CodyCross French Revolution Pack answers

French Revolution PackFrench Revolution

Here are the answers to CodyCross French Revolution Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Pole dancing holiday.

Charles M __; creator of Snoopy and Charlie Brown.

Aussie slang for Australia.

Monitor dots.

A player’s toon.

French Revolutionary journalist of "Pere Duchesne".

Sidney __, jazzman, Larkin wrote a poem to him.

Enemy of your enemy.

System of measure adopted by the French Revolution.

Short for track shoes.

Straight line between 3 or more planets, Sun, Moon.

Saw it through a lense.

Former French colony in India, also called Yanam.

Mortar partner.

Puzzle 2

Marie __ made death masks in the French Revolution.

Louis XVI called a meeting of __ General in 1789.

Walked along laboriously.

"Feed me Seymour", from 1986 Little Shop of __.

Who patched Jack when he broke his crown.

Cold shakes.

A large metal drinking vessel that can be engraved.

Archie's best friend.

Hair follicle infection.

Whiskered swimmer.

Jamaican music producer Lee Perry's nickname.

Jolly __, hard candy.

Illegal persuasion.

State in northeastern Brazil, named after river.

Color that is not bright or dark; not taking sides.

Famous Ruy Lopez chess opening.

Biblical giant killed by David's slingshot.

Laura Ingalls Wilder's Little House on the __.

Cincinnati NFL team.

Part of the Southern Ocean, or seal species.

One who takes something without right.

Puzzle 3

Tajikistan capital and largest city.

Paris church where Mirabeau and Marat were buried.

Move to larger chips in craps.

Birds of prey; can be hen or marsh __.

Biological sub category, study of the blood serum.

Jewish New Year honey-sweetened carrots dish.

This amphibian does not come with a fortune cookie.

Faction of Jacobins, translation of Montagne.

"The longest road out is the __ road home".

Five line poem.

Colorful candy, rhymes with littles.

Puzzle 4

Study of human species also known as mazology.

He played Danton in the film of the same name.

Famous Parisian cathedral.

Chess win.

Where baby eats.

First Prime Minister of Canada: John A. __.

Can be wiped and have dirt removed.

Don Johnson's 1985 TV crime series.

A diversion technique.

City where the Rijksmuseum is located.

Russian potato cake.

Roman Emperor Caligula's preferred horse.

Spanish for motorway.

Daughter of Judy Garland; no, not Liza Minnelli.

Measure of soil depth in expectation of freezing.

A __ in Moscow by Amor Towles.

Australian software company that developed Fisheye.

Puzzle 5

Way finders.

Madame __, Girondist executed by guillotine.

Being before, in front.

Norman __; becomes a Halloween-themed supervillain.

Charles __; inventor of the pop-up toaster.

Accomplished biblical hunter.

Self-portrait with __, communist painting by Kahlo.

The Lone Ranger's souvenir, a silver __.

Genetically predisposed eczema: __ dermatitis.

__ of Man, declaration of the French Revolution.

What the caterpillar was smoking.

Frail, decrepit.

Treasured; rated.

Mexican rain god revered by Aztecs and Toltecs.

To have put air in with a machine.

Pact between Henry V and Charles VI: Treaty of __.

Wild West highwayman.

When the bough breaks, the __ will fall.

Last man on the Moon, Eugene __.

Most northerly circle of latitude, __ Circle.

__ pedal, foot-operated item for electric guitars.

Peoples who invaded the Indus Valley c 1500 BC.

Puzzle 6

French Revolutionary ideal, the second-mentioned.

Texas summer festival; was called Free Press.

Nuclear cell division.

Data's 'father' is named __ Soong in Star Trek.

__-Varenne helped overthrow Robespierre in 1794.

Grandiose, lavish, decadent.

Avoid these while bowling.

Part lion, goat, and serpent.

Six stanzas of six lines.

Urban planning simulation video game.

Puzzle 7

A feudal serf or indentured servant.

Beachcomber's footwear.

__ the Madding Crowd, Thomas Hardy classic novel.

Chewie's species.

Baron __; alternative title for Prince Harry.

Savory levy repealed during the French Revolution.

Reactive chemical substance.

Ball at the Moulin de la __, by Renoir.

State tree of California, a giant __.

He-man is protector of this realm.

Letting a substance out through an opening.

From 1792 all French people held this non-title.

Spanish word for "bet".

Central Italy commune with prized white wine.

Four squared.

Puzzle 8

James Bond film with scenes of Iguazu Falls.

Moderate, self-controlled.

A Tale of __, French Revolution story by Dickens.

Bow or bow.

New York hotel famous for a creative Round Table.

Korean martial art.

Don't spread this invertebrate on toast.

Downslope winds from high elevations.

Paper tracts that stirred the French Revolution.

Futuristic old America sci-fi show.

To detect a snitch.

Spiky vegetable.

Painting by Jean-Léon Gérôme: __ Before the Sphinx.

Puzzle 9

Offer as an investment.

Fishy furniture.

Little Red __, Prince hit.

Sex and the City pineapple juice drink.

__ Convention, French assembly ended the monarchy.

French area, 1790s home of counter-Revolutionaries.

A promiscuous person is this type of feline.

Nolan's picture of this helmeted Aussie convict.

Moby-Dick's cannibal.

Egyptian stone tombs for the nobility.

Puzzle 10

Fast car made from a vintage model.

Tree seed sometimes used for milk.

City in China with an annual Ice and Snow Festival.

Led the Conspiracy of Equals against the Directory.

__ Prospekt, St Petersburg's main street.

Row, brawl, fracas.

__ regime, France's old order, pre Revolution.

The blue is this type of whale.

__-spiral, galaxy type defined by Edwin Hubble.

Oil unit.

Larger than life.

