CodyCross Ghost Hunting Pack answers

Ghost Hunting PackGhost Hunting

Here are the answers to CodyCross Ghost Hunting Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

__ Sense, Thomas Paine pamphlet on independence.

What an LP has one of on each side.

Miniature variety of chicken or other fowl.

A figure of speech that compares two things.

Eerie, ghostly, creepy.

1946 crime film with Lucille Ball: "The Dark __".

Credit __; investment bank based in Zurich.

Wooden tray for forklifts to lift.

Funnel-shaped, clay pot for Moroccan stew.

Old medical term for an edema; anagram of dry ops.

Haitian magic.

__ Sulu; George Takei's Star Trek character.

Norwegian town, largest north of the Arctic Circle.

Puzzle 2

Someone who does not observe religious beliefs.

Military engineers building tunnels and trenches.

Home country of the 60s band Shocking Blue.

Wall covering, often salmon pink or pale orange.

Native American word for child.

Travel bookings website formed by Microsoft.

Bright spots in the sky around the solar sphere.

Cylinders wound with thread or yarn.

__ imaging, infrared image technique.

Aztec drink from which chocolate got its name.

Any member of the genus of a Rhesus primate.

Claudette __, American actress.

Creatures that Winnie-the-Pooh tries to track down.

Ancestral trait that recurs, like humans with tails.

Puzzle 3

State of deep mental relaxation and suggestiveness.

Yiddish word for "brazenness".

Adding zigzag kinks to straight hair.

Country whose capital is Tegucigalpa.

Zodiac grouping of Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius.

Holder of an invention's copyright.

Paper pages for recording data.

Sea fish like a sardine, often canned.

Worldwide hit for TLC in 99, what they don't want.

Fruit sugar (also found in honey).

Puzzle 4

Indian jam made with fruits and/or vegetables.

Under observation, surveyed.

Law enforcement agency of the EU.

Calvin Harris and Dua Lipa song about a smooch.

North American venue of the 1904 Olympic Games.

Folk tales, perhaps about other-worldly beings.

Murdered naturalist who wrote Born Free: Joy __.

Sea of __; Russian waters north of Kuril Islands.

Groups of 144.

Elizabethan era men's jacket (goes with hose).

Money "to hatch" in your old age.

Hillary and Bill Clinton's daughter.

Puzzle 5

Greek layered dish of eggplant and lamb.

Camouflage jackets and trousers worn by soldiers.

Hard mineral that creates sapphires and rubies.

Gillian Flynn's most famous book.

Talented, especially with the hands.

Animal whose name means "earth pig" in Afrikaans.

Runs a country autocratically.

__ Lamar, rapper known for his hit DNA.

EMF __, meter measuring EMF fluctuations.

Polynesian __; isolated Pacific communities.

A negative, problematic part of an equation.

Crime that remains a mystery.

Angela __, balloon lady in Mary Poppins Returns.

Puzzle 6

Pole that an emblematic cloth is flown from.

Andrew Lloyd Webber's definition of Jesus Christ.

__ microphone, highly sensitive pickup device.

French Open tennis playing surface.

Old Bull Lee, modeled on William __ in On the Road.

Edible red seaweed from the Emerald Isle.

Equines used in the mines for pulling.

Relating to religion or the soul.

Post-apocalyptic biblical Denzel Washington film.

Twenty-five in the French language.

Outspoken protester; anagram of residents.

Puzzle 7

1985 Bryan Adams hit, covered by DJ Sammy.

Drive away, exile, cast out evil spirits.

1950 crime thriller: __ on the Wall.

Holes played one over par.

Rabbit hair used in knitting.

Basil __, architect, designed Wellington's Beehive.

Poland's capital, devastated in WWII.

Hindu goddess of wealth and prosperity.

Some say we have five of these, some say more.

The largest bones in the human body.

Tracey __, variety show host.

Puzzle 8

Excludes someone from practicing law.

Conifer with "knees" that sprout around the base.

