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Here are the answers to CodyCross Group Activities Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Canine for the blind.

Theatrical plays with singing and dancing.

__ permission; legal right to build property.

Auguste Rodin's famous statue is doing this.

Feral feline that prowls between streets.

Stiffens fabrics.

Sweet, rounded pod vegetables.

Measure of how far apart two things are.

Cussing, damning, blaspheming.

Long-distance race with many participants.

Large outdoor music event with lots of stages.

Gambling wheel with ball and numbered sections.

Informal talk TV or radio broadcast.

Puzzle 2

Something that impedes progress or achievement.

Place where wine is grown and produced.

Preserved a body.

Protective guard worn on a skater's arm.

The sound of a jacuzzi as you relax.

Of a particular area.

Manipulate someone to sow seeds of self doubt.

Large formal feasts for many people.

Collaborating to complete something together.

Water feature that spurts.

Venerates a god.

Puzzle 3

Ancient Roman city buried under a volcano.

Steeped aroma into something, like fruit in water.

Mystical or supernatural.

Someone held captive for cash.

Brief sight of something.

Fields of these bloom and are picked in the spring.

Tenants who rent.

Whaler's pointed tool for capturing prey.

Vehicle enthusiasts gather and ogle motors.

__ to me is ISTM spelt out.

Leaving behind no fire residue.

Puzzle 4

Cook in gently bubbling liquid.

Ring __ the Rosie.

Former Union of republics, including Russia.

Birds are to bees as aviary is to __.

Followed commands or guidance from another.

Small vessel for holding writing liquid.

Rained heavily.

Tourist buildings for sleeping in.

Male archer.

Short trip, excursion.

Ethnicity of most K-Pop band members.

Loud warning signals.

Having the worst manners; the least polite.

__ plan, teacher's structure for learning session.

Puzzle 5

Slab above a grave.

Event where people sell their artistic goods.

The most expensive city to live in on Earth.

Style of drinkware often used for beer.

Neil Armstrong or Buzz Aldrin.

Referees and linesmen at a football match.

Train carriage for meals.

Jerusalem root vegetable.

Donate services without compensation.

Substance or situation that's likely to blow up.

Puzzle 6

Making a video call via Microsoft app w/ blue logo.

Ms. Monroe, movie star.

Talking to a god.

Makes the noise of a snake's tail.

Male bouncer.

Slang for dishonest; an outline.

Knotting a lace once it has become undone.

Small fish found on a pizza.

Altered an image to remove unwanted areas.

Creation of a close friendship.

Make an effort to do, accomplish or solve.

The icing on __; makes a good thing even better.

Part of an experiment on which conclusion is based.

Guests each bring a food dish.

Puzzle 7

The Place Where Lost __, song sung by Mary Poppins.

The Texas Chainsaw __, horror movie.

Look at the heavenly bodies in the night sky.

Ferris Wheel, cotton candy, rickety rides are here.

Breakfast ovum that goes with bacon.

Clips, hoops, or studs worn on the lobes.

Boxes in the postal system.

Sully and Mike scare kids in Disney movie __ Inc..

This fish does not wear a saddle.

Pain linked to the muscles around the spine.

Carry on, keep going.

Intermittent bursts of light, __ lights.

Non-contact Frisbee team sport.

Puzzle 8

Optical instrument for viewing objects in the sky.

What sally sells by the seashore.

Teri Hatcher TV series __ Housewives.

Apple founder.

Covering the whole planet, the web for example.

Dental pain.

Last announcement for flight passengers.

__ straps, thin attachments on skimpy dresses.

Danger or risk from exposure to biological agent.

House gathering for rounds of competitive play.

Art of stuffing and mounting animals.

Tall wooden carving made by Native North Americans.

Warm-up period before official games start.

The stuff left over after a dog has been groomed.

Felons, offenders, lawbreakers.

Multiple people message together.

The __ of Notre Dame, Hugo novel.

Ancient Roman engaged in a fight to the death.

Cold-blooded, without feeling.

Sunday lunch roast of the lower quarters of sheep.

Puzzle 9


Toed the line, followed orders.

Resembles partially melted snow or ice.

A clown's neckwear.

Welcomes, says hello.

Distress signals fired by ships.

Bon Jovi is "Livin' on" one of these.

See stand-up or improv at this type of club.

__ hole, through which Alice enters Wonderland.

The twins in astrology.

__ Loren, Italian model gave Monroe nasty look.

Swimming in the nude is called __ dipping.

In life, the best ones are free.

Puzzle 10

Quick runs.

__ the Flag before the other team gets yours.

Trailblazer, settler, innovator.

Very old.

One who deprives another of a possession.

__ room; for trying on clothes before buying.

Request, ask, query.

Didn't pay attention.

Person speaking on a specific subject, gives a __.

__ Stone, US music magazine.

Body of water to the west of Mumbai: __ Sea.

