CodyCross Frida Kahlo Pack answers

Frida Kahlo PackFrida Kahlo

Here are the answers to CodyCross Frida Kahlo Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Egyptian underworld deity, the god of the dead.

Harm someone's reputation by slander or libel.

Mesoamericans who built giant stone heads.

Out of tune.

Soft, gentle breeze.

Done immediately.

Relating to the bones that form the wrist.

Subject of Newton's law.

Name of the cartoon Martian voiced by Mel Blanc.

Person with access to spirits for curing the sick.

Silly, nonsense talk.

Lifestyle of wealth, fashion and a lot of travel.

Tiny bite is offered between courses to cleanse it.

Growly, irritable.

Arturo García __, Mexican artist, student of Kahlo.

Portrait of Frida's __, Kahlo painting, unfinished.

Poland's capital.

Title of Brunei's absolute monarch.

Puzzle 2

Pores on a plant that control the passing of gas.

Fire-breathing, lion-headed beast of Greek legend.

Famous American chocolatier.


Flourish, rapidly grow.

Astrological sign of someone born on Halloween.

Coin-operated music machine.

El Dia de los __, Mexican feast of Day of the Dead.

Hindu and Buddhist symbol, represents the universe.

Audio Internet series.

__ Hale, socialite and subject of artwork by Kahlo.

Steal, pilfer.

Isamu __, artist and lover of Frida Kahlo.

Chemical element, atomic number 48.

Distraught, panicking with fear.

Puzzle 3

Youth loved by Moon goddess Selene; poem by Keats.

Birth name of artist, Frida Kahlo y __.

Chemical used for bleaching hair.

Faint constellation known as "the smaller lion".

Means "detached" in Italian.

__ Are a Girl's Best Friend, sang Marilyn Monroe.

Frida Kahlo's native borough, site of her museum.

Wound covering.

Japanese martial art, used in close combat.

Headdress traditionally worn by Middle Eastern men.

Puzzle 4

Long and mobile mammalian nose.

Sweet cake topping comprises ultra-fine threads.

Heinz __, art dealer lover of Frida Kahlo.

Antiquated wire message system.

SI unit of radioactivity, symbol Bq.

Mexico national school of painting, La __.

Destructive to life.

Lesser bear.

Pieces of armor that cover the torso.

Does not handle pain or blood well.

Puzzle 5

Sponge up liquid.


Trip up a mountain.

Hairstyle of woven strands worn by Frida Kahlo.

Business magnate.

Italian island whose capital is Palermo.

Mars' smaller moon, named after Greek god, "dread".

Drama series about ad agency boss Don Draper.

André __, artist founder of surrealism.

Chinese general and author of The Art of War.

Dormant, untapped.

Puzzle 6

Blood line.

Self-contradictory statement.

Millenium Falcon captain.

Legal rules based upon precedent.

Introductory piece of music.

Self-Portrait with __ Hair, artwork by Frida Kahlo.

City where the Alhambra fortress and palace is.

Cocktail of champagne or proseco and peach puree.

Country once led by dictator Nicolae Ceausescu.

Official language of Maharashtra, India.

Printmaking craft, uses chemicals to cut designs.

Largest moon of Uranus, named after a fairy queen.

Harmed or punished somone on behalf of another.

Puzzle 7

Person with American Indian and Spanish roots.

French abstract art movement using bright colors.

Straw-wrapped Italian vino.

A male retreat in a house, with games or TV etc.

This element creates heat in nuclear power reactors.

Indigenous culture style of Frida Kahlo's artworks.

City with the world's largest Gothic cathedral.

Italian word for January.

It will send you flying in the winter.

Foolish and pointless.

Take back a statement.

Open water surrounded by sea ice.

Puzzle 8

Portrait of Eva __, painted by Frida Kahlo.

Left-wing political theory, linked to Communism.

Lawyer's statement in court when they don't agree.

To congeal, change to a solid state.

Distant or uninvolved disposition.

Explosive star.

Person that announces the approach of another.

Planting and harvesting social media game.

Wine expert in a restaurant.

Kidney inflammation.

Ship hired by the government in a war.

Puzzle 9

Town in Belgium where a famous battle was fought.

Largest stadium in Brazil.

Prolonged period of hotter-than-usual temperatures.

The study of birds' nests.

A judicial body, court of justice.

Blood carriers.

Another word for an artwork on canvas.

Introduction to a book or play.

Capital of England townie.

Epic Greek poem.

Italian soft fruity cheese with pink rind.

French casino game, with punto banco version.

In front of the masses; not privately.

Chivalrous, sophisticated, dignified.

Primitive marine mollusc with spiral shell.

Large mythical hall in Asgard, ruled over by Odin.

Serpent that turns one to stone.

Agnolo di Cosimo, or __, Florentine Mannerist.

__ House; Prince Harry's wedding reception venue.

Puzzle 10

Mythical substance believed to extend life.

Local government unit, or district with a church.

Commotion, disturbance.

Instruments invented by Bartolomeo Cristofori.

Country with the largest lake in Europe.

Waxing and waning.

Wall paintings, e.g. those painted by Diego Rivera.

José Clemente __, Mexican muralist.

To refuse or shake off someone's advances.

One who minds the cells.

Puzzle 11

Saturn satellite named after a Titan goddess.

