CodyCross Great Explorations Pack answers

Great Explorations PackGreat Explorations

Here are the answers to CodyCross Great Explorations Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Checked tablecloth pattern, often in pastels.

At an incline.

Antony __ Thompson, celebrity chef and broadcaster.

Badly done job, by a builder or surgeon.

__ Crane, Disney character voiced by Bing Crosby.

Marriage settlements of goods or money.

Boom Shake __; Fresh Prince and DJ Jazzy Jeff hit.

Breed of dogs often used on polar expeditions.

Mended cloth with a piece of cloth.

Sci-fi monster film inspired by 1980s arcade game.

Catholic author G. K. Chesterton: aka Prince of __.

Katherine Heigl wore 27 of these.

__ John, fabled king inspired voyages of discovery.

Moved in a circular way.

From the Greek meaning "song of the male goat".

Zeeman effect co-discoverer: physicist Hendrik __.

Puzzle 2

Dirty Harry's surname.

Find a route, steer, plot a course.

Not the back of a website, what the user sees.

Part of the psyche Freud equated to the conscience.

Lost __; speechless.

Madame Bonfamille's horse in The Aristocats.

American psychologist, TED talker on power posing.

Shimmers or shines in the light.

French phrase for seasickness.

Succulent plant with edible leaves.

__ One, Britain's new name in the novel 1984.

Another name for the Spice Islands.

Gradual increases over time.

Volcanic Indonesian island that exploded in 1883.

Nadia Comăneci birth nationality.

Taylor Swift song about soured relationship.

Huge snake found in Amazon waters.

Puzzle 3

Bible book between Exodus and Numbers.

Tuneful, musical.

Shackleton's ship, crushed by ice in Antarctica.

__ Ansel Bakery, luxury pastry house.

__ calendars are designed to be reusable.

__ hook; useful kit for climbers.

Director of the British film The Bounty: Roger __.

Dry dust-carrying wind in West Africa.

Scottish Victorian explorer of the River Niger.

Quick-growing conifers used in suburban gardens.

Fishes that produce caviar.

Medical term for hives.

Puzzle 4

Goldilocks and the Three Bears by Robert __.

Fishing pole users.

Majorca's smaller nearby Balearic island.

Ranulph __, polar explorer, also climbed Everest.

Niger's highest mountain peak: Mont __.

Throat-soothing candy.

Will Smith has-been superhero movie.

Mounted infantryman.

Jacques __, pilot of the bathyscaphe Trieste.

Seashells that cling to rocks.

Blue Powerpuff Girl with telepathic powers.

Religion where an important symbol is the Khanda.

Puzzle 5

Russian spelling for Moscow.

Coffee milkshake over slushy ice.

Norwegian explorer aboard the Fram.

Poker call to put bets in before the deal.

__ debate; a fiery, passionate argument.

Abel __, Dutch navigator of the East India Company.

__ girls, youngsters who ran trips for others.

Six-letter ending for the name of most dinosaurs.

Frederick __ composed A Village Romeo and Juliet.

Stickler for the facts, concerned with rules.

Puzzle 6

Explanation of a dramatic storyline twist.

Bankrupt, broke, having no funds.

Italian harpsichordist and composer.

Spanish idiom meaning a competition between two.

Swedish explorer, identified the Indus's source.

Foot deformity resembling a toolbox item.

Planked design of Viking vessels.

Allegiance to a social group and its beliefs.

Grave transgression in the Catholic Church.

Dowager widow of King Hussein of Jordan.

Puzzle 7

Rod-shaped bacterium.

Paraded defiantly.

Higher echelons of the armed forces.

Status, stature, reputation.

Stamps card to leave an impression.

Generic name for the drug which includes coumadin.

Japanese writing; not katakana or kanji.

The explored lands of the western hemisphere.

Hunting dog breed from Norway.

How Nellie the Elephant went back to the jungle.

Emma __; author of bestselling 2010 novel Room.

