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Here are the answers to CodyCross Gemstones Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Hippo's preferred kind of washing.

"Black dragon" Chinese river, also called the Amur.

Utopia; nature harmony; fantasy literature.

Band that was in the park on Fourth of July.

Ordained male monastic in Buddhism.

Brown/black/gray jasper named for a Spanish artist.

Group of languages spoken in the Ancient Near East.

Strait that joins Sea of Okhotsk with Sea of Japan.

Josephine __, invented the automatic dishwasher.

Arena da __, Curitiba, Brazil soccer stadium.

Star __, milky sapphire from the subcontinent.

Low country "lard balls" aka Dutch doughnuts.

The __ Wife, movie with Cary Grant.

Me, me, me.


Sad and disastrous form of Greek theater.

Painter's tools.

Puzzle 2

Wrote the book The Prince, __ Machiavelli.

Aka "leverage", a company's debt as a percentage.

Bordered by Celebes, Pacific Ocean sea.

Frozen cookie from the Philippines.

Arrow containers.

Vital bolts for keeping a car wheel in place.

Language spoken in the autonomous region of Iraq.

Hardest known gem; the birthstone for April.

Mother __, decorative gem also known as nacre.

A corpse that has been dug up.

Overnight stay mid-flight.

A __ to India, 1920's independence movement.

Bright blue or purply plant and medicinal root.

Birthplace of singer known as French Montana.

Indian Muslims originally from Yemen.

To stir into life.

Puzzle 3

Art of making cocktails.

Mustard yellow jasper mineral from W Australia.

LP record format developed by Peter Goldmark.

Made an assassination attempt on Edward VIII.

Chinese site of largest earthquake of 20th century.

A gem with a carved-out design.

Sticky fix-all.

Christmastime fictional character: __ Scrooge.

Richard __, won an Oscar for The Goodbye Girl.

World's most illegally hunted wild animal.

The brightness of a photography location.

Puzzle 4

African antelope species with curved horns.

Russian oblast, and city on the Oka River.

Jewish prophet who gave his name to a book.

Filming location.

Labor painter.

Eustace __, central figure in the Narnia Tales.

The L in LCD.

Quadruple divided by two.

Gems with bands and clouding like marbles.

Fruit ice.

To pass a football between your opponent's legs.

Lapis __, blue gemstone found in Afghanistan.

Puzzle 5

Groups of playing cards in sequence.

Water storage plant.

His Composition 8 is early abstract.

Shook, had a seizure.

Foot bark.

The four outer planets.

Opaque blue, brown-veined gem used in beadwork.

Eliza __, Bernard Shaw's Galatea.

City, the crucible of steel-making in Britain.

Type of sweet plum used in jam-making.

Festivities directly before New Year.

Jointly owned holiday property.

World's fastest bird: __ falcon.

String puller.

First album of the band Coldplay.

Puzzle 6

Wall brackets for holding candles.

Meg __, Hewlett-Packard CEO.

Reddish zircon aka - and sounds like - hyacinth.

Sour milk, curdled yogurt of unpasteurized milk.

Stick for balancing in winter sport.

Vivid green gem, the birthstone for May.

The Last __, produced 1st Best Actor Oscar.

Straight divides Danish Jutland and Sweden.

Sailing ship such as the Santa Maria and Mary Rose.

Small animal that you feel affection for.


__ Sisters were Laverne, Maxine and Patty.

Puzzle 7

Cartoon cubicle worker.

Prospectors field, study of mountains.

Kathryn __, director of Zero Dark Thirty.

Port __, hospital-based soap opera.

Sport in which Mo Farah earned Olympic Gold medals.

Language also known by its edonym Farsi.

Only country in the Middle East without a desert.

Walking with difficulty or with a stiff leg.

Art technique of emulsifying paint with egg yolk.

Gemstone cut, found on a sofa maybe.

Soft ripened cheese, Aosta Valley speciality.

Fastest bird on two feet.

Gemstone having had faces cut into it.

Puzzle 8

Study focused on just one country, China.

Caprine-minder who is lonely in The Sound of Music.

