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Here are the answers to CodyCross Gardening Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Ogilvy & __, advertising and PR agency.

Prior to now, earlier, previously.

__ Fawcett, Charlie's Angel.

My __ Pony, cartoon, toys of colorful mini horses.

Motion of long-handled toothed garden tool.

Northern American wild feline.

Plant that dies after one growing season.

The capital of Germany.

Batman Vs. Superman actress Holly __.

Popular Puerto Rican boy band.

Language of the Israelites.

A teacher or a guide in a museum.

Puzzle 2

An alcoholic beverage much appreciated in Mexico.

__ Fogg, character in Around the World in 80 Days.

__ Gardens of Babylon, wonder of the Ancient World.

Rapidly close while blinking, shut while asleep.

Sugar natural to milk; some are intolerant to it.

To pull out with effort, force, or skill.

Emma Stone plays main character's daughter in __.

The one-eyed giant of Greek mythology.

Natural gardening without synthetic chemicals.

HVAC = __, ventilation and air conditioning.

Bank account gives modest interest rate return.

Puzzle 3

To remove tired blooms to stimulate growth.

A surgical cut.

One who does not believe nor disbelieve in a God.

Clay, plastic or ceramic container for vegetation.

__ Woolf, author of Orlando.

Coffee extracted in small, concentrated amounts.

Jim Morrison's band.

Japanese site of A-bomb drop on 9th August 1945.

Mexico's largest beach and balneario resort city.

Surname of Pacino and Brando in The Godfather.

Religion popular in China, Thailand and Japan.

The __ Show on Earth, won 2 Oscars in 1953.

Head and Shoulders cures this scalp disorder.

Puzzle 4

Safety glass that holds together when broken.

Violent tropical cyclonic storm.

Trees that stay green throughout winter.

Loud sky noise from aircraft's shock waves.

Walk down this to disembark a ship.

Spider that gives the creeps, hairy legs.

Serves and mixes drinks at a counter.

Garden __, sprays lawns with water in an arc.

Wooden puppet whose nose grows when he lies.

Low __, coastal region of western Europe.

Rules specifying the type of clothing to wear.

Awkward dive that hits the water abdomen-first.

Comedian known for self depreciating sitcom.

Buzz __, Woody's pal, To Infinity and Beyond!.

Toothed device for cutting backwards and forwards.

Where trials for War Crimes took place.

Leonard __, West Side Story composer.

Puzzle 5

French who was a key figure in existentialism.

Group of numbered items, movies, events, books.

Octagonal, pavilion-type garden structure.

Taking something, promising to return it.

Tools with corkscrew bit for boring holes in soil.

__ Gekko, greedy 80s role for Michael Douglas.

Steep face of rocks and soil.

__ footprint; impression left on the environment.

Large mustache inspired by sea creature.

Data __, computer science subfield looks for info.

Simpson's raunchy TV clown.

He is at the bottom of the feudal system.

__ Enemy, Chuck D, Flavor Flav hip hop group.

__ split, a monkey's preferred ice cream treat.

__ Cancer Day is marked by wearing a pink ribbon.

Puzzle 6

Process of turning over soil with a spade.

Sweet paste made with nuts.

Brisk exercise, running, cycling.

Online radio shows.

__ Plankton is Mr. Krab's enemy.

Tequila __, two-tone cocktail at dawn.

A person handling payments in a store.

French clothing brand with a crocodile logo.

__ Dolls, musical film starring Marlon Brando.

__ fiction, literary genre that's often futuristic.

Uppermost level of earth, added for fertility.

Puzzle 7

Loudspeakers for high frequencies (no birds!).

Epic 1982 Michael Jackson video.

__ Horseman, Legend of Sleepy Hollow.

The Matrix __; second film in the trilogy.

Palace complex in Granada, Spain.

Memorial notice, detailing a life before death.

Flowering plant used as a drug and also medicine.

__ knife, blade for precision cuts on fruit trees.

Toasted bread squares used in salads.

Snake-like device for watering a garden.

Olympic event dominated by Michael Phelps.

Puzzle 8

Push it and it keeps the grass short.

Event disputed during the Olympic Games.

Photograph taken to show a wide view.

Instrumental music in middle of opera/play.

Composer or a comedy film about a St. Bernard.

Herb also known as cilantro or Chinese parsley.

Common school subject, study of earth and people.

Large, white, furry mammal from the Arctic.

America's automotive pioneer.

Wooden box with hinged-glass top for plants.

__ plot, land devoted to carrots, beans, peas, etc.

Aoraki/__, tallest New Zealand peak.

Puzzle 9

Archaic name for a garden of roses, or of prayers.

Past tense of catch, usually after a pursuit.

Needed so you don't lose your computer files.

EA Sports NHL series are ice __ games.

He plays Dr. House.

A huge group of stars.

Canadian pop singer, Justin __.

Special colored lenses for spectacles.

Back to the __, Michael J Fox 1985 smash hit.

Chess piece left of the queen, moves diagonally.

__ McDonald House help for kids in need.

Miley Cyrus, known for the character __ Montana.

__ of Earthly Delights, an early surreal piece.

This crab's carapace is covered with dark spots.

Fish roe for eating.

Someone who is engaged to be married.

Popular Japanese cartoon about ninjas.

Plant resulting from a crossing.

Puzzle 10

Second largest city in Arabic world.

Led the band No Doubt before solo career.

Someone trained to make coffee drinks.

Blood sucking creature of the night.

Capacity to act mentally, legally, physically, etc.

Garden-leaf gatherer with an arc of tines.

Inert medication.

Spanish freeway (non-toll).

