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Greek Mythology PackGreek Mythology

Here are the answers to CodyCross Greek Mythology Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

The __ Days of Christmas.

Large Emmerdale family with Biblical names.

Greek island in the Cyclades, near to Athens.

Staring lustfully.

This Canidae shares a name with Fred Sanford actor.

For certain or without __.

__ bean gum, thickener from carob tree seeds.

Elysian __, Greek mythological paradise.

Airport with the code NDY, in Orkney.

__-Eyed Joe, country dance craze.

Fruits associated with Dionysus, god of wine.

__ money, given by the monarch on Good Friday eve.

This bug doesn't listen or wear a toupee.

Clouded over with fine water droplets.

Puzzle 2

Daniela __, Tatiana Romanova was her Bond name.

A pair of lines that rhyme in the end.

Gives a makeover to, relaunches.

Afraid of hard labor.

Satyr who challenged Apollo to a musical duel.

Chewy apple covering.

Wild and wooly.

Dig it up.

Mythical king who killed the Minotaur in the maze.

Art period celebrating working class.

Puzzle 3

The Greek god of the west wind.

Zimbabwe previously.

Current geological epoch.

__ in 1995 starred Tim Allen and Tom Hanks.

Mythological race fought a war with centaurs.

Tape, for one.

May stones.

Franklin asks WWJD with this virtue.

Unit in the air force.

Picnic nuisance.

Puzzle 4

Original inhabitants of Rhodes according to myth.

"Stop all the clocks, cut off the __": W H Auden.

They are retrievers.

Chew it and blow it.

The Singing Cowboy.

__ drive; car with torque supplied to both axles.

The red horse of the apocalypse represents this.

A pin that flies across the deck.

For all time.

They sailed with Jason searching the Golden Fleece.

Mass of bodily fluid accumulating in a vein.

Tram operator.

Eight ball great white.

Richard Neville, Earl of Warwick, aka "The __".

Aka West Bank.

Naked as the day one was born.

Total sum or zero.

Puzzle 5

Taste of bread that is not properly baked.

Greek goddess of the hearth and architecture.

Gypsys, __ & Thieves, 1971 hit for Cher.

Candly Land character, fuzzy green monster.

Twin of Pollux & mortal son of Tyndareus.

Loin and leg.

Pre-Gregorian civil calendar.

It might be dangerous when they go off.

Fixings for necklaces.

Turkish castle built by the Knights of St John.

This Smurf is all thumbs.

Puzzle 6

Cuddle under blankets to stay warm.

She shot down German Ace Erwin Meier, Lydia __.

First of the Jovians.

In effect the opposite.

Low rank.

Armed conflict.

Official currency of Mauritania.

Wound dressing.

Imaginary line stretching 40,000 km.

Gave Theseus the thread to help in the Labyrinth.

Greek mythology's personification of retribution.

Of the seed.

__ Dr Pepper, cocktail doesn't include soda.

A bit like the hue of the sky.

Puzzle 7

Country sandwiched between Colombia and Peru.

Love Me or __, Doris Day musical, Moe the Gimp.

Brother of Electra and son of Agamemnon.

Glassy form of opal.

Laundry detergent bear that loves to get close.

Winged horse of legend made from Medusa's blood.

Plucking the strings.

Golf obstacles.

Sometimes they run the asylum.

Famous English lexicographer Samuel __.

One of a series.

Italian ballad.

Sleeping quarters.

Puzzle 8

Lethal to cells.

Greek goddess of love and beauty.

Corpse dresser.

Famous Harlem theater.

Fan seating.

Mount Rushmore face.

Can be blamed.

Not a long frequency.

Deep enough for passage.

Spearheading together.

Hermes was the __ of the Gods.

Puzzle 9

An occasion for gifts.

A shed or other external storage building.

One might need a cipher for these puzzles.

Pie, cake, ice cream and others.

Goddess Athena came fully formed from Zeus's __.


Area of Tuscany with Riviera resorts, in Lucca.

Using the mind.

The Dong with a __ Nose, poem by Edward Lear.

Collecting the ball after it is struck.

Magritte self-portrait, The __.

Warm preparation applied to inflamed body part.

Pink operatic Muppet, Placido __.

Farmer field, study of fruit growing.

Get as much gas as possible.

Considered the first computer programmer: Ada __.

Greek mythological beings: half-human, half-horse.

Official rod instrument used to mete out floggings.

Puzzle 10

In language, emphasis on a particular syllable.

Himalayan mountain, fourth highest in the world.

Titan in Greek myth and an ancient sea.

__ School, US artists painted lives of the poor.

Cosby Kids' little sidekick.

Capital of Lesotho.

A small earthenware cooking pot.

One of the offspring of Chaos, known as Darkness.

90s dance music from carport or Ministry of Sound.

Infection of the throat/tonsils leading to abscess.

This animal is a bother.

In an overt way.

Lend me your ear.