Requests to deities, possibly for protection.

Of or relating to pigs.

Worried, agitated, distressed.

Electronic game with lit table and flippers.

Defunct Andy Stewart-led Scottish band: Silly __.

One who isn't a professional.

Soviet leader with a reputation for drinking.

Land amount measured in imperial quantities.

Cooked pâté made in a loaf-shaped dish.

Where Laura Ingalls Wilder books were based.

First name of the sculptor Giacometti.

Hungarian cavalry members.

Puzzle 9

The Man From __, he supervises canned fruit.

Reading taken as a starting point measure.

Major river in southern France's Massif Central.

Light verse of two rhyming couplets about a person.

Study and treatment of disorders of the foot.

Lynn __, actress, sister of Vanessa.

Home country of actress Sofía Vergara.

Formal name for boxing.

Orchestral prelude to an opera.

Area of low temperature in a building.

__ Tomato Fight, messy Spanish food fight.

Puzzle 10

Jack the __, nickname of artist Jackson Pollock.

Country where fashion model Iman was born.

Want __ is the longform of WTT in a marketplace.

Geometrical shape of an Allen wrench.

Pontiac Firebird car model, popular in the 1980s.

Term for single-namers Dana, Prince, Madonna, etc.

A group of these weasels is called a business.

Abnormality, unexpected finding.

Gulf to the left of Italy's heel.

Hazelnut truffle filling, popular in ice cream.

Reach out to get in touch with spirits.

Maiden name of Princess Diana.

Homo __, hominid known as "upright man".

__ Tlaib, first Palestinian-American Congresswoman.

Toni Morrison's book about a ghost.

Calcium-containing part of the tooth.

Made holes in a lawn with a fork.

Asian-American rom-com, Always Be __.

Puzzle 11

Makes a book shorter.

Oak, ash and birch, rather than larch and pine.

Looked at with side-eyes.

Three-headed dog who guards the entrance to hell.

Chopped onions, carrots, and celery soup starter.

Another word for an actor or lover of plays.

One who sails the oceans, an archaic term.

Largest city through which the Danube River passes.

Hushed speaking sounds heard in the shadows.

Ant with abdomen that swells with sweet substance.

A serious disease from eating spoiled grain.

Investigate or study something to find out more.

Puzzle 12

Skirt length predictor of boom times and recession.

__ Port, US fashion celebrity, The City star.

Modern city known by the Romans as Hortonium.

Old place where kookaburra sits, per the song.

L. Ron __, founder of the Church of Scientology.

Russian fossil fuels company.

__ Times, newspaper, "World of Strange Phenomena".

Aussie/UK slang for "to vomit".

Poltergeists involve evil ones of these.

Natural gourd sponges used in bathing.

What pitchers and labor unions have in common.

Bitter-sweet liqueur infused with cascarilla bark.

Most north-westerly island of the Canaries.

Place where paranormal activity has concentrated.

Bullets that expand on impact.

Home stadium of English soccer.

World's second most popular coffee species.

The hairs that rise on the back of a dog's neck.

Large water containers rolled out in droughts.

Puzzle 13

__ sugar, finely ground sugar for baking.

Wrist gadget brand that monitors steps.

King __; Ariel's father in The Little Mermaid.

The skin on a deer's antlers.

Japanese holidays starting with Showa Day: __ Week.

Describes moving bird wings, or a loose raincoat.

Heather __ of Boogie Nights and Austin Powers.

Father-and-son Italian navigators of the New World.

Whirling of air or a porthole to spirit realms?.

Head monks in monasteries.

Grassy edges, margins that delimit.

Power, perhaps from spirits.

To wear away by friction, be slowly scrubbed off.

Grassy plains in South America.

Peros __; island in the Chagos Archipelago.

A tradesman who cuts wood.

Puzzle 14

Arne Jacobsen's iconic seat; sunny side up sitter?.

Amazonian freshwater fish, aka pirarucu.

Walls that form defensive barriers around castles.

Real signs that point to a conclusion.

