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Flat Things PackFlat Things

Here are the answers to CodyCross Flat Things Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Alfred, who is a master of suspense.

Slang for something that will definitely happen.

Folded napkin on a formal table setting.

Weather lore says "Clear Moon __".

Opponent, rival.

Incendiary containing nuclear waste.

__ operator; person who collects road charges.

Headwear named after Central American country.

A type of pita made from dough, but no yeast.

Bumping into, maybe on a planetary scale?.

Puzzle 2

Brought in foreign goods.

Burning food to black.

Young canine with irresistable eyes.

__ flyer, member of an aviation loyalty program.

Flat cornmeal bread, popular in Mexican cuisine.

Leading act at a concert; newspaper title.

Ended the marriage.

Chair that tilts back for full relaxation.

Said no thanks.

Outer coating of a baby bird's first home.

Puzzle 3

__ Pan Lake: world's largest hot spring.

Measuring tools found in pencil cases.

Extra performance in response to applause.

__ skating, aka rollerblading.

__ a king; suitable for royalty.

Little munches of food between meals.

To spark a fire.

__ churn, converts milk into a yellow spread.

Hollywood acting dynasty of Tony and Jamie Lee.

Cat's __, fingers-and-string game of dexterity.

__ hair includes beards, mustaches and sideburns.

__ sheet; flat tray that goes in the oven.

Puzzle 4

Late __; slow developer (flower or otherwise).

Like them or not, these city birds are common.

Acts properly, doesn't make trouble.

__ up; adding up money or takings.

Edible ocean vegetation.

Flat surface for mixing paints.

__ shake container; holds post-gym drinks.

Experience nausea in a moving vehicle.

Becomes smaller, like clothes in a hot dryer.

Suddenly reddened or blushed.

Fridge __; decorative souvenirs found in kitchens.

Ceremony to initiate person into Christian church.

Puzzle 5

Rink user who glides over frozen water.

Dispute in front of judge and jury.

Not worth waiting for, can be missed.

Mixed up just like eggs.

Single, double or king-size cover over a mattress.

Regional divisions similar to states.

__ machine; a system that works smoothly.

Engraved memorial slab in a graveyard.

Sleepless __; romcom set in west coast US.

Dropped for slowing down an ocean going ship.

All-encompassing, everywhere; famous movie studio.

Puzzle 6

Flat bathroom devices for measuring weight.

Stiffened paper holder for documents.

"On top of old __, all covered with snow".

Fruits used for cider, pies or covered in caramel.

__ flats; comfy slipper-style shoes without heels.

Each person's way of speaking and pronouncing.

Dangerous tricks done by skilled pros, not actors.

Doggy __, swimming stroke adopted by young kids.

Red clay rectangles used for building.

Coal, oil, shale gas are examples of __ fuels.

The __ Life of Walter Mitty.

Puzzle 7

To hide and steal goods from a store.

Two-wheeled riding toys with handlebars.

__ driver, know-it-all car passenger.

Thin, brown, disposable packaging for lunches.

4 times the amount.

Halfway sit-ups to strengthen the abs.

__ peach; a flat variety that's not custard filled.

"Let's Get __", 80's Olivia Newton-John song.

Crushes paper into a ball.

Home storage structure for hammers, saws, etc..

Puzzle 8

The blocking out of the sun or moon.

Planks of wood for storing books on.

Relating to a compass point between south/north.

Walk __; embarrassing stroll past strangers.

Moments that make us cringe can also be called.

Long-jumpers land in one of these.

Fried, battered item e.g. sweetcorn, apple.

Five times fourteen.

Slid down a snowy hill sitting down.

Flat surface on which you study or work.

Puzzle 9

Three small words that mean current or modern.

Ridiculously, oddly.

Thousands of thousands.

Paper money, or a little message to the teller?.

Pigs in __, sausages wrapped in bacon.

Newly clipped, e.g. flowers or grass.

Personal vessel for liquids like chicken noodle.

Mildly hot in temperature.

Panic! at __, High Hopes and Hallelujah band.

Rerouted something, traffic or attention for e.g..

Fins worn on a scuba diver's feet.

Where everybody goes to catch planes.

Not having been smooched.

Puzzle 10

US windy city; font used in early Apple software.

Chilly venue for skating sports.

Chocolate hazelnut spread.

They help bands on tour.

Fresh, natural water sources.

Kitchen utensil with a flat blade for turning food.

Influences, causes emotional changes.

A pirate's head covering, Axl Rose's too.

Recover after excessive alcohol consumption.

__ Inn, UK-owned hotel chain; Crosby film of 1942.

Surfing software, e.g. Firefox or Chrome.

Puzzle 11

Clark Kent's love interest journalist.

Free gift, for promotional purposes.

