CodyCross Grand Gestures Pack answers

Grand Gestures PackGrand Gestures

Here are the answers to CodyCross Grand Gestures Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

In this movie Al Pacino plays a drug dealer.

Small sticks, pieces of wood for starting a fire.

Powerful autocratic leader.

Pining, yearning.

Surplus, abundance.

The foliate masks in medieval churches.

Eradicate, extinguish, maybe with a foot.

The English one has 26 letters.

Bivalve seafood with cylindric white flesh.

Office machines for putting ink on paper.

Red earthy vegetable.

Coppola's production company, American __.

Pop the __; propose, ask someone to marry you.

The quality of being teasy or funny.

Someone who commits illegal acts.

Mike __, Tubular Bells composer.

Puzzle 2

My Guy Motown singer had hits with Marvin Gaye.

The home country of koalas and platypuses.

Sodapop, Two-Bit, Ponyboy.

John __, Suffolk painter of the Hay Wain.

Gratefulness, appreciation.

When a woman has a baby bump.

Plant whose leaves and seeds are used in curries.

Rhythmic swaying of a couple in time to a ballad.

Deformed, having undesirable outline or dimensions.

Floating home, a barge with living accommodation.

Manufacturers, creators.

Didier __; France 2018 World Cup-winning coach.

Puzzle 3

Beautiful, drop dead __.

Union __ of the South, Lincoln proclaimed in 1861.

Instinctive, based on a word for internal organs.

Reality show with style makeovers by the Fab Five.

Savory balls of dough made with suet.

Second-largest city in Colombia.

Navigational devices for measuring distances.

Henri __ Cup, the trophy for the UEFA winners.

Stamp of authenticity on a precious metal.

__ stones; spaced-out rocks for crossing a river.

Love __; Christmas film with romantic storylines.

Family member.

Garments that people wear.

Puzzle 4

Covert, hidden.

The Best __ Marigold Hotel, 2011 comedy drama.

__ to Catalonia, Orwell recounts his war efforts.

Also known as ermines, their fur is winter white.

Sieve used to remove lumps in flour.

Building full of students and teachers.

Attractive metal object that sticks to fridges.

The __; Canadian "Can't Feel My Face" singer.

Soft flower parts, sometimes scattered for romance.

Luxury escape for pampering and relaxation.

Least high.

Winter or spring, for example.

A blend of tea and the former name of Sri Lanka.

Puzzle 5

__ touch; making your own mark on something.

Structure or edifice.

Online business network for connecting people.

Lead to, give rise to.

Brilliantly clever people.

Wield something, such as a sword.

Grand Theft Auto's location based on Miami.

Keeper of the flock.

__ aids; water safety flotation devices.

Luxurious silky material from mountain goats.

Emma __, actress of Nanny McPhee and Love Actually.

__ rolls, sweet, spiced buns in a spiral shape.

Boasting, showing off.

Someone present at a meeting or conference.

A two-winged insect.

Puzzle 6

Luxury top-floor apartment or hotel suite.

Death Comes to __, sequel to an Austen classic.

Outgoing personality, life and soul of the party.

Back __, long device with fork-like attachment.

Turtles, an anagram of transpire.

Bale, Slater or Kane's first name.

She played sci-fi beauty Barbarella.

Country associated with gamelan music.

The __ since sliced bread; a great new invention.

Soft has runny insides, hard has solid yolks.

Puzzle 7

Secure place for recuperation.

Stunningly pretty.

Bride and groom's post-wedding getaway.

Richard Scarry's Busytown feline male.

The study of the meaning and history of words.

Swedish two-time Bond girl.

Can be shared or split.

Minneapolis and Saint Paul are in this US state.

Keeping one's identity veiled.

Decorative displays that light up skies.

Model and actress who married Jagger and Murdoch.

Puzzle 8

To absorb the impact of a blow.

Take in guests, accept a delivery.

Inflatable round object seen at children's parties.

Ocean on the western coast of the United States.

Walked like a soldier in step.

Served ice cream with a large spoon.

A fish-and-chip shop.

Selection of specially chosen songs on a cassette.

Special __; tricks and illusions used in movies.

Leave a positive, lasting memory on someone.

Large, long-bodied crustacean.

Volcano with world's biggest-ever explosion (1815).

You put one of these in a frame.

Give a computer instructions.

Puzzle 9

Reflexive pronoun embracing both genders.

When hell __ over; highly unlikely to happen.

First name of Star Trek actor Nimoy.

Venetian watercraft for romantic tourists.

Cross between a muffin and a croissant.

Elastic body tissues for force and motion.

Wrestling move on the upper limb.

Vow __; saying "I do" again, several years later.

Nickname for Miley Cyrus' superfans.

Sturgeons with nutty flavored row.

Attitude, outlook, mentality.

Puzzle 10

__ Munch, artist of The Scream.

Warming spice; red-haired Spice Girl.

"A man's home is his __".


The Lord of the Rings: The Two __.

Leafy vegetable with mildly bitter taste.

Confused, unable to think clearly.

A blockhead or domesticated braying hooved animal.

Over __; excessively showy or flamboyant.

__ Fowler, dirt bike rider turned golfer.

Indian state bordering Tibet, Nepal and Bhutan.

Get Ur Freak On singer Missy __.

Tech company that makes the Ascend phones.

Make someone giggle using the fingers.

__ Woman; romantic epic starring Julia Roberts.

Puzzle 11

Skinny mustelid related to ermine and polecats.

