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Great Inventions PackGreat Inventions

Here are the answers to CodyCross Great Inventions Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Close-fitting underwear.

__ O'Conor, Irish singer from early 1990s.

Rider of a racehorse.


City whose metro system is nicknamed "The Tube".

Short stick with rounded end used in street fights.

Dairy product used as a pizza topping.

Bread __, extract from the stomach in Operation.

Vertebrae also known as tailbone.

__ Days of Christmas, incorporates New Year's day.

Large houses; anagram of ransom.

Sixth planet from the sun.

Gloria __, The Women of Brewster Place writer.

Country where the world's largest pyramid is found.

German coding machine of WWII.

Providence district where Family Guy is set.

Formal group pictures snapped by a professional.

Standing with hands on hips, elbows turned out.

Counting instrument of a frame and beads.

1967 Bond spoof Casino __.

Joseph __, the Mayor in The Simpsons.

Puzzle 2

Quayside structure for securing boats.

Well liked.

Environment protected by Ramsar Convention.

Flashpoint; a gun's firing lever.

Type of drink to be enjoyed as an adult.

Pupil, student.

They love to go by foot.

Moving on wheels.

Margot Fonteyn's dancing partner: Rudolf __.

CAT __, a diagnostic radiological machine.

Butch __, famous US robber leader of "Wild Bunch".

"Ungrateful" eldest daughter of King Lear.

Double-threaded fabric, tears do not spread.

Puzzle 3

This September Song singer was born in November.

Stock market defined by these two animals.

City west of Paris, capital of Hauts-de-Seine.

Toni __, Pulitzer Prize winner for Beloved.

Giant ape stars in famous movie.

Groups of two.

Greek fried cheese dish served as an appetizer.

Germanic language probably related to Gothic.

Achievement of positive feat three times in a game.

Convex gem or bead highly polished but not faceted.

Flammable gas found in coal mines.

Typesetting machine creates strips of hot metal.

In medical terms, the eardrum.

Smelly volatile for painting fences with.

In a church a covered walkway around a quadrangle.

__ estimate, a rough figure or guess.

Puzzle 4

Works dough.

Quilted and filled bed covering.

Sour, tart, vinegary.

Most exciting part of movie, play, story.

__ machines, used in the garment-making industry.


Official language of Morocco.

Make an image less in focus or blurred.

Horse's guide.

A brief clash between enemies or rivals.

Assigned a project.

Robin __, US singer.

__ Plaza, luxury hotels, part of InterContinental.

Not the borrower.

Puzzle 5

Farmer's helpers for rounding up flocks.

Treasure sought after by Indiana Jones.

The names of everyone invited to a party.

Sport contest that consists of 10 different events.

Loyal to a nation.

Term for sparklers, bangers and Catherine wheels.

Annie __, world-known US photographer.

Before tertiary.

Something that only exists in the mind.

Ties for keeping footwear on.

The final moments before a significant event.

It irrigated early society.

Thawed out.

Assailants, aggressors.

Bar and restaurant, serving high-end food.

Payed money into your bank account.

Puts in jail.

Puzzle 6

Fibrous tissue you strengthen through exercise.

Venetian stone bridge, stepped and decorative.

__ hat, straw headgear that originated in Ecuador.

First heavier-than-air flying craft.

A pipe attached to a house for draining water.


Antonym of big.

Expression of surprise or delight, from "blind me".

Ticking and chiming items that tell the time.

A bicycle for two people.

Enjoy __ of hot tea on an autumn walk.

Mark Twain created The Adventures of Tom __.

Clinking of glasses for good health.


Groups of witches.

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints member.


Puzzle 7

Swinging bed tied between two supports.

Type of bear that's pretty grumpy.

Actor playing reimagined Nick Fury: Samuel L. __.

Italian car brand with a prancing horse emblem.

Abominable __, yeti of the Himalayan highlands.

Eighth farthest planet from the Sun.

Slim warhead fired from submarines.

Soba and udon: types of __.

Part cut off, distinct area.

