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Here are the answers to CodyCross Great Composers Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

Fiume in Italian, Reka in Slovene; Croatian port.

Now you see them, now you don't.

Make no mistake, Cavanilles gave it the name.

__ bueang, royal brand known as Thai crêpes.

You could write this mustache.

I hope to live ten thousand years.

Australian animal with a bare tail.

Unnoticeable quiet; impossible to detect.

To agitate a liquid, splash.

You could fly or disappear if you were one.

Society's head count.

__ Parade, Garland, Astaire smash hit in 1948.

Eid __, Islamic day, Festival of Fast-breaking.

Spanish fleet that sailed against England in 1588.

Greek-named planet with the coldest atmosphere.

This style is no beggar.

Seventeen-syllable poem, not haiku or senryū.

Middle name for Pyotr Tchaikovsky.

__ pathi‎, the five abodes of God.

Puzzle 2

Stadio __, Roman athletics arena.

Spuds, potatoes.

Australian city named after queen of Saxe-Meiningen.

Detouring, deviating; rotating, spinning.

This company has entertained us since 1889.

Walk like one with The Bangles.

Hereditary female dancer of Hindu temple.

__ Express, 1931 US film during Chinese Civil War.

From Anglo-French and Latin; it happened in 1492.

Rotund, chubby paunch.

You can't put people there forever.

Members of a secret society formed at Yale.

Molière's most famous theatrical comedy.

After John Napier and Edmund Gunter.

The science of classification.

French literary genre from early Renaissance.

"Luxury, sports and style cast in exclusive cars".

US musician and pioneer of electroacoustic music.

Puzzle 3

What the conscience makes of us all.

In a disinterested manner, indifferently.

Composer of the ballet Coppelia.

One in Vienna and one in Innsbruck.

It doesn't need the clock's hands.

Sogdians dominated this fructiferous activity.

This sovereign head of state can fly.

He who manipulates everything.

Prospero's daughter.

Legerdemain, skulduggery.

Australian-endemic genus of five species of shrubs.

Barquentine shipwrecked at Gurnard's Head in 1912.

Beethoven's only opera.

This Bavarian krapfen needs to be sweeter.

A Man for All __, final years Sir Thomas More.

Greek goddess of hunting, animals and childbirth.

Persian name for Islamic cleric.

US Brand name whirlpool bath tubs.

New Zealand reptile with three eyes.

Ancient region in the Baltic peninsula.

Eighteenth-century French country dance.

Puzzle 4

Walls built by the Romans.

We all love this group by S.H.I.E.L.D..

From Italian "capa mozza" or "testa mozzata".

You can use it for ideas or foundations.

Dutch word for cycle race that laps a town.

Croatian coast without any spots.

Superfamily of crustaceans.

Sudden and sharp action will cause a lot of pain.

From Kyrgyzstan to Kazakhstan.

Virtuoso violinist Niccolò.

Elite group can do it all.

Mrs Dalloway's forename in Virginia Woolf's book.

Go ahead and sit here.

It might not be pretty, but prevents water damage.

Puzzle 5

__ of Bingen, medieval songstress.

Person saw Dharma, dropped first three fetters.

Acerbic, snarky, caustic.

You cannot take a shower with this rock.

Sémillon, Sauvignon blanc and Muscadelle.

Large military group.

Science of geographic description of anything.

Secondary storage device introduced in 1956.

De __, Oscar Wilde's letter to Bosie from Gaol.

__ de la Coruña, football side from Galicia, Spain.

Nationality of composer Béla Bartók.

Electrical instrument from Ancient China.

Rust is a form of this chemical compound.

Your body loves it because it lacks strokes.

Puzzle 6

Located where a funny devilish cartoon was born.

__ Saint-Saëns wrote his first piece at age five.

Dendrites help send it to the cells.

First name of composer Offenbach.

Chinese green glaze that you cannot eat.

Whitish-blond hair and a sandbar with trees.

Study of language, acoustic, rhythmic effects.

Formal name for the red crown of Lower Egypt.

Tangles of the silken threads covered in dirt.

You never want to leave this place.

Halldór __, Iceland's Nobel Literature laureate.

Tail-end of a train.

Turkish city, formerly known as Antioch.