Puzzle 11

Phil Collins film about the Great Train Robbery.

Have Yourself a Merry __ Christmas.

Former name of Sri Lanka.

The T in BLT.

All work and __ makes Jack a dull boy.

Hawaiian shaman.

Hypnotic club music.

Hairdo: business in the front & party in the back.

Moon of Mars and in Greek myth a son of Ares.

First President of India: Rajendra __.

90-day season.

Other son of Ares; moon of planetary Mars.

Sounds a cow makes.

Exercise bars used by ballet dancers.

Prison boss.

Jimbo and the __, cartoon airplane of the 80s.

Puzzle 12

Tree farm.

Digs up a body.

Remote control.

Riding on the back/second position on a motorbike.

Fire Hose outlet.

Italian sculptor of Greek figures Apollo & Daphne.

This country was dry from 1915 - 1989.

How you rate among your peers.

South-west France city known for porcelain.

The 4-6-7-10 split.

Kitchen surface.

She was Sally in When Harry Met Sally.

Greek god of fertility.

Francesca __, played Maria in 'Allo 'Allo!.

A shooter's first roll.

What you tie when getting married.

Puzzle 13

First Black actress to win an Oscar, Hattie __.

The Muse of epic poetry; a US steam organ.

Dead on an electrocardiogram.

Furry orbital patches.

Same as a mileometer.

Greek god of Dreams.

The A and O in AOB on a meeting agenda.

Honorific Tibetan term meaning precious one.

Standing room only.

Causing jealousy.

Circling Earth.

Noisy commotion.

What a marine cowboy rides.

Antler cakes celebrate the god of winter.

Puzzle 14

Providing additional support or assistance.

Handheld device.

At the end of your tether.

What the D stands for in RADAR.

In Greek myth she had the gift of prophecy.

Peruvian pathway that leads to Machu Picchu.

Vital B vitamin.

Three-sided sail.

Gilligan's Island Ph.D..

Conflicts famous for Hannibal's military elephants.

Puzzle 15

The filthy Smurf.

Greek mythological sun god who rode a gold chariot.

Sesame Street hero, Super __.

Vegetable anagram of "veined".

Where some money is kept.

__ Havelock, Carole Bouquet worked with Bond.

Chinese zodiac hopper.

Breathes in through the nose audibly.

What the third time is.

Makers of Poppets sweets.


She bore Zeus 3 sons; gave her name to a continent.

Sacred Egyptian beetle and its representation.

Puzzle 16

Baby's noise maker.

Brave and stubborn rabbit in Watership Down.

Space boulders.

Ruined Phoenician city near modern-day Beirut.

Film starring Penelope Cruz, directed by Almodóvar.

Greek goddess of the daytime.

Make holes in a lawn with a fork.

Life-threatening bodily response to an infection.

Hecatoncheires were examples of such huge beings.

__ Sea aka North Sea.

Riding a motorcycle.

Water play.

Puzzle 17

A break in the action.

Half-woman, half-serpent, the wife of Typhon.

By which.

Streetcar anti-hero.

What one gives a captor when escaping.

Shellfish eaten when there's an "r" in the month.

Mother of Oedipus, one half of the incestuous pair.

Frozen rods of ice; lit examples adorn Xmas trees.

Voyager's pallet.

The second red avenue, monopoly US version.

Degenerating organ.

Fictional Derbyshire setting of Peak Practice.

Filter for your picture window.

Gadget for applying eye lotion in small doses.

The river reaches the sea.

Puzzle 18

Island settled by the mutineers of The Bounty.

Of or relating to the shrew family.

Common white for walls.

Put on the schedule at the last minute.

Dictator pig from Animal Farm.

A non-soldier.

Husband of Baucis in legend and turned into an oak.

It's yellow, it grows in fields and is used as oil.

Naval siege.

It's all yours.

Removed financing from.

Odysseus' wife who made a shroud for his return.

Famous piano maker.

Large amount of data storage.

Murder She Wrote actress Angela __.

Transformers villain.

To bring shame to.

A dump of a city.

Constellation of compasses.

Nationality of Khalil Gibran and Elie Saab.

Puzzle 19

The Greek god of medicine.

Illness also known as the winter vomiting disease.

Musical instrument used by Hercules in one labor.

Split into two.

French casserole with haricot beans and meat.

Play by Nicolai Gogol: "The __ General".

One's John Hancock.

Everyone loses these.

He played the Skipper's little buddy.

Irish native.

Subway counter.

Puzzle 20

Theseus's father, he threw himself into the sea.

A skeptic is a doubting __.

Sea nymphs luring sailors on to rocks.

Popular British ride.

US call it an umbrella; the British call it a __.

Lamp residents.

Swimwear worn by competitive male swimmers.


__ noir and blanc, French sausages, one with blood.

British saint who was martyred with an arrow.

Dad's sister's daughter, to you.

Opera by Verdi based on a play by Hugo.

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