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Here are the answers to CodyCross Fruits Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

The name of these falls, in Tupi, means big water.

Mission Impossible star Tom __.

Small brown fruit with "erupted" top.

In spoken words.

Baseball unit of play, split into top and bottom.

Tropical pear-shaped fruits full of antioxidants.

Speak out suddenly.

Element that gives the mineral turquoise its color.

Blue __ describes manual workers.

Light wind.

French film awards.

Puzzle 2

__ apple, scaly fruit also called a cherimoya.

Official songs for nations.

Level, paved outdoor area.

Braided bread eaten by Jews on the Sabbath.

Con artist builders are called this.

Db on the periodic table.

Put to death judicially.

Scolded, reproached.

Afghan Empire, founded by Ahmad Shah __.

In golf, the mown turf between tee and green.

Slum areas in a city.

__ Mifune, Japanese actor of Rashomon.

Literary __, works left unpublished by a dead writer.

American science-fiction series, __Leap.

__ hand, Asian citrus with freaky fingered look.

Circus tumbler.

Poisonous plant with sticky leaves and bad smell.

Nickname for the Channel Tunnel.

Contrast prices to get the best bargain.

A love affair, a loving courtship.

__ and no bite; having lots to say.

Uncovered, made visible.

Puzzle 3

Paintings, sketches or portraits.

Singer of popular music.

Speaks of, refers to.

With lustful passion.

Sudan's capital, located on the White Nile.

Computerized rodents that jump off cliffs.

Process fruit goes through as it softens.

Finding defects in.

Inability to sleep.

Tangerine/grapefruit cross with nipple at the stem.

Puzzle 4

Woodwind players, with double reeds.

Type of Spanish sherry, dry, spicy and aged.

Small dried vine fruit used in Eccles cakes.


Jude the __, Hardy's story about a stonemason.

Nazi Germany plan to invade the UK: Operation __.

Dog made a vocal and hostile sound.

__ pear, edible fruit of a cactus.

You start a game of football with this.

Country where Lego orginated.

Real person, Narcos' first season protagonist.

Puzzle 5

Knife __, use this to keep knives pointy.

Similarities, parallels.

Sad Portuguese folk songs.

__ cherry, sharp red fruit used in spirits.

Signature, famous ones are collected in books.

Desperately unhappy, wretched.

Useless, nonsense, a cheap ornament.

Underwater scientists.

Tropical yellow fruit with tough leaves and skin.

Casts a spell on.

Dutch city where Anne Frank hid.

Natural beach art.

Puzzle 6

Round citrus fruit, its name describes its color.

Uproar or outcry.

Another name for the tropical fruit papaya.

__ l'oeil, French art term for "deceives the eye".

Joked around, teased in childlike way.

Make less polluted.

Grass cutters.

__ ports, ancient coastal towns in Kent and Sussex.

__ tin, tray for baking large cupcakes.

__ Bang Bang is a magic car.

Puzzle 7

Visible hems at the bottom of trousers.

The Sound __, classic film with singing nuns.

Catching up on someone, or winning.

Sighthound; skinny running dog.

Small Asian citrus whose sweet skin is edible.

Diagonal moving chess pieces.

Another word for press-ups.

__ fruit, berry that makes sour things taste sweet.

Fitted a device to immobilize a car's wheels.


Puzzle 8

Hold something out to be taken.

Neutrons and protons are two.

Danced on the walls and ceiling on "Royal Wedding".

Coniferous trees.

Lincoln's first name.

Type of bitter orange used in making marmalade.

Famous British opera composer: Benjamin __.

Another name for blackberry.

Valley known for technology.

Language of Indian and Bangladesh National Anthems.

Natural disaster in "The Impossible" (2011).

Puzzle 9

Made a loud high-pitched sound, like a braking car.

Each piece of gymnastics equipment.

Eight-pointed fruit with seeds tasting of licorice.

Song from "Evita": "Don't Cry for Me __".

Can be built or stood upright.

Anemic, pale, lacking the red stuff.

Mountain range in the Himalaya, includes K2.

Suri's famous father.

Small sour fruit for jelling (not a crustacean).

Eating this means you are owning up to an error.

Puzzle 10

Giving back money that was loaned.

Hitchcock movie with feathered friends.

National flower of Ireland.

Long thought to be the origin of the Nile; Lake __.

Measure for Measure executioner.

Small stone fruits can be glaced and bitter.

Dirty Harry star Clint __.

Camera that takes pictures and prints them fast.

Prime Minister of Australia since 2015.

A high post in the Catholic church and also a bird.

Not thataway, but __.

Brushing; bad luck on New Year's Day in China.

Moving with a bar and pivot.

Colored and numbered tile game.