Like the luster of glass.

France's "Pink City".

Writer and star of My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

Pre-Columbian footwear.

Greenish-yellow beryl gem.

Onomatopoeic game with marbles and spills.

Paraguayan high protein, barreled candy.

Long, curved Polish saber.

Fictional state that Winston Churchill wrote of.

__ Way, Pacino and Penn star in Puerto Rica film.

Puzzle 9

Arrange in categories/a taxonomy.

Philosophy of acting for the good of others.

Capital of Hungary.

Gemstone cut sounds like French bread.

A room in a stable for storing saddles, etc.

Moving conveyor belt for airport luggage.

Medieval crooner.

Carnival deep-fried pastry from Limburg.

"Social Contract" philosopher Jean-Jacques __.

City in Switzerland where the Olympic Museum is.

Material tube to show the direction of the breeze.

Good-natured teasing.

Visual organ on the forehead of the god Shiva.

Big boned rapper, entrepreneur.

Mongoose also known as a slender-tailed meerkat.

The Solid Gold __, shareholder with questions.

Muzzleloading bullet.

Purple quartz that is the birthstone for February.

Puzzle 10

Funds or interest added together over time.

Arena for Armenian national soccer team.

Displaying polite and respectful behavior.

12th century sword prominent in the Caucasus.

The longtail __ shrimp is a freshwater crustacean.

Two-row basque diatonic button accordion.

Asian country previously called Burma.

Practitioner of mantra, magician in India.

White __, adjust the equilibrium per the light.

Blue __, 2013 Woody Allen film starring Blanchett.

Dylan Mc__, American Horror Story actor.

Brown sugar cookies from Sonora, Mexico.

Pink mineral named after mythical Norwegian isle.

Lime green gemstone, the birthstone for August.

Fated, preordained outcome.

Road sign that also means yield.

Puzzle 11

Bordeaux wine region in Livorno.

Commercial branding short film, Oscar winner.

Name of two diamonds in the British Crown Jewels.

Nadine __, South African literature Nobel Laureate.

Norodom __, king, PM and president of Cambodia.

Gem cut that is a pointed oval in shape.

Slow-moving maybe even slithering?.

Posh frock worn at a formal dance.

Barents Sea inlet, port of Arkhangelsk.

Gabriela __, Argentinian tennis ace of the 80s.

This waterfowl is not chatty.

Puzzle 12

Hindu god whose festival falls at Janmashtami.

__ the Sheets, suggestive cocktail of white rum.

Bartholomew __, pirate also known as Black Bart.

Travel document sent electronically.

Yellowy quartz, from the French for lemon.

Sky-blue type of pectolite from Dominican Republic.

Pacific sea named after long S. American nation.

To the side.

Another name for canine teeth.

This type of hat will shield you from mind control.

__ gorge, Tanzania, yielded earliest humans.

Japanese art of paper folding.

"A bad friend and lover.." 1928 movie, The __.

Underlings, lackeys.

Literary work in classical music.

Puzzle 13

Jeff __, Jurassic Park, Independence Day actor.

Medieval traveling minstrel.

It borders Nicaragua, El Salvador, and Guatemala.

Italian term for a brothel.

Country with an annual Festival of Naadam.

Cutter of semi-precious gemstones.

Future human types in The Time Machine.

Greek god whom the drug morphine was named after.

Senior council member, derived from "elders".

Scientific study of algae.

Translucent blazing-red gem linked to Mexico.

Alaskan dog, a wolf descendant that pulls sledges.

Catalan almond covered in caramel and chocolate.

Puzzle 14

__ obsidian, black gem with white fleck inclusions.

Mughal emperor at the empire's greatest extent.

Frequent winner of the Tour de France: Lance __.

Trifle lined with cookies, "ice-box cake".

Member of art movement interested in machines.

Involved in, e.g. a crime.


US actress in The Maltese Falcon.

Poorly thought out, unmethodical (but not sad).

Rare Australian gem, darker than most.

"Don't __ what you can't understand": Bob Dylan.