Term for the larva stage of a jellyfish.

Alfred Nobel was born in this country.

Imperfect, damaged or faulty.

Town in Italy and pleasure gardens in Copenhagen.

Howard Hughes's wooden plane, the __ Goose.

Relating to the backbone.

__ Botticelli, Renaissance artist, inspired Kahlo.

Wine shop or cellar.

Nathuram Godse assassinated him in 1948.

Country that is home to Banff National Park.


Its ruins can be found in the Egyptian city, Luxor.

1982 hit song by Duran Duran: __ Like the Wolf.

Puzzle 12

Principal language spoken in Kenya besides English.

Pablo __, Spanish Cubist cofounder.

Greek astronomer, promoted the geocentric theory.

Prickly plant, Scottish symbol.

Garments that lace at the back.

Become too big for.

Allotted, fixed sum paid as an allowance.

Woman who is in love with Hamlet.

Energy source derived from living matter.

Tray with __, red flowers Frida Kahlo artwork.

The monster from Beowulf.

Puzzle 13

Be a party to a lawsuit.

Branch of Buddhism includes Pure Land and Zen.

Fruits of __, Frida Kahlo still-life painting.

Army-style exercise class.

Where new cars are sold indoors.

Study of fungi.

Wants peace instead of war.

Saturn moon named after a Titan in Greek mythology.

Large Italian island; its major city is Cagliari.

So bright you cannot see.

La __ (The Blue House), Kahlo's family home.

Sent into exile.

Puzzle 14


Viral lung infection.

Knowledge after the event.

Celestial body used to guide.

Soft material often used to protect shipment.

Spanish festival hosts the Pamplona Bull Run.

Mother of Caesarion.

A Thracian gladiator.

Hairband, often with flowers, as worn by Kahlo.

Raucous, riotous party.

Preliminary model.

Explosive slang for an attractive woman.

Issue open for dispute, or non-relevant matter.

Dissolve a company.

French whipped cream and a horseracing venue.

Fourth Terminator movie.

__ Kahlo, artist Frida's father.

Puzzle 15

Greek virgin goddess of the hearth.

Not written in any key or mode..

__ Levy Gallery, NYC, first solo display for Kahlo.

Mockingly teases.

Spelling of first name used till 1930s by Kahlo.

Cast an evil spell on.

Perfumed, white-flesh fruit in a pink knobbly skin.

Lack of strictness.

The most western capital of mainland Europe.

Unusual or rare artifacts that are collectibles.

Largest moon of Neptune.

Friendly, affable.

Traditional Japanese robe.

Seventh planet from the sun.

Puzzle 16

Twin brother of Artemis.

__, the Heart, painting by Frida Kahlo.

Aka black eye.

In music, an Italian term, means in slow tempo.

__ del Conde, Mexican art critic and art historian.

Odd mannerisms or habits.

Rule of conduct.

Open sores on an internal surface of the body.

Coquettish, amorous.

Capital of Georgia, the country.

Puzzle 17

Scientific name of flies and mosquitoes.

Medical term for fever.

Where lurkers watch from.

Agamemnon's daughter gave her name to a "complex".

What one skates on when doing something risky.

Nationality of artist Frida Kahlo.

Gradual decline into disorder.

Italian astronomer convicted of heresy in 1600s.

Tina __, Italian model, photographer, born in 1896.

Safety device worn to protect against toxic fumes.

Puzzle 18

Director Oscar winner for The Revenant and Birdman.

Death of body tissue that can lead to amputation.

The Neolithic period is part of it.

Italian equivalent of 15.

Matilde, Adriana and __ were Frida Kahlo's sisters.

Permanently encase paper in plastic.

Covering or coating material for a wall.

He wrote biographies of the Romans and Greeks.

Identify to the finest degree.

Nation formerly known as Ceylon.

Alcoholic drink offered to a deity.

Mythological three-headed underworld guard dog.

Short recorded demonstration of an actor's skills.

Temperature when air turns to water mist.

Puzzle 19

Unplanned, unrehearsed.

Becoming popular again.

One and only; special preview.

Like her sister Antiope, also an Amazon queen.

Slimy greenish substance sought by Ghostbusters.

Kahlo white flowers painting, inspired by O'Keeffe.

Carving designs on metal plates for printing.

Fastening device invented by Hunt and Rowley.

Body like Mercury, outside our solar system.

The __ Rabbit, tale by Margery Williams.

Italian body of water, the largest in the country.

Stately, slow Spanish dance, three beats to a bar.

Despite its name, there's no beer in this sausage.


Puzzle 20

Legend has it, Aphrodite was born on this island.

National airline of Spain.

Reign of __, murderous phase of French Revolution.

Fortified Arabic buildings of a North African city.

Clare __ Luce, US author of The Women.

To gratify someone's every whim.

Pharaoh for whom the Great Sphinx was built.

14th-century union of Sweden, Denmark and Norway.

Restrictive or supportive undergarment for spine.

Ringed, sixth planet from the sun.

Rides the waves on a board.

__ Rebellion: civil war in Oman 1962-76.

Of the north or northern regions.

Tile-dropping puzzle video game.

Pointless, not worthwhile.

Papal residence country for much of the 1300s.

Priestley & Scheele are said to have disovered it.

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