CodyCross Fun in the Water Pack answers

Fun in the Water PackFun in the Water

Here are the answers to CodyCross Fun in the Water Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Milk delivery body part in human females.

Cocktail __, lidded container for mixing drinks.


A clever device, often mechanical or electrical.

Someone traveling on foot but not running.

Brand of tight-fitting swimwear.

Can be managed or done.

Large, juicy fruits, can be green with red flesh.

Not occupied, empty.

Launched by ships in trouble to illuminate the sky.

Water __; twisty chutes into swimming pools.

Threading your shoestrings together to tie them.

Saying: A bee in your __.

Stones lead singer, Mick __.

Puzzle 2

Sea __, spiny, stinging creatures found near rocks.

Deep-fried chickpea balls (no 'e').

__ sickness, condition suffered in early pregnancy.

Belting out a tune, maybe while driving.

Hot __; naturally warm sulfur pools.

Finishing on top, defeating the other team.

Dream something up, form a mental image.

Line around the Earth.

Continuous movement of water in a river or the sea.

Food grown without chemicals.

Puzzle 3

__ motor; powerful engine for a speedboat.

A tank for keeping fish.

Becoming someone's husband or wife.

Happy, in a good mood.

Bread and herb mix put inside meat.

Popular first musical instrument, like a whistle.

Measure for helping medicine go down.

Canadian city in Quebec, hosts a Grand Prix.

Blood __ is measured to check the heart is working.

Sounds, like hisses and fizzes made by a fire.

Given power to be a priest in a church.

The padding on sofas and couches.

__ pool; swimming pool that merges with the sea.

Writing or recording online diaries.

Puzzle 4

Decorative crystal brand with swan logo.

Small type of orange and a color.

The floor space underneath several sets of steps.

Marine animal that ejects water out of its body.

Life __; ring thrown to struggling swimmers.

Main singer or group at a concert.

Silent __; giving someone the cold shoulder.

Risk-taker, such as stuntman Evel Knievel.

The most wavy, roughest seas.

Tiny, mischievous or evil creature; spider man foe.

A powerful, circular, blowy storm.

Small watery sea habitats made of stones.

Taking away someones weapons, not limbs!.

Puzzle 5

A pancake's criss-cross relative.

Cloth headwear worn by Sikhs.

Monsters under __, nighttime movie cliché.

Tawdry, tasteless, smells like Cheddar maybe?.

Give someone advice, or a __ the wise.

Fast-flowing parts of a river.

To shake in fear.

Italian city known for its canals.

Animals that spray a liquid with a foul stench.

Small inflatable rubber boat.

Puzzle 6

An active volcano did this.

Brings goods into the country for business.

Rode on a scooter.

Autumn is a season of __ leaves.

Cut short, e.g. hair.

Legendary female creature with a fish's tail.

The head of state of Japan is an __.

Swimming distances up and down pools.

Cleaning with water.

Sea __, novelty pets that hatch in an aquarium.

Pushes with their fingers e.g. a button.

Puzzle 7

The central part of a cell.

Canine that represents Britain.

Sport that uses wind power to move boats on water.

Eight and seven.

Moment a rocket leaves the ground.

__, verb, object is a word order in English.

Took along, carried.

Reducing the lights in a room, making it darker.

Lips that are dry.

Sweet ice cream flavoring from orchid pods.

Exhausted, extremely tired.

Protective eye-wear for swimmers.

Puzzle 8

They fall from your eyes when upset.

Floating home on a river, lake or canal.

Equipment used by lying down surfers.

Keep your __; stay out of trouble.

First meal of the day.

Equestrian hi-jinks, rough-and-tumble fun.

Tolkien novel that introduced Bilbo Baggins.

To do something meticulously or conscientiously.

Religious artifact like the Turin Shroud.

Position with head underwater and legs in the air.

Bird found in a pear tree at Christmas.

Puzzle 9

People from Haiti are __.

Twirling around, like a skater or top.

Without any shoes or socks on.

How a word is written – the right order of letters.

Precious, expensive.

Not sinking.

Type of animal (or alien!) that hunts for food.

Someone who has disabilities is __.

__ Fire; 2016 song by Pink.

Baked pastry dessert with tree fruit in it.

French luxury brand promoted by J. Timberlake.

Pork glazed with sweet bee nectar.

Computer programs loaded by CD or downloaded.

Shutting a door noisily and forcefully.

Where planes- and people- come and go.

On heads or in cars, to keep light out of the eyes.

Puzzle 10

Witches and wizards have magic __.

Reptiles with no legs that writhe along the ground.

Two-piece swimwear.

Found on a vehicle, fitted with tires.

People from Havana.

Overhead water spray.

__, diamonds, clubs and spades in a pack of cards.

Official language spoken in Pyongyang and Seoul.

Financial plan for allocating money.

Court cases, legal hearings.

Don't get a bee in your __, stop fussing.

Played Rick in Casablanca, Humphrey __.

Puzzle 11

__ cat describes someone with little courage.

Tipping water from one container to another.

Make people feel respect, wow them.

__ Prime; popular Transformers leader.

Last name of last U.S. President to be asassinated.

Male child of your parent's new husband or wife.

Falling off a wave while surfing.

Walk falteringly, unsteadily.

Pretty silky material used for tying bows on gifts.

Green, creamy, pear-shaped.

By the beach, e.g. a __ resort.