Nationality of retired tennis champ Björn Borg.

Nuclear __, splitting of atoms releasing energy.

Many Muslim women cover their faces with this.

Fierce, explosive, ferocious.

Prison officials.


Puzzle 8

Clumsy and ham-fisted.

Buckle this up as the driver or passenger of a car.

Paper shrapnel for special occasions.

Shark that is a threat to man.

First Western hotel chain to open in China.

Getting the latest version of something.

Feline nickname for lighting devices in roads.

Feeling of compassion or pity for someone.

Sweet drink brand made from kola nuts.

Collected in packs and added to albums.

National dance of the Dominician Republic.

Going pink with embarrassment.

Thin tube inserted into body to drain liquids.

More stern and rule-conscious.

Anything that you own is your __.

Decorating of shop windows.

Puzzle 9

Not actively.

Emergency vehicle that responds to crime reports.

Combine __, agricultural machine for reaping.

Board game with the aim of catching rodents.

Bad or scary dream.

Connected to a power supply.

Cash __, hole-in-the-wall machine aka an ATM.

Helper, attendant.

The cat who says sufferin' succotash a lot.

Hot __, comforting warm drink.

Went into detail, described.

Monster whirlpool of legend at the Messina Strait.

Winter heap created by the wind.

Route taken to get somewhere.

The duration of a pregnancy.

To disappear the way liquid changes to gas.

It makes my __; it's disgusting, revolting.

A room adorned with party banners.

Unbiased, neutral.

"__ over the rainbow" sang Judy Garland.

Puzzle 10

Possessors, holders, proprietors.

Clock jingles.

Writing instrument with graphite.

Masculine or feminine, male or female.

Not clear to see, fuzzy.

Padded seating around a fireplace.

Peculiarity, bizarre quirk.

Not a synonym of "revise" but with related meaning.

Liam __ played Qui-Gon-Jinn in Star Wars: Episode 1.

Greek goddess with the symbol of an owl.

It means "fifteen" in Spanish.

Organized 11-a-side game started in Sheffield.

Tune, instrumental musical piece.

To remunerate ahead of purchase.

Some of the river or sea inhabitants.

Puzzle 11

Gadget or tech items; a mogwai from Gremlins.

Lunar __, the spacecraft that landed on the Moon.

Jack __, small terrier dog.

Exploring underground, also called potholing.

Magicians perform these.

Folds in fabric.

King Arthur's legendary magician.

Thick layer of skin.

Brutal dictatorial leader.

Heart __, operation to redirect blood flow.

Social appeal for visitors.

__ Swank, US actress with Oscar for Boys Don't Cry.

Whirlpool device you can fill with warm water.

Machine converts mechanical energy into electrical.

"I Believe in __ Christmas" by Greg Lake.

Vegetables that might make you cry.

To change in form or genes.

Strong and sturdy.

Puzzle 12

Where food is prepared.

Expressing ideas on paper with pencil or pen.

Arthur's court.

People beat around this when avoiding an issue.

Deep, purply red pigment made from cochineal.

Coin-operated record-playing machine.

Plants that live in water.

Company that makes the Galaxy series phones.

Shape that has sharp corners.

Talladega Nights, The Other Guys, Will __.

First book of the Old Testament.

Jane Yolen children's book.

Light hand thrown spear, olympic sport.

A ghost by another name.

Pickle of Indian origin; thick sauce.

Puzzle 13

Warship, or jellyfish.

Airplane engine invention made by Frank Whittle.

The P in PC: __ computer.

Plant __, science of selecting the best traits.

Board game with mule, saddle, dynamite and blanket.

Home __, sends things you buy to your house.

Loyal, constant.

Noble tea blend.

Frontier scout, __ Jane.

Polo ponies' leg supports.

Wooden window covers.

Alike, only opposite.

Flamboyant pianist with a candelabra.

Maker of three-dimensional representations.

Indian religion from Siddhartha Gautama teachings.

Comic caveman.

Fastened up a shirt.

