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Food Toppings PackFood Toppings

Here are the answers to CodyCross Food Toppings Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

One of the letters of the Greek alphabet.

Ancient fighter.

Planet where Superman came from.

Beijing had this type of ruler when it was Pekin.

Pieces of land mostly covered with grass.

Feeling embarrassed about one's actions.

Dried grapes.

Not friends.


Museum display.

Not Saturday or Sunday.


Of or relating to the stomach.

Parts of a garment, can be long or short.

Puzzle 2

A light clinking or tinkling sound.

Wooden storage container for liquor.

To use for support or condition for a decision.

Fabricated, invented.

This legume butter is famous in the US.

The book from which actors learn their lines.

Romeo and __, famous star crossed lovers.

Scary and eerie, making you feel uncomfortable.

Not stiff or rigid; a type of computer disk.

Written communication you send by mail.

You sustain one when you hurt yourself.

Religion that celebrates Hanukkah holiday.

Puzzle 3

To give up or renounce to power.

Staying on the surface, not sinking.

Unpleasant physical effects from drinking too much.

Cousin to England, North Ireland and Wales.

Bony Halloween costume.

Firing ammunition towards target.

__ Moore, US actress and Oscar winner.

A three-child birth.

Romantic ballad.

Not having insomnia.

Someone who is injured.

Puzzle 4

German hard and spicy gingerbread.

Salami sausage, sliced on pizza.

Times to finish a task or a job.

Ugly, like a gargoyle.

To decay, rot.

Where headstones usually are.

Husband and singing partner of Cher.

Moving in formation to country-and-western music.

Moisturizing, adding water.

Land under jurisdiction of a government.

Finnish driver who was F1 champion in 2007.

The People Vs. Larry Flint star, Woody __.

Puzzle 5

__ nuts, cut into small pieces to go on sundaes.

To hold all contents inside something.

Laura __ Wilder, known for Little House on a Prairie.

Scientific study of the structure of the Earth.

Brutal dictatorial leaders.

Family game with dotted rectangular tiles.

Someone who carries packages.

Bulky, extremely large.

Sells; anagram of saltier.

Creme __, soured cream by another name.

Julie Christie won an Oscar playing a model in __.

Robert __, the Sundance Kid.

Puzzle 6

She shows you to your seat in a cinema.

Chore done in a residence.

Art Garfunkel's singing partner.

A woman who bears a child for another.

A fan or someone in the crowd at a sports event.

Mashed avocado dip with chili and lime.

U-shaped body of water.

__ seeds, from tall, large yellow flower.

Sweet, brown milky trick-or-treat haul.

Desk accessory to create small punctures in paper.

Time of the day usually after 11.00 pm or 23.00 hrs.

Chemical (K) isolated by Humphry Davy.

Person enrolled or enlisted into military service.

Puzzle 7

A common name for the femur.

Grandmother's sister.

Site of 1986 nuclear disaster.

A plan that surely cannot fail.

Tropical island paradise in Central America.

Feathered flyer sung about by The Beatles.

Instrument to measure pressure with two open ends.

Yellow-flesh big tropical fruit, with spiky leaves.

Wahlberg stage name.

Italian dictator in power at the start of WWII.

Antonym of the end.

Close-fitting style of trousers.

Small green nut in a shell you split in half.


Jointly owned holiday property.

Competitor, contestant; opponent.

Puzzle 8

Against battles and conflicts.


Statistician who calculates insurance premiums.

Geoffrey __, author of the Canterbury Tales.

Sugary cake icing that's the consistency of clay.

Fruits preserved in vinegar.

A means of transportation.

Maker of original things.

Tube for the removal of fluid from the bladder.

Opposite of eastern.

List of contributors to a film that rolls at the end.

Puzzle 9

Yellow maize kernels.

Honey maker.

The great American cowboy, star of True Grit.


The man a woman used to be married to.

He-Man's big cat fighting mount.

Treating someone as their child.

Secure place where goods are held within a store.

Poet who once kept a live bear in his dorm room.

Not jokingly.

Director, founder of the Royal Shakespeare Company.

The range of a quality, property, phenomenon.

Strait that separates Sardinia and Corsica.

Players who move balls with lots of short kicks.

Puzzle 10

Person setting and playing by definite rules.

Voted against.

Ancient civilization of philosophers in togas.

__ balls, round metallic cake sprinkles.

__ Shepherd, US award-winning actress, supermodel.

Edible green flower buds, often pickled.

Water __, you can also do it on snow.

Cut or chopped into very small pieces.

Gambling abode.

Shelled molluscs, extremely very slow movers.

Circular dish that sits under a teacup, plate.

Metal or plastic container without a lid.

Daughters of someone's brother or sister.