Hypothetically move something without intervention.

Artwork that hangs on a wall.

Only available at a specific time of year.

Tire inflator that you step on.

Short sightings of something.

__ Dolls, US girl band famous for Don't Cha.

Cords for ID cards, worn around the neck.

Thin, dry biscuits often served with cheese.

Having second thoughts, not warm appendages.

Creased, not smoothed clothes that need pressing.

Puzzle 12

Choice, possibility.

Wood that has been cut for building.

Spanish word for sugar.

Eddie __, UK comedian, starred in Ocean's Thirteen.

Collections of songs released by bands.

Flat green parts of a tree or plant.

A recently popular replacement for smoking.

__ path, the route a plane takes.

Made tea or beer.

Lizards, they climb across ceilings at night.

Misty, air thick with water droplets.

Printed paper artwork, mounted on a wall.

Puzzle 13

Tidal wetland on the coast, with mucky deposits.

The sweet, often last, dish in a meal.

Blast __, turns iron oxides into liquid metal.

Made a noise like a pig.

"Everything but the __ sink".

Food growers and animal rearers.

Writing surface used in Ancient Egypt.

Crime carried out from a moving vehicle.

Dizzy Gillespie's instrument.

Mexican liquor made from agave.

Aids or helps a person, like in basketball.

Puzzle 14

Pointy hat worn shamefully in the classroom corner.

DiCaprio's Oscar triumph was in The __.

Fried batter circles eaten with syrup.

Breathing devices for swimmers looking down.

To remove dust from something with the hands.

Sea life eaten by whales; Spongebob villain.

__ hour, time of night for supernatural happenings.

Carbon __ is scent-free and deadly.

Large, flat marine creature with a barb.

__ plates forms part of traditional Greek dancing.

Cards Against __, game known for shocking answers.

Puzzle 15

__ effects, unreal movie details aka f/x.

Cooking corn kernels before a movie, perhaps.

Warm extra layer on a bed.

In a cruel way, anagram of saintly.

Store welcomer, at Walmart for example.

A theft or burglary.

__ spirit means someone is like-minded.

Glands that release epinephrine in times of stress.

Those who give cash to waiting staff.

Reflecting sound waves, like voices in a cave.

Aerosmith claims this is "Sweet".

Flat __; car power source that needs recharging.

Knitting with hooked needles.

Puzzle 16

Best __; cordial way of ending a letter.

Glacier climbing tool with a handle & pointed head.

Flat surface of a TV or computer monitor.

Metal studs that appear on a pair of jeans.

Free __; someone who cannot be tamed.

Animal that's neither horse nor mule.

"__, sealed, delivered" Stevie Wonder's yours!.

Some people can't eat this protein found in wheat.

Reflective looking glass, on the wall....

__ bread, Irish staple, it uses the national tuber.

A deep gorge between cliffs, US has a grand one.

Puzzle 17

Old __, label applied to great European painters.

Fingers next to the thumb.

Cuisine of wontons and noodles.

Dip completely in liquid.

A tiger or a puma, for example.

__ pin; kitchen utensil for flattening pastry.

Advocates of naturism, not of clothes.

Diggers for moving snow, especially.

Bell __, wide-flared 70s trousers.

Outside rug for wiping muddy feet on.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of __.

Puzzle 18

Edible spheres, ingredient in hummus and falafel.

Most cars in Canada have this type of transmission.

Telephone function to quickly place a call.

Journalist who judges other's creations.

Portable flat bed used to transfer injured people.

Animated home of Cartman, Kenny, Stan and Kyle.

Taking people (or flags!) prisoner.

Older person looking after younger, eg at a dance.

__ Room at the White House, for national security.

Height above sea level.

Victor Hugo's bell-ringing hunchback.

Ringing sound that warns of danger.

Flat paper covers for sending letters in.

Like a baby feline, frisky, playful.

Puzzle 19

Strict limits on food consumption.

Educational environment for toddlers.

Reaching the end.

Amy __ sang about Rehab.

Masonry cooking chamber, great for pizzas.

As dull as __ (where you might clean plates).

Small rectangles that protect a dining surface.

Being possessed by, __ to.

Attacking in suprise after laying in wait.

Raised deck or promenade near the beach.

Large case for keeping art projects flat.

Puzzle 20

Decorative paper for covering presents.

Blows up, ka-boom!.

__ lead to Rome, a Roman Empire analogy.

Cereal resembling bales of hay: __ wheat.

Amazon's annual summer 24-hr promotion.

Of East Asia, not occidental.

Damp disposable cloths for cleaning.

__ stars, awards given to top-class restaurants.

A voyager's photo souvenir note sent in the mail.

Oscar-winning actor in Forrest Gump.

Jewish festival of lights in December.

Professionals who work like Freud.

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