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Gadgets and Electronics PackGadgets and Electronics

Here are the answers to CodyCross Gadgets and Electronics Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

Plastic on the ends of shoestrings.


Mickey Mouse's companion.

__ lighting produces pulses of light at a disco.

Looking at the stars.

Seller of textiles, curtains and haberdashery.

Country of Eiffel Tower.

To create, do or build it again.

Vegetable that can be red, yellow or green.

__-talkie, device for two-way conversation.

Despots rule with a rod __.

Matter, business, concern.

Transportation conductor.

Anchors __, US musical with Sinatra and Kelly.

Deep distress or sadness especially due to loss.

Puzzle 2

Broke free.

Eight-sided ring where MMA bouts happen.

Downloaded illegally.

Ten times the amount.

Central European term for a dumpling.

Supermarket shelf replenisher.

Performance ending gesture signaling triumph.

Tower __, mythological Heaven-bound edifice.

__ J. Fox, Marty McFly in Back to the Future.

Another name for the shoulder blade.

Founder of the band Wham!: George __.

Sketched illustration.

To be inclined or favorable to an action.

Palm fruit.

Motherland, nation.

Renaissance discoverer of the moons of Jupiter.

Allowing confidential information to go public.

Lost the videotape wars to VHS.

A tiny ball of liquid.

Cousin of blinds and windows.

Puzzle 3

Highly valued or regarded.

The E in LED.

1970s mesmeric tube of rising and falling wax.

Female with royal title above Duchess.

Someone you don't know; rhymes with danger.


Agatha __, world-famous mystery novels writer.

Shuns any company at all.

Keep eggs warm for hatching.

US singer of "What You See Is What You Get".

Someone who evaluates people or things.

Puzzle 4

Fruits used to make vinegar.

Water that has reached 100 degrees Celsius.

Motherland of Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec.

Small body of water usually running.

Nickname for John F. Kennedy's wife.

On a ship.

__ girl; scatters petals in front of the bride.

Strong tissue that connects muscle to bone.

Domestic cattle, bison, buffalo, yak and antelope.

__ Hero Live, game that lets you play in rock bands.

__ spinner, plastic plaything for fingers.

Weapons with a sharp tip; anagram of "parses".

Similar to bath, but not quite.

Line that veers left then right, alternately.

They beat.

__ console, PC-like device like Wii or Xbox.

Country credited with founding the Olympic games.

Face concealed by a covering worn as a disguise.

Puzzle 5

Crawly bug with many legs - maybe even 100.

Type of cord attached to an electrical device.

A structure containing steps.

__ Pickle, Smollett's picaresque novel.

Inhaling and exhaling.

Groups of performers, especially musical in nature.

To add, subtract, multiply or divide.

Wireless technology whose logo is a rune symbol.

Immersive device that is worn by gamers.

A country's edge along the sea.

__ Ricci, US actress who played Wednesday Addams.

These glands secrete hormones.

Type of chase that is pointless.


Faithful devotion to an ultimate reality or deity.

__ hunt, a game where you collect a list of things.

The largest mammal of all sea creatures.

Puzzle 6

Observer, watcher.

DVD format for high definition video.

Famous rum, lime, mint Cuban cocktail.

The Great __, F. Scott Fitzgerald legendary book.

Device to remove dirt particles.

Red-nosed jokers.

Tables for religious offerings.

Device to connect multiple items to the Internet.

Colorful blanket garment worn in the Andes.

__, Heston's other Biblical box office hit.

To become friends again.

Antonym of open.

Puzzle 7

Large setting of food and drink for many people.

Autumnal tenth month of the year.

Device for fixing pages together with metal pieces.


Suitcase-sized portable music system of the 80s.

Mobile operating system sounds like a human/robot.

__ chair, seating that goes to and fro.

Mentored, taught, prepared.

Similar to storm.

Liquid or powdery substance that removes dirt.

The Little __, 1989 Disney film, under the sea.

To crush with snapping noises.

Puzzle 8

Prince sang about birds weeping, "When __".

Feeling light-headed and passing out.

Where there is no light at all.

Grabbing, capturing.

To cut off the end to shorten.

Image messaging gone in seconds.

Instant camera/developer, popular in the 1970s.

So-called food of the gods.

Pinching breathing aid for swimmers.

Mountain range in north India and Nepal.

Person who designs and makes hats for a living.

Keep water in this part of your car.

To get in the way of something.

Geographical place attracts religious faithful.

Relationship of contrasting feelings.

Structural components of body tissue.

In sickness and __; traditional wedding vow.

Driving above the limit.

Your __, term to address a female monarch.

Liza __, renowned US singer, actress and dancer.

When an animal sheds its hair or fur.

Puzzle 9

Upper hand.

Evening party for wedding guests.

Plastic horseshoe hair accessory (from Wonderland).

The breaking down of food in the body.

Safe to be roasted, baked or broiled.

Composer of famous 5th Symphony.

1970s slimline telephony with illuminated dial.

Legend, tradition, folklore.

Type of cooking hob with magnets.


Capital of Sweden.

Natural scenery; painting genre.

Urgency, dangerous crisis.

Puzzle 10

Word some use to refer to football.

Long formal Japanese robe, tied with an obi.

If you get engaged, your future spouse is your __.

Loudspeaker for low frequencies (or dogs).

