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Here are the answers to CodyCross Global Weddings Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

Softly __; with a quiet, gentle way of talking.

Mr. Einstein.

Did not succeed.

Clothing, way of dressing.

Say a poem or vows from memory.

In medieval times, a clown went by this name.

When it's lost, it's usually in the couch cushions.

The largest country in South America.

Stately home once inhabited by royalty.

Pyramid __, multi-level marketing scam.

Scottish liquor.

Small primate, usually furry with a long tail.

Gambles, places bets.

Puzzle 2

Gas-powered tree cutter.

Things that are in need of solutions.

Green melon similar to cantaloupe.

Matt Groening cartoon series set in space.

Items of clothing, things worn by people.

Looking for a Needle in a __, nearly impossible.

Window in the ceiling.

Iberian country next to Spain.

The unplugged version of a song.

Blue precious gem for 45th wedding anniversary.

Puzzle 3

Place where religious worship or ceremonies happen.

As long as light is on you, one will always follow.

Stop working in old age.

I'm not a __, but I play one on TV.

Egyptian lion with a human head.

__ Willy, cartoon bird, an ever-cold penguin.

The digit where spouses place rings.

The most important are at 45, 90, 180 and 270.

Undead creature.

State that's home to Reno and Vegas.

Yellow-haired female.

A male goose.

Red Hot Chili Peppers sing about Scar __.

Puzzle 4

__ makes the dream work; to cooperate in a group.

Weekend 24 hours named after a planet.

Scottish instrument played at the end of a wedding.

__ off to sleep; nodding or dropping off.

A natural rock formation that rises from the Earth.

Available man; popular TV show.

__ marriage, union that is fixed by parents.

A public celebration with entertainment and food.

Pasta in short tubes, baked with cheese.

Took off the talons.

Music writer.

Puzzle 5

Relating to government.

Sweet soft drink with vanilla.

Taylor Swift song; an improved male.

It's beginning to look a lot like this holiday.

Feeling of love, offering kisses and tenderness.

Susan Storm's superhero group: The __ Four.

Plan that shows the height of land.

People who were married recently.

Sit-ups are exercises that work these muscles.

Roman man that fought to death for entertainment.

Puzzle 6

Handheld device used to measure time.

Plainwalkers' game Magic the __.

Wooden puppet boy whose nose grew longer.

Kangaroos call this country home.

A priority, the number one thing on the list.

Sport where the goal is to not get hit by a sphere.

Holy __, Christian phrase for joining in marriage.

Checks given to charities are these.

The Chinese invented this explosive mixture.

The Pope leads these people.

Getaway after a wedding.

To boost your speed, "shift into __".

Puzzle 7

Pop singer from Barbados with a makeup line.

__ plan; design showing where wedding guests sit.

Cable with a harness that people ride on for fun.

Opposite of bottom-up; controlled from above.

A great adventure named after the Greek epic poem.

Furry pitted fruits, larger than apricots.

Three words of advice to pursue something you want.

Hurt in an accident.

Belching, making a baby bring up wind.

If you're inside and look up, you'll see one.

Marriage between two women or two men.

Puzzle 8

Clover symbolic to Ireland.

__ Saving Time, or DST.

Indoor cycling classes.

Relationship or marriage to one person only.

The least smooth in consistency.

State of craziness or chaos.

Poker Face singer.

Gymnasts need to be this; bendy.

Place where eggs open to reveal chicks.

Rain protector, held over a Chinese bride's head.

To be so excited and happy.

Four out of five recommend sugarless gum.

Puzzle 9

The world's largest bird, fastest bipedal animal.

Reposting social media posts so others can see.

Agreement that's compulsory or joins two people.

Work outfit worn by soldiers and police officers.

Office gadget for securing papers.

Surgical pincers.

Wedding or other activity that isn't religious.

Joe is just this, not smart or stupid.

Perform maintenance on a vehicle.

A sneak peek; clips of upcoming movies.

Improvising music.

Scientific study of life and all living organisms.

Midday meals.

Kings, Queens, Princes, and Princesses.

Puzzle 10

High-rise headgear worn historically by men.

Sound people make in a horror movie.

Slow __; kitchen appliance for preparing stews.

Microsoft software including Word and Excel.

Group noun for ministers and preachers.

Large print hung on walls, usually mass produced.

To talk about someone behind their back.

On the __ of Species by Charles Darwin.

Preserved in an icy state.

UK capital with a marathon in April.

Deprive of hearing.

Athlete who uses clubs to hit a ball into 18 holes.

Eyes are this to the soul.

Bright parts of a flower, sprinkled at weddings.

Planet between Saturn and Neptune.

Writing implement with no ink in it.

