CodyCross Good Hygiene Pack answers

Good Hygiene PackGood Hygiene

Here are the answers to CodyCross Good Hygiene Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Uncomfortable, unsure how to act.

Paul, post-Impressionist painter based in Tahiti.

Crime that often accompanies battery.

Monster with lion head, goat body and serpent tail.

Country in which The Quiet American is set.

An outfit worn by people working at the same place.

Run __, strike the bottom of the ocean floor.

Tragic girlfriend of Hamlet.

Fit and well, safe and nourishing.

Tequila __ with orange juice, grenadine.

British seal hunter, discovered an Antarctic Sea.

Removing small particles from household surfaces.

Puzzle 2

Small round loaf or bun.

Taking a stolen car for a drive.

Wind that causes a swirl of grains in a desert.

Crop spray that kills bugs and bacteria.

Oscar-winning Best Picture of 2019.

Container for files carried by professionals.

Curved wooden souvenir from Australia.

Book with a sturdy shell.

Old-timey word for daily washing rituals.

Critical vehicle in The Hunt for Red October.

A large hairy spider with mild venom.

Basketball throw away from your body to a teammate.

Puzzle 3

David __; Absolute Power novelist.

Running-water toilet room, perhaps on a plane.

Jewish holiday also known as Pesach.

Containers for burning hot coals.

Britpop band with Richard Ashcroft as vocalist.

Ben Cross played him in Chariots of Fire.

Tiny marine organisms eaten by fish and whales.

Large scale loss of electrical power.

Tiny bug that loves mattresses, is bad for asthma.

__ Post, German mail and logistics network.

Puzzle 4

The expansion and dissemination of disease.

She kills the witch and frees Hansel in the story.

Lead singer for The Rolling Stones.

US word that's a UK tap for running water.

1980s hairstyle with short front, long back.

Bob __, world long-jump record-holder for 22 years.

Sandpiper family bird with long down-curved bill.

Police officer in Top Cat cartoons.

Greek amber liqueur made with Muscat wines.

Agricultural hand tool used to cut grass or wheat.

Chess piece that can only move diagonally.

Formal room for eating.

Bill __; M's chief of staff in 007.

Humans take in this gas, from breathing.

Puzzle 5

Household cleaning liquid that might be put off.

Tardy person, someone dragging their heels.

A tooth with pus from a bacterial infection.

Illness from eating contaminated food.

Becoming conscious, as in a religious __.

Instrument also known as a squeezebox.

Decisive boxing matches are won by these.

Paul __, chef, made Cajun, Creole dishes popular.

Its capital city is Buenos Aires.

Award-winning author of The Fault In Our Stars.

Puzzle 6

Device used by treasure seekers, metal __.

Owner of a building that is rented to tenants.

A 1985 song by A-ha, I'll be gone in a day or two.

Annual award for children's literature.

Nutty __; 2017 sequel to animated film The Nut Job.

Workplace apprentices.

This sparks a reaction.

Gran Teatro __; Venice's "phoenix" opera house.

Type of brown sugar.

Animal species who are at home in the trees.

Disposable, wet tissue for cleansing infant skin.

Important in the past.

A valuable but useless item: "white __".

Pipe system for removing run-off water.

Puzzle 7


Start off childbirth artificially.

Antics or skilled tricks.

Spores, can be removed from showers with bleach.

Great quantity present.

Lily of the __, white bellflower used in perfumery.

__ blossom honey, sweet product of Australia.

Circus performer's leg-extenders.

African animals with black and white stripes.

Brother of Henry VIII who died at age 15.

Processing Bitcoin transactions.

Household cleaning device that sucks up dirt.

Interpreters must be this in another language.

__ de Monte-Carlo, opulent venue for Riviera bets.

__ the World in Eighty Days.

Pulls a large fishing net.

Tall hat or decoration for the surface of a cake.

Puzzle 8

Cage or Sarkozy, for example.

Learning environments.

Artists who sold 100M records can win this award.

Country home to The Little Mermaid statue.

Graphic displays of name and logo hung in a store.

Tiny insect pests that get into flour.

Another word for trash, garbage.

Historical England area that was ruled by Vikings.

Leaf-based summer refreshing drink.

Leslie __, deadpan lead of Police Squad.

The Emperor's New __; cautionary tale about vanity.

Like Dalí, Kahlo's paintings were __.

Goals for working towards.

Spaceship used by the US in late 20th century.

Boxing weight class under Heavyweight.

Puzzle 9

Coffee shop offering for folks with computers.

Orange-scented essential oil for anxiety.

Radio towers do this with radio signals.

Space tunnel for time travel, theory by Einstein.

Popular anime and manga series: My Hero __.

Music genre mixing soul, funk, disco.

Wrench tool with a hexagonal head.

Nail trimming pincers.

Amount of light that makes a photo light or dark.

Arc de __, a monument in Paris, France.

Vegetable also known as a German turnip.

Looking after your own well-being.

Escape, make a bid for freedom, e.g. from prison.

Where Adam and Eve lived before original sin.

Time period when day turns to night.

Versace's profession.

The giant serpent from Harry Potter.

Puzzle 10

Reduction of income able to be taxed.

Scrub the body to remove dead skin.

American variety of salami common as pizza topping.

What's your name man? __ Hamilton!.

Measurement in one direction, e.g. length or width.

Phones superimpose images in this type of reality.

Any perfumed scent in cleaning products.

Sandra Bullock stepped in as this in Speed.

Greek queen of the Amazons with famous girdle.

