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Here are the answers to CodyCross Good Luck Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

This country has the Internet domain .ee.

French word for shirt or loose-fitting dress style.

Long Asian pasta threads, eaten for a long life.

DIY-implement box.

Accommodated a horse.

Clingy marine molluscs.

__ Love, swoonworthy song by Ross and Richie.

Goaded, incited.

The Dam __, war movie with Michael Redgrave.

The __, US space-age cartoon family.

Bird like a martin, forked tail, lucky in Korea.

Flaming, like Moses' bush.

Puzzle 2

A magician.

Colourful pieces of quartz, thought to heal.

Chris Farley played a fat guy in a little coat.

Forbid, disallow.

More substantial, anagram of earthier.

Abstains from drinking.

Autobiographical John Lennon song about Liverpool.

Western TV show about a saloon owner.

Entire porcine.

Home with apertures for domesticated pigeons.

Puzzle 3

__ who art in heaven; opening to the Lord's Prayer.

Extreme or obsessive interest in words or talking.

France's colored sheep cheese.

Close Encounters of the __; Spielberg sci-fi drama.

Eat this in apology for being wrong.

When basketball player makes a highlight dunk.

Lightweight timber for model making.

Messier, less well-presented than.

A tropical grass whose juice is sweet.

Add websites identified as safe to a protocol.

San __ de la Laguna, ancient city on Tenerife.

Durability, endurance, for a lengthy life.

UK Secretary of State for War in 1914, Herbert __.

Sailors get good luck if they see this big bird.

How Donald Duck is known in Denmark.

Puzzle 4

Pouch worn with a kilt.

Becomes skilled at something.

In sleep mode; switched on but not functioning.

Small pieces or mouthfuls of food.

Morgan __, acted in The Shawshank Redemption.

Stuffing, wadding, packing.

Evil __; devils, ghouls and supernatural beings.

Great __ Reef.

"Buffy the __ Slayer".

Deeds that speak louder than words.

At __ New Year, eat lucky foods, e.g. dumplings.

Puzzle 5

Trudging slowly.

Large animal with tusks, symbols of health/wealth.

Swelling in fingers caused by exposure to the cold.

Satirical body fluid musical.

Find this at the end of a rainbow.

Tipping __; Sarah Waters' coming of age novel.

Aromatic balls or clove-studded oranges.

Process for creating and addressing letters.

State of being out of practice like corroded metal.

Sci-fi series with regenerations every few years.

Super __; Nintendo's crossover fighting games.

Rick Astley was Never Gonna __ in 1987.

Can be twisted.

Hollywood actress, won an Oscar for Klute.

Henry __, US Secretary of State 1973-1977.

Twister made of flames or ash.

Puzzle 6

__ one's time; not acting immediately.

Dana __, the Church Lady and Garth.

Witches cast these on people (good or bad).

People carry lucky __ such as rabbits paws.

__ chef; junior member of kitchen staff.

Folder with sleeves to hold papers.

Give Peace a __, a John Lennon mantra.

__ Garden, London thoroughfare famous for diamonds.

Fixed in place with pins or staples.

Last Sultan of the Ottoman Empire: __ VI.

Spanish rice dish.

Bring me my __ of desire, from Blake's Jerusalem.

US city; celebrates St Patrick's Day since 1737.

Puzzle 7

Acting maternally towards someone.

Digs out earth with a backhoe.

World's largest shopping centre.

Can be pinched or taken by thieves.

Surreal show focused on who killed Laura Palmer.

Soul and pop band led by Mick Hucknall.

The Ragged __ Philanthropists: Tressell's politics.


Someone working less than a 9 to 5.

Equipment used for putting balls on greens.

Actress famous for wearing a safety pin dress.

Another phrase for creme fraiche.

Bright thing in the night sky, aka Polaris.

Puzzle 8

__ God; traditional Chinese domestic deity.

Gushed, squirted.

Print made from a design cut in linoleum.

Green, leafy, carrot-family herb, curly or flat.

Jane __, MM's co-star in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.

You start a game of ice hockey with this.

A marriage ceremony.

Discontinued first iPod with flash memory: iPod __.

Persistently hassling.

Kiss the __ Stone, an Irish symbol of good luck.

Official currency of Malaysia.

Archie's burger loving comic strip friend.

Handing out emergency supplies from a plane.

Neighbour-envy could mean keeping up with the __.

Puzzle 9

Philip __, wrote the landmark Beatles bio Shout!.

Term for a habitual skeptic: doubting __.

Place where you can gamble at Blackjack, etc..

The word said when clinking glasses as a toast.

Opposite of transparent.

Commotion, uproar, upheaval.

Kiwi operatic voice, Dame Kiri te __.

Vehicle that uses two or more types of power.

A group of kittens.

He eats like a cow.

Puzzle 10

Martin __, Harry Devlin crime writer.

Weekly draw with big prizes if your numbers match.

Hot seasons.

Appalling, atrocious.

Wind __ through trees.

Tony __, singer, left his heart in San Francisco.

Decorate food with greenery.

Naming and __; publicly identifying a guilty party.

German national park with native beech forests.

Tux, the mascot of Linux, is this type of bird.

Stroking, e.g. a lucky charm for good luck.

Making rugs.

Avengers team member with a bow and arrows.

Proclamation as Jesus entered Jerusalem.

Puzzle 11

Squeezed; crushed.

