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Here are the answers to CodyCross Goal!! Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

Group of teams that compete against each other.

__ Day, proposed in 1985, celebrated in May in E.U..

Japanese cherry blossom viewing time.

Different songs strung together.

Challenge a player and get possession of the ball.

Female monarchs.

Apprehend someone legally.

He plays the bad guy in the first Speed movie.

Stick like glue.

Rectangular tablet nougat from Spain.

Puzzle 2

Victorian seaside resort on the Isle of Wight.

Past tense of email, having already sent.

Film for which Peter Finch won a posthumous Oscar.

Blown by the ref to stop play in a football match.

Company whose name appears on football shirts.

__ Cosmetics, makers of Hoola Matte Bronzer.

Sitcom about a Seattle psychotherapist.

__ bulb, type of bright light using inert gas.

Small breed of dog, also known as Cokie.

Roman Catholic prayers celebrating the Incarnation.

A number multiplied by itself.

Country where Havarti cheese originated.

Puzzle 3

Device that connects two drive shafts in a vehicle.

2015 movie and a dead person come back as a ghost.

Wildly energetic.

Curve that is U-shaped.

Global soccer tournament held every four years.

Prop your feet on this at your desk.

Plants that frogs can sit on.

Method of restarting play, taken by a keeper.

South African novelist and activist: Nadine __.

Large glacial lake in Lombardy, also called Lario.

Meaning of the French word "merci".

What B B stood for in singer Mr King's name.

Puzzle 4

Term for flowering plants in the mint family.

The fleece from a young sheep turned into yarn.

Mist for setting hair in a style.

Tenzin Gyatso is the given name for this leader.

Portable hinged set of stairs that can be folded.

Used to carry off injured football players.

Ancient Roman road running from Rome to the south.

Fleeting, short-lived.

Number of players on a soccer field.

Fuzzy foodstuff with green flesh, tiny black seeds.

Active, full of beans.

Ancient wedge-shaped written script.

Person who looks after animal breeds in captivity.

Non-slippery for vehicles.

A Prayer for __, 1989 novel by John Irving.

Crafted using a hooked needle.

Puzzle 5

First name of English potter Wedgwood.

Works dough, makes it ready to bake.

Kick taken from field vertex by attacking team.

__ ring, engraved jewellery worn on the finger.

Well-preserved Portuguese castle in Leiria.

Old-fashioned term meaning 'In the morning'.

Repeated part of a song.

Find, detect.

Relating to the universe.

Underage people.

Football played on a hard court, not a grass pitch.

Puzzle 6

Gave off a noise.

Creek that was TV home to Pacey Witter in the 90s.

Ancient archaeological site on the island of Crete.

Steve __, who starred in Bullitt.

Young Finnish actress Sirkka Sari fell down one.

Venetian cocktail of peach nectar with Prosecco.

A miss is as good __.

Dark black, related to the River Styx; also an owl.

Overnight flights.

Green eggs and ham author.

Host country of inaugural FIFA World Cup in 1930.

"Sweet" Gene __, singer of Be-Bop-A-Lula.

African country became an Italian colony in 1890.

Type of sleeve; loose at the top, tight at wrist.

Belfast country.

Shown by a referee to send off a player.

Puzzle 7

Country that owns the Galapagos Islands.

Goes and gets.

The re'em of the Bible.

Tales; or US skyscraper floors.

Black __, Michael Jackson anti-racism hit.

Largest lake in Hungary and tourist centre.

Extra, decisive game in a football tournament.

__ Square Garden III, where Marilyn sang to JFK.

Eastern European savory filled dumpling.

On-field official in a football match.

__ hours, the times you can shop.

Amount carried by a small truck/boxed vehicle.

Worked out through a process of elimination.

Lift up higher.

Functioning well.

Puzzle 8

Length in minutes of a half in a soccer match.

Vampire in 1920s German Expressionist film.

Heavy metal band founded by Hetfield and Ulrich.

Pronouncement using a hissing, snake-like sound.

The Shining actor, Jack __.

Resembling a bow's missile.

Eastern European oil-cooked fish on Christmas Eve.

Moved down to the division below in soccer.

Triangular Swiss chocolate.

Building with fine view (from the Italian).

Puzzle 9

I haven't the __ idea, clueless, no inkling.

Old persian name for Sri Lanka before Ceylon.

Making a sheep noise.

The losing team in a soccer cup final.

Ancient Gaul province, home to Asterix.

Glass-__ boat; craft for observing undersea life.

Shorter, more succinct.


Fair method of restarting play in soccer.

Divers' disease aka decompression sickness.

Puzzle 10

This is given by a teacher in class.

Enrico __, operatic tenor and phonograph artiste.

Chili-based hot sauce popular in Indonesia.

__ ibis, shiny marsh bird with sickle-shaped bill.

Sydney __, the hero of A Tale of Two Cities.

Top division of professional football in Spain.

Cleaned with a feather tool.

Adjust this for loudness or quietness.

Surrounded by a trench filled with water.