__ up, fried eggs with visible yolks.

Puzzle 11

A spotter will provide this when you lift weights.

Separates into like kinds.

Sauce of French cuisine made with roux and stock.

Drink water.

Country, alphabetically between Iraq and Israel.

Mama's gonna buy little Baby a __ glass.

Examples include rats, squirrels and hamsters.

Putting away of food so it stays safe to eat.

Decorative wreath common around Christmas.

Sudden urge for a particular food during pregnancy.

Only sold one painting when he was alive.

Washing vessel for soaking yourself with bubbles.

Puzzle 12

Idiomatic dessert of someone who admits a mistake.

Soldiers often feel this way about their country.

Thoroughly cleaning hands or a floor.

Fear of fear itself US president.

Zeus is associated with this electrical discharge.

Clean something hygienically.

Relaxation technique awash with noise waves.

Affluent Central London district.

Aussie pop group with big hit Down Under.

The Powerpuff Girl named after a yellow flower.

Rabbit beloved enough to become real.

Oil that's not animal, extracted from seeds.

Farmers use this hand tool to move hay.

Puzzle 13

Like a deciduous tree in winter.

Wanderer, also Korean TV show.

Whirring toothbrush for optimum cleaning.

Greater than zero.

A room covered with glass to allow sunlight.

Fish with a large blue dorsal fin and a long bill.

Tying shoes again.

Safe food __, touching with clean fingers.

Food, specifically meat, cooked on an open fire.

Mystical school of thought in Judaism.

Artery supplying the heart with blood.

Skilled craftsmen and women.

Deadheads followed this band: The __ Dead.

Doctors may give one for a specialist.

Puzzle 14

10 Cloverfield Lane, a 2016 movie with John __.

This teen witch had a talking cat on her TV series.

Small plants growing between tree and snow lines.

Absorbent, porous cleaning pads.

Vocalizing, but as a dog.

Fry's Turkish __, chocolate bar with pink middle.

Often plaid shirt fabric worn by lumberjacks.

Safety eye protection for scientists, medics.

Chilly relations between the Superpowers after WW2.

__ Child, Northern Ireland song by Simple Minds.

Main pack of riders in a cycling road race.

Wall opening to allow gas, smoke, steam to escape.

Rest __, feel confident or certain.

Puzzle 15

Comic book giant with a cinematic universe.

Seedy, sordid, disreputable.

William P __ , author of The Exorcist.

Middle word in WHO, with World and Organization.

Stomach __, or sit-up, for toning the midriff.

Italian helicopter manufacturer founded in 1923.

Half human, half robot fusion.

Using a wet cloth to clean surfaces.

Gaye whose song asked, "What's going on?".

A celebration or party in Spanish.

Take up residence at a new place.

__ tomato, salad items that resemble stoned fruit.

Mushroom, yeast or spores.

Jenson the F1 champ.

Legs pump back and forth on these playground seats.

Dab oil onto someone as part of a religious ritual.

The __ Years, Kevin Arnold's TV diary.

Puzzle 16

Italian egg dish similar to quiche.

This genetic event gives X-Men their powers.

Of a piece of writing that's been shortened.

Black volcanic glass.

One single bone in the spine.

Take That's 2010 album with evolution cover.

Gifts or bequests left in wills.

Cleaning chemical used in swimming pool water.

Putting waxed string between teeth to clean them.

Showing symptoms of high body temperature.

Capt. Picard learns to play __ in Star Trek.

Small container for an aquatic pet.

Puzzle 17

Sneeze or cough into this soft paper.

Go to __; hide out, conceal oneself.

Small carpet made from offcuts of fabric.

Get soap bubbles going with this mesh sponge.

Illusion associated with desert heat.

Golfing movie with Kevin Costner.

The last name of the author of Animal Farm.

They enforce the laws.

Alcoholic beverage, anagram of pet lip.

Song by Steve Winwood: __ Love.

Nationality of the priest who wrote 95 Theses.

Marks on clothing, use remover to get off.

Financial plan with income and outgoings.

Horse __, equine by-product used on the garden.

Yoga backbend on tummy, like a grasshopper.

Puzzle 18

A surface that is hostile to infection or bacteria.

The cartoon character who is American Dad.

Canadian city where many TV shows film.

Item with bristles for combing locks.

__ ram, tool for forcing entry to buildings.

Introductory chit chat or pleasantries.

Instrumental music played during an interval.

The web-slinging superhero.

__ Palace, official residence of the Pope.

Aromatic seeds used in Indian dishes.

Puzzle 19

Carried golf clubs.

Issue, complication.

A type of browsing that hides your history.

Celebratory meal for a large amount of people.

Preparing groceries for transportation.

Danish town that is home to Legoland theme park.

Muslim leader who defeated the Crusaders.

Many happy __, birthday greetings.

Take Me Home, __ Roads, sang John Denver.

Antibacterial liquid for cleansing without water.

Free from bacteria, completely clean.

Enclosure for children to hang out in safely.

Puzzle 20

Soap bubbles.

A weighted item dropped into water to stop boats.

Cheese __, pastry sticks served at parties.

In the nursery rhyme, Jack was quick and this.

Protection granted to political refugees.

Solitary recluse, sometimes for religious purposes.

Join or edit together two different songs.

A seemingly perfect society found in literature.

Errol Flynn played one in Captain Blood.

As __ as hen's teeth.

Dry yourself with these but don't share them.

Allium's edible stalks, herbs used for seasoning.

Fearsome serpentine giant in Greek mythology.

Eddy Grant sang of an Electric one.

Cleans vegetables using water.

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