CodyCross Get Well Soon Pack answers

Get Well Soon PackGet Well Soon

Here are the answers to CodyCross Get Well Soon Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

Box with a hammer, pliers, and wrench.

Four-leafed ones are said to be lucky.

Short trips to buy food or get dry cleaning.

Kitchen tool for mashing fruit, vegetables, soup.

Moment when a plane leaves the ground.

Animal with scaly skin that lays eggs.

Event where bidding takes place.

The sons of your brothers and sisters.

Treats; what you fill a bag with on Halloween.

Nourish and care for.

Tooth doctor.

Puzzle 2

Buy meat here.

Outfits worn by theater performers.

Cardboard tubes full of edible potato discs.

Adjective for a good looking male.

Divert your attention from worries or stress.

Offer of advice, the path to take.

Annual celebration of an individual's age.

Oscar-winning actor in Forrest Gump.

A photograph or painting of someone's face.

Weather prediction.

Attitude of looking on the bright side.

Collectibles and decor from the past.

The opposite of strength.

Puzzle 3

Long, sharp spear caused by freezing water drops.

Part of a shirt around the neck.

Expressive icons in a text message or online forum.

A place for professional or administrative work.

Forgive and __; move on from past conflict.

Type of nut and South American country.

Having the ability to lift things; muscular.

A perfectly round shape.

Creature, for example a dog, cat, elephant, etc.

CIA, central intelligence __.

Greg Heffley's best friend in the Wimpy Kid series.

Large gatherings with lots of people.

Season where nature is reborn and animals return.

Moving pictures that capture special moments.

Best __, signing off by sending regards.

Puzzle 4

The month of Valentine's Day.

In athletics, this is advising, directing the team.

Alone, by one's self.

Lets out or sets free.

An alternative route to save time or work.

A frog's way of speaking.

The sound a cell phone makes to alert you.

Identity document for overseas travel.

Chewy sweets made with butter, sugar and milk.

Pleased; expressing gratitude.

Acts of this can be random.

Someone who pulls rabbits out of hats.

Pacific isle inhabited by The Bounty's descendants.

Large, round sun hat originating in Mexico.

Using money to buy things.

Two handheld blades used to cut paper.

Puzzle 5

To communicate one language into another.

He lives in a pineapple under the sea.

Tending to plants, pulling up weeds.

Someone you can trust with your secrets.

Some call it the most important meal of the day.

Rocks or snow falling down a mountain.

Exactly the same.

Giving help to a friend.

Long insect with a ton of legs.

Puzzle 6

Cleaning with a cloth.

Turned to ice; Disney film with a talking snowman.

A tradition, passed down through generations.

A spring is this, as is a snake if wound round.

Trip or visit undertaken by a school group.

Buddy, someone you can rely on.

Jumping head-first into water from a board.

Special gifts like chocolates and flowers.

Mock __, Alice in Wonderland soup creature.

Weight that stops a ship, inked on sailors' arms.

A place where education happens.

Season when leaves change color.

Georgie __, he kissed the girls and made them cry.

If the valley is lower, then the mountain is this.

Small, round, flat pulse to eat, can be red, green.

The natural light leaving at the end of a day.

Puzzle 7

Devices for boiling water for tea and coffee.

Motivate and encourage someone.

Scurry and dash about like a small dog.

Making the sound of a lion.

A __ of bacteria; cells growing in a petri dish.

Storehouse on a farm for grain and animal feed.

Large building where products are manufactured.

Race __ the clock, means time is ticking fast.

To act, sing or dance in front of other people.

Showing happiness with one's mouth.

If a car is moving backwards, it's in __.

Audibly and loudly breathing while sleeping.

Tales, tell these to entertain people.

Puzzle 8

Eight-legged sea creatures.

Chess or Trivial Pursuit are this.

A person who moved permanently to another country.

A home in a building.

Glossy papers with news and features.

To cut someone off in the middle of a sentence.

Not existing in reality; imagined story.

Santa's home in the arctic.

Having the intention to do something.

A space explorer, an employee of NASA.

What chess players love to say.

Social media app that's a mood board.

Tasty food served before the main dish.

Puzzle 9

Talking informally to a friend.

Small pieces of paper tossed in celebration.

Hired worker for a company or business.

Kids sell this beverage from a stand in the summer.

The sound a clock makes.

Brushing and cleaning an animal's coat.

Chocolaty baked dessert squares.

Check, confirm.

Public __; talking in front of many strangers.

Toenail pampering.

Golden __, a child's lullaby and a Beatles song.

Flying hero from Krypton.

Ancient Egyptian structures used as tombs.

Companies that operate planes.

Tool Edward had for hands.

Puzzle 10

Cocoa sweet treat given in a box.

Group of musicians led by a conductor.

A famous star in the public eye.

Yours __, common letter sign-off, not faithfully.

Care for someone, make sure they're ok.

Waiting __ means without complaining.

You remain __ when you send a gift without a card.

Systems of speaking and writing.

Someone running for office or searching for a job.

