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Here are the answers to CodyCross Furniture Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Raps or strikes a door.

Brother of Willis Jackson in Diff'rent Strokes.

Aerial birds with crescent-shaped wings.

Drinks quickly and heartily.

Historian and The Incredible's Violet Sarah __.

Books containing fictional stories.

Give money to charity.

Girls and boys, come out __/The moon doth shine....

__ Chic is a distressed, romantic style.

Baby bed that rocks.

Pleaded forcefully for something.

Croaky voiced.

Puzzle 2

Sport on ice blades, speed or figure __.

Foldable wood and fabric unit that creates privacy.

Masters of the Universe battleground playset.

Oscar, or __ Award.

Retail __; shopping to make yourself feel better.

Creates depth.

Don't Look Back __, 1996 Oasis hit single.

Fireworks that shoot up high.

Meat snack in a casing.

Occurs, takes place.

__ of Alexandria, Egypt's ancient book depository.

Garden blooms.

Curl up under a soft one of this while reading.

Twister or violent funnel-shaped windstorm.

Walks like a duck.

As keen as __.

Puzzle 3

Tiny couch made for two.

How long something lasts.

Group of buttons with letters on them.

Many in number.

Drapes, window coverings.

Initial embroidered on clothing or luggage.

On __; at odds or at loggerheads.

A baby feline with stripes.

Italian-themed family restaurant with roof logo.

People who place bets.

__ Park, dinosaurs come alive in this smash hit.

__ Away, Japanese film where parents turn to pigs.

Puzzle 4

Holiday boat trips.

Bouncing on one leg.

Breathes out.

Greek fluffy rug.

__ Stone, US music magazine.

Vibrating relaxation feature added to some chairs.

__ soon; spoken wish to an unwell person.

"__ creepers, where do you get those peepers?".

Business co-owner.

Sharp tools you thread and use for sewing.

Stripy black-and-white animals that live in sets.


Crepe __, flaming pancake with orange spirit.

Lightning's closest companion.

__ Queen; 1976 disco floor-filler for ABBA.


Puzzle 5

One's own written accounts of day-to-day events.

Adventure park full of bright building blocks.

Nerve-__; exhilarating, thrilling.

Wearing shoes with bare feet.

Was representative of.

Ghostly chains make this sound.

__ sin, wrongdoing as perpetrated by Adam and Eve.

Monthly reading group.

Boxers' rope-suspended equipment for beating.

French region famous for Calvados and D-Day.

Pillows that are sat upon.

Rectangle with springs or foam used to sleep on.

Puzzle 6

Lizzie or Betty are short versions of this name.

Decorative piece joined to the top of a bed frame.

Washed hair.

Close Encounters of the __: the five-tone phrase.

Vital, needed.

During this time.

The long name for the flu.

Buckets keep these rain-blockers organized.

Salty fish used as pizza topping.

Twinkle Twinkle __, parody tune of the Mad Hatter.

Inclusion of different types of people.

Puzzle 7

Separate food counter, possibly all you can eat.

US currency.

Seat for a queen or king.

Men who are getting married.

Not singular.

E. B. White children's classic: Stuart __.

Nationality of the 2018 female Wimbledon champ.

Mirror-finish metal or Google browser.

With no grip.

The cleverest.

Puzzle 8

Large green lizards with spiny backs.

Behind the wheel, operating a motor vehicle.

Wax pillars with wicks.

Keeping information about something in your mind.

Items of food.

Hurts someone's feelings.

Shellac glaze used to coat wood.

Miss footing and nearly fall.

Disappeared without a trace, from romantic pairing.

Made-to-__, garments sewn for an individual.

Messages to a god.

Frère __, Brother John nursery rhyme.

A vacation or a day to celebrate not working.

Club entrance staff (males).

Draisine, penny-farthing, recumbent, Chopper.


Puzzle 9

Window frames and doors in a room.

Not external.

The points where the planes of a solid meet.

In a tiny way.

Orange cartoon cat who is friends with Odie.

Early American settler furniture period.

Sliding downhill in the snow.

Bright yellow flower also called narcissus.

Small rodents that run on wheels in cages.

A flock of __; a large group of holidaymakers.

Undid the stitches on a piece of clothing.

Puzzle 10

Long wooden seats, with or without backs.

Recover from a bad relationship, move on.

Where nervous butterflies are to be found.

