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Here are the answers to CodyCross Fluffy Things Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Piece of hair that grows in a different direction.

Young __, disregarding actual age.

Fluffy white mythical animal with one horn.

Princess of Agrabah in Disney's Aladdin.

Test developed by Rorschach.

Tall, fluffy bun hairdo from the 1960s.

Street fixture that supplies water.

Asian and African antelope; anagram of gel zeal.

The Voice competition has these people compete.

Two small water droplets becoming one bigger one.

Alcoholic drink distilled from corn or rye.

Puzzle 2

Reese's __, sweet treats with crispy shell.

Make weaker by adding more liquid.

Holy tribesman who can access the spirit world.

A book that's one part of a series.

Fluffy dog breed like Lassie.

High-end or expensive lifestyle and purchases.

Vladivostok is a city in this vast country.

Michael Scott and Dwight work in one.

American football players do this to stop the ball.

Technical language used by insiders.

Manufacturers of the A380 superjumbo jet.

"The best of both __".

Fluffy dessert of whipped eggs and cream.

Puzzle 3

Music genre with light vocals considered fluffy.

Operation that involves cutting.

Bucharest is in this country.

Film of her diary starred Hugh Grant, Colin Firth.

Small portable speakers for the hearing organs.

De-stress at a party with this musical movement.

Need for immediate, drastic action.

TV show about The Silence of the Lambs protagonist.

Swimming measurements up and down a pool.

Piece of clothing for divers made out of rubber.

Ancient Mayans invented this hanging sleeping net.

Fluffy breakfast food with bacon and syrup.

Puzzle 4

Highly prized, with substantial worth.

Home aquarium for finned pets.

Someone who lends money to another.

Elongated vessel sailed by the Vikings.

__ and Broomsticks featured a cartoon footie game.

Fluffy egg whites and sugar for pavlova.

The woman someone is going to get married to.

Glass vial used in science experiments.

Item of gym equipment used in arm exercises.

Bushy tailed rodent.

This bar tells how far a download has to go.

Puzzle 5

Bugs with six legs.

Actor Perry, who played Chandler in Friends.

Texan city that had a problem.

Point interval in a tennis match.

Fluffy collars, cuffs or shirt fronts.

Advance screening of a film ahead of launch.

A baby frog.

3/4 dances associated with ballrooms.

Fluffy semi-sweet bread roll for burgers.

US city that's home to Broadway.

Distressed fairy-tale maidens.

Puzzle 6

RL Stevenson's adventure tale about being abducted.

Mexican dip made of avocados.

Medical conditions like Stockholm and Münchausen.

Actress Olsen, Taylor and Moss.

Phrase for the other way around.

Fluffy tresses with kinks.

Speared in the ocean.

Periodic table element whose symbol is Mg.

Fluffy rabbit hearing appendages.

Came on in leaps __; made huge progress.

Puzzle 7

Northernmost country in mainland Europe.

Shrubs, hedges.

Taking a nap.

Small church often used for weddings.

Decorative furry ball used by cheerleaders.

Sudden expulsion of air from mouth and nose.

Indira who was India's first female prime minister.

James, starred in Pineapple Express and 127 Hours.

Band who sang Little Fluffy Clouds.

Annie, famous Wild West shooter.

Word used in emergency disaster communications.

Morticia and Gomez's freaky family.

Puzzle 8

Mars rover that was inquisitive.

__ your chickens before they hatch.

Not flawless.

Futilely opposing the Borg from Star Trek.

He played Jason Bourne.

This fluffy grain could be eaten with curry.

Took advantage of workers.

Playground game with chalked squares and stones.

Quality of fluffy pillows.

Chirping tunes from feathered animals.

Campaigns to bring about political changes.

Puzzle 9

Controlled explosive invented by Alfred Nobel.

Fuzzy caterpillar-looking material.

A decision of the court.

Serving ice cream with a deep spoon.

Phrase for cranky toddler years, __ twos.

Glossy periodical with illustrated articles.

Slightly above room temperature; half-hearted.

Electronic piano.

Food of the gods.

Type of shaggy-haired cow seen in Scotland.

Puzzle 10

Laziness, indolence.

Fluffy flakes from the sky.

Very minor distinction or difference.

One of Jason's associate heroes in Ancient Greek.

Original decade of the Smiths and Bon Jovi.

A gift to a nonprofit or charity.

Character who is smarter than the average bear.

Element with the atomic number one.

Distances covered by vehicles.

Creature Aliens went up against in the 2004 film.

Dined between breakfast and lunch.

Bamboo-eating orangey Himalayan mammal.

Triskaidekaphobia is a fear of this unlucky number.

Puzzle 11

Where a dog or cat might sleep.

Planet in our solar system known for its rings.

