CodyCross Going on a Retreat Pack answers

Going on a Retreat PackGoing on a Retreat

Here are the answers to CodyCross Going on a Retreat Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

Early __; people who get up early.

Short holidays or vacations.

__ prison, the venue of a Johnny Cash album.

Brightly beaked bird, a delicacy on the Faroes.

Score of one under par in a game of golf.

Make something known that was previously hidden.

Temple of __, Beijing religious complex.

Smartphone app for taking photos.

Fitness and well-being.

Ability to retain information.

Push along.

Robert __, director of Short Cuts.

__ Farnsworth is the Professor's clone in Futurama.

US spacecraft with swan-related name.

__ Red Riding Hood bests the Big Bad Wolf.

Puzzle 2

The P in POTUS.

An animal that only eats plant material.

The flavor enhancer MSG: monosodium __.

Safe place, a retreat.

Skill or proficiency.

Industrial storage facility.

Lee __, leader of the Actors' Studio based in NY.

Explosives that are shot into the sky as a show.

Peaceful place where monks live.

All-encompassing, open and available to everyone.

Puzzle 3

Give someone more information than they can handle.

Weather prediction.

Brushing the ice in front of a curling stone.

Borough of New York City, of TV show __ Nine-Nine.

Realistic, authentic, natural.

Rowing crew member who helps steer the boat.

Quietly focus your mind, sometimes while chanting.


Purple flowers that induce tranquility.

Not the valley, but a high hill.

Life __, guiding people on how to achieve balance.

Rulers of Ancient Rome.

Puzzle 4

An egg dish that is combined with many ingredients.

Down and dispirited.

Aubrey in Pitch Perfect, Ginny in Perfect Harmony.

Inner might and power.

Strong, solid timber, e.g. from beech, mahogany.


A spikey mammal; fast videogame character.

Penny __, cheap booklet with lurid stories.

A superhero or villain double personality.

Away from busy life, alone and apart.

Sugar derived from corn, used in medicine and food.

Puzzle 5

Current __; news or politics of the moment.

Eggy, light, baked dessert that rises.

Trick __; Halloween visitors' greeting.

Gathering of people to talk.

Pain reliever that thins blood.

Ben __; Night at the Museum and Zoolander actor.

Wood shavings used as animal bedding.

Crystals formed by evaporated ocean water.

Suzanne __, author of the Hunger Games trilogy.

Ungraceful, embarrassing.

Relaxing, lying down.

Puzzle 6

Building designer.

Gratifying, something that offers benefits.

Undersea explorers led by Captain Barnacles.

Spandex whole-body costume.

A session of questions and answers.

To validate and lead someone forward.

Someone's mental and physical state; good health.

Frances __, who starred in Fargo.

Bouillon block.

Place people go to drink and dance in the evening.

__ remote, it works for TV and everything else.

Hundred Years' War battle won by English troops.

Puzzle 7

Art gallery in Florence with arcaded buildings.

Eating a meal with others.

Fashions, modes.

Absolutely or surely; recruitment search website.

A cell that sends signals in the nervous system.

Relating or connected to the stars.

Type of room filled with fun puzzles and locks.

Verbal offering of requests and thanks to a god.

Nurse __, US TV comedy featuring Edie Falco.

To have been nibbled by a dog.

Charles Darwin wrote On the __ of Species.

Keeping instead of disposing of.

Emergencies, disasters.

Short __, with little or no warning.

Ms. Grande the pop singer.

Only island in Loch Ness: __ Island.

Ancient mountain fortress near the Dead Sea.

Puzzle 8

Cadbury's __, popular chocolate bar.

Rules for what to wear to an event.

Building, edifice.

Indoor plant or cactus that retains moisture.

Lens used for viewing the stars and solar system.

Historical square dance with four couples.

Songs from the __, Elton John pop album.

Henry __, US Secretary of State and Nobel laureate.

Activities or tasks done for learning.

Barriers, things that get in the way.

Puzzle 9

Slang for super excited.

Happy and satisfied.

Large shorebirds with long, down-curved beaks.

Motivate someone to do good things.

The street and number where a person lives.

River that Caesar crossed.

Hogwarts' Quidditch ball.

Child __, the villain from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

Dwayne who played Maui in the Moana cartoon.

Aretha Franklin famously spelled it in song.

Puzzle 10

Assume the throne.

A group of ants or bees.

Sausage in bun.

Social __, abilities to communicate with others.

Ford Model T, she's married to Stanley in Cars.

Every year occurrence.

To give the silent treatment to someone.

Isaac, the gravity formulator.

Boxing __, padded equipment worn on the hands.

Emotional worries and pressure.

The Great Believers author Rebecca __.

Sagacity; quality of having experience, knowledge.

Goddess after whom the Greek capital is named.

Single-mast yachts, the Beach Boys sang about one.

Paper or fabric used to wipe the mouth.

Puzzle 11

Pressing a button or pulling a handle on a toilet.

Place to stay near nature, sleeping in a tent.

Israeli city; New Testament home to Jesus.

Alone time, being away from everyone else.

