CodyCross Groups of Three Pack answers

Groups of Three PackGroups of Three

Here are the answers to CodyCross Groups of Three Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Animal that fancy mozzarella milk is often from.

Mental strength in the face of fear.

__ Hills Cop III, third Eddie Murphy movie.

Tilting Italian bell tower: __ Tower of Pisa.

Scannable marker on a product.

Shell-shaped inner ear part needed for hearing.

Balls delivered from mounds to baseball batters.

Three-pronged fork carried by Poseidon.

Where a flue can be found.

It is the best policy.

Puzzle 2

Generic term for gas, water, electricity companies.

Shredded outer layer of a tree, used on pathways.

Baby naturally suckled from its mother.

Rejoice, party, have a good time.

There are three of these in a tablespoon.

Can be argued.

Nickname for movie industry in India.

Weather disturbance with balls of ice and snow.

Metal wrist restraints.

Risky investment that might be found in a garden.

Local area and its residents.

Running at full speed over a short distance.

Rodent with sharp, prickly spines.

His Dark __, Philip Pullman literary trilogy.

Puzzle 3

Books found in drawers in many hotel rooms.

Clothing size between small and large.

Drop-kicked a ball.

Rigor __, stiffness caused by death.

Fortune-__, oft a bescarfed lady with crystal ball.

Smith, Fawcett and Jackson played Charlie's __.

Tree tops in the Amazon rainforest.

Related to groups by cultural origin or background.

Rock music from Seattle.

Sign up for the Army.

Puzzle 4

Can be slanted upwards or downwards.

Microscopic organisms that can cause infections.

Rock, paper, __, playground game.

National cooking styles.

__ of Magic, in Harry Potter.

Domestic rabbit breed with a mane.

Series of items that you want, maybe for Xmas.

Device for patients with renal failure: __ machine.

Powerless, feeble or weak.

The product of a multiple birth with three babies.

Church towers.

One who looks after sheep in the fields.

Brand of rubber-soled sneakers with a star logo.

Puzzle 5

Escorted to a specific place, like in an arena.

Arena where sports are played.

Relating to sight, hearing, taste, touch, smell.

Three __, Canadian peaks that are siblings.

Word used upon parting.

Scary creature under the bed.

Casino-going gamer.

__ wine into a glass.

Insects are made up of a head, thorax and __.

Seven, eight, __ straight; nursery rhyme line.

A period of time, every evening.

Rhinoplasty procedure is also called a __.

Small towers on a castle's upper wall.

Buttons on a radio that save stations.

Puzzle 6

Soft drink with licorice and sarsaparilla flavors.

Harry Potter, Ron and __, group of three friends.

Majority of a country's territory; not islands.

More of a threat to life.

__ on; continuing, persisting.

Yoga standing pose creating geometric shape.

Rotten __; movie review ratings website.

Parsley, Sage, __ and Thyme.

Wedge that secures a portal in place.

Midwestern US state west of Iowa.

Small, reputedly mass-suicidal mammals.

Three __, or 75 per cent.

Giving freely.

Make more attractive.

Competition to find the best mover to music.

Puzzle 7

Meeting with several people.

First of three meals in a day.

Long reptile kept as a pet, named after maize.

Gritted substance used for smoothing wood.

Strong __; Theresa May's oft-heard rhetoric.

Holiday celebrated with black cats and ghosts.

Southern South American country, next to Chile.

Riding on someone's __; copying or imitating.

Fast, "strong" 1970s vehicle.

Someone who drinks too much, is addicted.

The three parts of an atom: protons, neutrons, __.

Chamber in the heart.

Security pin that fits all locks.

Puzzle 8

Quantity of something.

Ex-game show host: animal rights activist Bob __.

Talent-spotters at football matches.

On or in a vehicle, "all __!".

Copper, iron, zinc, tin, gold, silver, etc.

Art piece made of marble.

Hebrew greeting of peace.

Electric, hand or petrol cutters of lawns.

I, Robot writer who had Three Laws of Robotics.

Monty __ and the Holy Grail.

Chopping food into small cubes.

Saying: Three times __, or third time lucky.

Sly, dishonestly secretive.

Relaxed, not formal dress.

Puzzle 9

Run faster than.

Sea south of Cuba and Puerto Rico.

One of seven holy transgressions, e.g. greed, envy.

A sweetheart or a card from a sweetheart.

Equine footwear, a bent semicircle.

Small outdoor areas affixed to tall buildings.

Keeping hold of something, e.g. a memory or water.

Alcoholic drinks mixed in a shaker.

3-month division of a human pregnancy.

Small, red fruit with lots of drupes.

Direction in which hands on a dial revolve.

Liquid for gargling or refreshing the breath.

Alvin, Theodore and Simon are these animals.

Low on energy.

Very small pieces of dust or some other matter.

American film studio: __ Century Fox.

Puzzle 10

Don't open an __ indoors since it brings bad luck.

People held for ransom.

__ species; damaging, introduced plant or animal.

Stop running, cutting out; e.g. a car engine.

__ and a Baby, Tom Selleck movie.

An approximate cost of something.

Painting made up of three panels.

Giant ape from books and movies.

Process of removal of sheep's fleeces.

DIY, or do it __.

Chemical stimulant in coffee.

Person who tells the story.

Robin of __, the true name of Robin Hood.

Follows, is a fan of.