Fashion designer Coco.

Naomi Osaka's sport.

Unraveled, like the end of a rope.

TV show with Taraji P. Henson as Cookie Lyon.

Max Ernst, Werner Herzog, and Steffi Graf.

They're served on skewers or wrapped in flatbreads.

Robotic vacuum made by iRobot.

__ Eilish wants people to Come Out and Play.

Fluffy bedcovers; comforters.

Mythological Greek woman with snakes for hair.

Puzzle 12

__ power; energy from radioactive materials.

Flying mythical beasts that hoard gold.

Seafood that is made into a Rockefeller dish.

A small container for cigarette butts.

2018 monster movie starring Dwayne Johnson.

When it's too late, you've missed this.

With fewer straight lines.

Soft knitted pullover.

A flat appendage growing from a bird's skin.

Rami Malek plays a hacker in this TV show.

Fluffy, spotted big cat that can be a snow __.

Puzzle 13

To do with the structure of the body.

Use a soft one to keep hair off the face.

Event where a drink was dumped in Boston Harbor.

Leaves a __ in someone's mouth.

Race that lasts 26 miles or 42 km.

He's the last son of Krypton.

Track for countryside walkers.

Novel genre for women, often considered fluffy.

Government in which the state is ruled by reps.

Security bolt on a door to prevent entry.

Frozen solid, not defrosted.

Strong dark coffee, literally "pressed out".

Puzzle 14

Ugly __, a character who was beautiful all along.

Little devils in the works.

US military headquarters with five outside walls.

Save a website for quick access later.

Sharp parts of human feet.

Get these fluffy bubbles when washing up.

Soak veggies or meat in it to infuse.

Red Bull gives __, energy drink advertising slogan.

Canine protector.

Screwdriver that is not the Phillips one.

Track __, running and throwing athletics events.

Communications firm with Navigator web browser.

US destination also known as Sin City.

Become stricken with germs once more.

Open-fronted fuzzy wool sweater.

__ party, a secretly planned event.

Puzzle 15

Pulls from peril.

To take a piece that belonged to your opponent.

Soft, knitted baby shoes.

Actor, singer Lohan from Mean Girls, Disney films.

Country where Buckingham Palace is found.

What the Titanic hit.

Square __, folk and country-style boogying.

Italian composer known for The Four Seasons.

Fluffy, fuzzy sled-pulling dogs.

Gourmet dish made of boiled cornmeal.

Puzzle 16

Person who told Mary and Joseph there was no room.

White fluff on ale or lager.

Long-running time lord sci-fi series.

One who claps.

Dasher, Comet and Rudolph, for example.

Uncontrollable, rapidly spreading infernos.

Lie detector test.

Spending that is fluffy and insubstantial.

Block-building adventure computer game.

Moving seat that transports skiers up mountains.

Puzzle 17

Some candles are made of this.

Fluffy fur hat worn in Dr. Zhivago.

Impartial, neither positive nor negative.

High quality food or meal.

Clothing flaps to hold keys, wallets, phones.

Amazon's voice-activated smart speaker.

Stand in the sun to see these dark spots.

Furry wallpaper.

I Knew You Were __; hit for Taylor Swift in 2012.

Set of straps used to secure climbers to the rope.

Puzzle 18

Invited guest or ticket holder who never arrives.

Scarf hoods.

Hard alcohol.

Harry Potter and Beauty and the Beast star Emma.

Country of which Corfu and Crete are part.

"I'm going to make him an offer he can't __".

Cage for a dog's snout.

Clinical name for a fear.

Tex Avery character with hang-dog expression.

__ Day, proposed in 1985, celebrated in May in E.U..

Plush material associated with royalty.

Groups that perform gospel or church music.

Put money into an account or an enterprise.

Puzzle 19

Game official who makes sure rules are followed.

Like Etna in Italy or Hekla in Iceland.

Bruce Willis movie series with Alan Rickman.

Martin Luther King Jr. quote, "Let __ ring...".

Something relating to the tangible senses.

Wear a fluffy one to block out light for sleep.

Various types of this tall, woody Asian grass.

Picture made from various elements glued on.

Mule worn by Marilyn and made from stork feathers.

The O in IMO.

Long curved blades associated with the Grim Reaper.

Bird that rises from its ashes.

Chinese dumplings found in soup.

Puzzle 20

Powerpuff girl who wears green.

If you knock it, your arm might go numb.

Feeling unfairly treated, aggrieved.

An NGO that is not run to make money.

There's an Old one and a New one in the Bible.

This white furry animal lives in the North Pole.

Strut __; show off your dance moves.

Dispensation of medication using a syringe.

Component of cotton candy or candy floss.

Study of the night sky and stars.

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