The Best Exotic __ Hotel.

Capital of Belize.

Deck areas on a ship for draining out water.

Puzzle 8

She's buying it to get to heaven.

Pink-fleshed melon.

High-energy meat-and-fat combo eaten in the Arctic.

Went at full speed towards something.

__ II; second wife of Alexander the Great.

Large red sand desert in Central Asia.

Outdoor treasure hunt activity using a GPS.

Knee __; medical name for water on the knee.

Number of people entering a shop or a business.

Process of pleasure-seeking.

Juan Rodríguez __, explored the W coast of Mexico.

HBO Western series starring Ian McShane.

Harpooner in the novel Moby-Dick.

Ryan Gosling stars as Neil Armstrong.

Device with metal points for measuring distances.

Handle a difficult situation.

Dusting a pool cue tip.

Tiger population named after Indonesian island.

Religious good wishes before a journey.

Puzzle 9

Tropical fish; and a Pontefract cake.

French spelling of the name Lawrence.

Tammy __, sang A Woman's Needs with Elton John.

Biblical placename meaning Gate of the Gods.

Undiscovered Asian island of medieval mythology.

Reddish-purple plant with a name meaning truth.

Rebelled against or disregarded the rules.

Edmund __, Kiwi, conquered Everest in May 1953.

Depict in a work of art.

Periods of play in polo.

Puzzle 10

Venice __, artistic venture held every two years.

Chalk marking along a tennis court.

1978 disco album from Le Freak R&B band.

Gas combined with hydrogen to make ammonia.

Walked in a weary, trudged, foot-dragging way.

Jennifer __ aka Ab Fab's Edina.

Biscuit of explorers, having long-life properties.

Country whose capital is Paramaribo.

Seashells with two hinged halves.

Fluffy blue-tongued lion dog.

The hidden middle matzo during a Seder.

Spanish cave with famous prehistoric artwork.

Lanky as a __ (garden support).

Aborigine, circumnavigated Australia with Flinders.

Someone who endorses another's motion.

Don't say his name while looking in the mirror.

Puzzle 11

London Calling band.

Securing of ropes between mountaineering pairs.

To set on fire.

Mapped the Arctic aboard Terror and Erebus.

Study of mushrooms and fungi.

Battleship __, mutiny, pram and Odessa Steps.

Enlightened soul who revived Jainism.

Seat of the government of the Netherlands.

Poem by WWI army doctor John McCrae: In __ Fields.

Popular Greek appetizer, anagram of "ask again".

Anatomical term for collarbone.

Pain-relieving rub used by athletes.

The flag of South Korea.

Series with ten related works in it.

Opposite part of a boat to starboard.

Legendary golden city sought by conquistadors.

Eat your __; expression expecting envy.

Puzzle 12

Large quantity of something.

Religious figure whose feast day is December 26.

Front legs of an animal.

Peppers, including bell or habanero.

Annual sums paid to shareholders from profits.

Drum band lead dancer.

David Mamet play and film, __ Glen Ross.

Samuel de __, traced the course of the St Lawrence.

Founder of Scissor Sisters with Jake Shears.

Surviving barque from Scott's polar exploits.

Puzzle 13

Notorious, ill-famed, scandalous.

__ War, conflict between El Salvador and Honduras.

Hued river, runs from Lake Tana to Khartoum.

Alfred Nobel's famous invention.

Pearl Jam's third studio album, released in 1994.

The S in ISBN, International __ Book Number.

Agrees or concludes a deal, with a bearhug maybe.

Worried, taken by surprise.

Relating to heraldry.

Jack __; German outdoorwear manufacturer.

Shirley Temple movie of 1935.

Lake __, source of the Nile, found by Speke.

Racing car series with electric vehicles.

Wedding dance: __ Slide.

Coastal Irish town, on the River Boyne.

Puzzle 14

Swedish word for "Swedish".