Type of computer with a hard drive and a monitor.

When the sea is out as far as it can go.

To bring a still image to life e.g. a cartoon.

How ancients Egyptians prepare corpses.

Disposing of trash illegally, leaving it somewhere.

__ fans, revolving blades at the tops of rooms.

Moving to music, e.g. tangoing, waltzing.

Nourishment given to canines.

Puzzle 12

Snap, __ and pop, sounds made by Rice Krispies.

Gain entrance to a place illegally.

Sink or toilet unblocker.

What the "O" in IMO in a text message means.

Sixty __ equals one minute.

Female cat, queen of the jungle.

Saudi __; nationality of a native of Mecca.

Person in charge.

__ end; the least deep part of a swimming pool.

Limit between bronzed and pale skin.

Put on a costume or fancy outfit.

Brass instrument that hits the high notes.

To do something without planning it, on __.

Italian sports car with a stallion on the logo.

Looked around a store, a shop, or the internet.

Artistic swimming in time to music, __nized.

Puzzle 13

A quick snooze to "strongly" refresh.

Fighting, scrapping.

Whale __; spotting marine wildlife.

In between raining and snowing.

Medics who operate on patients.

Electric piano or a place to type.

A small brightly colored pet bird.

If someone upsets you, they have hurt your __.

Fasten this around the waist, hang hammers from it.

Property trading board game with Chance cards.

Large hair accessories by YouTube star Siwa.

Structure in a pool with flowing jets of water.

Moving through air with an unopened parachute.

Cool __, the story of Jamaican bobsled team.

Worship of a higher power.

__ Original; caramel candy in gold wrappers.

Carved slices of wood off an object to shape it.

Puzzle 14

Lightweight inflatable sphere used in pool games.

When an athlete shows off fancy tricks he/she __.

Dull as __, that pots have been washed in.

Telling a story.

Something cut into fourths was.

A breaking news story.

Diverts attention, sidetracks.

Long slippery surface for garden water fun.

Distant stomach sounds.

There are thousands of them spoken around the world.

Puzzle 15

Sound made when someone jumps into a pool.

Strips of leather that fasten shoes.

Short fairy tales.

Strip at an airport where planes take off.


Describes the fur of a kitten or maybe a cloud.

Social news and discussion website with upvotes.

The most senior or least young.

There are 12 of these in a year.

Outdoors meal of cold foods, eaten on a blanket.

Powering a boat using oars.

Kitchen cooler.

Puzzle 16

Sailing boats for pleasure or racing.

Pursues, runs after.

Chuckle, snicker, laugh.

Parts of something, e.g. a puzzle.

Made from trees.

One of a violin's four strands.

Salty, small, round, and black or green.

Relatives; distant or nuclear.

Loose-fitting swimming shorts.

Only one, not double or treble.

Puzzle 17

__ control prohibits smuggled goods.

A period a long time ago.

Someone who loves another, perhaps secretly.

You eat this after your main course.

Type of boat used by fishers.

To have your __ means taking care of yourself.

Hair-__: so scary your hair stands on end.

To pull something longer or wider.

Bounding, jumping.

Fur catcher.

Dinosaurs that walk on two legs are called __.

Device sends medicine to lungs for asthma sufferer.

Extinguish the flames on birthday candles.

Not indoor, e.g. an __ pool.

Least populous US state.

Yellow canary character on Sesame Street.

__ dinks; arty decorations baked in an oven.

Dug on a beach for water to flow, or changed on tv.

__ and pasting, moving text around on a computer.

Female pop star, sings "work" and "umbrella".

Gland in the neck responsible for human growth.

Puzzle 18

Ride a sailboard over the waves.

Sleeves that have been twisted up to the elbows.

Aurora __, also known as the Northern Lights.

NYC street famous for theatrical plays.

To display your work in a collection or gallery.

Another name for the brushes on a toothbrush.

One of the small people in The Wizard of Oz.

SeaWorld chain of water parks.

Part of days that comes before 12pm.

Power, resilience.

Puzzle 19

Took your clothes off.

Long green vegetables for slicing or pickling.

Wait to do something later; "take a __ ".

Race that includes swimming, running and cycling.

Pronged farm tool for hay turning.

Large brown insect pest, la cucaracha.

Spooky holiday with pumpkins and candy.

Sea-blue color, comes from a word for Turkish.

Flame-proof barrier in front of the hearth.

Another name for a paper notepad, not smooth.

Footwear for an equine friend or a good luck charm.

A person who abducts other people.

Symmetrical swimming stroke.

Choices that need to be made.

When a semi bends in two.

The opposite of growing.

Yellow weed flower, edible.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle with staff weapon.

Foo Fighters frontman, Nirvana drummer.

Next to a large flowing stream.

Puzzle 20

Turn over a __; start again.

Conducted yourself politely.

They create stories and books.

Rubbery garment worn by divers and windsurfers.

Removing the skin from carrots.

Small insects with pincers, and good hearing?.

Formal discussions, lots of back and forth.

Study of the past.

Loud noises made by those with a cold or allergies.

A breathing tube for quickly diving underwater.

Organic, pure, from the earth.

The month of Martin Luther King Day.

Artificial animal fibers decorate coats and hats.

Where an insect makes its home, e.g. bark, soil.

Book __; a chance to meet a famous author.

A document used to map out a day, week or month.

When it hasn't rained for a very long time.

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