1990's TV series about nothing.

__ hat; traditional Bavarian alpine headgear.

Show up, appear, make its presence known.

South Asian island nation that used to be Ceylon.

Peculiarities, quirks; Bowie's were from space.

Divide out money from a central fund.

"To meet your __", is to face a final defeat.

Only vaccine that existed before the 19th century.

Metric unit of mass and weight equal to 10 grams.

Eva Green starred as Penny __.

Valve for turning water supply on and off.

Second-in-charge in a professional kitchen.

Circular sunny-colored root vegetable.

Candace __, author of Sex and the City.

Puzzle 15

Rat charmer in German folk tale.

Substance reportedly secreted from spirits.

Singer of Never Really Over and Firework.

Inflammation of toe due to temperature extremes.

Mrs __; Bart Simpson's school teacher.

Bronzed by rays.

Person who predicts disasters or future misery.

Vegetable type, includes cabbage, broccoli, etc.

Lower jaw dimple, such as with Kirk Douglas.

Separate a person from their material form.

Shells like limpets; a spongebob exclamation.

__ Mountain; peak in Rio de Janeiro with a view.

The Beaux __, Farquhar's Restoration play of 1707.

Ultimate goals in archery or darts.

Puzzle 16

__ Boy; stage name of La La La DJ Shahid Khan.

The __. New Orleans' nickname.

London Zoo's Guy was this type of animal.

Betting on the winner and the loser.

__ thinking; open-minded philosophy.

Sweet, Spanish, fried dough.

Ambassador's staff member with special skills.

Dark patches due to lack of light.

__ the Proud, seventh and last king of Rome.

Water __, uses two sticks to search for H2O.

E.g. a bed frame made with thin, wooden planks.

Alice __, the model for the books of Lewis Carroll.

Disease occasioned from working with animal skins.

Puzzle 17

Vision of an unpleasant future society.

Canadian singer, nicknamed Crazy Horse.

Time period that follows death, perhaps.

Strength, resolve, resilience.

System; allows F1 mechanics to examine car data.

Naturally occurring circle of mushrooms on grass.

Five-pointed star, maybe drawn on the floor.

Split into two chambers, e.g. a __ parliament.

Filled dough pockets in Chinese cuisine.

Belief in self as the only reality.

Empire comprising the Roman Empire's eastern half.

Another name for a bruise.

Puzzle 18

A battlefield clergyman.

__ world, where we live, not a spiritual realm.

White legume often used in soups.

Michael __, author of Westworld and Jurassic Park.

__ Wie, US golfer turned pro at an early age.

One of the foremost names in piano-making.

Like a ghost.

Husky-like dog breed.

Went off-course, sped off in an uncontrollable way.

Black volcanic glass from molten lava.

London arts complex named after a stronghold.

Nobility rank between a duke and a count.

Rotterdam tourist attraction with a space tower.

Puzzle 19

The Hangover's Stu and The Office's Andy Bernard.

Expression of surprise; anagram of sew rows.

Pouch for carrying sparkling loot.

Uderzo and Goscinny's creation, Obelix's friend.

Shapes of bodies, perhaps silhouettes.

A whole number, not a fraction or decimal.

Dipped into this, then dredged, then fried.

Gal Gadot's nationality.

Another name for an orb.

Senator Palpatine is also Darth __ in Episode 3.

__ flop, once-revolutionary high jump technique.

Puzzle 20

Religious or ceremonial custom.

The Black __, James Ellroy's 1987 crime novel.

Country credited with inventing the crane.

Making mistakes- it's human!.

Evil spirits quite possibly from hell.

Sissy __, the original telekinetic Carrie.

Sleeveless jackets, often padded.

A thin sword formerly used in duels.

Alligator-like creature; not a crocodile.

Fancy frontage on a house.

Max __, owner of dairy farm that hosted Woodstock.

The R in Hong Kong SAR.

Curved layer at the front of the eye.

__ wheat; grain used to make tabbouleh.

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