Decor in the style of cowboys.

French cuisine staple Moules frites, or fried __.

Puzzle 11

Structure with walls and a roof.

Teams compete to guess acted out titles and people.

White, carrot-shaped vegetables.

Spectacles with two different strength lenses.

Prehistoric period with flint and rock tools.

Crushed paper into a ball.

Single by the Backstreet Boys: __ for You.

Series of audio files that can be downloaded.

Christians known for H2O immersion.

Mushroom hunting.

One who came back.

Opening group of matches in a tennis game.

Puzzle 12

Fine, loose particles used as facial cosmetics.

Dixie __, three-girl country/bluegrass group.

Horse speed: faster than trot, slower than gallop.

Keanu __; cybercriminal Neo in The Matrix.

Another word for jacuzzi.

Deploys a fine mist.

Country which owns Franz Josef Land.

At the push of a __.

Walking on a trail or up a mountain.

An eighth of 160.

Group association of a common interest.

Puzzle 13

Make a lasting impact on someone.

Rolling a heavy ball at ten pins.

World's highest mountain above sea level.

__ your belt: make financial restraints/sacrifices.

Fear, worry, nervousness.

When someone thinks only of themself they're on an.

Take a door off its hangers.

Backyard barbeque.

Misled others during poker.

Theatrical play with lots of singing.

Group of people in a room talking about a project.

Puzzle 14

Back __; stripped back, laid bare.

Get in shape through working out.

The most steady.

Holiday or trip away from home.

Thriller film series with Keanu Reeves as hitman.

Noisemakers on a door.

Strap-on holder for construction implements.

Nectar-gathering insect that makes sweet substance.

Cuisine most closely associated with sashimi.

Noisy because of so much lightning.

Answer to a problem.

Blue precious gem.

Puzzle 15

Animal's front foot; a dog's for example.

Riding waves on a long or short board.

__ announcer, speaks at Wembley or Yankee arenas.

Unfavorable, hostile; an __ reaction.

Fluffy kernels eaten at the movies.

Petitioned on behalf of.

__ a joke, made a funny.

People directly affected by crimes.

Kept away from, evaded, steered clear of.

Cattle farms.

Alphabetically last ocean bordering Canada.

Bob Marley or Eric Clapton: I Shot the __.

Article of clothing.

Vessel with a handle used to pour drinks or water.

Puzzle 16

Easy to carry around, not fixed.

Gritty board used to smooth finger ends.

Adventuring by car.

Prickly garden mammal; Sonic is one.

Small rock orbiting the Sun.

Designed a brand-new concept or product.

Element that helped the Hindenburg fly.

Something Wicked This __; 1962 fantasy novel.

Misleading reporting by journalists.

As American as __.

Let the __ In, tune from the musical Hair.

Global soccer tournament every 4 years.

Mild roasted nutty syrup added to coffee.

__ Band plays at school sports functions.

Mass-__; churned out in thousands in a factory.

Puzzle 17

Cocktail made with citrus and tequila.

Device that flies a plane instead of the crew.

Speed that is dangerously fast.

Ruby mat rolled out for VIPs and celebrities.

Slides and pools festoon this place of amusement.

Possible to understand because of similarity.

Inside the four walls where children are taught.

Machine that creates electricity.

Historian who performs past battles.

Someone staying at a hospital for treatment.

Not the ending.

Wrapping found around retail goods.

Puzzle 18

Sudden assembly of people who perform together.

Type of cat that disappears leaving only a grin.

Legal sign, proof or assertion of the truth.

Good-value purchases.

Non-human land animal with the longest lifespan.

Ran fast.

To break, as in a bone.

Huge pyres burned for spectators.

Not containing animal flesh.

Poker Face and Bad Romance singer.

Werewolf trigger.

Standing __; no space left to sit down.

Make less complex, reduce clutter.

Puzzle 19

Road sign meaning stopping temporarily is banned.

Meet potential partners through brief interviews.

Smartest, most ingenious.

Royal flush or full house, for example.

Deaf, German composer known for symphonies.

Picture representing natural inland scenery.

Nothing __; green Customs exit at airports.

Study of the stars and planets.

Explosive displays of lights in the sky.

Warned; anagram of education.

Journeying in a stolen car recklessly.

Tropical fruit on a Hawaiian pizza.

Moving ascending or descending staircase.

Small stick for clearing debris from teeth.

Puzzle 20

Slang for kiss.

Community on the outskirts of a city.

Pass from a player that helps set up a goal/basket.

__ in the bud; halted in the early stages.

Groups of boys and girls earning merit badges.

Not after.

Snow White's dozy dwarf.

Mascara thickens these.

Second largest planet in mass.

Hosted bar competitions use this type of question.

Underground chamber, like a cave.

Unwanted spillage marks.

Large, bowed, stringed instruments.

__-Robbins, US ice cream brand with 31 flavors.

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