Infinite, unending, for all __.

Puzzle 11

Keeps you from driving past.

Russian space adventurer.

Neapolitan ice cream is vanilla, strawberry, __.

Swedish capital.

Many hundreds, with three zeroes.

Occasional evening out for couples.

Temporarily banned from attending school.

Computer memory part, for temporary copied data.

She found the home of the seven dwarfs.

Those who kidnap.

Three __, formal outfit including a waistcoat.

Bat __; 1977 bestselling album for Meat Loaf.

Something that does not follow the rule.

Medical coverings to keep wounds clean.

These lead into a home's garage.

Puzzle 12

A horse that is kept indoors.

12 gauge, sawed-off, or double barrel.

Father's father.

Most famous member of Destiny's Child.

Gets less shallow.

Bats aren't birds, they're flying __.

A stick with rubber end that clears blockages.

Have you __? Aren't you embarrassed?.

Mark left by writing liquid or pigment.

Used Twitter to post.

Three weird sisters, or coven members, in Macbeth.

Piloted a car around a corner.

Feel uncomfortably hot.

Natives of BMW, Audi and Oktoberfest country.

Kidney-shaped nuts.

Puzzle 13

Viva __, Elvis movie of 1964 with Ann-Margret.

Agenda; timetable of events and appointments.

Three-wheeled bike.

State where power is held by the people.

Held out.

Pacific coast mammal that swims on its back.

Making time for one's own well-being.

Peroxides, whiteners.

Hat with three corners and a French name.

Action of rowing in a kayak.

With a rough or raised surface.

Decision made by a court.

Deliberate attack on another using the cranium.

Groups of people living together and sharing.

First emperor of the Roman empire.

Puzzle 14

Ginger Rogers did everything __ and in high heels.

Downy facial hair sounds fruity.

Consumer of animal flesh.

Silvery AU alloy used in rings, necklaces.

Type of seafood kosher restaurants can't serve.

Spotty woodland fungus, a frog's seat?.

Victorian public building for washing in.

Cleanliness is next to this.

Elevated child seat for eating.

State with the northernmost continental US city.

The French flag, in French.

Railway that transports letters and other post.

Citation, footnote, source used in an assignment.

In Ebony and Ivory, "Ebony" refers to the.

Intelligence, mental agility.

Tetchy, easily stirred up.

Mafia movie trilogy about Don Corleone, The __.

Puzzle 15

Apartment with a single room plus a bathroom.

Natural division of a plant stem.

Before you cross a road, stop, look and __.

Creature that Arachne's opponent turned her into.

"She's got eyes of the __ skies".

Three-__ race, two people tied together.

Movie with Schwarzenegger: Total __.

Dead, infertile, stark, as of landscapes.

Spoke on and on monotonically.

50th US state, ends in three vowels.

Major political institution of Ancient Rome.

Puzzle 16

Live sales of goods to bidders.

Foo __: hit-makers with Everlong and My Hero.

People who move country in order to find work.

Going shoeless.

Aquatic mattress.

Plant symbol of Ireland.

Injured ligaments in wrist or ankle.

Messing around, perhaps wearing a red nose.

Penny for your __.

Crunchy green veggies that are the base for salad.

Training a sports team.

Sudden emotional explosion.

Stubborn crustacean, it clings onto rocks.

__ babies are produced by in-vitro fertilization.

Three dots, in writing.

Puzzle 17

App where images and messages disappear.

Hound of Hades, three-headed dog.

Of great emotional or financial worth.

2001 Japanese animated fantasy film: __ Away.

Country home to Lisbon.

Describes the movement of a snake.

China had three of these, Wei, Shu and Wu.

Dangerously hungry.

The cruelest, most severe.

Every 12 months.

Fun throwing discs.

The sound of a clock is __.

Pierced meat, say, with a thin pointed spear.

Someone who obtains things on behalf of others.

I'm a little teapot, __ stout.

They "hope you had the time of your life".

Bowl with holes for draining.

REE or rare earth __.

Puzzle 18

Typically British afternoon drink.

Disney movie with Woody and Buzz Lightyear.

Faster, higher, __, Olympics motto.

Looking for animals in the forest.

Overwhelming longing to return to family.

Shape with three sides.

__ Wizarding Level, 'typical' test in Harry Potter.

Pause before acting.

Human coffee makers.

Don't make a __ out of a mole hill.

To have quit a job, by letter.

Helena band My __ Romance.

These salty snacks are twisted.

What actors do at end of play, also a Rihanna song.

Puzzle 19

Technology displayed/kept on the body.

Grow healthily; brandish with elaborate effect.

Learning disability, difficulty picking up reading.

Popular TV series with bipolar Carrie Mathison.

Net beds strung between two trees for a nap.

What Baa Baa Black Sheep had three of.

Spoken exactly as it is written.

Small, sharp pink salad vegetables.

Three goals make this.

In a smart way, intelligently.

__ eyes, a pooch's gaze that works every time.

Pamela __'s book is titled Star.

Puzzle 20

Being overtaken by runners already on the next lap.

Doll that had her 60th birthday in 2019.

Threefold, three sets of something.

Metal percussion disk.

Falsely set up for a crime.

Two's company, but three's __.

Gender __, state of women earning less than men.

Person who writes a book, delivering a manuscript.

Follow-up film.

__ helmet, for protecting heads.

Putin became president of this country in 2000.

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