CodyCross Greatest Discoveries Pack answers

Greatest Discoveries PackGreatest Discoveries

Here are the answers to CodyCross Greatest Discoveries Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Sophie's__, drama with Meryl Streep.

Large upright power-driven wheel in amusement park.

Group of countries fought together during WWI.

Workout bottoms definitely not loose.

Seat on an elephant or camel.


De Mestrel created this fastener based on burrs.

News leader, tv reporter.

Sloping font, used for emphasis.

Very difficult, annoying; it strains your patience.

Champagne and orange juice, common drink at brunch.

Major Korean airline, with red arrowhead logo.

Female warrior from Greek mythology.

Puzzle 2

__ You, relationship comedy featuring Helen Hunt.

Bed for a male royal.

Timber circle off Norfolk, likened to Stonehenge.

When Harry __, US romantic comedy.

Availability of a phone network in a location.

Manny __, Filipino boxer, also known as Pac-Man.

National __, US-based weekly tabloid.

Curved sword named after Egyptian warriors.

Doctor who traced the source of cholera In London.

French scientist who gave the gyroscope its name.

As hungry as a big black bird.

Legume-based popular Asian condiment.

Puzzle 3

The P in GDP.

The __ Dead, drama about the zombie apocalypse.

Decree, declare, pronounce formally.

Egyptian pharaoh whose tomb was discovered in 1922.

Country that has two capitals, Sucre and La Paz.

Load of old __! Or merely an American sausage.

Fast-drying paint, used instead of oils.

Layered pastry popular in Austria.

Semimetal element used in electronics manufacture.

The period of time at the end of the day.

"Unsinkable" ship found in the Atlantic in 1985.

Host city of the 1996 Olympics.

Sparkling __, crime story by Agatha Christie.

Puzzle 4

Strength of very strong winds.

Tick-Tock, animal that scares Captain Hook.

__ Scramble, ball bearing obstacle course.

He was born in a ladies room during a dance.

Fanciful, amazing, non-sensical, unreal.

Newly discovered lost continent under New Zealand.

Tollund Man, an example of these mummified people.

Food or drink served before a meal.

The right-hand side of a ship.

The medical term for whooping cough.

John who played Jim Halpert in The Office.

1938 film that inspired 1964 My Fair Lady.

High class and selective, only for a certain few.

Puzzle 5

Ligament joint twist.

Early discovery that makes the world go round.

__ Monster – baked goods-loving Sesame Streeter.

Hero from The Neverending Story in 1980.

Irish: a __ to which a drop of whisky is added.

__ Lindgren, Swedish author of Pippi Longstocking.

Where Aristotle taught philosophy.

Rome wasn't built __.

Leather straps for sharpening razors.

__-Élysées, Parisian avenue near the Louvre.

Salt __, spilt by Judas in the Last Supper artwork.

Given to political refugees.

An undertaking to lose every trick in cards.

Ben-Gurion, First Prime Minister of __.

Puzzle 6

Word for a Spanish winery.

Half __, player kicks ball that just landed.

Humped animals that cross the Sahara.

Armed __, overall, a country's military.

Greatest warrior of the Trojan army.

King __ III, the 3rd longest reigned in the UK.

Laws of __, Newton created three of them.

Freight wagon used in rail transport.

Lorde's first hit single.

To play the same thing again.

William __, chemist, accidentally discovered mauve.

Short name for famous Berlin shopping street.

Charlie Brown's beagle pilot.

Night time creepy crawly; don't let it bite.

__ Wayne, cofounded Apple.

Player of cor anglais or shawm.

Pearly Gates is allegedly the entrance of this.

Respectful bow for women and girls.

Puzzle 7

Small frozen blocks that chill a drink.

Goddess of Earth marriage site in Ayyavazhi.

You can kill two birds with it.

What you push a child around in.

Montagnier and Gallo saw it as the cause of AIDS.

__ Jolie, Lara Croft and UN special envoy.

__ Palace, Berlin residence of German president.

The team considered least likely to win.

It records the pedigree of pure-bred horses.

Metal cylinder, can be filled with gas.

Passive, floating organisms found in oceans.

Oceanographers may study this, about sea levels.

Conical headgear worn at birthday celebrations.

Separating closely growing seedlings.

Politically towards socialism.

Prehistoric cave paintings found in northern Spain.

