.

US fashion model and Vogue cover regular.

African island nation with a ten-star ring flag.

Animals that move to and from a given area.

He's Danny on Hawaii Five-0.

Collection of poems printed in one volume.

Substance that identifies an acid or a base.

Process of building computer-based images.

Puzzle 12

Birthday or anniversary, event.

Ex con, prisoner.

The region of Turkey that lies in Asia not Europe.

Tropical greenery on the Cocos Islands' flag.

Canadian city home to ice hockey's Oilers.

Keep information to oneself.

Animal shell or case, like on a crab or scorpion.

Dire Straits brothers Mark and David.

Actor whose sons are named Chet, Colin and Truman.

Royal flag flown by the monarch of the UK.

Barbara, sculptor known for Mother and Child.

Hair dye technique with hair painted by hand.

Penny __, horror series set in Victorian England.

A semi-hard Swiss cheese often used for melting.

Ludwig Bemelmans' children's book series.

Those who take possession by force.

Watery roller coaster at a theme park.

Puzzle 13

Porky insult for conservative white man, pink face.

Complete disaster or failure.

Yellow complexion or pallor.

Script on the flag of Brunei.

Tragic Jack's surname in Titanic movie.

Russian bread snacks served with caviar.

Cockney slang for a piano.

Identity parade of criminal suspects.

Gazprom and Rosneft are companies in this country.

Honey produced from nectar of New Zealand tree.

Color worn by officials in Euroleague basketball.

Largest of Pluto's five known moons.

National flag flown by a ship.

Pact, led to invasion of Czechoslovakia in 1968.

Get Out and Bird Box actor Lil Rel.

Puzzle 14

Nerdy person might know a lot about birds' nests?.

Strings of triangular decorative party flags.

Effect of a disease.

Totalitarian movement started in Italy during WWI.


Round plastic cover used to protect a camera.

The letters you have to mind when you behave well.

Nation with same flag in continuous use since 1219.

Bradley, cyclist, and Tour de France winner.

The name of Thor's hammer.

Name given to the world's largest insect.

The killing curse in the Wizarding World, Avada __.

West End musical about Take That.

Risky business undertaking.

__ Portman, __ Wood, or __ Dormer.

Charging interest on a loan at a criminal rate.


Jump into a new relationship after a break-up.

Constable painting of horse-drawn cart in a river.

3- to 4-m-long musical instrument with conical bore.

Rory's fast-talking mother in the Gilmore Girls.

The son of Sir Lancelot in the King Arthur legend.

Dutch town where Vincent van Gogh was born.

Puzzle 15

Beatrix Kiddo alias in the Kill Bill series.

Pete Seeger, protesters sing we shall do this.

Vagrant, drifter, beggar.

Hair becoming flyaway through humidity.

Vodka, triple sec, and lime juice straight up.

Former NY mayor Rudi, in office from 1994-2001.

The tolerance displayed by people in hospital?.

Georges, priest who proposed Big Bang theory.

Thomas Harris' cannibalistic forensic psychiatrist.

Logo or motif made from overlapping letters.

Shapes on Saint Vincent and the Grenadines flag.

Dune and DNA multi-lingual actor, Charlotte.

Orpheus' wife in Greek mythology.

Neck injury caused by sharp movement.

Northernmost host city of the Summer Olympics.

Home village of the radio show The Archers.

Four-horse chariot atop the Brandenburg Gate.

Warm goat's wool for pashmina shawls and sweaters.

US President whose first language was Dutch.

Army wear.

Heraldic name for a shade of dark red.

Puzzle 16

Libra's symbol.

Pungent allium, spicy if raw.

Makes up for sins, religiously.

Traditional woven handicraft on Turkmenistan flag.

Liquid component of blood.

Conquest of England that took place in 1066.

Sudden arrival of large numbers.

Dafoe, star of At Eternity's Gate.

Marla, mother of Donald Trump's daughter Tiffany.

Tough, white outer coating of a tooth.

Improved a video game character.

Male bees that do not have stings.

Body of an artist's work.

Green marine creature on the Cayman Islands' flag.

Largest space telescope operating since 1990.

Money or property left to someone in a will.

Beyoncé's alter ego Sasha this.

Ballets __, dance company formed by Diaghilev.

Puzzle 17

Lead single on Dido's 2003 album Life for Rent.

Game with holes, ball and wooden pins.

Farm tool featured in American Gothic painting.

Site of Rome's Leonardo da Vinci airport.

Unrefined brown sugar with Portuguese name.

1990s TV drama about the murder of Laura Palmer.

El __, Russian designer, co-developed suprematism.

Largest ethnic group in Sri Lanka.

American rodent also known as a woodchuck.

US microbiologist who developed the polio vaccine.

Old rhyming phrase meaning ready to go.

Central American nation with a rainbow on its flag.

Dumbfounded, gobsmacked.

Puzzle 18

Cap on Haiti's flag, also called Phrygian.

Video game where players seek an Imposter.

Composer of opera Lakmé and ballet Coppélia.

Blade: __, third Blade movie, with Wesley Snipes.

Crucial, of central importance.

Ramp used to launch newly built ships.

Cylindrical sushi roll with two or more fillings.

Describes typical snowy weather.

How Jude is described in Thomas Hardy's book.

Cambodian Royal house since 1860.

European country with a similar flag to Chad's.

Weasel-like mammals with glossy fur.

Term used by indexer to retrieve content.

Nathan Fillion stars in this TV space western.

Strip of cloth worn like a narrow tube top.

1970s fishing disputes between Iceland and the UK.

Partner __; close friend or accomplice.

Athletic performer or tumbler; anagram of my gnats.

Puzzle 19

Blandings Castle lord in P. G. Wodehouse novels.

Famous Indian temple in the city of Agra.

Trucks with a loading area.

Shrub that grows in salty coastal waters.

Watching over the dead through the night.

Judas' surname.

Evergreen depicted on the flag of Norfolk Island.

Lightweight waterproof packaway jackets.

Type of very short joke with few words.

Shows off an exhibit.

Descriptive keywords for search engines.

Leo __, Irish prime minister from 2017.

A book containing magical spells.

Man and __, 1903 play by George Bernard Shaw.

Nothing is hidden, everything is easy to read.

Lock of hair on the face.

Bulgur wheat and mint salad from Lebanon.

Yardbirds guitarist, joined with Bogert & Appice.

Six-pointed star on the flag of Israel.

Study of human physical growth.

Military leaders, chieftains, guerrilla leaders.

Steve; rower with five successive Olympic golds.

Spin-off TV series about hackers and online crime.

Puzzle 20

Italian earthenware coated with tin glaze.

Toughest category of ski slope.

Supporting the interests of the masses.

Greek cucumber and yogurt dip.

Golden emblem on the Argentina and Uruguay flags.

Helen who created Bridget Jones.

The Incredibles character who has super speed.

Reject by exercising one's authority.

Raising a flag on a flagpole.

Chicken eggs do this for 21 days before hatching.

The __ (The Guardian of the Egg), by Carrington.

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