CodyCross Green Things Pack answers

Green Things PackGreen Things

Here are the answers to CodyCross Green Things Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Metronomic noise made by clocks.

Volcanic event, where lava is emitted.

Leonardo; starred in The Great Gatsby and Titanic.

Something rare might happen once in one of these.

Cover a poster in protective see-through plastic.

Internet locations with URLs.

Rough pencil drawings.

Mint-family herb, sounds like a woman's name.

Food web lifeform that isn't a producer.

Popular baked dessert that's considered "American".

The hours when you can go and see an in-patient.

Response to a stimulus.

J. M. Barrie's green-clothed boy who never grew up.

Animated tragicomic TV show BoJack __.

Puzzle 2

Ring of greenery hung on the door at Christmas.

Theatrical musical performances.

Mammals so slow that algae grows on their backs.

Being able to see light through the darkness.

A field sport where a circular plate is thrown.

A type of headwear with a tall cylindrical crown.

French impressionist who painted Monet.

Computer user who watches but doesn't engage.

Creatures from another planet, often green-skinned.

A game meant to test one's knowledge.

Military-sounding part of a nut or seed?.

Tall drums on stands, often found in pairs.

Fluid produced by the mouth's parotid gland.

The part of wheat that some people avoid.

Greek mythology monster with snakes for hair.

Puzzle 3

Breaker in the sea, ready to be surfed.

The first meal of the day after one wakes.

The opposite location of where Santa lives.

Sport played by the New York Rangers.

Toxic vine that causes itching.

Shape of You, Perfect and Photograph singer.

Bird that gives its name to a pointless search.

Store sale to sell off old stock.

System in which the people elect the politicians.

Green or white vegetable that comes in spears.

Puzzle 4

West African country with green and white flag.

Tile-matching game originating in China.

Developing a six pack means working this part of the body.

The highest of the four classical singing voices.

Republication of a book.

Joaquin, 2020 Best Actor Oscar-winner.

Make __; crunch time.

Incredible superhero who turns green.

Small juicy fruits with seeds.

Last name of actor Zoë, daughter of musician Lenny.

A group of migratory insects that devastate crops.

The W in AWOL.

An enclosed structure in which heat is generated.

Red-eyed planet in our solar system.

Puzzle 5

Unable to move.

Strongly scented herb, grows on a bush in needles.

Team that was not expected to win.

The US state that rhymes with diploma.

Measuring rod indicates the amount of oil in a car.

Cooking banana that can be used when green.

Bladed machines moved by water or steam.

The parent franchise of The Mandalorian.

Next to a large pool of water.

Imaginative new garment or artwork.

They're listed on the periodic table.

Health-boosting substance in citrus fruits.

Puzzle 6

Movable, mobile.

Women's professional bat-swinging sport.

The food or drink of the Greek gods.

A blessing is sometimes said to be in this.

Cold-blooded creatures like snakes, turtles.

Gmail's logo is a picture of one.

Edgar Allan Poe's revealing type of Heart.

Salad made from shredded cabbage and carrots.

__ can, garden container for giving plants H2O.

V stood for it in the 2005 Natalie Portman movie.

Puzzle 7

Meadow-like pasture area for wildlife.

Decade when US celebrated its Bicentennial.

One is said to bark up it if searching in vain.

Comprising, taking in.

Shiny green-blue winged insect found near water.

Video Killed The __, first song ever played on MTV.

Pain in the mouth.

Upright support panel at the end of a bed.

Iconic racing game with Luigi and his brother.

Where text is copied to and pasted from.

Puzzle 8

Common reaction to a jump scare; 1996 movie.

First lady of the United States acronym.

Power-generating machines.

Large enclosure for keeping birds.

Parts of a tree that turn brown and drop in autumn.

First country to win five FIFA World Cup titles.

Money back from an unwanted purchase.

Western Pacific island nation off China's coast.

Sleeping visions.

Salad stalks with leaves at the top.

Techie device.

The first name of Timberlake and Trudeau.

Puzzle 9

Puffed-rice breakfast cereal, Rice __.

Grand houses with several rooms.

Romantic ballad.

Midgame break in football.

Unusual long-nosed mammal that feeds on termites.

Rare or costly food, e.g. caviar.

The upper part of one's face.

Your vision or how well you can see.

Green-haired Batman villain played by Heath Ledger.

Another word for a magic trick.

Amerigo, explorer who gave his name to America.

US current events magazine.

Green three-leafed clover symbol of Ireland.

Mathematic study of angles, shapes and solids.

Unused film clips.

What the acronym btw stands for.

The surname of tennis stars Serena and Venus.

Puzzle 10

Celebrating with religious veneration.

Professional flute players.

Racket sport played over a very tall net.

Long, thin vegetable also known as haricot vert.

Land beside the sea, anagram of sectional.

Capital of the Netherlands.

Like human and primate thumbs.

Y-shaped rock-shooting device.

Canadian who voiced Shrek.

Begin legal proceedings, take someone to court.

Puzzle 11

Portrait that actors or models use at auditions.

A person who is skilled in many languages.

Devices that give electronics with batteries power.

Sweet, slender-leafed herb paired with chicken.

A person who gives accounts of the news.

Soft leather footwear from indigenous cultures.