Puzzle 8

A cylindrical container for holding ice cubes.

Highly competitive, like hungry canines.

White winter precipitate.

Murderers with high profile victims.

Physicist gave his name to a unit of radioactivity.

Utah lake, famous for its salinity.

To fall off a ship.

Italian word for paper thin beef slices.

__ Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder.

Percy Spencer stumbled upon this method of cooking.

Maker and repairer of clocks and watches.

Race run by the final runner in a relay team.

Highest peak of South Australia.

Warner Brothers cartoon bird.

Australian toy that comes back when thrown.

Junior military officer, means subordinate.

Bombing or military assault but not by land or sea.

1936 American drama, a marriage in crisis.

Puzzle 9

Wildlife-spotting adventure holiday.

Small social group that keeps others out.

Rear __, Hitchcock's movie with Grace Kelly.

Largest tent at the circus.

Spare __ and spoil the child.

William __ discovered blood circulation.

Another term for an abseil in mountaineering.

Thief of the high seas.

Detroit rapper with numerous pseudonyms.

Indian Ocean bay; the Ganges empties into it.

Demonstrations of refusing to leave a place.

__ Island moai that European traders came across.

Puzzle 10


Tin for holding ale.

Sycophant; a yes-man.

Major League baseballs only last for 7 __.

Fish having horns over its eyes.

Non-biological child.

Professor Severus Snape Alan __.

Joint __: shared by two or more people.

Ryan Murphy drama set at a plastic surgery center.

Salary or allowance for the clergy.

Short, thick hair growing on the eyelid.

Bronze Age archeological site on Crete.

The daughter of a Spanish monarch.

Nintendo's 1989 handheld answer to gamers.

No right on red in this Oceania country, New __.

Musical term for lively and fast.

Scientist who accidentally discovered penicillin.

A person who makes, repairs or sells jewelry.

Three small islands off the coast of Peru.

Humorous drawing found in newspapers.

Impossible to make a silk purse from this.

Puzzle 11

Main character who has a tough life in Harlem.

One way of saying "red" in Spanish.

French term for a thin, boneless slice of meat.

When life gives you lemons, make __.

Greek goddess and Italian football team.

Miquelon's twin island, overseas land of France.

Henry VIII's warship rediscovered in the Solent.

Innate behavioral reaction.

Self-__, vacation with no meals provided.

Sport known as soccer in the US, is called __ in UK.

Dark marks on the solar surface, strongly magnetic.

__ Woman, Pacino film about whiffy female.

Puzzle 12

Decorative mineral crystals used in jewelry.

Copernicus, responsible for the laws of __ motion.

Artwork by Arcimboldo; emperor made of veggies.

__-Holstein, northernmost German state.

Marry in haste, repent __.

Greek heroes in search of the Golden Fleece.

Undiscovered cup used by Christ at the Last Supper.

Waxy substance from sperm whales used in perfumery.

Peruvian decorative trench depicting nature.

Collection of units into a body, mass or amount.

Not on your main plate.

__, Today and Tomorrow, Sofia Loren comedy.

This field takes a look at cultures.

Produce a baby without an egg.

Spying practice.

Foster's Home for __ Friends, cartoon about monsters.

Puzzle 13

Isabelle __, French actress of Camille Claudel.

Frozen __, a tarter ice cream aka Froyo.

Elementary particles first conceived in the 1960s.

To force someone to do something.

Breaks in the skin; sores in the mouth or stomach.

Bats have __ wings (like ducks' feet).

Flying projectile.

Plane company produced the Barracuda and Firefly.

__ Lee, To Kill a Mockingbird author.

Machu __, Inca citadel located by Hiram Bingham.

Four sides, four right angles.

Attack of the __ Tomatoes, 1991 NES game.

Founder of Versace, Donatella's brother.

2009 F1 Championship winner for Brawn GP.

__ dancer; polite, euphemistic term for a stripper.

A quarter or district of a Spanish town.

Distress call by ships and aircraft (at any time!).

City where Frederic Chopin Airport is located.

Grand __, Hockney painted this place.

Jennifer __, Academy Award winner for Dreamgirls.

View-__, device for looking at tiny photo reels.

__ emptor or Let the buyer beware.

Cartoon train engine.

Puzzle 14

I'd rather be a __ than a snail, yes I would.

TV show about survivors of a nuclear disaster.