Puzzle 11

__ de Lisle, engineer who wrote La Marseillaise.

The opposite of waxing.

He wrote of Newspeak.

Pledge to do something.

Vigorous Scottish dances, notably in the Highlands.

Edible sea snails.

Car gofers.

Jacques __, radical reforming banker to Louis XVI.

Mermaids in Philippine mythology.

WWII battle in north-east India in April 1944.

Wind instruments.

__ the City; sitcom series based around four women.

Sony handheld console, released in 2011.

Puzzle 12

Where one is starting from when beginning again.

Ousted drug trafficking ruler of Panama: Manuel __.

Location of the Chicxulub Crater: __ Peninsula.

Les __, "Infuriated" French Revolution radicals.

Angela __ or Ruby Bartlett, 007 girl.

Greek cookie made with orange juice.

__ of Aquitaine; married Henry II in 1152.

Rebellious royalist peasants of France in 1793.

Sleeper couch.

Most heavily populated country in Africa.

Crying loudly.

Way of thinking, attitude.

Gophers, rats, squirrels, and the like.

The Great __ Reef; largest living structure.

Display reverence to a deity.

Puzzle 13

Major wildfire in Wisconsin, US, in 1871.

Slavic alphabet first used in the 9th century.

Round house, __ dome.

Vegetable in Chicken Divan.

Twisted snacks.

Treehouse clan, The Swiss Family __.

__ monarchy, despotic rule such as by Louis XVI.

Austrian UN Secretary General: Kurt __.

Between meal eating.

Jules __ wrote a history of the French Revolution.

Puzzle 14

Country whose mythical creatures include bunyips.

Louis XVI was imprisoned in the Palace of the __.

Famous actor father of Angelina Jolie.

Romantic relationship beginning.

Wind-driven flames.

Italian guard dog.

Dictator of Venturia and enemy of Wonder Woman.

Number of people who die in a certain time period.

Napoleon __ overthrew France's Directory.

Game of Thrones disease with no cure.

Hairy edible mushroom also called lawyer's wig.

Puzzle 15

Handsome youth of Greek mythology killed by a boar.

__ star, super-bright hypergiant seen in the 1990s.

Leafy road.

Abbé __ wrote a Declaration of the Rights of Man.

Medical condition of severe chest pains.

Hilaire __, writer of children's verse.

Charles __, a doppelganger for Sydney Carton.

__ Grande, singer of Into You.

Duchess of __; title of Victoria's daughter Louise.

Adolescent girl surfer.

Jughead's canine.

Puzzle 16

Ally __; legal comedy series, with dancing baby.

First __, title taken by Napoleon in 1799.

The section where one would find drums.

French writer freed from the Bastille, Marquis __.

Brick binder.


1881 Ibsen play about disease and potential incest.

Japanese graphic novel.

Chinese zodiac primate.

Southernmost of Russia's Novaya Zemlya islands.

Addicted to, unable to resist.

__ Estrada, mural painter and Frida Kahlo student.

Michael __, Bulls player.

Common name of four-winged insects Hymenoptera.

Puzzle 17

2010 World Cup animal prognosticator: Paul the __.

Rosette worn on French Revolutionary bonnets.

Captain __; patriotic comic book superhero.

Large moon of Uranus discovered in 1851.

U.S. coins worth five cents.

Organizing and assembling equipment for troops.

Buttery German Christmas bread with fruit and nuts.

To take away from something.

Frijole furniture.

One's offspring.

Hugh __, author of the Doctor Dolittle book series.

__ Belle, Flying Fortress, star of a 1990 movie.

Soft hail.

With Daimler, invented the motorbike.

Making a cigar.

__ Hargitay, daughter of Jayne Mansfield.

__ Ralph starred John C Reilly as Ralph.

The crime that Louis XVI was convicted of.

Gilligan's Island farmer's daughter.

This ghost is nicknamed "Inky".

An operation.

A scientists portion.

First Plantagenet king, ruled England 1154-89.

Puzzle 18

Manawatu-__, region on New Zealand's North Island.

Sir Percy __, the hero of The Scarlet Pimpernel.

Martial dance art from Brazil.

To make illegal.

Big Bird's seagull pen pal.

Don't look a gift horse in here.

Cake coating.

Parisian site of guillotine deaths, Place de la __.

Not certain, expressing worries about something.

Helios bronze; __ of Rhodes.

Candy Land character, __ Lolly.

Opera about a Chinese princess.

Modest Mussorgsky's profession.

633 __, 60s war film about an attack on the fjords.

French perfumer of Jicky, Shalimar and Mitsouko.

Term given to stainless steel originally: __ steel.

__ Ballerina, tales of a ballet-dancing mouse.

Puzzle 19

Barrier in a home to prevent toddlers from falling.

Its garden has a statue of Shakespeare: __ Square.

Landing here costs $200 or 10% of your net worth.

New Delhi arch commemorates the war dead.

Crude heater.

Paper bonds issued during the French Revolution.

Not the first.

Mount Rushmore face.

Peyo's original blue comic strip female character.

Used your fingers to put sugar on something.

Small endocrine gland.

Moderate French faction 1791-3 from western France.

Eight-legged, hairy, and scary.

From conception to delivery.

River of Turkey, Syria, Iraq that joins the Tigris.

Puzzle 20

Moroccan, Tunisian steam-cooked stew and its pot.

The __ on the bus go round and round.

The Cult of __, atheist movement led by Hebert.

Transport or carry; or get a point across.

Nun's headwear.

Ancient geographer who wrote Geographica.

Island twin of Wallis in the South Pacific.

Rinses out one's mouth.

On fire.

Longest serving President of Liberia: William __.

Thor's home planet in Marvel Comics.

She murdered Marat in his bath, Charlotte __.

Modernize, improve, new version.

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