CodyCross Food Named after Places Pack answers

Food Named after Places PackFood Named after Places

Here are the answers to CodyCross Food Named after Places Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

Provides with sustenance.

Other member of the duo with John Oates.

Public square once bisected by the Berlin Wall.

Medium-sized antelope of southwestern Africa.

Bill & Ted had an Excellent one.

Scottish capital, namesake of a chalky sweet treat.

House gathering for rounds of competitive play.

Curaçao liquor comes from an island in this sea.

Mistaken people are barking up this, the __.

Queen of the ancient Persian king Mausolus.

Puzzle 2

First name of Belgian saxophone inventor Sax.

Welsh __, popular dish of cheese on toast.

Naked ruler who needs some clothes in the folktale.

Peter, English actor known for Quo Vadis.

Video-sharing website whose logo is a play button.

Table sport with a 147 point maximum break.

Light breezes or gusts of wind.

Train carriage for sleeping in.

Hard Swiss cheese named after a town near Geneva.

Magnetic navigation device.

Puzzle 3

Elder of the two brothers who directed Fargo.

Large Australian marsupial.

Capital of Hungary.

Long brown fruit known as the "date of India".

Relating to the Middle Ages.

Mystery writer Agatha who herself vanished in 1926.

Fingertip device for measuring blood oxygen levels.

Grated cheese from Parma, also called Parmigiano.

What Tiger Woods strikes with his club.

Porcine minister of propaganda from Animal Farm.

Rocky Horror dance, starts with a jump to the left.

Fairground game with a surprise prize.

Puzzle 4

NASA's orbiting research station, launched 1973.

Mott the __; Roll Away The Stone rockers.

Jarlsberg cheese is named after a town here.


Usually the biggest bedroom in a house.

Visit the ruins of the Parthenon in this city.

Device carried in case of severe allergic reaction.

Conquistador who became 1st Governor of New Spain.

The female leaders of beehives.

Grace, computer programming pioneer.

Medical show starring Zach Braff as John Dorian.

Scottish city known for its rich fruit cake.

Surname of Batman's police commissioner friend.

Beach town west of Los Angeles where Barbie lives.

Austen heroine Elizabeth with too much Prejudice.

Only muscle in the body attached at one end.

Puzzle 5

A topic or theme, like mathematics or English.

Antique sewing-machine foot pedal.

Artist whose works include Summertime Number 9A.

Country associated with jerk chicken.

Cloth decor around windows.

Portuguese island, gives its name to a sweet wine.

70-80s band once known as Angel and the Snakes.

First name of Mr. Leary or Mr. Olyphant.

Monstrous Christmas demon in some Alpine cultures.

Chair for an infant to travel safely in a vehicle.

Another name for a baby swan.

A brief or momentary view.

An edible type is named after Carrageen, Ireland.

The River of Woe in the Greek underworld.

Puzzle 6

French singer also called The Little Sparrow.

Java coffee comes from this island nation.

Automatic lawn-watering machine.

The nine-banded is a type of this burrowing mammal.

A group of people living together; a local society.

MTV show for acoustic musical performances.

Christina Ricci played her in The Addams Family.

New Zealand produce once called Chinese Gooseberry.

Chamber of the heart.

Japanese puppet state in northern China, 1932-45.

Puzzle 7

Shoving or pushing others aside using an arm joint.

It makes perfect, according to a saying.

A Japanese horizontal hand scroll; a type of sushi.

Scottish city that gives its name to Angus beef.

It's the H in water's chemical arrangement, H20.

Top hat-wearing ghoul in a 2014 Australian horror.

Belinda, Heaven Is a Place on Earth singer.

Green or white pulse named after Peru's capital.

Describes cows that don't eat processed food.

Heart of __, classic Joseph Conrad novel.

Stratford is this NZ North Island region's capital.

Puzzle 8

Ben, co-wrote Good Will Hunting with Matt Damon.

Tom Ellis plays the Devil in this TV series.

Captain of the ill-fated RMS Titanic.

Room where you find a stove and fridge.

UK pop star behind 2020's Future Nostalgia.

A dual-winged aircraft.

More pleased, more content.

Type of salad named after a New York hotel.

Nationality of 90s tennis star Stefan Edberg.

Black __, cocktail of vodka and coffee liqueur.

Puzzle 9

A chess move whereby a player makes a sacrifice.

Rapper who helped Billy McFarland launch Fyre Fest.

Tasty Belgian treat; talk a lot about nothing.

Tower you go to Paris to see.

Period lasting 10 years.

Taxonomic rank between kingdom and class.

Cantalupo, Italy, is known for these fruits.

Small mouse-like rodents with long snouts.

Host nation of the 2016 Olympics.

Norse explorer, like Erik the Red.

Fine layer of hair covering a baby in the womb.

Cheshire, Camembert and Swiss for example.

Puzzle 10

Alter ego of comic book character Kara Zor-El.

Institutions you can borrow books from.

End-of-performance waving gesture by a dancer.

A 1950s sitcom starring Ball and Arnaz.

Radioactive element named after a dwarf planet.

Chicago showgirl played by Renée Zellweger.

A fruit used to make a Thanksgiving turkey sauce.

New York borough; a whiskey and vermouth cocktail.

Espresso coffee topped up with hot water.

Patricia who wrote The Talented Mr. Ripley.

Textile finish for faded jeans.

Puzzle 11

Monopoly square with a police officer on it.

Grand palace located in Agra, India.

Brian De Palma film with Al Pacino as Tony Montana.

Russian national airline with its HQ in Moscow.

World championship of sled dog racing.

Vain gentleman narrator in Wuthering Heights.