Devices on your belt that beeped and left messages.

Associations, leagues, consortiums.

Capital of Greece.

First city to open European coffee houses.


Moe's __, where Homer Simpson drinks.

Charlie Brown's pet.

To __ knot, to get married.

Michael __, US actor, Beetlejuice, Batman, Birdman.

When plural, this fruit name means you are crazy.


Snake-haired woman who'd turn you to stone.

Puzzle 11

All Hallows Eve is on October __-first.

The Pope.

Czech composer of Slavonic Dances.

What is it like to __?; Nagel on consciousness.

Unmanned flying vehicles often with cameras.

Aliens do this.

Maid of __, almond cheesecake tart.

Man who grew up among the gorillas in Africa.

__ machines are also known as slot machines.

__ Scissorhands, Depp portrayed him.

To allocate tasks, lessons, homework.

Puzzle 12

Antonym of public.

Subject for elevator or small talk.

Warrior Greek women.

Make stronger; add vitamins.

Not the teacher.

Bodily wounds or broken skin.

Popeye's tattoos.

Pierce __, one of the James Bond's leading man.

Large buildings where planes are kept.

Expensive collections of wrist gear.

__ machine, Japanese social singalong.

The wearing away of stone or soil by weathering.

Adored, cherished.

Puzzle 13

A dark blue precious gemstone.

Abroad or foreign, across the ocean.

Conceited, egotistical.

Citizens, nationals.

In tennis, hit the ball with palm facing forward.

A sample or representative.

Put your __ forward.


A sweet, orange-like citrus fruit.

Woofers and tweeters.

Appealing and attractive personality.

Lawn in the rear of a house.

A safety harness inside a car.

Inflatable latex spheres filled with air or helium.

__ Thatcher, UK Prime Minister from 1979 to 1990.

Being able to read and write.

Promoting a company's products or services.

Puzzle 14

Portable, hinged personal computer with keyboard.

Someone who certifies legal documents as authentic.

Temporary sleeping platform.

The War of the __, Wells' story of Martian attack.

Sigourney Weaver film about extra-terrestrials.

Describes foaming milk on coffee.

US singer and composer of famous song "Purple Rain".

Building that houses the incarcerated.

The art or technique of making motion pictures.

The tree tops in a rainforest.

To talk freely about personal experiences.

Machines that perform human tasks.


To come back.

Puzzle 15

Out of focus.

Verb that functions as a noun.

__ Norton, US actor, producer, director, activist.

Antonym of in front.

They happen while you sleep.

Saudi __, Middle East country with no rivers.

Not big, not small.

Walkie-__, for two-way conversation, Roger.


Ancient Italians.

Salt's best friend.

Puzzle 16

Tiny earphones, cabled or wireless.

Promptness of speech.

Applying a meat's juice on top of itself.

Morgan __, played Nelson Mandela and God.

To hold in your arms, hug.

From an entirely different era to modern times.

Sony device, 70-80s portable cassette player.

Tales, fables.

__ Pollock, American painter.

Plane departure.

Antonym of Eastern.

Puzzle 17

Plumber's preferred store.

Type of makeup usually worn together with mascara.

The numbers 100 to 999.

The woodcarver who created Pinocchio.

Early radio and technology without cables.

Japanese company of Switch and GameBoy consoles.

Place where roads meet and make a plus sign.

It means "t-shirt" in Spanish.

__ of court, crime of disrespect during a trial.

The art of creating items with clay.

Protective cousin of Esther in the Old Testament.

Bought, anagram of producer.

Great __, cobalt Belizean sinkhole.

__ a Time, how many stories begin.

England and Australia cricket series.

Party decorations can be stacked or twisted.


Temple dedicated to all of the Roman gods.

Puzzle 18

Describes a car phone you don't have to hold.

Without poisonous or noxious substances.

Not safe.

Went back to a place or subject matter.

Secretion of milk by mammary glands.

Family of soldier kings: Napoleon, Louis, Joseph.

Promotion material, paid advertising.

Fruit used to make sweet pies.

Greeting someone warmly.

Explosive mixture for firearms.

Usually, the first meal of the day.

A __ allows you to observe the night's skies.

Puzzle 19

Un, deux, trois, __.

Lung disorder including difficulty breathing.



Apple's generic communications device.

He had the title role in "Doctor Zhivago": Omar __.

Country where the Nobel Peace Prize is awarded.

Laptops/phones made for workmen and the military.

Not a round-trip flight.

__ Scorsese, world-known director, producer, writer.

Puzzle 20

Country whose capital is Buenos Aires.

__ dish, receiver of TV signals from space.

An exciting or remarkable experience.

To damage someone's reputation.

Scoring zone in darts worth 40 points.

One of the organs used to process food.

Conductor of a taxi.

Man __!, cry when someone falls into the water.

Creamy dairy drink includes fruit.

Ancient people who were the original mummifiers.

Copyright stamp embedded in an image file.

Place for keeping things for future use.

Where the Wright brothers first flew their plane.

Bride and groom's holiday after the wedding.

Generic, adaptable.

Place where water supply is kept.

Discreet picture-taking device as used by 007.

Comedy about a singer who pretends to be a nun.

Getting together.

Blusher or bronzer is applied to it.

Overstock of books, sold separately by specialists.

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