Big hairy spider that some people have as pets.

Puzzle 11

Skill, competence at doing something.

Bandaged-wrapped ancient Egyptian characters.

An athlete that specializes in acrobatics.

The start of the universe according to scientists.

A company of __; brightly colored talkative birds.

Preparing food in the oven or on the stove.

Get better from illness.

Gift; or an answer that means you are "here".

Construction workers wear this for head protection.

__ noodle soup, poultry comfort food when ill.

Two days off from work every week.

David Walliams book about a homeless man.

Puzzle 12

Create this with bubbles when shampooing hair.

The opposite of after.

Back to the __, movie series in three parts.

A relative, your aunt's/uncle's child.

Shop where bread is made.

Hang strings of these on a Christmas tree.

Name for a group of ants or bees.

Motor __; movements using hand and wrist muscles.

Squeeze or hug someone.

Medical or mental fitness.

In a foreign country.

Feeling of being too busy and overworked.

A hard, risky task, maybe delicate or misleading.

Pink and white, spicy root vegetable for salads.

Puzzle 13

Portable computer with attached keyboard.

Waiting to be connected on the phone.


Hear what someone is saying.

One of a kind, nothing similar exists.

Polly __ US cartoon TV series and toy.

Cooks food in heat of an oven.

Not liquids or gases; hard objects.

Swimming tortoise.

User of a bow and arrow.

Tricky __is a block-stacking video game.

What clothes are made of.

To give to charity.

Spoil a person with luxurious gifts.

A spoken letter to a deity.

Puzzle 14

Guinness World __ lists the fastest, biggest etc.

Films that utilized sound after the silent era.

Gnawing on food, masticating.

If a wound is __, it's getting better.

Hitting drums.

Nationality of someone from Beijing.

Black Italian vessel in Venice.

Pulling, yanking.

This is sent by text or in a bottle.

Being optimistic for the future.

Make good progress, get better.

Mr. __, Hannah's overprotective dad in Goosebumps.

To be loud enough to be heard.

Seaside areas with sand or pebbles.

A bug that flashes light to communicate.

Puzzle 15

Music streaming service with green logo.

Disputing angrily, disagreeing about something.

Book __; where authors autograph book copies.

Not morning or afternoon.

Weeping, crying loudly.

Organ that digests food and rumbles when hungry.

Small predators, similar to stoats and ferrets.

Forming a close relationship or friendship.

Bunch of flowers, from the French word.

__ Rocher; chocolate, wafer and hazelnut balls.

Relaxing and calming.

Himalayan people act as porters to mountaineers.

Puzzle 16

Holiday featuring costumes and jack-o'-lanterns.

Daily journalistic publication with current events.

Thankfulness for little things.

A well-mannered and polite male.

Superhero was bitten by a radioactive arachnid.

Daily publication with headline bulletins.

US word for ice lollies.

Carrier for business or legal papers.

An animal that's active at night.

The art and craftsmanship of wood work.

"Class is __"; to be let go.

Puzzle 17

Small piece of wood stuck under skin.

What animals are doing when hibernating.

Sweater with buttons up the front.

Style of printed characters: bold, italic, roman.

To have strong drive and determination for success.

Budding like a flower.

Polite, with good manners.

Aged cheese sprinkled on top of pasta.

Laughter is the best __.

The sound a doorbell makes.

Tablets with essential minerals for health.

Small rodent beloved of Lewis Carroll.

Not bought in a shop, crafted by a person.

Relativity physicist known for wild hair.

Puzzle 18

The World Wide Web, where you can search.

Gifts, wrapped parcels.

Team of superheroes from the Marvel Universe.

Complete a university degree course.

To destroy or detonate something; knock down.

Emails or texts, sent to support someone.

Glass enclosure for fish and marine life.

Find something new.

__ board; hard kitchen surface for cutting.

__ Ford, played Indiana Jones.

The water equivalent of walking and running.

A place where sick and injured people are treated.

Italian coffee drink used in lattes and Americanos.

Puzzle 19

Make someone feel better mentally, soothe them.

Determined attempts to do something.

Wrote Good Will Hunting with friend, Damon.

Cold-blooded animal with scales.

Shelter and shield someone.

Striking with your foot.

A competitor of sports; player on a sports team.

The top of a room, can be high or low, with beams.

The act of having things for others to buy.

Event where people get married.

Carrying pouches that comes as part of a garment.

Producing lots of tiny bubbles.

Marches or processions.

Giving a baby food.

Puzzle 20

Send goods abroad to sell.

To be brave and fearless, and put others first.

Expressive icons in a text message or online forum.

Piece of counsel, a recommendation.

Beverages, liquids taken by mouth.

Creations made from junk, e.g. cardboard boxes.

Sewing tool that easily hides in a haystack.

Spanish word for a party.

They hold rain.

Warm, soft covering for your floor.

Company used by many to make online purchases.

Sleeping Beauty's real name.

Black-and-white striped, horse-like animals.

An agreed swap of goods or services (no cash!).

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