Formally renounce a belief.

Makes butter from milk.

Flexible, like those in a yoga class.

Precious stones collected from oyster shells.

Luxurious vacation on-board an ocean liner.

A compact group of mountains in a mountain range.

Never satisfied, always hungry for more.

__ room, game where players find the way out.

"Just another manic Monday, I wish it were __".

Amber lights on a vehicle, for use in emergency.

Award-winning book set in WWII: Code Name __.

The Other __ Girl, Portman and Johansson film.

Puzzle 12

Made dull, like an overused pencil.

Write a piece of music or a song.

Thick-skinned fruit with green pulp, a large seed.

To go into a violent, frenzied rage.

Where Juliet listened to Romeo's romantic wooing.

The whole __, the entirety of something.

Grim __; animator on Betty Boop comic strips.

__ batteries, devices with longer lives.

Taking a covert glance.

Mending holes in clothes.

Unseating from power, e.g. with a coup.

Puzzle 13

Protect against risk with a monetary payment.

The indigenous Polynesian people of New Zealand.

Start to form an orderly queue.

Common city bird.

British singer known as Sting: __ Sumner.

Thin scraps of paper.

To get one's __ up means to make them angry.

Organs that control thoughts and memories.

Tracked down, located.

__ Yousafzai, Nobel Peace Prize winner in 2014.

Lead character of Trainspotting.

Directly opposite.

Mexican beer.

Summer meal eaten al fresco, often on a blanket.

Puzzle 14

Name of Dr Dolittle's parrot.

Creator of vintages, Champagne and clarets.

Rolling Stones album of 1981 with Start Me Up.

Tall yellow garden bloom with edible seeds.

__ away, spent frivolously and to no gain.

Tenderness, fondness.

__ straps,very thin shoulder straps on a dress.

Stretch vehicle for luxurious travel.

To tackle something without gloves, with __.

Hate __; vendettas.

Puzzle 15

German region where Obatzda dish is from.

The __ Line; 1998 Terrence Malick war film.

Romantic hero of Pride and Prejudice.

Exact, to the point.

Counting, adding up points due to teams.

Pledge or vow.

Loose-leafed personal organizer brand.

Decorate a dish with e.g. parsley.

Sale in which people bid on items.

Sea robbers, their history marked in the Caribbean.

Mons __; highest mountain on the Moon.

Set a dog free from its lead.

Puzzle 16

Metal detector security device at an airport.

Taking a little break; freezing a movie.

Carefully check something is ok.

One of the first to try new ideas, early __.

First book page, glued to the inside front cover.

Begin the __, Cole Porter classic for many artists.

Marrying in secret.

Bells are __, 1960 Vincente Minnelli musical.

Deprived of food.

Funny drawing or animated film.

Ask someone to marry you.

Making food in the kitchen.

Using a plastic-toothed tool to brush hair.

Puzzle 17

Nonsense poem Jabberwocky author: Lewis __.

Dissolvable in water.

James Bond in Dr No and Goldfinger.

Domestic fowl, e.g. chickens, turkeys.

Greek king gave his name to victory at great cost.

Pigment named after a scarlet gemstone.

Cassava root thickening agent, pudding in US.

Thin paper towels that are handy for nose blowing.

Status of a couple who've formally agreed to marry.

Reinforced material on elbows.

Vacation or out-of-town leisure trip.

Unable to stand upright without assistance.

Shovels, trowels, augers, and excavators.

Accidents, blunders.

Boris __, Mussorgsky's opera about a Russian tsar.

Worry, anxiety, unease.

Long guns developed in the 16th century.

Puzzle 18

Model that sits on a cake for decoration.

An atelier, a workshop for artists.

__ bath; sud-filled tub after a stressful day.

Name of Czechoslovakia's non-violent revolution.


Pliable twigs technique to make woven furniture.

Face dust for removing shine.

Chest of drawers or a name for a government office.

__ of Life, Elton John big cat song.

__ monkeys; screeching primates.

Rest periods between lessons.

Amulets, talismans.

Hindu festival of lights.

Permanent inking of the skin.

Holy place of worship.

Exertion, elbow grease.

Less fatty, like in the Jack Sprat nursery rhyme.

Puzzle 19

Cup with a small piece broken off.

Stages of a meal, like main and dessert.

Lives are __; people are in danger.

Specific __, beer measure taken with a hydrometer.

__ jet; a millionaire's luxury aircraft.

Round shapes.

All-male vocal pop group.

Salma Hayek's spouse: Kering CEO Francois-Henri __.

Director of the flm 8 1/2, Federico __.

Expression of regret or remorse for past actions.

Nomadic Arab of the desert.

Palm tree fruit with a hard, hairy shell.

__ Warrior, Greenpeace ship sunk in Auckland.

Short sample of a piece of work.

Country where French Fries originated.

Name of captain's dog on TV show Brooklyn 99.

Dingy underground prison cell.

Puzzle 20

__ hunt; trail of clues leading to a prize reward.

Burrows dug in earth by vulpines.

Denies someone something they need.

This Is Us' Randall Pearson actor __ K. Brown.

Star of Ashes to Ashes with outdated attitudes.

__ labels; fashion brands with famous names.

Fine lines on the skin from age or the sun.

Hot or cold drink.

Possible outcome, situation.

Pure, untouched or unwed.

The Box of __; enchanting John Masefield novel.

Melanie __, actress-daughter to Tippi Hedren.

Downy, fluffy.

Junior Walker's backing band.

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