Payment for flying.

Kylie, diminutive Australian pop singer.

Cascade, deluge, downpour.

Split pulses that are used in dhal.

Mass market novel; the soap opera of literature.

Sings like a bird.

Taking a vote.

When an activity is against the law, it's this.

Joins the military.

Surface for a TV with a cabinet for accessories.

A handful.

People from Nairobi.

Puzzle 11

Used for climbing to reach high objects like books.

Chairs without backs, often with three legs.

Channel in the ground; animal feed box.

Something that is all mixed up or in a mess.

Strong-smelling bulb used in cooking.

Not in attendance.

Rotund, fleshy, a word applied to young tots.

The saying suggests you see this city and die.

Celebration march with floats and marching bands.

Concoct a plan.

Puzzle 12

As daft __, means to be very stupid.

Pink bird with a single-legged pose.

Down in the Tube Station at __, The Jam's 1978 hit.


Illumination in a room.

To loosen or unfasten a belt.

Troubles someone, disturbs them.

Type of cabinet in a bathroom, often over the sink.

Casino staffer who spins wheels and deals cards.

Lost __, office for discarded items on transport.

Rihanna's birth country.

Nike's famous slogan.

Puzzle 13

The best is __.

Professional who lends books and says be quiet.

Shell-shaped French sponge cake.

Evaporate, disappear.

Material put over a couch or chair to protect it.

Innately, in an easy way.

Xerographic image from the machine in an office.

Birth country of Hugh Jackman, Ruby Rose.

Not TV but cinema.

Table used by carpenters or hobbyists.

Tasks done in the gym.

Puzzle 14

Preserved in brine.

Fit sportsperson.

Ripping, shredding.

Fuel for web fright.

Physical signal, shrug, motion, wave.

__ Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

Swiss cottages in the mountains.

Large, ornate wardrobe.

Soft chair filled with round beads.

Mechanical shovels.

Parts of an hour.

Sincerity, straightforwardness.

Puzzle 15

Seaside seat.

Artistic appeal.

Drinks, liquid refreshments.

Supplying goods.

Black pool sphere; can make you lose the game.

Not real but made up, especially written stories.

Rescuer, swimming-pool attendant.

Breathing muscle below the lungs and heart.

Catholic church.

Group of people playing instruments.

Puzzle 16

Put slices of this veggie on puffy eyes.

Each one of the legs of an octopus.

Long-distance race.

Form over __, often describes designer furniture.

Words with letters shuffled around.

Elaborate Renaissance cupboard for nice dishes.

A place to buy souvenirs of your trip.

Rock, paper, __, a hand/acting game.

Actions taken automatically.

Fruit flowers.

Puzzle 17

Someone who has lots of knowledge from learning.

Storage for bottles of fermented grapes.

Huge waves caused by earthquakes.

If you're hungry, you have an __.

Faded by sunlight.

Calmed, soothed.

Manifestations of an illness.

Comfy electronic chair that leans back.

Period of overly hot weather conditions.

Moving around a planet in space.

TV program with questions and prizes.

Justin Timberlake's 2003 song for a Spanish lady.

Talking on Twitter.

Towel gown worn after showering.

Puzzle 18

Awful, appalling, horrible.

Exit for actors.

Small writing desk.

Come Hell or __, overcoming all difficulties.

State below New York.

Cover in padding and fabric.

Area of study that examines society.

Swimming pool team sport.

Something driven by the movement of liquid.

Little, strong coffees.

Puzzle 19

Tasting with the tongue.

Hamlet's girlfriend.

Autumn arrives and the nights start __ in.

Light that hangs from the ceiling.

These attract metals.

Having more body fluff.

Jogging fast.

Large felines, including lions.

Yellow condiment served with hot dogs.

Clothes that haven't been ironed exhibit these.

Owl-like furry robots that talk back.

Tour curiously.

Sofa with a bed tucked in it.

Puzzle 20

Sweet paste made with almonds and sugar.

Ovum-inspired seat, designed in Denmark.

Cartoonist, film-making illustrator.

Sources of cakes and bread.

Den for pool table, foosball, dart board, etc..

Not curved.

Large, wide-bodied modern aircraft.

Shoes, boots and sandals are examples of this.

Level of moisture in the air.

Original decade of Nirvana and Pearl Jam.

Uncontrollable blaze in the woods.

The opposite of increase.

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