To make a liquid dense by adding flour.

__-tolerant plants require little water.

Bicycles made for two.

Puzzle 11

Military rank above corporal.

A well-known native-American tribe.

Device for tearing garden waste into small pieces.

Adding H2O to the garden.

__ Jason Leigh, actress of Single White Female.

Corn __, use your fingers or skewers.

Arc de __, triumphant Parisian arch.

Another name for the African stadium horn.

A cutting instrument with two blades.

People of early Mesopotamian civilisation.

Sci-fi show about an astronaut in a wormhole.

Puzzle 12

First wife of Napoleon Bonaparte.

Barrel that catches and stores rainfall.

After meal dental cleaning piece; liked by cowboys.

Coordinate creating eastern, western hemispheres.

__ in Seattle, Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks wide awake.

Stand on this to surf the white stuff.

Chemical element with the symbol K.

Ireland's second-largest airline and flag carrier.

Ice cream, milk and flavor blended together.

Andersen's tale of boy, girl and mirror splinters.

__ gardens, public areas for exotic plants.

[She] Kissed a Girl, and [she] liked it.

Puzzle 13

To be preoccupied or consumed by something.

Wheeled vehicle for moving items round a garden.

Disease was typical of seamen: lack of vitamin C.

Stinky, black and white mammals.

Image used to represent something.

Homer's drunken pal in The Simpsons.

Rock fragments used in pathways.

__ Suárez Madrid-Barajas Airport.

Tom Cruise fighter pilot film.

Description of the wooden horse where soldiers hid.

Land left behind by Jacob because of famine.

The Hepburn impossible not to fall in love with.

Puzzle 14

The Blair Witch __, pseudo-documentary movie.

Buddhists don't believe in this type of maker god.

To strive to outdo another for a prize.

Lawn __, shoes or roller with spikes.

Most popular of this hunting breed are the Cocker.

Roman goddess of wisdom; her Greek equal is Athena.

Temperature measurement used by most of the world.

The leader of a group of workers.

A __ wedding, arranged to avoid embarrassment.

Garden featuring basil, thyme, dill, sage....

A ban on trade with another country.

Wait-and-see, last minute flight tickets.

It is the unexpected that always __.

Persistent, long-lasting health condition.

Puzzle 15

__ in Paris, Woody Allen film about a screenwriter.

__ 99, TV show about a police detective unit in NY.

French region, site of D Day landing.

Two- or three-wheeled kids' kickboard transport.

Believers of god have a __, eg Islam, Christianity.

Smartphone messenger bought by Facebook.

"Veggie" that's really a fungus.

Process of placing seedlings in the ground.

Vertically spurting water feature.

Veni __, I came, I saw, I conquered.

This underwater creature can swell up fast.

Puzzle 16

Pink __, cult movie by John Walters.

Primary color small round fruit; good in pies.

Garden area for woody perennials with small trunks.

Orange branded liqueur, a triple sec from France.

Greek temple on the Athenian acropolis.

Luciano __, sang Nessun Dorma at Winter Olympics.

Natural light, not coming directly from the sun.

Trees that lose their leaves in the autumn.

Japanese site of A-bomb drop on 6th August 1945.

Skeletal tourist attraction under Paris.

Motorcycle sport taken off road.

Puzzle 17

Picturesque waterfall between Brazil and Argentina.

Horse-riding seat.

Spend these in Cameroon, but no longer in France.

To alter to fit.

Growing __, period of the year for cultivation.

Taiwanese director of Brokeback Mountain.

George __, Jane his wife, daughter Judy.

Tina __, big haired power singer of Proud Mary.

Search website with colorful letters.

The __ Bride, Judaism art by Rembrandt.

Large hinged cutting blades for hedges, and sheep!.

Symbol Ag, second place in the Olympics.

Puzzle 18

Gland in the neck that influences metabolic rate.

Post-war clothing line by Christian Dior.

Difficult situation, unfavorable.

War of the Worlds author.

The initial book of the Old Testament.

Fresh cheese curds made from milk curds, __ cheese.

Water sport, act of browsing the Internet.

Film about a disabled man and an estranged brother.

Popular diaper brand.

Round device with all four cardinal directions.

Process of removing unwanted plants.

Tree __, someone who treats damaged trees.

Puzzle 19

Successful and eccentric american female singer.

Broad-brimmed hat worn in Mexico.

Roman emperor often portrayed as a gladiator.

__ Talking, Travolta film narrated by babies.

Time when crepuscular animals are active.

Natural gardens with East Asian esthetics.

Stan Smith works as a __ in American Dad.

Harley-__, growly American motorcycles.

Hope a Friday doesn't fall on this number.

Storm with heavy, driving snow and strong winds.

Tree fellers' power tool.

The way the shoemaker's son always goes.

Used to make pralines and Nutella.

Puzzle 20

Collection of written works by several authors.

Where one bets on horses.

Small garden in glass container.

Italian pasta made with pancetta and eggs.

Christian religious feast at the end of the year.

Latin phrase meaning "on the other hand".

Alpes-__, south-east French dept, home to Nice.

Taxi worker.

Ties for securing footwear.

It means "spring" in Spanish.

Sudden inspiration or idea.

Marine animal that looks ready for a fight.

A medieval Venetian globetrotter.

Ghost __, TV series with Jennifer Love Hewitt.

Real Madrid vs Barcelona grudge match.

Climb it to eat something fresh.

Medical term for the inflammation of the liver.

General term for chemical that kills insects.

System that helps control the aircraft.

German who saved many in a Spielberg film.

Russian communist, split from Mensheviks in 1903.

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