__ Bening, actress of American Beauty.


Ornithologist and illustrator of Birds of America.

Primary sword for Ancient Roman foot soldiers.

Crash test __, car safety guinea pigs.

Nowadays a bad habit once a very popular one.

Failed discovery of turning base metal into gold.

He discovered animal electricity using frogs.

Carved ornament shaped like foliage.

Large scale, rotating air mass.

Mini cars driven around track by kids.

Puzzle 15

In the fairy tale she lets down her golden hair.

Pennsylvania town where US "The Office" was set.

Card game with pegs and wooden scoring board.

Largest moon in the Solar System.

British queen who reigned from age 18 to age 81.

Book of world records.

Computer key for upper case letters.

Something (bad) remaining from the past; vestige.

German discoverer of X-rays.

Spanish name for a pale golden-brown horse.

Male jewelry worn at the end of the sleeves.

Round Middle Eastern food the size of a pillowcase.

The Four __ of the Apocalypse.

Supporter of the monarchy.

__ of the Innocents, Rubens's Biblical carnage.

Spouting name for Duchamp's urinal sculpture.

This entity sells directly to consumers.

Gland in the mouth.

Surname of two tennis champion sisters.

The process of adding filler between tiles.

Charles __ invented vulcanized rubber.

Puzzle 16

Superman villain, alias Mockingbird.

Loud, violent bursting into pieces.

To reach a draw in chess.

Singer with albums Frank and Back to Black.

Ernest Shackleton's ship lost to Antarctic ice.

__ showers; brief, unpredictable spells of rain.

Lot-__, French dept, capital is Agen.

S American brandy drink with egg white and lime.

An electrical device like a washing machine.

Young sheep who has been "de-fleeced".

Sugar substitute obtained via coal tar processes.

Games with dye guns.

Underwater __, ability to exist under water.

Born __, 1950 comedy, to buy a Congressman.

Puzzle 17

Next in line after seventh.

Shortened version of disc jockey.

Subatomic particle identified by Ernest Rutherford.

Norse god, son of Odin, killed by mistletoe.

Team Rocket's talking Pokemon.

__ Law, as income rises, less is spent on food.

Japanese era that began with Emperor Yoshihito.

Second wife of Jacob, mother of Joseph.

__ Magna, hidden Roman city in modern Libya.

Ophthalmologically, a strabismus.

Danish sportswear brand with bumble bee logo.

90s spy spoof starring Mike Myers, Austin __.

Deprive of, remove one's stake in another's business.

A decoding device for a computer program.

Northernmost Scandinavian country.

Victorian underskirt padding, worn at the back.

This fish's toxin is deadlier than cyanide.

Puzzle 18

Elephants are __ of good luck in India.

Brandy and crème de menthe, drunk in High Society.

When a ship is pulling in to park.

A state of general chaos and confusion.

Hutton posited the wearing down of Earth, its __.

Penny wise and pound __.

Chad __, The Art of Fielding penman.

The __ Loser, weight loss reality show.

Removed liquid from something, such as noodles.

__ in the Snow, Bruegel's stalkers returning home.

Go to the barber shop to get a __.

Louis __ dealt with bacteria contamination of milk.

Last name of final Russian dynastic family.

Jane __, actress of Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.

Puzzle 19

Clyde __, astronomer who discovered Pluto in 1930.

Extremely distressing, offensive or startling.

Portmanteau term for close male relationship.

Painter who used primary color and quadrilaterals.

Mythological reptile; its breath supposedly fatal.

A Summer Olympic sport.

Small doughnuts from Nigeria.

What Ever Happened to __? 1962 thriller.

Christiaan Huygens created the __ clock.

As smooth as a __ = quiet, calm.

__ the Magnificent, the tenth Ottoman sultan.

Locationally, the center one of Rome's seven hills.

Cooking pot with a handle, used on the hob.

Antonio __, succeeded Ban Ki-Moon as UN chief.

Puzzle 20

Invented by the Chinese, used in munitions.

Researching your family tree.

Arcade Fire song or a French heroine saint.

Actor, voiced Marty the Zebra on Madagascar.

City's car park where Richard III was found.

Ghost and Striptease actress.

Australian pool, the side channel of a river.

Character created by Hugh Lofting: Doctor __.

Ground beef "steak" covered with gravy.

Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers 1936 musical.

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