Explorer of Canada, claimed the region for France.

Main handmaid in The Handmaid's Tale, June __.

Disease affecting the nervous system of sheep.

Running around inside a giant transparent orb.

Lady __, Beatles hit of 1968.

__ routes, worldwide exchange of goods.

Squeezes through two rollers to wring out water.

Sir Lancelot's son, Holy Grail finder Sir __.

Sandworm monster film, with shaky ground.

2007 film set in a Beirut beauty salon.

Puzzle 15

Has a bay, river and strait named after him.

Pupil who plays hooky from school.

Second oldest singing Jackson sister.

Hair on the back of a dog that stands when nervous.

In Yiddish, a long trek or to lug something heavy.

Curtain __, window runners of fabric.

Country whose Internet address abbreviation is AO.

Lily of the __, poisonous bell-shaped flower plant.

King voiced by John Cleese in Shrek.

The Sarah __ Chronicles, inspired by Terminator.

Vitus __, navigator with a sea, strait and island.

__ Munich, famous German football team.

Decorative ornament with knotted cord.

Puzzle 16

Wine country of E Canada explored by Leif Ericson.

Has a bone skeleton, like a fish.

__ and between; amid.

Deer meat.

Will and Grace star Debra.

Pewter mug with handle for drinking beer.

Country directly south of Rwanda.

The Muslim holiday Eid al-Fitr: the end of __.

Band that sang about the Horse With No Name.

Monopoly for two.

Ancient Greek who sailed the coasts of Britain.

2001 mystery film starring Maggie Smith: __ Park.

Island, US birthplace of first English child.

Puzzle 17

Final operational shuttle built by NASA.


Fashionable notebook liked by Bruce Chatwin.

Song that hit No. 1 for "The Singing Nun".

Terra __, unknown lands marked on ancient maps.

Poet Laureate once married to Sylvia Plath.

Parasitic tropical plant with smelly flowers.

Small sour pickled cucumber.

1790s expedition that mapped the Eastern Pacific.

Central area of a tennis racket.

Europe's oldest luxury-hotel group.

Puzzle 18

Quartet, Opus 76, No. 3, for Francis II, by Haydn.

Of __ and Sons, Arabic documentary about terrorism.

__ iron; tough, easily welded iron alloy.

eBay's concert and sports ticket exchange website.

Smartphone predecessor: Personal __ Assistant.

Coveting, begrudging, resenting.

Minutes in each half of soccer extra-time.

Highest rank in the British Army, Field __.

Read someone the __; calm a group of rowdy people.

Resembling a floating sphere.

Eric __, explorer of the Himalayas and Patagonia.

Green __, absinthe, milk cocktail.

Former French kingdom on site of present-day Benin.

Destructive beetles eating flour and grain.

First US piloted spaceflight program.

Puzzle 19

Mecca pilgrims.

Louisiana style of music, e.g. Chubby Carrier.

Robert __, played Tom Hagen in The Godfather.

City where the Schonbrunn Palace is located.

Russian cosmonaut, the first to walk in space.

The Eastern part of the world.

Fired food, doused in brandy and lit.

Entertainment website with online greetings cards.

Wine bar or brasserie with food.

Eric __, Norwegian explorer of Greenland.

Fakes a punch.

Puzzle 20

Road that joins another at right angles.

Opposite of latitude, calculated by John Harrison.

Dark "seas" on the Moon's surface.

Red-leaved Italian chicory.

Another name for whooping cough.

Israeli-German film about a baker: The __.

New __, music style like Duran Duran.

Conflagration warning.

Vague, ambiguous.

Multiple, rearrangeable couch pieces.

1992 animated film, subtitled The Last Rainforest.

Italian navigator, the first to reach New York Bay.

Silver-fur, yellow-eyed cat linked to Carthusians.

Casino Royale Bond villain with French nickname.

Shallow case used to display object behind glass.

Annika __, Swedish golfing legend.

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