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Here are the answers to CodyCross Flowers Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Paused to recover.

Jeeves' job.

Dam-building mammal.

Second name on Frida Kahlo's birth certificate.

__ Islands, in Polynesia; one is American.

Coarse bath sponge.

Remains of bread.

Bicycle made for two.

Baby's __ or gypsophila, used in wedding bouquets.

Trip in an airplane.

Commotion, rumpus.

Someone who is publicly called out; named and __.

Surname of brothers who flew in 1903.

No. 5 designer.

Seven veils dancer.

Puzzle 2

Tricks, gets the better of.

Ocean surrounding the island of Kiribati.

Local language, different to the standard variety.

Plant goes with dandelion to make a soft drink.

Canine clip for papers.

Brave like a knight.

Scottish wind instrument.

Betrayal of your country.

Threads becoming loose around the hem.

Pollen-producing parts of flowers.

Leisure trips by ship.

Puzzle 3

Attempt to discredit someone by underhanded means.

First spring flower, sounds like wintertime.

__ creeper, woody vine with a girl's name.

Semiaquatic mammal that lays eggs.


Place to store saucers, bowls and dishes.

Network designed to block unauthorized access.

Relating to scripture.

The bad guys.


Puzzle 4

White Swiss flower from The Sound of Music.

Walking slowly and leisurely.

Adapted for using both eyes.

Stretched wire used in a circus act.

Bitter orange preserve.

He saves people from drowning at the pool or beach.

Reddish-brown ape.

Ruler, monarch.

Suffering of persecution and death for a cause.

Poisonous deep-blue nodding flower on tall stems.

Puzzle 5


Former name of Mumbai.

Followed, happened next.

Prickly-stemmed plant, used dried in arrangements.

Evergreen with white-pink flowers; shade of green.

Play or touch that sets up a goal in soccer.

Wall paintings.

Eight-legged sea creatures.

Thin stick used to pierce meat, stack and grill it.

U.S. state home to highest point in North America.

Country where Mariachi music originated.

Puzzle 6

Street urchin, finds a bottled genie.

Purplish-blue low-growing perennials.

Setting for Prince Harry's nuptials: __ Castle.

Those in front; who followers follow.

Kept safe from danger.

Spiky purple flower, symbolic of Scotland.

To care for and encourage development.

Roman two-wheeled, horse-drawn vehicle.

Afro-Caribbean music with a steel band.

Fruits used in Grand Marnier liqueur.

Puzzle 7

Takes away from, subtracts.

Soccer players are sent off with this.

Tall yellow meadow flower, comes in clusters.

Spoke incoherently.

Small, pinned-on bouquet of flowers.

Cavity in roadway asphalt.

Spanish wine drink with fruits.


To ask for help when you don't need it.

Steamship that sank in 1912 on its maiden voyage.

Reads through.

Speak out against something.

Puzzle 8

Reaching up to the top of one's upper leg.

French for "have a good trip".

Wordsworth saw a host of these golden flowers.

"I'm Popeye, the __".

Duck-billed platypus is endemic to this country.

Curse words.

Soap for washing clothes.

Part of a song heading to its loudest.

The scent given off by flowers.

Fast, flashy, four-wheeled vehicle.

Puzzle 9

Academic intellectuals.

Fragrant bloom, white one worn by Billie Holiday.

Unspoiled, in mint condition.

Short tubes for swimmers to breathe through.

Birds of __, exotic flowers that seem to fly.

__ Things; Netflix sci-fi drama series.

Shiva is a god in this religion.

Evergreen herb used in Italian cooking.

Vast scale; hugeness.

Computer identification for access.

Puzzle 10

Exploded like a bubble.

Tree with globular blossom clusters, aka silk tree.

Water-__, series of flower paintings by Monet.

Crewless, small, remote-controlled flying machines.

Novel by Daniel Defoe: Robinson __.

Greek capital and one of the world's oldest cities.

Severe; violent; harsh.

Cheap hotel for tourists.

White rum, lime and mint beverage.

To leave a building empty.

Puzzle 11

First coat of paint.

__ opus, a great, outstanding work by an author.

Not outside.

Purchase of controlling interests in a company.

Wild Muppet drummer.