Puzzle 7

Nationality of Literature prize winner Mahfouz.

Calgary __ Festival hosted during The Stampede.

This person wants to know what everyone thinks.

Gershwin's home borough in New York.

A fuel and an oxidant have a reactive relationship.

If we only knew why we do what we do.

Penelope Fitzgerald wrote this novel in 1979.

Manumission's opponent.

Tricoteuses could make you a sweater in 1798.

Birth name of Old Testament Queen Esther.

Global natural resources conglomerate.

Composer of O Fortuna from the poem Carmina Burana.

Main tributary of Burma's largest river.

Supernatural seductrice.

Chronotype that hates morningness but doesn't fly.

Since 1869, people dash following the shot.

French writer of The Red and the Black.

Animal so old it was depicted in Ancient Egypt.

Process of plant propagation with trailing shoots.

French guy loved rocks and mollusca but not wine.

Puzzle 8

Rita Hayworth plays chorus girl, chance with fame.

Black cherry, baked, French dessert.

Germanic legislations are born here.

Vienna palace museum famous for its graphic art.

Communist leader, China 1976.

Don't play it so loud.

This cell can never get even.

Jacques __, Can-Can composer.

Yellow flowering shrub from the olive family.

They were dancing out of control.

A lady and a gentleman; "la dama y el __".

To unriddle, elucidate, illustrate.

Puzzle 9

Chilling, glacial, ice-cold.

It stands out in the Four Seasons.

It mean "schans" in Dutch; detached defensive work.

Western Siberian river flows into the Ob.

__ Stokes, equations on motion of viscous fluid.

Stade de __, Paris stadium hosted 98 WC final.

A king, an island or a genetic disorder.

__ bread, traditional Maori bread made of potato.

Ash __, one of the 99 names for Allah.

A young swan.

Elmer __, selling religion in small town.

French inventor made the first permanent photos.

__ prose, writing that is overtly elaborate.

Puzzle 10

What Dan Brown and Dante have in common.

Ashmore and __ Islands, Aussie Indian Ocean reefs.

"Feast of Weeks", sixth day of Sivan.

Upper edge of the side of a ship.

You can make music or war while chewing gum.

Good thing he slayed her petrifying looks.

Almond and liqueur dessert from Croatian island.

Uncooperative unsculpted coiffure.

Thoroughly washed hands, face, body.

The first one was in Degania, 1909.

Swiss tennis player, Roger __.

Bolognese painter of Late Baroque or Rococo style.

Central figure of UK classical music, 20th century.

Puzzle 11

Russia's flag carrier.

US acclaimed novel by Edna Ferber, published 1929.

Scottish peak.

Alternative name for St. Jude, brother of St. James.

Evangelos Odysseas Papathanassiou for hot carriages.

Astonishing name for Haydn's Symphony No. 94.

Subtly misleading.

Oval dessert with coconut flakes, Bengal.

Official medical term for baldness.

Korean martial arts weapon, hangul.

Childhood arboreal manor.

Most popular mineral on earth's crust.

There is nothing that costs less than this.

Estadio __ Siles, La Paz stadium.

Puzzle 12

Frankenstrat guitar.

Spicy nickname of seasonal composer.

Don Quixote tilted at them.

Quechua river, it means "Ysyry Araguay" in Guaraní.

This Babylonian king should have been a lawyer.

Medieval siege weapons.

Les Miserables composer Claude-Michel.

Filled pasta known as "small slippers".

Water linked to Black Sea by Strait of Kerch.

It means "inequality" in Japanese. Logic game.

Puzzle 13

Thanks to the "r", it never disappears.

__ Bizet, composer of Carmen.

Amongst Mediterranean Basin and Arabian hinterland.

Super cool hairdo from 1960s.

You can get electrocuted with today's news.

Teatro Pavón, Ratusha and Casablanca rock it.

Almost a very scary cheese.

Cellular respiration depends on this energy source.

Tobruk, argot, shell scrape.

Second part of the small intestine.

Italian musicarello film in 1968; Lycia mount.

To gainsay, contradict, deny, disclaim.

__ Mankell, Swedish novelist, creator of Wallander.

Liquid seismic undulation.

Puzzle 14

This nitrous oxide is too funny to resist.