Puzzle 15

Iron sulfide mineral with metallic luster.

Western Russian river aka Western Dvina.

Black __, heavy metal frontrunners from Brum.

Gemstone facet, also called an emerald cut.

Finished edge of woven fabric.

No wobbles, with this steady skill.

Little Christmas doughnuts from Croatia.

Nicks or incisions in a piece of wood.

1st aviator to cross the English Channel: Louis __.

Empirical evidence-based.

Crude mountainous temporary camp.

Traveling theatrical entertainer; very dependable.

Google's Linux-based mobile operating system.

Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman actress, Jane __.

Ancient Greek region, seen as pastoral and bucolic.

Stade de __, WC stadium in Lyon, France.

1526 battle where Babar became Mogul emperor.

Oscar Wilde play, The Importance of Being __.

Bette Davis orders red dress in 1938 film.

Puzzle 16

Releases fragrant smoke when burned.

To change the path of light in a gem.

Speckled music streaming website.

Mozambique __, mainland, Madagascar.

__ Song, sung by Ms Garland in Meet Me in St Louis.

Converse, verbally exchange.

__ King, horror writer of Misery.

Royal __ Cocktail, mixed drink from yacht club.

Hurts or harms.

One of a diamond's 4Cs with carat, cut, color.

Chariots of Fire athlete, Eric __.

Edith __, France's first and only woman PM.

Puzzle 17

Commonly it is grayish but it also makes rubies.

Ms DuBois always depended on the __ of strangers.

Sweet-sounding horror film – don't say his name x5.

Colorful venue of the Nobel awards in Stockholm.

Anton __, Austrian composer of Mass in D minor.

English Pre-Raphaelite painter with Italian name.

The formal, legal part of a wedding.

Covering a hole with sewn cloth.

Greyhound with a salty glass rim.

Splitting of rocks along natural crystal planes.

Surname of Carrie in Sex and the City.

Himalayan river aka Karnali River.

Reverse stroke.

Small flashes of light.

Rhodesian PM who declared independence in 1965.

Puzzle 18

Brad Pitt film about statistics and baseball.

King of Prussia for 46 years: __ the Great.

Disease field focuses on leprosy.

For Buddhists, the 3 poisons: Anger, Greed, and __.

Don't wear these thinking to walk on water.

Wintery crystals sprayed or stuck on windows.

Allergic reaction to pollen: excess __ production.

Disparaging term for adolescent with archaic ideas.

Cognac, MexiCA rice agua fresca cocktail.

Describes "missing" works by Shakespeare.

Osaka's neon-lit entertainment and tourist street.

Waterfowl also known as a merganser.

Opposite of a naturally occurring gemstone.

Green-and-red gem is named after this tsarevitch.

Puzzle 19

Dance technique with a rippling body movement.

John who played Martin Crane in Frasier.

Days of __, the story of Estelle Ishigo.

Ancient Roman invention of hydrostatic pressure.

Another name for Russia's Sakha Republic.

__ World Cup Stadium, "Purple Arena".

Final __; Owen Pallett's stage name or a game.

Italian anise favored liqueur often put in coffee.

Different from the rest of the group, external.

Assign someone to a job.

Paul's two books of advice on running church.

She opened a box to let the world's ills out.

Dutch brothers who invented the optical telescope.

Marquise gem cut; the French for "little boat".

Wild sheep in Rocky Mts, huge curving horns.

Someone who aligns items, agreements.

Multicolored gem like a feline's visual organ.

Puzzle 20

Cord around neck, typically with personal details.

He discovered leptin.

Fleetwood Mac's Christine McVie's birth surname.

Bal du moulin de la __, Renoir masterpiece.

Author of "Apple Tree Yard": Louise __.

Italian egg, sugar, wine sauce aka zabaglione.

Greek goddess of divine retribution.

__ Jian, 19th century sword of Asian mountains.

IMAP, in emails; Internet __ Access Protocol.

Comparisons; anagram of missile.

Lost __, Capra film caused financial crisis.

Not factory fabricated.

Capital of Kyrgyzstan.

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