Supernatural or magical beliefs.

Spring "turban" bulbs originally from Turkey.

Quick look.

Cuisine that melds different styles together.

Genus containing European Michaelmas daisies.

Puzzle 12

Some might do this and chill.

Word that has the same meaning as another.

Indignation and anger.

Joining two businesses together.

Andrea __, blind Italian classical singer.

Inked skin designs.


Large, multi-colored daisy types from South Africa.

Country that borders the Netherlands on the east.



A sugar present in milk.

Puzzle 13

London, Paris, and Rome.

Lunar foot dance originated by Michael Jackson.

Opera by Richard Wagner: "The Flying __".

Occupies a dwelling with a friend or acquaintance.

Toxic evergreen shrub, flower of Hiroshima.

Handing out prizes.

Causes inflammation or discomfort.

Price negotiators.


Warm fruity dessert, topped with pastry.

Button-down sweater.

Puzzle 14

Professional protector.

Vegetable with an edible heart.

Scarlet __, flower also called red chickweed.

The abbreviation CGI: computer __ imaging.

2010 sci-fi film starring Leonardo DiCaprio.

Steadiness, solidity.

First day of Christmas present in a pear tree.

Coercion using incriminating evidence.

Not cheap.

To correctly make the sound of a word.

Added explanation text to images.

Western Asia river flowing through Syria and Iraq.

One of the first colonist ships to America.

Puzzle 15

Four-leaved __, lucky plant especially in Ireland.

Setback, unfortunate accident.

Left and right sides of military formations.

Road built to go around a town and not through it.

A little sleep, a doze.

Palm fiber, natural or colored, to tie up bouquets.

Rainwater-collecting trench.

Female parent.

Great unhappiness and despair.

Arm goes in this part.

Separate island, claimed by Republic of China.

Distant noise heard as a thunderstorm approaches.

School students.

Less anxious.

Races with batons.

Puzzle 16

Name given to eleven pharaohs of ancient Egypt.

Purple flowers that sound like string instruments.

A recluse, someone who chooses to live alone.

Racket sport, played at Wimbledon.

Van Gogh painted these blue/purple flowers.

Muscular organ in a mammal's mouth.

Colombia's capital city.

Desperately sad or heartbreaking.


Ceremonial seat of a monarch.

Sharply critical, snappish.

Buffy the Vampire __; supernatural TV series.

Puzzle 17

Someone who competes at sports.

Shredding cheese into smaller strips.

Pendulous pink-purple flowers, difficult to spell.

Funny, comical.

Caught a glimpse of.

Small-petalled flowers thought of as iron plants.

Remaining in place, not leaving.

A mollusc with two shells joined by a hinge.

Cinderella lost a glass one at the ball.

Country whose capital is Copenhagen.

Stripping an apple.

Puzzle 18

Property board game.

Mythical women with fish tails.

Selecting goods to be delivered.

Pale-yellow bloom, also sold as an oil.

Substance composed of two or more bonded elements.

Make longer.

Stationary heater in a room.

Early machine to artificially control breathing.

German hot air balloon.

__ heart, pendulous blooms also called lyre flower.

Nemesis of Captain Hook, best friend of Tinkerbell.

Very strong coffee in a small cup.

Puzzle 19

Indicated, exhibited.


Lung infection, causes coughing.

Illumination source that hangs from the ceiling.

Spring woodland bloom from periwinkle to cobalt.

Wireless connection to smart devices.

Ballpoint pen manufacturer.

Likely trajectory of a disease.

Holiday when it's traditional to sing carols.

Building designer.

Thin sliced meat, fried and coated in breadcrumbs.

Leather bag carried by office workers.

Sits quietly in yoga posture.

Puzzle 20

An agreement between two countries for trade.

Fish roe for eating.

Stylus for playing records.

In a haphazard order.

Sticky part of a flower that receives the pollen.

Attaches muscle to bone.

Slang for head.

Object given after winning.

Talkative, mimicking tropical bird.

Continent where Kenya is located.

Tall daisy-like flower, sounds like the universe.

Nasty, unkind, beastly.

Thin, unsprung mattresses converted from sofas.

Nickname of the monster in a Scottish loch.

Divide into two usually equal parts.

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