Elinor has sense and __, sensibility.

Composer Franz, nicknamed "The Little Mushroom".

Surname of composing brothers George and Ira.

Netherlands horse breed.

Ambiguity in wording lessening the effect of a law.

Eat this cheese in a beautiful country.

Mayan city meaning "Big Water".

Hindu alternative therapy and medicine.

Mollycoddled, cockered.

This art has flavor and not a magic potion.

Wife of Nestor, mother of Thrasymedes.

Reed __, cofounder and CEO of Netflix.

Puzzle 15

Peter and the Wolf composer.

Chocolate, lemon soft pastry from Sicily.

This orbit doesn't follow the regular path.

The B in BJP, a major Indian political party.

Canon in D composer.

Rust molds focus of this study.

Sang about the Shape of You in 2017.

What Oscar Wilde declared at US customs.

1965 Western comedy starring Jane Fonda.

Estadio __, Cusco, Perú's main stadium.

Two dots on a letter that alter its pronunciation.

It connects Kitzbühel with Mittersill.

Scientific study of organic tissues.

Marginal South Pacific waters, "The Ditch".

Puzzle 16

Large island off the coast of Tunisia.

Jean __, French leader of the wartime Resistance.

Wodehouse Drones' club member with a silent "p".

Chicken Cha Cha Cha is a __ children's game.

Louise Bourgeois Maman arachnid at Tate Modern.

Buddhist title given after 13 years of study.

Direction, command, decree.

Belgian Romantic composer, César __.

Perfume made from sandalwood, with Greek origins.

SI derived unit of plane angle.

Royal composer in England from 1710.

Puzzle 17

Science of meaning.

El Nuevo __, San Lorenzo's Argentine home.

This heated bone ash can give you a beautiful smile.

Oversees kashrut status of kosher business.

A catalyst, a base, a ligand and a nucleophile.

Sully __, won Nobel Prize for his poetry in 1901.

Capital and largest city in Cambodia.

Wine named after ancient Roman vessel.

First name of composer Borodin.

Similar to a blister pack.

First Premier of China, 1949-1976.

On White II, white is life and black is death.

North Pacific waters with a deep basin.

Intentional overkill or embellishment.

Oscar __, Austrian artist of The Bride of the Wind.

Mozart's wife.

Puzzle 18

First machine to use crank-and-rod mechanism.

Contradictions are involved in the dichotomy.

Large-mouthed fish with stout body.

Grip these on darts.

Circus __, Roman chariot racetrack.

It has many friends.

Julia Margaret__, great Victorian photographer.

Crystalline quasiparticle with one free electron.

Copland piece, __ for the Common Man.

Metal tea urn Russians adore.

One who changes from one religion to another.

Italian Baroque composer Antonio.

Puzzle 19

Gladiators don't go to this Czech football club.

Maudlin, tear-jerking.

Major component of a turbulent flow.

Dark and __, dark rum highball from Bermuda.

The Chartreux is a rare breed of cat from __.

First name of US composer Glass.

__ Santos, Brazilian wingback.

Spring-spewed water column.

Ancient Samaria city before first temple.

This wrench is all about giving you torque.

Tetradrachm's face who knew it all.

It has a tendency to get deviated.

The one at Delphi was known as Pythia.

Indian port ruled by British/Dutch/Portuguese.

__ cap, soldier's cloth headgear with peak.

Alkaline element.

Formal garden set below the level of the land.

Something that causes laughter.

Group of vehicles traveling together.

Brian __, cofounder and CEO of Airbnb.

__ Quisling, Norwegian WWII collaborator.

__ Assymetry: more matter than dark matter in space.

Puzzle 20

Special obstacle in an athletics steeplechase.

Composer whose name means "beetroot farm".

Medieval wedding cake, marbled.

Italian composers Domenico and Alessandro.

Non-edible spinning bolts vital for a car's safety.

Retort, verbal riposte.

Medieval wavy sword.

Scientist who researched combining gas volumes.

Young Thai lives in wat and assists monks.

Passages in an amphitheater.

A protruding body part.

Written work released for public distribution.

Mount __, inactive Rwandan volcano.

Beautiful son of Cephissus and Liriope.

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