CodyCross Good Advice Pack answers

Good Advice PackGood Advice

Here are the answers to CodyCross Good Advice Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

When you're in a foreign country you're said to be.

Uncomfortably lodged underwear.

When a salary is received each week or month.

Horse feet.

People in glass __ shouldn't throw stones.

__ clean, deep clean done before summer season.

The hoop in a court game with orange ball.

Masticated food; chomped on.

Don't eat __ snow!.

Spread of food at a table, usually self service.

Puzzle 2

Substances formed of molecules, some are poisonous.

Inhale (two words).

Delete button on computer keyboard.

Banning from school.

Carbon __; measure for your environmental impact.

Latin for "seize the day".

Audio-only program broadcast over the airwaves.

Cost with no discounts or special offers (2 words).

Bath with massaging jets of water.

Water __ help cut down on limescale build up.

Practical joker.

Most heavily populated country in Central America.

Las Vegas female dancers; cult classic film title.

Cacao product.

The other way around.

Puzzle 3

What to do before leaving a hotel.

Space series that gave us Kirk and the Enterprise.

Spuds, cooked in foil on barbecues.

Stepping heavily.

Embellish, enhance the appearance of something.

Baton __; majorettes with marching bands.

Author of a fiction book.

Part of an airport for greetings.

A table that lists what appears in a book.

__ room; where sportspeople get ready for matches.

Knocked nails into wood.

Be ___, since no one likes people who are late.

Fictional aquatic creatures with human upper half.

Scaling a cliff or a building.

London Bridge Is Falling Down is sung to my __.

Cold opponent of Batman.

Daily dental cleaning between the teeth.

Puzzle 4

Strips of hair grown on both sides of the face.

Container for growing geraniums or marigolds.

Month of the year that's alphabetically last.

Sufferer of a common lung condition, needs inhaler.

Famous person.

Take out __ to cover against unhappy life events.

__ sighted; visually impaired.

Exclamation by Charlie Brown.

Another name for the femur.

Sunday meat with apple sauce accompaniment.

Office worker, receptionist.

Money lender with high interest rates.

Opening line in a journal entry.

Don't shoot the __ (he/she only brings bad news).

Tabletop plaything with counters or dice and rules.

Puzzle 5

Put this inside a soft toy, or a turkey.

Verbal disagreement, quarrel.

Pianist, cellist, trombonist, drummer, for example.

One who lives surrounded by water.

Cooking area, often above the oven.

Salty liquid dressing used in Chinese foods.

Relax, chill, don't speed.

__ father, John Adams is considered an example.

Transferring tech info without being plugged in.

UFC, or __ Fighting Championship.

Opening and closing one's eyes quickly.

Device to measure oil levels in a car.

Attitudes, stances.

College for the training of the clergy.

Marvel superhero team.

Illegal game hunters.

What the emperor wasn't wearing.

Ask a silly __ and get a silly answer.

Puzzle 6

Air __; substance that neutralizes bad odors.

Really funny.

French wheat vodka named for a dull-colored bird.

The House of the __; iconic hit for The Animals.

Sign on public buildings for cigarette users.

Apprehending a suspected criminal.


Sew decoratively.

Power stations with giant turbines.

Japan's highest mountain, a snowy dormant volcano.

Advice given on a roller coaster or a bus.

__ lung; pneumothorax, painful chest condition.

Puzzle 7

Small cases for face powder.

Led Zeppelin classic, __ to Heaven.

A written collection of funnies.

An arc-shaped street.

Talking, making conversation.

__ is a virtue.

Barney Rubble's son.

__ Explorer; Microsoft web browser.

__ properly or you'll get indigestion.

Coastline, such as the US's North-Eastern one.

Having __; an argument to tip the balance.

Euphoric, heavenly, ecstatic.

State in which South Park is set.

Animated film about the first cave people.

Period between two parts of a sports match.

Not criminally.

A person who works full time for a company.

Puzzle 8

A staff for flying the Stars and Stripes.

Moniker of the first Tsar of Russia: Ivan the __.

Eco __; environmental protestors.

Gets ready.

__ movie; film you watch on an airplane.

When You __ A Star; Disney's Pinocchio tune.

Type of barbecue that uses the entire pig.

Precious jewel.

Julia Roberts thriller, __ With the Enemy.

Dramatic reductions, e.g. in funding.

Fixative, glue.

Don't eat before __, avoid open water after lunch.

Keeps a watchful eye on progress.

Large jazz-playing ensembles of the 30s and 40s.

Say __ to people to show gratitude.

Tiny red insects that inflict burning stings.

__ Tale, often erroneous story passed down.

Puzzle 9

Related to central government; not municipal/state.

Don't shop on an empty __, as you'll buy bad food.

Italian sweet pastry tubes filled with ricotta.

Destiny's Child ex member who only needs one name.

No man can serve two __.

Optical illusions of water on a desert road.

Pot-__ pig; portly porcine.

Flat surfaces fixed to walls to hold books.

Hide or disguise something.

Do exercises to build strength and muscle.

Wheel protectors, often shiny metal.

Puzzle 10

__ up, warms up before physical exercise.

Can __? Bob the Builder's four-word catchphrase.


He wrote and recorded Purple Haze: Jimi __.

Young boys are told to be presentable and pull __.

