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Here are the answers to CodyCross Footwear Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Thing, item.

Shoe with eyes and a cord passing through them.

Author of Little Women, Louisa May __.

Small buckwheat pancakes.

John __ Harding, a 1960s Dylan album.

Without __, TV series investigating disappearances.

To add more petrol or gas.

Hand-ball game from the Basque region.

Rocking crib for babies.

German word to describe unsuccessful coup d'état.

Used for blowing noses.

Puzzle 2

Danced with wolves, protected Houston.

Machines for boiling water for hot drinks.

Resembling a large primate.

At a higher price, the classiest option.

Winged sandals such as worn by Hermes.

Through thick __, in good times and bad.


In English it is Florence; in Italian it is __?.

Long, curved sword of the Philippines.

Town location of the annual Isle of Wight festival.

__ II Elessar, fellow from The Lord of the Rings.

__ truck, modified pickup takes part in shows.

Studied before a test in order to correct ideas.

Puzzle 3

Animal that comes first in the alphabet.

Buying and selling of commodities.

Agua de __, Spanish cocktail made with cava.

Goes before.

Holes caused by tooth decay.

Former French colony in India's Puducherry region.

Native flat slip-on with woven leather strips.

The etymological study of names of places.

The Talented __, 1999 thriller with Matt Damon.

"Once in a __", an extremely rarely lunar event.

A theological institution.

Seeking an eye for an eye.

First few words of the song Do-Re-Mi.

Formal man's shoe named after UK royal residence.

Switches 180 degrees.

Puzzle 4

Longest day of the week (in letters).

Oldest village resident in Asterix comic strip.

She turns a wooden puppet into a boy in Pinocchio.

Son of Queen Victoria, ruled England between 1901-10.

Cry over __, lament over something already done.

Leg coverings, also called nylons.

Boots that come up to the leg joint.

Period with the highest TV viewing figures.

The Yellow Pages was one.

Performed in a row, e.g. to Achy Breaky Heart.

Multi-player game with moves and music.

Economic theory favoring more government spending.

Unwanted hair growth in women.

Country where the Simpson Desert is located.

Park with rides.

Art technique of shooting ink at a blank paper.

Puzzle 5

__ balls, evening carnaval partying in Venice.


Daily __, rough drawing of a newspaper.

Oscar-winning actor for Darkest Hour.

Shoes with solid sole extensions, no instep gap.

Food without a high content of lipids.

Imelda __, Filipino who owned 1500 pairs of shoes.

Accidentally lost liquid through a hole.

Arctic ocean sea, inhabited by Yukaghirs.

Cloth for cleaning dry household deposits.

Puzzle 6

Gilligan is his little buddy on the island.

Italian sportswear brand once endorsed by Totti.

Gobsmacked and unable to speak.

Filled job positions.

A hundred years.

Member of Yossarian's crew in Catch-22.


Women's shoes with a suggestive open front.

Substance used to make 78 rpm gramophone records.

Ancient Roman laced shoe-boot with hobnails.

Believers in intuitive spiritual revelations.

Puzzle 7

Month when World Teacher's Day is celebrated.

Incessant chatter.

Origami is the art of paper __.

Of or relating to donkeys.

Zulu spear with a metal tip.

The English __, Michael Ondaatje's WW2 account.

Small soft fruits that grow on bushes.

Straw hats for sailing and for schoolboys.

French video game firm behind Legend of Zelda.

Summer footwear can be strappy, heeled or flat.

In Old __, 1st talkie filmed outdoors.

Dream, delusion.

General sports shoe coming above the ankle.

Post-modern often ridiculed indie subculture.

Betty, Archie, Veronica and __.

Formation of calluses.

Columbus mistook this hot pepper for peppercorns.

Barack Obama's middle name.

Puzzle 8

Amorous male partner.

Normally, usually.

Footwear for an equine.

All __, 1983 hit for Lionel Ritchie.

What CJ stood for in Ms Parker's name in Baywatch.

__ toenails can lead to a foot infection.

Tibetan Buddhist trinkets and charms.

Booster part of shoe used in Latin dancing.

Victor Hugo called her voice "golden", Sarah __.

Legally, it means "guilty act", from the Latin.

Wild hairy pig and title of Terry Pratchett's tale.

First South American country to have a subway.

Lemon-sized, brown-skinned fruit like an apricot.

Flower worn as a buttonhole at weddings.

The most lacking in - and longing for - company.

Puzzle 9

Folk flutes made from reeds/bamboo.

Dubai port town popular with tourists.

Scare someone.

People with hopes/vision.

The nut that Nutella is made from.

Generic name for elderly memory loss.

US podiatrist with a range of healthy footwear.

Fist joints.

Spoonerism for "sad ballad".

Iron ore found in New York mountain range.

In broad __, not done in a clandestine way.

Coconuts grow on this.

Shoes with height, popular with 1970s glam rockers.

Puzzle 10

Type of porcelain from near Paris.

__ III, became king of eSwatini in 1986.

Digging tools used by children on beaches.

Wooden clogs from France, Belgium, Netherlands....

Dime __, extremely common.

Heavy ankle-high work boot worn by the military.

Another name for a herbal tea.

Donald __, This is America artist.

Partly melting, e.g. snow on the ground.

German board game designer Hall of Famer, Klaus __.

Country where Haifa is located.