City where the headquarters of FIFA are located.

Star of "Peyton Place": Dorothy __.

Pieces or large portions.

Puzzle 11

Jewish minor prophet; his Book follows Zephaniah.

Player whose job is to save goals.

Silver cup lifted by football league champions.

Dry desert gully only wet after heavy rain.

French brand famous for Angel and Alien perfumes.

Took the skin off an onion.

Where domestic cats and dogs sleep at night.

__ Spring, 1962 book about environmental issues.

__ Dorma, Turandot tune sung by the Three Tenors.

Confer something on somebody, present it to them.

Puzzle 12

Move a football closely around an opponent.

Ingrid who played Ilsa in Casablanca.

Famous Milanese opera house, recently renovated.

Won the Academy Awards for Best Movie in 1987.

Worn by a football team at their own stadium.

Language in which "jambo" means hello.

Amelia __; children's books by Peggy Parish.

__ week, established hours for employees.

__-Loire, west central French dept, capital Angers.

Equine leather worker.

Puzzle 13

To pack your belongings and leave.

Miniature railway for the young and young at heart.

Sweet milky Valencian drink from tigernuts.

Gift __; granted to Blarney Stone kissers.

Santiago __, home stadium of Real Madrid FC.

Empresses of Russia.


What K C stood for in safety razor Gillette's name.

When __ Comes, waitress falls for pianist.

Netherlands __ contained Aruba and Curacao.

Hand of God World Cup-winning footballer.

Delivering open-hand blows to the face or legs.

System of fortification against enemy gunfire.

Crowing cockerels.

Starr, Mullen, Powell and Bonham and are all __.

Character in Twelfth Night with yellow stockings.

Puzzle 14

Get a motorcycle going with your foot.

Professional in charge of managing a football team.

Italian term for a drink taken as an appetizer.

Habitual cheater with a deck of 52 at hand.

Keyboard key with left-facing arrow.

Describes medical devices used to adjust the body.

Robert __, J K Rowling's pseudonym.

Afghan-Pakistan mountains important in Buddhism.

Football club that wins the league title.

Another name for the diy washtub bass.

Getting smaller in size; e.g. polar ice caps.

Puzzle 15

Dawn __, early morning singsong for birds.

Joseph __, minister of police of Napoleon.

As the nights draw in, time to fill a hot water __.

Refined but not effective.

Malted grain spirit.

Pete __, US folk singer of "Little Boxes".

__ boot; award for the top scorer at the World Cup.

Make something more modern.

Funny slang for an idiot.

Shakespeare's Danish prince.

Marching pageant.

Gare __, busy central Paris railway terminus.

In football, a free kick that can be scored from.

Keyboard-playing elephant from The Banana Splits.

Puzzle 16

A piece __; simple, not requiring much effort.

Season when carrots taste the sweetest.

More saturated.

Attempt to score goal's past a team's defense.

Stan __, jazz pianist famous for Under Milk Wood.

Received a yellow card in football.

Just __; a website for fundraising for charity.

Brian __, Irish captive wrote An Evil Cradling.

Switch between computer operations on a keyboard.

Spanish word for the numeral 20.

Seeded fruits with a hard stone pit.

Sleeve style created for a British army officer.

Energetic anagram of Monday.

Puzzle 17

Woodlands music festival held in Dover, Delaware.

The most northern capital of South America.

Spider silks.

__ Code, set of instructions for guiding road use.

French buttery sauce made with lemon and Madeira.

The bobsled team in Cool Runnings is from __.

Small crown.

Extends, stretches out.

__ Homer, US landscape painter of Summer Night.

Moving the ball between players in soccer.

Line across the center of a soccer field.

Puzzle 18

Officially agrees.

Horizontal part of a football goal.

Linguistic, relating to grammar.

Totalled, equalled.

__ Falls, curtain of falling water on the Zambezi.

Football player who helps protect his team's goal.

Pulling something behind you.

François __, president of France, 2012-2017.

Cream cake in Poland.

Guitar playing linked to Andalusia, Spain.

Glossy periodical.

Marta __; creator of Friends TV series.

Towers on a church.

Puzzle 19

US-grown vegetable misnomer: __ artichoke.

Peach bearer, for one.

Illegal, deceitful.

Run faster than someone else.

Upright wooden poles connected by a crossbar.

Publish a story or film in parts.

Written in an unreadable way.

Volcano, and highest point on Tenerife.

National team of Maradona, Messi and Tevez.

__ the Boogie, disco hit for The Jackson Five.

People who create or sell scents.

Nickname of King Richard I of England.

Puzzle 20

Country where Kasseri cheese is produced.

Tackled illegally in soccer.

Celestial beings.

Lucky animal that brings good fortune to a team.

Singer of the hit single Ironic: __ Morissette.

Canada's smallest province: Prince __ Island.

Lumber prepared for use.

Involuntary expulsion of air through the nose.

__ Kai-shek, Chinese statesman and military leader.

Closed, like a deckchair.

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