__ Jack, popular Californian cheese.

Save a webpage for later use.

Small silvery fish said to be named after Sardinia.

Gaseous chemical element whose symbol is N.

Ice-cold pack applied to a sprain or injury.

Surname of first US President to die in office.

Puzzle 12

Leaning to one side, like a ship.

Chinese military ruler in the early 20th century.

Hard Knock Wife standup comedian.

The word "currant" derives from this ancient city.

A square framework used in printing or surveying.

He painted a famous Portrait of Dora Maar in 1937.

Iago and Desdemona appear in this Shakespeare play.

Turning from ice into water.

Musical about the 1899 paperboy strike.

Device used to administer breathable medication.

Angular degrees are divided into 60 of them.

US city and a style of deep-dish pizza.

Mice, rats, voles and squirrels for example.

Puzzle 13

Chestnut deer breed with white spots.

Sport with gloves, in a ring.

Peak of a mountain.

Depressed trough in the Earth's surface.

First name of Jonathan Swift's voyager Gulliver.

Anatomical name for the chest.

Mask tucked above a seat; what humans breathe.

Hale-Bopp and Halley's are two of the most famous.

His Age was the second Avengers movie.

Tabasco sauce is named after a region here.

Patron saint of nurses.

This country's cities include Ankara and Istanbul.

Scandinavian country known for its meatballs.

Damian, lead singer of rock band OK Go.

Nelson Mandela's job before entering politics.

Puzzle 14

US president said to have inspired the teddy bear.

French town, the name of a type of whipped cream.

Charlie Brown's piano-playing Peanuts friend.

Port on Australia's Swan River, near Perth.

Brazilian dance that was a fad in the 1960s.

Device that sends electrical impulses to the heart.

He plays architect Michael in The Good Place.

Drinking vessel for Pinot Noir.

The wizarding world alley devoted to the dark arts.

Females in a pride of big cats.

A late-night shift is likened to this cemetery.

Form of abstract drawing with repeated patterns.

Fragrant herb whose name means "hay of Greece".

Puzzle 15

Something that impedes progress.

Rich brown sugar, named after a Guyanese port.

Swinging mechanism in a ticking clock.

Managed to pay for, had sufficient funds.

Roman emperor who succeeded Augustus in 14 CE.

The Disney film with Simba, Timon and Pumbaa.

Chickaree is a name for several species of this.

English county known for its clotted cream.

Downton actor Elizabeth who played Cora.

15th-century astronomer, grandson of Tamerlane.

Publisher of book of World Records.

Former __ Republic of Macedonia.

Nationality of Justin Bieber and Celine Dion.

Carpets, tiles, laminate, vinyl, etc.

Explosive hit for Korean boy band BTS in 2020.

Puzzle 16

Jordan Peele's directorial debut.

Name given to the Thursday before Easter.

Real first name of Chuck Norris.

Putting a tattoo onto skin.

Surname of George in It's a Wonderful Life.

Hopes, dreams.

3D shape of a ball.

Middle East nation, and sugar-coated almond.

First name of polar explorer Shackleton.

A tropical monkey named after its cries.

Cutting the grass of a garden lawn.

Czech capital, gives its name to a type of ham.

Someone who shoots with a bow and arrow.

Serial killer TV series starring Michael C. Hall.

Puzzle 17

Author of Jack Ryan espionage novels.

Enya's 1988 breakthrough album.

The collection of stars also known as the dolphin.

This warns that a building is burning.

Leaving online feedback for product purchases.

Host of The Late Show before Colbert.

Rolled pizza shares a name with a Sicilian volcano.

Give a patient some paper to exchange for medicine.

Tallest mountain range in the world.

__ Sling, cherry-tasting gin cocktail.

Comedian known for Hot Fuzz and Sick Note.

Puzzle 18

London district, gives its name to a fruit bun.

Legendary actress Judy, mother of Liza Minnelli.

Big venue for sports.

Money paid when a court case is lost.

Sir Robert, first English Prime Minister, 1721-42.

Singer whose hits include S&M and Take A Bow.

Fish accidentally caught in nets.

Little lad who prompted Scrooge to change his ways.

Illegally cracking computer codes.

Chicken Kiev is named after this country's capital.

Rhea who played Carla in Cheers.

2019 Avengers movie that followed Infinity War.

Generally a US term for a run-down part of town.

Sensing appendage on an insect's head.

Puzzle 19

First name of Nettles, Garner or Lopez.

Popular Swiss cheese; anagram of lament me.

A person who is in the last stage of a competition.

Traditional gift on a 45th anniversary.

__ Head, vegetable with added body parts.

Philosopher who co-wrote The Communist Manifesto.

Height above sea level.

Country from where port wine originally came.

Character played by Pamela Anderson on Baywatch.

Clothing to protect from precipitation.

Fraction equal to 20 percent.

Musical symbol on a stave for lower pitched notes.

Doctors who use scalpels to operate.

It's the A in telecommunications company AT&T.

It went to war with El Salvador over a soccer game.

Without power leads or electrical cables.

Mammal that is pregnant the longest.

Empire to the south of Narnia.

Puzzle 20

Common type of printer that doesn't use lasers.

Facial hairstyles on the chin.

Erode by melting or evaporating.

Word that turns Billy Batson into Captain Marvel.

Cut wood; Pitbull song.

This spirit is made using apples in Calvados.

Small notepad.

Jane Wyman was the first wife of this US president.

Baseball bench.

Bob, Jamaican singer of No Woman No Cry.

Largest island in the Mediterranean Sea.

Go somewhere away from home.

Number of degrees in a right angle.

Ancient name for Iran; origin of the word peach.

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