The __ of bees on a summer's day.

Vehicles for transporting coffins.

Gem company that says A Diamond is Forever.

The __, single page cartoons by Gary Larson.

A poor __ always blames his tools.

Autobot named for riding on the back tire only.

In an untidy way.

Roads for planes.

Puzzle 11

People who purposefully shun the truth.

Kitchen boss.

Most populated country in the Horn of Africa.

Home __; familiar items to help you feel at home.

__ cough, childhood illness.

Improved the quality, boosted the value.

Stay __, an exhortation to avoid the blues.

Beat generation pioneer, Allen __.

Cheese from Cyprus that can be grilled or fried.

Toronto baseball team, or azure bird.

Don't eat with your mouth __ (fully expanded).

Sample document that can be customized.

Puzzle 12

"__ twice, cut once", a saying used in crafts.

__ costs; making savings, reducing expenditure.

Multiplied by itself, e.g. 3 __ equals 9.

It's the same as twelve months.

Motorbike with extended handlebars and a low seat.

Use this small device to secure a gate with a key.

Go back to a thought or proposal.

Ball __, device prevents friction in moving parts.

Like an android or cyborg.

__ club, social event where wines are sampled.

Got to the end of a journey.

Don't __ everything you hear: said Aesop.

Puzzle 13

Slices of chilled deli meat.

Removing material from the bottom of a waterway.

Long key on a keyboard to make gaps between words.

A blood-__ scream would cause terror.

Perks to a job other than the salary.

Always drink __ from the herd: Will Rogers quote.

Looming; impending; headed your way.

__ Coast, Dorset coastline with many fossils.

Made milk.

Tormenting or intimidating someone who is weaker.

Anti-Christmas film with Billy Bob Thornton.

Don't leave this overnight job till last minute.

Puzzle 14

Protest or oppose in court; I __!.

Jeans, and the material they are made from.

Stay __, advice to avoid weakness.

Baguette, multigrain, rye are all these.

Reaction that releases nuclear energy.

Marry in haste, __ at leisure.

Leaks blood.

Quickly knelt down out of sight or line of fire.

Stroked a cat.

Liar, liar, pants __; children's rhyme.

Vince __, actor who starred in Wedding Crashers.

Reduced by 50 percent.

Puzzle 15

Don't play __, since you will definitely get burnt.

Run __ (Girls), Beyoncé track about ruling planet.

Appealing to the opinion of the masses/population.

Speaking in a gravelly voice, like a bear.

Bartender's utensil for picking up frozen cubes.

Authorizing; permitting.

Equal to 1,024 KB.

Sofa accessories.

Block, impede.

Groups of trees that produce apples or pears.

Issues an order; not demands but __.

__ nurse, care specialist after surgery.

Bestowed the title of Sir on someone.

From the largest island off the coast of Italy.

Toddlers digging in the garden are told not to __.

Small, hand-held telescope, for James Bond maybe.

Puzzle 16

Don't walk under __, an advisory proverb.

Italian rice dish.

Convert data into code to keep it secure.

Liquids with powers, magical or restorative.

Custom-designed women's high fashion; haute __.

Moody display of temper.

Sung to babies in treetops to get them to sleep.

Look after the __ (small amounts of currency).

One who pedals to travel.

Describes rich business people, in a feline way.

Puzzle 17

Toto blesses the rains here.

Long-barrelled guns.

Every 12 months.

OJ, tonic, ginger ale, etc. in combo with spirits.

Supplied or provided; made a formal statement.

Crown of __, a spiny venomous starfish.

Smith & __, American firearms manufacturer.

Movie: Never Give a __ an Even Break.

At the back of.

John Lee __, blues guitarist of Boom Boom.

By eating __ you can avoid indigestion.

Erase something from a computer.

Puzzle 18

Highly decorated New England Patriots quarterback.

A forefather or ancient relative.

Shows approval with clapping.

Old furniture pieces.

Selling cakes and goodies to raise money.

People who work for masters.

Ralph Breaks the __, Wreck-It Ralph sequel.

Capital of Chile.

State of being slightly wet.

Two different words that mean the same thing.

__ Gnomes, animated detective movie.

Tell __, since you'll get caught out with lies.

Metric weight equal to 2.2 lb.

Bomb __, army unit for diffusing armaments.

__ will get you nowhere.

Moisturizing balm used around the mouth.

__ arrest; held in custody without good reason.

Puzzle 19

Collided like cymbals.

Celebrations for birthdays or other events.

Spicy sauce dishes, common to Indian, Thai cuisine.

Fun Easter activity for kids.

Returning a soccer ball to the field with hands.

Cheats never __.

Numerical country pop song by Taylor Swift.


Convertible or roofless, e.g. a car or bus.

Honey catches more flies than __.

Puzzle 20

Not inside; where people spend more time in summer.

Be __, motto of the Scouting Movement.

Dark hole where forty-niners dug for nuggets.

Song chorus every Aussie child knows: __ Matilda.

Diet with no sodium chloride.

Expensive wool-like fabric; anagram of "a schemer".

Etc. in full.

Earthy mark left on an athlete's shorts.

Don't drink __! It's illegal.

Enough, sufficient.

Author of Gulliver's Travels: __ Swift.

During the day, this lights up the sky.

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