Puzzle 14

Two-wheeled balance scooter; personal transport.

Small prawns, ideal to go on pizza.

Bring to full power.

Tapering threaded fasteners for metal/woodworking.

Big band leader Glenn, whose plane disappeared.

Ellis __, Cadfael author; real name Edith Pargeter.

Prehistoric creature; plant preserved in stone.

A human being.

Sigourney __, Alien protagonist, Avatar doctor.

Wild, disorderly.

Electronic device that makes a noise when pressed.

To change allegiance in battle.

Musical composition of three or four movements.

Fee received for working.

Rubber contraceptive first described by Fallopius.

Running fast against competitors.

Pierre __, Italian-French designer.

Country directly to the south of the US.

Rosh Hashanah is New Year for __ people.

Puzzle 15

The boy's name in "The Jungle Book".

Inflates when your car is in an accident.

Tour with a knowledgeable leader.

Elixir brewed by a witch.

Cut in thin pieces.

Arctic plain with frozen soil, like in Siberia.

Fermented milk to top breakfast cereal or curries.

Stiffened; anagram of nested.

This breed of cat could be Egyptian.

Cozily warm.

Suzi __, rocker who sang Devil Gate Drive in 1974.

Poses for an artist.

__: Fury Road, 2015 movie.


Puzzle 16

Inflated sphere.

To goad someone into acting.

Small power source with positive and negative ends.

Following orders, rhymes with "surveying".

Stringed instruments perfected by Stradivari.

Janitor at Planet Express, Futurama.

Four Weddings and a __, film with Hugh Grant.

Candy __, substitute flowers for candies.

Freestanding closet.

Smaller-sized newspaper.

Comfort cushion for getting down to floor level.

Breakfast grains; word from Greek goddess Ceres.

Cannot be found.

Puzzle 17

Spoken presentations.

Curved-bladed tool for cutting wood and hedges.

Hand-held canopy protects in the rain.

Nautical vessel with a fabric wind catcher.

Romeo's clan.

Ancient Indian language, used in Hindu scriptures.

WWI spy born Margaretha Geertruida Zelle MacLeod.

Legume used to make hummus.

Ice hockey hit.

Rb is the chemical symbol for this.

Cows have four of these digestive organs.

Addams Family matriarch.

Barney Rubble's son in The Flintstones.

Bumbling detective in the Pink Panther films.

Describes boots reaching the mid-leg joint.

A portable basket for a baby.

Sky with heavy clouds.

Puzzle 18

Frank Capra's uplifting film, It's a __ Life.

Underwater military machine and home to seamen.

Historic North Caucasus region, on the Black Sea.

Thomas Hobbes' work named after a biblical monster.

Heritage and folklore habits at New Year are __.

The globe is divided into 24 longitudinal sections.

__ the wrong tree; missing the point.

Super short garment, popularized by Mary Quant.

Paper money, in a bundle.

Large device of the 80s for shooting video.

Building with machinery for making power from H2O.

Puzzle 19

Grave, tomb.

Guitar combos.

Wide-legged trousers of the 1970s.

Silverstein's The __ Tree.

In The Simpsons, Krusty __ is a restaurant.

Royal residence fit for a king or a queen.

Acid found in milk.

Someone inexperienced, especially a nun.

Territory inhabited by a parent country or state.

The Many Adventures of __ the Pooh is a 1977 movie.

It belongs to the same family as Whisky.

Metal sealed cylinder for storing preserved foods.

Salty water.

Inflatable safety device found in cars.

Circular items that make the world go around.

Expression, idiom, saying.

Puzzle 20

Neither conifer nor pomaceous fruit.

Agricultural apparatus developed by Jethro Tull.

Sad, gloomy, dejected or downcast.

Thawed out a freezer or refrigerator.

Submarine device for seeing above the waves.

Decorations or baubles hung on a Christmas tree.

Person who is allowed door access.

Getting people together for a party.

Brand name for large US motorhome.

Only continent without a single glacier.

__ waves are used to create curls.

Meaningless swirly doodles.

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