Puzzle 11

Ticket tout.

Transport that takes you to the airport and back.

Desiccated __, dried out, grated tropical fruit.

__ cards: buy at a kiosk for an instant win.

Julia __, star of Pretty Woman.

Old battered car.

Waterfall over a rocky surface.

Learned from books.

Linens for the furniture where you sleep on.

Literally "free man", served in Russian army.

__ Games, major sports event held every four years.


Simple sugar, blood sugar in humans.

Red, yellow, orange, green bell-shaped vegetables.

Puzzle 12

To remove a limb.

Built by a human being.

Tumult free.

Related to the ocean.


A kitchen helper.

The Turn of __, Henry James governess ghost story.

Japanese emperor during WWII.

To be colorfully indebted.

Brown, salty Asian condiment from fermented beans.

US name for courgette.

Neo-noir film about a retired hitman.

Legal administrator or enforcer of a will.

Honesty, decency, integrity, rectitude.

Ignored or neglected.

__ societies lend funds for mortgages.

Taking the dirt out of something, washing.

The noise of dried leaves moving in the wind.

Puzzle 13


__ gas, a humorous name for nitrous oxide.

Sea tract south of Bermuda where planes vanish.

A kidnapper.

Distant cousin of a vampire.

Written beforehand; anagram of predicts.

First row of seats on a plane, with extra legroom.

To produce sweat from the pores of your skin.

Reduced price.

A special magnetic charm or appeal.

Traditional Indian medicine.

Political stance that rejects participation in war.

Black, red, maraschino or kirsch.

Puzzle 14

Land with dense and impenetrable vegetation.

Orange root vegetable.

Put under the ground.

When horses run at full speed.

Dance form where the pirouette is seen.

Protesters who fight against authority.

12 noon.

Shaking dance movement.

Lipstick, eye shadow, mascara, blush.

Of the least altitude.

Machu __, ancient Incan citadel in Peru.

Nobody can predict it.

A primary color.

Cavity, hole.

Cured Italian sausage.

To put some money into a project.

Puzzle 15

Fire starter.

Two-word term for an outsider in a horse race.

Linda __, actress of Terminator.

Taking power by force.

Making a car go in a different direction.

Start of a military operation; clocks set to this.

To recognize someone or something.

Related to crops and farms.

Type of current providing energy.


A __, voices singing without musical accompaniment.

The ability to read and write.

Gourds for carving.

Where to run with the bulls.

The decade before 2000.

To mix with a spoon.

Jewish holiday when "Dayenu" is sung.

Puzzle 16

Crown __, spiky coral reef-destroying starfish.

Known as icing in the UK, __ in the US.

Famous Derby held in the Bluegrass State, US.

Called a hui in New Zealand.

Cheese that is cut into long narrow strips.

Herman __, Moby Dick's writer.

__ chair, US execution method.

Luke's home planet.

Of or relating to a country.

Ensuring verticality since ancient Egyptian times.

She has a Secret for Women.


Puzzle 17

forcing something out.

Someone who has faith in a person or a deity.

Frangipani tree.

The type of self-assembly furniture sold at IKEA.

Form of death penalty; hanging.

US famous baseball player also known as The Bambino.

Dinosaur bones pieced together by paleontologists.

A set of four lines that may or may not rhyme.

Venetian black boats.

Needle-shaped herb a bit like lavender.

Puzzle 18

Fundraiser held in a pool.

Derived from cocoa beans, used in sauces, truffles.

A feeling of losing your balance for a moment.

Multi-colored hard sugar strands for cakes.

Skin or outer layer of cells.

To vanish or go missing.

To support or motivate someone.

Sir Andrew __, sidekick of Sir Toby Belch.

Brilliant, great; extremely good.

Meaning strength or endurance.

Term for a non-encrypted stored message.

Natalie Portman was a ballerina in this US film.

Colorful designs with tiny pieces ironed together.

Puzzle 19

San __, musical drama about earthquake.

Deadly, as in a disease.

Thomas __, third president of the United States.

__ House, former home of Amsterdam's diarist.

Old name for Santa Claus in England, Father __.

Sliced turkey, ham, used for sandwiches.

Stringed musician.

Royal train.

Wrote or drew in a scruffy way.

Instant cameras with self-developing film.

Nonsense talk; it's unintelligible.

Puzzle 20

Rectangle with length greater than its width.

Mistakes or errors listed in a book.

Amount of freedom of action.

Building where airplanes are kept.

To turn the mind or attention.

Honey__, flowering creeper.

High-pitched valved brass instrument.

Another name for vitamin B7.


A dog or cat has a __ of pups or kittens.

They roll backwards an hour when Autumn ends.

Yellow peelable fruit apes love.

To soak up liquid.

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