Puzzle 11

A serviette or square cloth on a laid table.

Baby __, someone born just after World War 2.

Author of The Ice Station, Matthew __.

__ shoes, footwear worn by Federer and Nadal.

Round and portly.

Sad movie.

__ boots are worn by equestrians.

Borrowed instead of owned.

Gigantic metal structures help carry electricity.

Salwar __, type of outfit worn by Asian women.

Growths, cysts, nodules.

Peeping Tom.

Refract light.

Severe financial collapses.

Month named after the first Emperor of Rome.

Puzzle 12

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11....

Sherlock's brother.

Extremely stupid, foolish.

Japanese comic strip artist.

Fashionable and well liked.

From abroad.

Device for broiling meat.

Aztec drink from which chocolate gets its name.

Londoner who speaks rhyming slang.

Former Dutch currency before the euro.

Offspring of a human and a deity.

Gold digger.

Beginning of a flight.

Hoofers footwear with metal plates on toes, heels.

__ boot, decorative, heeled footwear for cowboys.

The Four Seasons composer.

16th century painter Tintoretto, aka "Il __".

Puzzle 13

Similar in appearance to a young cow.

Strengthening pieces in race cars.

Worried, bothered.

Eating hungrily.

Pollen allergy, endured by thousands in summer.

Stout footwear worn by the land military forces.

Consider __, song by the Artful Dodger in Oliver!.

Safe, not dangerous or risky.

Car thief.

Alternate name for Amsterdam Airport.

Language of the Mafia.

Relating to the small intestine.

First month of the Islamic calendar.

Protective footwear cover to combat dirt and damp.

Puzzle 14

Bosun is the shortened form of this word.

A cultured chap, behaving with courtesy and care.

__ clog, specialist footwear when digging, mowing.


Practical joker.

Czech animator of stop-motion puppets.

__ sandals, worn by ancient Roman slaves perhaps.

Bodily __, euphemism for urination, etc.

Insect named after mythical beast.

Tag given to sensual celebs, like Marilyn Monroe.

Stroke oak, say, to ward off bad consequences.

Spanish town known as the Gibraltar of Valencia.

Long round thin pieces of pasta.

Writer of the USA trilogy.

Puzzle 15

Usual number of jurors on a criminal jury.

__ boots, footwear worn in the wild, wild, west.

__ shoe, satin be-ribboned footwear for ballerinas.

First name of the Black Prince.

Colorful Chinese river.

Have all your ducks __, be very organised.

Russian country villas.

Best pal of a stuffed tiger named Hobbes.

Crime and Punishment, novel by __ Dostoevsky.

Bill of __, amendments to the US constitution.

Snow-covered slopes for skiing.

Puzzle 16


Metallic amalgams.

17th-century shoe with raised wooden sole.

21 Jump __, 1980s police drama with Johnny Depp.

Duke __, title of Prince Andrew.

Strip of material sits under the laces of shoes.

Contends, disagrees.

__ of the Sun, Christian Bale's WWII movie.

Computer-controlled enemies in video games.

He led the 1453 conquest of Constantinople, __ II.

Four halves make two __.

Country where Ann-Margret was born.

Absolute ruler of Calormen in C.S. Lewis books.

Puzzle 17

Chemical element with the symbol Hg.

Hawaiian banjo.

Indoor tanning devices.

Animal attraction for visitors to Galtaji Temple.

In language, overused expressions, done to death.

Alp cheese pairs well with truffles.

Circus performer who keeps balls in the air.

Palindrome that describes the premier position.

Flattening clothes with heat.

Keyboard instrument similar to an upright piano.

Mexican devotional painting, or "lamina".

High-calf laced boots from antiquity.

Italian city, capital of the Ostrogoth kingdom.

25 cents in American money.

Knee-high boots with tassels for German soldiers.

Puzzle 18

Various algae vegetations at the coast.

In robust health; flourishing.

Closing and opening eyes rapidly.

Peter Griffin's inappropriate friend.

Sometimes doesn't know what right hand is doing.

Choreographer for the ballet The Rite of Spring.

Furry comfortable footwear for lounging around in.


Small explosives with pins to pull.

Nationality of former pole vaulter Sergey Bubka.

Dregs, leftovers, traces.

Chewed something noisy.

Science that doctors carry out.

Catcher in the Rye author.

Highest celestial order.

Liveliness, exuberance, energy, chirpiness.

Walking around with no shoes or socks.

Became king of Belgium in 2013.

More familiar name for a shubunkin.

Puzzle 19

Journeys across lands.

Blinking signal on a car.

Carbon __, environmental damage left by humans.

Pinkish sunlight seen in the sky at twilight.

Mary __ set up a vigil at the foot of the Cross.

Teenager or child.

Thematic passage of music, recurring theme.

Suede ankle footwear, pointy toed and cuffed top.

Regions of Ireland where Irish is actually spoken.

Footwear for those tackling fairways and greens.

Long belted strip for carrying ammunition.

Kick up __, to celebrate.

The most genuine, earnest.

Puzzle 20

Least cooked.

With pleasure.

Long-running comic strip of romantic wisdom.

__ boots, robust footwear for tackling the fells.

Edinburgh Festival __, annual comedy and arts.

An Australian wild horse.

Steel __, protective boots for workers.

Law enforcement brigade.

Principal seaport of Croatia.

Advocate of naturism.

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