__ Persia; royal puzzle platform game.

Dirty Harry's surname.

Lucky clover symbol in Ireland.

Gilbert and Sullivan operetta: The Pirates of __.

State of abstaining from sex.

Big, stuffed sack for fighters to hit/kick.

Number considered unlucky, especially on Fridays.

Enter without a care in the world.

Nibbles from a canine.

Mudslide, avalanche.

Grapes without a pippy centre.

Puzzle 12

Fine for wrongdoing; anagram of aplenty.

Played timpani with sticks.

Twitter + people = slang word for Twitter users.

Assistant to the chief electrician on a film crew.

Luxury British department store chain: Harvey __.

Hard, yellow Swiss cheese.

Blossom and flourish, with wealth.

Chinese money-bag dumplings.

__ realism: fabulist art style.

December's Spanish lottery, "the fat one".

Dispensed liquid with an aerosol.

Horses for __, sticking to one's expertise.

My Pet __; a toy, book series and animated TV show.

Campaign or poll for votes.

Weather radar used to detect and forecast rain.

Puzzle 13

Beverly Hills Cop actor, Eddie __.

Home of the Weasley family and Shropshire town.

Two-legged creature with dragon's body.

Pleasure voyage on a ship.

Elastic stuff from tropical trees used in industry.

__ & Blackwell, famous canned soup brand.

US singer-songwriter born Malcolm John Rebennack.

A looking glass; don't break it if you want luck.

Spanish eat 12 at midnight at New Year for luck.

Least mad.

Puzzle 14

Australian Christmas dinner might be cooked on one.

Coloured tint to photos and film to suggest age.

Frustration, anger.

An object that wards off evil.

The Muswell Hillbillies led by a knighted singer.

"First" row in an airplane.

Leading character drawn by Tom Clancy.

Hard-shelled, slow reptile, brings longevity.

Table Mountain city.

E.g. fabric without joins.

Deserted, moved on from.

Detective series featuring Tom Selleck.

Puzzle 15

Experiencing sharp, sudden pains.

Water __, edible tuber used in Chinese cookery.

V-shaped bird skeleton, break it for luck.

Joined or fastened to something.

__ fate; saying something you hope won't happen.

Duke of Marlborough win; name given to his palace.

Condition of becoming wider, larger.

Rambling, tramping, hiking.

Words such as choo-choo or bye-bye.

Hip hop artist who released U Can't Touch This.

Thick woollen bed covers.

Lady __; ruled England for nine days in 1553.

Character killed in Murder on the Orient Express.

Puzzle 16

Type of bun the British eat at Easter.

Swiss-German modern painter of Fish Magic.

An inhabitant of Berlin.

Element found in proteins but not in carbohydrates.

A fan or follower of heartthrob Justin Bieber.

Skin marked with tan specks.

Assignments, undertakings, tasks.

Female perfumer known for scented candles.

__ bomb, WW2 invention by Barnes Wallis.

Utah film festival devised by Robert Redford.

Palestinian uprising, first happened in 1987.

Young Spanish lady.

Something __, something blue, at weddings for luck.

Walks ostentatiously.

Giving something holy approval.

Puzzle 17

Tiny pastel paper shapes thrown at a wedding.

Keep this rain-protector closed indoors, for luck.

God, holy one.

Achoo! Expelling evil spirits through the nose....

Unmarried woman (an unkind-sounding term).

Wood from a broad-leaved tree.

Grains for semolina used in N African cooking.

Bank employees.

France's Sun King.

Nonsense; a theatrical device that applauded.

__ hound; original name for the bloodhound breed.

A boat with three hulls.

__ Valley, US area of buttes used in Western films.


Secure a gym locker door with these and a key.

Cleanin' Out __; 2002 hit for Eminem.

Puzzle 18


Month when Martin Luther King Day is celebrated.

Luck; or a large inherited sum of money.

Composer of the opera Peter Grimes: Benjamin __.

Ryan __, actor, Gangster Squad, Lost River.

Politically, denotes sweeping, even violent change.

Sweet fruit, candied fruit peel.

A person who bets.

Wage increase.

Ceramic spouted vessels serve up rosie lea.

Posy, said to ward off bad smells in olden days.

Dune is a game set in Frank __'s universe.

Puzzle 19

Wht ths sntnce s mssng.

Cutting implements, sometimes good-luck symbols.

Reinforced piece of fabric especially in underwear.

Keep to, e.g. rules.

Scottish single malt.

"Dog in the __" means spiteful and mean-spirited.

To have cut down trees for commercial use.

Song by Petula Clark: Don't Sleep in the __.

Black, crow-like birds said to bring bad luck.

__-doux, French term for a love letter.

__ towers, once Melbourne's tallest building.

Puzzle 20

Glass balls for playing with.

Thin layer of glued board used in diy projects.

Tibetan __, flat upland plain.

Ginger ale, beer cocktail aka mule.

Stan __ Evil, demon-fighting sheriff show.

The Scottish play; don't say the name in a theatre.

Ecosystem of treeless grasslands in Russia.

Jools __, Annual Hootenanny host.

Chinese think these golden citrus fruits are lucky.

Ball deliverer in baseball.

Desperately __ Susan, Arquette/Madonna movie.

Male adult deer.

Casket __, messages from Mary, Queen of Scots.

Places of learning, where pupils are taught.

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