An administrative division of a country.

Countryside track for walkers.

One of 12 close followers of Jesus Christ.

Another word for the trachea.

A scraping tool used for cleaning windows.

US rock band who sang American Idiot.

Criminal fire starter.

Puzzle 12

TV shows can have between 6 and 24 of these a year.

Children's game of jumping over crouched backs.

Shipwrecked on a red-hued island?.

Vegetable aka green onion or spring onion.

The Greek god of the sea.

Large, frozen pieces of ice in the sea.

Small guitar-like instruments from Hawaii.

Removed financing from.

Lucifer, Satan, etc..

Huge green serpent that lives in and near water.

Providing food for a party or event.

Actor Mark from "Ted" and "Transformers".

Phrase said to someone who has sneezed.

Type of park in Spielberg's 1993 dinosaur film.

Puzzle 13

Snappy reptile a bit like a crocodile.

Aquatic plant with flowers.

It's rolled out for a celebrity.

People who have ideas for creating new products.

The two-week period that sounds like a video game.

Animated, black, feathered Looney Tunes character.

Made __, bespoke tailoring for an individual.

Forcing someone to act or pay by threatening them.

Metal hook for a climber's rope.

Alice in Wonderland's tea party host.

Better for one's body.

Mint __ chip, green ice cream variety.

Multiply by four.

The study of the Earth and its features.

Beaten egg cooked over a gentle heat.

__ Buttercup, 1960s hit for The Foundations.

Puzzle 14

The Earth's zero-degree line of latitude.

Smallest, most minute.

Will who plays Elf with a green coat in the movie.

Connecting two Bluetooth devices.

Fly down a cable as an adventure activity.

Following an eating regime to lose weight.

Female-fronted grunge band from the 90s; trash.

Palindrome that means "something that spins".

Tool used for tracing a picture onto a wall.

Reptiles that can be green, like chameleons.

People visit these houses around Halloween.

Fish caught accidentally in nets and thrown back.

Surname of fashion designers Gianni and Donatella.

Puzzle 15

Ladies in the chorus line of a stage musical.

Someone put forward for election.

Blue-green shade, like tropical seas.

Perfume, scent.

Manual restraints used by police officers.

Woman who is getting married soon.

E.T. and The One That Got Away pop singer.

People like Columbus, Magellan, and Drake.

Wearable virtual reality device.

Green plant with white berries for kissing under.

Puzzle 16

A location's distinctive way of pronunciation.

Green __, nemesis to Spider-Man, aka Norman Osborn.

First name of Dickens' character, young Twist.

Sport played by a pugilist.

A campfire treat made with toasted marshmallows.

Receding, reducing flow, like the tide.

Female foxes.

Aesop's are the basis for many books.

You add it to injury if you make things worse.

A disc jockey.

A treatment or medication for an illness.

Other half of iconic road trip duo with Louise.

Legendary wizard of Camelot.

Casing for small, round green vegetables.

Edmond __; researched a well-known comet in 1705.

Computer programmers.

Medieval court entertainer with bright costume.

Puzzle 17

Capital city of Australia.

Where fluid from the eye's lachrymal gland emerges.

__ Union, has Ode to Joy as national anthem.

Short and to the point.

Italian, US name for what Brits call a courgette.

Condition of being unable to sleep.

Tarantino two-part film with The Bride in yellow.

A knife cut where food is sliced into thin strips.

In skydiving, before the parachute opens.

No __, intense animosity between people.

Red rhombus-like shapes on playing cards.

Hue of the boat the Owl and the Pussy-Cat used.

Barack Obama's First Lady.

The height of an object in relation to sea level.

Railings alongside a staircase.

Puzzle 18

Dolls used by ventriloquists.

Tower of Pisa that's inclined by 5.5 degrees.

Patron saint of Ireland, associated with green.

Tot up votes again, check original calculations.

Dice-rolling game invented in 1952.

An ancient two-wheeled vehicle pulled by horses.

Protective paper, foil or plastic used on food.

Buries, like a mummy.

Ocean plant such as kelp.

Zen way of saying a person is paying attention.

Actor who's Watson to Robert Downey Jr.'s Sherlock.

Golf playing area between the tee and the green.

Puzzle 19

Soak up.

Paper copies of photos.

Spice seed that's grated, related to mace.

The Egyptian god of the Underworld.

A monthly magazine has 12 of these a year.

Green borders to fields, which birds nest in.

Jason searched for a golden one in Greek myth.

Short-sleeved top in the shape of a letter.

City in which you can see the Red Square.

Big, little constellations in the night sky.

Season when green shoots start to grow.

Food a certain blue Sesame Street resident eats.

Increase volume.

The scientific study of plants.

Rubber ring one may "blow" if angered.

Puzzle 20

Jacket to protect against precipitation.

What one hopefully breathes when outdoors.

Pasta commonly associated with cheese.

Large ships that hold planes; aircraft __.

Mathematical symbol for an addition sum.

Fried Green __, movie with Kathy Bates.

Greedy lover of food.

The Road __, famous poem by Robert Frost.

Rex in Toy Story is this type of animal.

Acting siblings David, Rosanna and Patricia.

A small group of people who govern a country.

The B in NYOB.

Have it your way; suit __.

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