__ cone worm; invertebrate with conical shell.

A way to cook eggs popular in cartoons.

Prussian prime minister who unified Germany.

Answer to a problem.

Person who shares a living space.

Yellow spice used in curry or as anti-inflammatory.

Risky __, film has Cruise dancing in his underwear.

Collection of signatures to fight a cause.

__ orders sometimes take a vow of silence.

Puzzle 12

Andrew __, Abraham Lincoln's second VP.

The two days when most of us get a break from work.

Red __, spy thriller based on Jason Matthews book.

Experiences again.

Old, from a different era.

To receive something from your ancestors.

__ crossword; puzzle with enigmatic clues.

Country where Great Danes come from.

Italian port city located near Slovenian border.

Anise-tasting seeds used in rye bread.

Crying demonstrably.

Praise a deity.

Puzzle 13

Relax, loosen up mind and body.

Durum wheat semolina dish from North Africa.

Fixed-price fee, no matter how long a job takes.

Ring-necked spitting cobras.

Dish-like receptacles for stubbing out cigarettes.

A necessary tool for draining pasta water.

Region in NW Italy, Turin is the capital.

Events that cause public moral outrage.

Harry Potter hippogriff.

Making a disapproving face.

Calm and serene.

Note down evidence methodically.

Artist who leads an unconventional lifestyle.

Puzzle 14

Duck à __, poultry dish with a citrus sauce.

Monthly accountings of what you should spend.

Capital of the state of Georgia.

To speak to an audience; make a speech to a nation.

Personal voyage of discovery.

Shailene __, actress in The Fault In Our Stars.

Turkish leader who became president in 2014.

Bubbling hot tub.

What one intends to convey, especially by language.

First name of the Duchess of Cornwall.

Entrap, take prisoner, seize, incarcerate.

Oberon and Titania in A Midsummer Night's Dream.

Coped with a situation.

Putting shopping into sacks.

Puzzle 15

Swiss watchmaker brand that invented Internet Time.

__ butter, crunchy or smooth PBJ ingredient.

Much-anticipated high point.

Instruments; glasses for champagne.

Relax, decompress.

What podium athletes get.

Dutch artist, drew optically confusing staircases.

Supplies, distributes, publishes.

Two words that can be seen at the finish of a book.

Opulent indulgence and comforts.

Usually, cotton material with fine ribbing.

Small beetle that damages and kills crops.

The Other Two actor Ken __.

__ tour; a visit where an expert shows you around.

Circular things that allow bikes or cars to roll.

__ Villa, or José Doroteo Arango Arámbula.

Soviet flag symbol, also used for cutting grain.

Anthony __; Red Hot Chili Peppers' lead vocalist.

Puzzle 16

Underground passageway.

People who don't eat animals or their by-products.

More rapid.

Sew a wound.

The Red Rising Series author, __ Brown.

On fire, burning.

Bette __; US Beaches actress and singer.

Large storage areas; warehouses.

Singer sister of Rufus Wainwright.

__ Week, Japanese end of April break.

Cookie, pie and sweets creators.

However; by the by.

Stomach crunches.

The capital of Ireland.

Take a trip somewhere.

Large area full of trees.

Puzzle 17

Device for spinning discs, used by DJs.

Sister of grandparent.

Bright-red superfood, aka the matrimony vine.

Making art out of clay.

Domesticated animals that live on farms.

Sequences of imagined events.

What we do when using a semicolon.

2018 yeti animation starring James Corden.

Film format for TV.

Relating to religion, having other-worldly beliefs.

Murder victim in The Murder at the Vicarage.

Nation surrounded by Italy, Repubblica di __.

Puzzle 18

Hairs that you put mascara on.

What you are doing when you drink water.

Gamboled, cavorted, played, skipped.

Bringing goods into a country illegally.

German physicist who developed quantum theory.

Chaplin and Bloom movie of 1952.

Kernels used to make praline.

Change dramatically, evolve.

Uneven, not uniform.

French artist of Liberty Leading the People.

Kent home of Winston Churchill.

Feeling of joy and contentment.

Puzzle 19

His death led to the Hundred Years War: __ IV.

Famous oratorio by Handel with a Hallelujah chorus.

Turn on the oven to get it to temperature.

Ban something.

Seasoned raw ground beef dish: beef __.

Burning brightly, aflame.

US fashion designer and director of A Single Man.

Advance screening of a film.

Hugged warmly.

Historical military armor for the chest and back.

Obsolete, old fashioned, not in current usage.

Putting words on paper to craft a poem or novel.

Quality of being in the present moment; aware.

Made a high-pitched electronic sound.

Puzzle 20

Ritual singing.

Advantages; pros, not cons.

__ fracture; barely visible crack in a bone.

__ frame; playground equipment with ladders.

Difficult fight.

Contemplating and pondering.

An animal that hunts other animals instinctively.

Rectangular full-length folds on skirts.

Repatriated forcibly to an original home.

The framing system inside all mammals.

Dimness, blackness.

__ agents, pros who place scripts with publishers.

Beef cold cut popular in Jewish delicatessens.

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