Anna Pasternak's book about Diana: "__ in Love".

Songs that get stuck in your head.

Japanese wrestler.

Colorful summer and winter gourds.

Puzzle 11

Long-handled spoons for serving soups.

Fondly, affectionately.

Large thick-skinned cousin of the lemon.

Sordid behavior or immoral person.

Hanseatic town in N Germany with historic houses.

Yellow peelable fruit that's straight or bendy.

Forename of bouncing bomb inventor Wallis.

Star of "Peter Rabbit": talk show host James __.

Men's 50s hairdos, brushed upwards and back.

Angora goat hair.

Seat of early Christian learning in Ireland.

Political party on which Falangism is based.

Puzzle 12

Street dance styles, including breaking.

Jonathan __, solicitor-protagonist in Dracula.

Pear-shaped perfumed fruit; the original marmalade.

Sharp curved blade, or kama, aka hand __.

Type of printer, not LaserJet.

Large Swiss canton, site of the Matterhorn.

Rachael MacFarlane voices __ in American Dad.

__ Rain, Prince plays "The Kid" in rock musical.

Negative, critical people.

Spiny fruit from southern Africa, aka horned melon.

Groundhog Day star Bill __.

Puzzle 13

Not at all soft, like a stone.

Small, dark heath fruit, also called whortleberry.

Machines for taking mud from a river.

Describes someone who has lost an arm or a leg.

Train carriages with beds.

__ citron, bizarre-looking fruit aka Buddha's hand.

Body of water between Denmark and Sweden.

Tumbling move, a back handspring.

__ Yourself, song by the Artful Dodger in Oliver!.

A bit like the color of grass.

Of or resembling a goose.

Puzzle 14

Antiviral drug for treating the cold sore virus.

Nationality of an Amman native.

Rotter, cad.

__ Pearmain, apple variety named after a UK city.

Reversal in direction that undoes an operation.

Last Supper service in the Christian Church.

__ steel, substance many pans are made from.


Scaly fruit of the Americas, aka custard apple.

Hinged blade used in speed skating.

Repairs damaged paint.

Puzzle 15

Apple variant and a Lord of the Rings character.

Film about the Vietnam War: "The Green __".

Ozzy Osbourne's wife and manager.

Ferret family animal.

Country where Trotsky was assassinated.

Russian sci-fi writer who feared heights: Isaac __.

Watercolor paints named after landscape painter.

Sound of speed and wind, not a whizz, but a __.

__ Smith, apple variety with australian origins.

__ Krab, workplace of SpongeBob SquarePants.

Puzzle 16

Jerky and staccato, also a haircut.

Chef in charge of "Hell's Kitchen": Gordon __.

Condition of being unable to speak.

Main tributary of Siberia's Ob River.

Musical instrument mastered by Einstein.

Wanted __ alive; posters seeking fugitives.

Various large juicy fruits with many large seeds.

Check credentials.

Another name for willow trees.

Renault car, badly spelled entrapment?.

Substance from fruits used as a gelling agent.

Place after bronze, no medal.

Puzzle 17


Paraguayan currency.

Berry used as primary flavoring in gin.

Make worthy and impressive.

TV watchers.

Yellow-orange fruit with velvet skin used in jam.

Star of "The Boys from Brazil": Laurence __.

Quality of being candid, open, frank, sincere.

"__ are the peacemakers".

Medieval entertainers.

Puzzle 18

Likely to happen.

Wrapped, anagram of replaced.

Publication that is full of recipes.

__ Twosome, pair of monsters in Wacky Races.

Pattern featuring lots of circles.

To ditch something from an aircraft.

Blue-black cousin of the bramble, a trailing plant.

Red-skin fruit with hooked hairs and whitish flesh.


149 BC Battle of __ saw the razing of this city.

They join the upper legs to the pelvis.

Puzzle 19

Once based at the Tower of London, now Llantrisant.

Begged or implored.

The computer related acronym GUI: graphic user __.

Total striptease; film about Sheffield unemployed.

Speckly skinned, juicy fruit from Asia.

West Indies cricketer with top Test score of 400.

Large fruit with pimply surface and strong aroma.

Overthrowing a ship's captain.

WWI poet __ Sassoon.

The shortest, most succinct.

Puzzle 20

Denim and lace are these.

Central African Republic's capital city.

Country where pumpkins probably originated.

Lorries, commercial vehicles.

Green-skinned grapefruit-like fruit aka a shaddock.

__ at the post; beaten at the last minute.

Dark, plum-shaped fruit, often called red dates.

Lily of the __; delicate, fragrant white flowers.

Leave, go.

Employ an old employee.

Aung San __; Burmese Nobel Prize winner.

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