Rats, mice and squirrels all belong to this family.

Black __, Charlie Brooker's dark show.

Word for a nap in Mexico or Spain.

Puzzle 11

Putting air into pillows by shaking and patting.

They keep several balls up in the air.

Great place for a canine; bad for a spouse.

Spend too long at a job, do long hours.

Australian capital.

Adorn a room in advance of an event.

If one crosses your path, you will have bad luck.

Singer Jepsen, known for Call Me Maybe and Emotion.

"__ and prosper", Vulcan salutation.

Somethings old, new, __, and blue.

Still within the lines of play.

This strong coffee drink is brewed with steam.

Puzzle 12

Way to get a closer look at the Milky Way.

The activity of growing plants, including flowers.

Artworks themed around bowls of fruit, say.

Heater made specifically for Italian pies.

Legal procedure to make a marriage null and void.

Fragile situation; walking on __.

Administrative assistant.

Custom passed down through the ages.

Silvery base for serving sweet baked desserts.

The world's largest land animals.

Puzzle 13

The impression left by a canine or feline foot.

Sprinters, long jumpers and shot putters.

Always loyal, never breaking marriage vows.

Dwindle, recede.

Miley Cyrus took a ride on this ball.

Zen religion with the Dalai Lama as a leader.

Art of making cocktails.


Paper container for money at a wedding.

Beards are made of these.

Puzzle 14

Turned from ice into water.

Leave, walk away from; e.g. __ the premises.

Fruit like orange or lime.

A simple one is commonly Manila.

Jim, known for Ace Ventura and Dumb and Dumber.

Men on the day of their wedding.

Person who wears mask while stealing from a bank.

Re-recording of tracks as different versions.

Nintendo hybrid gaming console.

__ knot, get married, in other words.

The Dark Knight.

Clean __, diet, healthy way of consuming foods.

Stick messages via magnets on its door.

Gathering of crows.

Puzzle 15

Emotional reflex of the mouth to show happiness.

Payments made by grooms to brides' families.

Salty fish, sometimes used as a pizza topping.

To restart your webpage; to reinvigorate.

Pot for cooking over boiling water.

Moving to music in celebration.

Business that makes and sells beer.

Athletic profession of Simone Biles.

Large yellow Sesame Street character.

Bear species with white-tipped fur and round ears.

Age when some girls celebrate their quinceañera.

The English __, 1996 Academy's Best Picture.

Guarantees someone something will happen.

Puzzle 16

Board game with counters and a Shakespeare play.

Gowns; red ones are worn by Chinese brides.

Bronzing pale skin in the sun.

New York baseball team with very American name.

Shine like a diamond.

Huge site that's home to cat videos, among others.

Marched in celebration.

Piece of candy that helps one "taste the rainbow".

Classic, retro.

Person adored by another or very precious to them.

Main female character who saves the day.

In The Lego Movie, everything is this.

Puzzle 17

Daniel, best known as Harry Potter.

Squishy, often clear sea creatures that can sting.

Food not containing milk, cream, cheese, etc.

People who legally watch and approve a marriage.

Joseph and Jesus both had this profession.

A way __; always being able to say the right thing.

Two days before tomorrow.

Person who escorts a woman to romantic outings.

USSR vs USA rivalry in shuttle launches.

Any app for communicating by typing.

Puzzle 18

__ punch, blow delivered when least expecting it.

Buck-toothed dam-building creature.

Sensation like pins and needles, sends chills.

Most people need one to manage their money.

This Grande says thank u, next.

The UK leaving the EU.

Salt is also known as __ chloride.

The man behind the curtain in Oz.

Misty Copeland is a star in this art of dance.

Speech from a religious leader during a ceremony.

Play the first shot in a round of golf.

Monopoly card alongside Community Chest.

Outer boundary of a country, state.

People who are invited and attend a wedding.

Puzzle 19

Type of labor that apparently never killed anyone.

Union of two people at a wedding.

Freddie Mercury sang Bohemian __.

Midday meal carrier.

Place for doctors, nurses and surgery.

Flossing is one of the dances from this video game.

Islam and Christianity are two examples.

This would be Euclid's favorite class at school.

Without worries or responsibilities.

Tourists in Scotland look for this monster.

Name of comic strip about a lazy orange cat.

Puzzle 20

Standing or sitting droopily.

Jack and the giant __, fairytale of magic beans.

Person in authority who presides over a wedding.

PC software for altering and editing images.

Quick cash that isn't difficult to get.

Official person at a wedding.

This instrument is also known as a mouth organ.

Sharpened rock used as a weapon throughout history.

Nighttime equivalent of the sun's illumination.

Flaky folded buttery French bread.

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