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Here are the answers to CodyCross Getaways Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Talking boastfully or arrogantly.

Kiwi home to the 1950 and 1990 Commonwealth Games.

Bask in the heat; an anagram of bean huts.

Scotch __, scrambled eggs, toast, anchovy paste.

Tight-fitting, stretchy jean-like garment.

Ewan, male lead in 2003 romcom Down With Love.

Wyatt Earp's famous gunfight on October 26, 1881.

Corncrake, Eurasian short-billed type of rail bird.

Style of luxury outdoor tourist accommodation.

Jeff Kinney writes book series Diary of a __.

Traditional alternative Indian medicine system.

Broad term for catchy chart songs since the 50s.

Puzzle 2

Second book of the Bible.

The Beatles' Liverpool club.

Composed or written in verse.

Website for rental accommodation.

Fair __, Aussie expression showing approval.

Mini burger.

Jake Gyllenhaal's actress sister.

Capital of Iran.

Short-game golf club.

There are four fundamental ones of these in nature.

Mash this peelable fruit for good hair conditioner.

__ McCarthy; The Road and Child of God novelist.

Another name for stage curtains.

"Grand" title of head of Ottoman or Mughal empires.

Country where you can stay in an auberge.

US President who served as governor of California.

Puzzle 3

Mountain trek exploring gorges and waterfalls.

Observed, e.g. a crime being committed.

Playwright J.B. who wrote An Inspector Calls.

Compass point opposite southwest.

Made in a traditional way by an expert.

First __, initial person first at an emergency.

He had a hit with Goodbye Yellow Brick Road.

Perfume launched by Calvin Klein in 1985.

Submarine device for seeing above the waves.

Alliterative name for rubber beach sandals.

Greek fast food of small pieces of skewered meat.

X-Man who has an adamantium-infused skeleton.

Prosperous period.

Puzzle 4

A century ago, this decade was roaring.

Friendly feelings toward others.

Renowned university in the Latin Quarter of Paris.

1960s Batman actor.

Person-powered vehicle popular with tourists.

Religious official in the armed forces.

Writer of time travel romances based in Scotland.

Puffy French breads with a lot of butter and eggs.

A switch system that gets a vehicle started.

Short note mailed home by a tourist.

Puzzle 5

Readying your luggage; an anagram of pick nag.

Get fit by __, it's less energetic than jogging.

Lower Manhattan's film festival.

Taylor Swift song about freshman year.

White sauce made of parmesan, cream and butter.

Healing used in reiki via the palms.

Gates, known for her philanthropic foundation.

Room __, food served to your suite in a hotel.

A silverback is a large male of this great ape.

P T Barnum's first name.

Capital city of Thailand.

Puzzle 6

Waterways you can visit in Venice and Amsterdam.

The commission that investigated JFK's death.

What the world calls football, the US calls this.

Entitlements, prerogatives.

Baobab trees are native to this continent.

Actor Richard, once married to Elizabeth Taylor.

Moe's __, target of Bart Simpson's prank calls.

The zodiac sign for late June to late July.

Thandiwe, star of Crash and Maeve in Westworld.

Matter that is not solid or gas.

Portions of the capital of a company, up for sale.

Doctor Who's robot enemies.

The tissues that make up the roof of the mouth.

__ Holland, destination ferries from Harwich.

Pot of melted cheese for dipping.

A popular tourist destination, often by the sea.

Puzzle 7

Penny-pinching, greedy.

He was in Drop the Dead Donkey on BBC TV, Neil __.

One of nine wooden pins in a traditional lawn game.

Country where the spa town of Spa is found.

__ agents, eggs, yeast and baking soda are these.

Loud-speaker public address systems.

Small wooden figure, decorated by crafters.

Baby tree.

Stunt when a cyclist lifts up the front wheel.

Storm __, thrill-seeker's trip to see a tornado.

Gus, director of Good Will Hunting and Milk.

Single Ladies and Halo singer.

Folded material at the bottom of trouser legs.

This determines if material floats in water or not.

Puzzle 8

England-Australia cricket series played since 1882.

Don't forget this if you're heading abroad!.

Altered evidence.

Bothered, pestered.

To His Coy __, Metaphysical poet Marvell's verse.

Orange item that investigators seek after a crash.

There's egg on it when you're made to look foolish.

Spongy Italian square of bread with herbs on top.

Removed a disguise.

Official country home of the UK Prime Minister.

Item bought on holiday to remember the trip.

Groups of trees that produce apples or pears.

Designer, inventor of airships.

Simba in the DIsney film.

Formal ceremonies, a result of romances that last.

Puzzle 9

What people shoot at in archery.

Bays, indentations in a coastline.

Overseas, in another country; anagram of bad oar.

Online webpage with links to further resources.

Burrowing mammal of North America.

News, events broadcast as they happen.

Technical theatrical rehearsal without actors.

Powdered glass with a binder used as decoration.

Jessica Parker, Michelle Geller and Ferguson.

Pooh's companion when searching for the heffalump.

To cook slowly in a small amount of liquid.

Expression of apology or surprise.

A protective apron or similar outer garment.

Sci-fi characters may be put in this when hurt.

__ Green, where runaways get spliced over an anvil.

To oversee, supervise or be in charge of people.

A luxury trip taken by boat.

Puzzle 10

Orange metal element used in steampunk fashion.

The words in a song.

Related to the backbone.

Large black birds that live at the Tower of London.

Sharp parts of the boots worn by skaters.

An air passenger's feeling of tiredness.

2018 Conjuring horror movie set in a convent.

Furniture to sit on when light, sleep on when dark.

Edith, a British nurse shot as a spy in 1915.

__ book, foreign-language guide for tourists.

The Atlantic bay between France and Spain.

A Mexican dish of tortilla chips and melted cheese.

Puzzle 11

A tool or piece of kitchen equipment.

Classic Raleigh bicycle model, launched 1969.

Female gymnasts compete while wearing this.

To get the word out to as many people as possible.

Greek is a thick type of this dairy product.

Breathing tube used to explore shallow seas.

__, Cambodia, Laos, all formed French Indo-China.

Fictional folks with hairy feet from the Shire.

Knotting technique used to make wall hangings.

Blamed for, charged with committing a crime.

Long-armed apes known for swinging among branches.

This stone was key to deciphering hieroglyphics.

Pointer to keep you on track on a hiking holiday.

Puzzle 12

Item of clothing called a Norfolk.

People who live in a certain area.

Abbé __ wrote the Declaration of the Rights of Man.

Famed composer whose career began at 5 years old.

Traditional Japanese inn or travel accommodation.

Small nosegays of flowers.

Country whose main movie awards are the Césars.

Organ important in tasting.

Season through which most bears hibernate.

Cluster of stars and planets in the universe.

Black-and-white dog that belongs to Charlie Brown.

Celebration that occurs a week after Palm Sunday.

Last name of former German Chancellor Willy.

TV sports coverage expert.

Last __, a trip booked only briefly ahead of time.

Strong onion relative used in salad dressings.

UK city that hosted the 2012 Olympics.

Mathematician Alan with code-breaking Bombe.

Puzzle 13

Round inflatable for fun on a trip to the seaside.

These were used to grind grain and pump water.

Ancient city in Uzbekistan.

2018 coming-of-age romcom starring Nick Robinson.

Part of a written letter that goes below the line.

Stella __, author and ex Director General of MI5.

Soprano singers and trumpets can hit these.

St Moritz toboggan track built by the British.

Spicy mixer used for a Moscow Mule.

A short leisure trip; anagram of crux noise.

Continent to which koalas are native.

Furniture pieces that hold novels.

Puzzle 14

Mechanical device for cleaning carpets.

Register for your flight, or at the hotel.

Famous NYC stage: __ Square Garden.

Feathers of a bird.

Country to which Greenland belongs.

Diet of eating nothing cooked, used in orthopathy.

An arrogant way of walking.

Fastenings sewn onto a coat.

Colin __, fast British hurdler.

Moor of Venice, loses his heart to Desdemona.

This Jennifer played Polly in Along Came Polly.

Nostalgic video of your photos, set to music.

__ claim, where your suitcases are after a flight.

Puzzle 15

Evening out with a husband, wife or partner.

Lengthens muscles.

A married couple's post-wedding getaway.

The boxer who took a bite out of Holyfield's ear.

Holly __, Capote's Breakfast at Tiffany's icon.

Duvet-like bed covering with duck feathers.

Former British colony in southern Africa.

An energy source that can't be used up.

Small constrictor often found near grain stores.

Luxury hotel suite on the top floor.

Puzzle 16

Four-wheeled vehicle for solo off-road exploring.

South African PM assassinated in 1966.

Scottish breakfasts.

Fusing a piece of one plant to another.

Assault on __ 13, 1976 John Carpenter thriller.

Barbary and Japanese monkeys.

Toronto’s name may come from this indigenous tribe.

The price of the first stamp, issued in 1840.

Catherine, Heathcliff's love in Wuthering Heights.

French Polynesia islands with repeated name.

Traditional Indian inn, often beside a temple.

Hanna-Barbera character named for a baseball star.

Cotton, linen, fleece, rayon and so on.

Puzzle 17

Crocodile species, the world's largest reptile.

Founding member of The Eagles band.

List of activities or destinations on a trip.

Flux __, a fictional device in Back to the Future.

Whitby sailor made three major Pacific voyages.

Steered a course on a ship.

Soldier of fortune.

Large bags packed by tourists.

Angel, Niagara and Victoria are examples of this.

__ your thoughts; tell me what's on your mind.

Levi's first created these clothes in the 1890s.

Bright bangs and fizzes in the sky.

1912 comedy play by George Bernard Shaw.

Puzzle 18

Mountain range between the Black and Caspian Seas.

All human beings, every person on earth.

Outer cables that secure a camper's tent.

Boxing without heavy blows, form of training.

__ heel, body part named after Trojan War hero.

3 Feet High and Rising hip hop duo.

Type of flight that crosses a vast distance.

Early radio and technology without cables.

Form of government with a royal as head.

Arthur __,W. S. Gilbert's opera-composing partner.

This Man was a famous archaeological hoax in 1912.

Dobby's species from the Harry Potter series.

Games company that published Grand Theft Auto.

Puzzle 19

Muscle-relaxing treatment offered in spa resorts.

Nuts that contain cyanide.

14th element popular in computer microprocessors.

__ shark, fish of UK waters found near the surface.

Nutrient found in meat and beans.

Lego's brand of more advanced builds.

Rural setting, fields and nature.

What you send if you can't attend.

Long journeys or trips; an anagram of soya veg.

Instruction on Alice in Wonderland's potion bottle.

Steel ends of a construction worker's boots.

Make Me Feel singer __ Monae.

Youngest of Hollywood's Baldwin brothers.

Northern Irish city in which the Titanic was built.

Puzzle 20

Small craft with motor popular in beach resorts.

Supernatural's Dean Winchester, Jenson __.

Beans drunk in cafes over gossip.

Twin brother of Castor in Roman myth.

Circular winders, for storing thread or film.

A late-night plane journey.

__ Empire, aka Moguls, 16th-c. Indian invaders.

Fake punches.

A large seabird known for its diving skills.

Richard known for the Ring cycle of operas.

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