CodyCross Hair Salon Pack answers

Hair Salon PackHair Salon

Here are the answers to CodyCross Hair Salon Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

They can be black or blue and eaten.

Song by Adele: __ Like You.

Complemented or went well with another shade.

Study of biology, chemistry or physics.

Stylish and rebellious woman of the 1920s.

A capsule of energy that needs to be charged.

Red and white ones of these are on barbers' poles.

Not over, under, or around.

A place or object that contains ghosts.

Little Red Riding Hood visited her house.

Sum of money given to a business for a service.

Deep __; 1999 Samuel L Jackson shark horror movie.

Brand of catfood, beloved by 8 out of 10 felines.

Puzzle 2

Sport played on a diamond.

Pampering fingernail treatment.

Move to another office within the same company.

Future spouses vow in health and in this.

Cause to be aroused once more; stoke a fire.

Optimistic attitude; the nubbed side of a battery.

Insect or beast.

To get an app from the internet.

A book with a heavy, thick cover.

New York City road, famous for stage performances.

Medical condition, like Down __.

Mean-tempered Olympian god of the sea.

Red sauce that accompanies pasta.

High Noon protagonist; town marshal.

Cutting implement essential for hairdressers.

Puzzle 3

Pie in __, out of reach, fantasy idea.

Diagonally moving chess piece.

Giorgio the fashion king.

Parts of a fire that flicker.

Cup or prize that comes with a victory.

Bladed manual cutting sticks for shaving hair.

1950s horror film: Creature from the Black __.

Constantly worry or think about something.

Japanese car maker of the Camry.

Cry to the police, tell on someone.

Aspects of someone's personality.

Animal that magicians pull out of a hat.

Plastic-coated container for juice or milk.

Tapering clippered hair so it's graduated.

Puzzle 4

Little hairs on the lids of your sight organs.

Professional know-how gained through experience.

Famous kids' book called __ Moon.

Hair decoration made famous in the movie Heathers.

The first rule of it: you don't talk about it.

Flattening hair with a serum for sleekness.

Twice the usual amount of liquor mixed with tonic.

Sea creatures also known as carpenter sharks.

One-legged kids game, jump on numbered squares.

Third US president, Thomas.

Puzzle 5

Clever gizmo that could save you time.

Medusa has hair made of these.

Countdown clocks to ensure dye is taken off hair.

Home country of escargot.

Fridge __; ornament that holds lists in place.

__ Woman, romantic movie and musical.

Closely gathered group of athletes.

Ships of the desert with varying numbers of humps.

Beverages that are hot or cold.

This Woman has a lasso that can tell the truth.

The Great __ F. Scott Fitzgerald's famous novel.

Puzzle 6

Old-fashioned word for minister.

Natural supply of wealth or revenue.

Long hair on top with short beneath.

What Elmo is that makes him laugh.

Type of line that's not wavy.

Fairy tale character with very long locks.

To drive very closely behind someone.

Brushing a hue on a surface to create art.

Heated straightener for smooth hair.

Treat of shaved ice with fruity taste.

The more shrimp this bird eats, the pinker it gets.

Puzzle 7

Online fast-food ordering website with animal logo.

Recurring household errand of buying these.

Singer known for Rehab, Back to Black.

Glossy reading matter seen in hair salons.

Automobile rear exhaust tubes.

Actor's way to say "good luck" before a show.

Toy, bauble; item used as a toy by a cat, for e.g..

Phrase: necessity is the mother of __.

Role a hairstylist plays when clients unload.

Art or music from the start of Western culture.

Puzzle 8


Stitched bags in pants to hold your belongings.

Leaving hair as it is, no relaxing or dying.

Book title by Judy Blume, also a limitless time.

The sport of riding waves with a hard board.

Type of pipe owned by Frosty the Snowman.

A baby's room; a tree farm.

Crowd __; a performer with mass appeal.

It comes in Romaine and Iceberg types.

Man bun, high on the head.

Shunned or forced out of society.

Greta Thunberg advocates addressing __ change.

Like a person from Stockholm.

Puzzle 9

The World __ Forum (WEF) meets at Davos each year.

Plates, forks, spoons, knives.

Popular sugar-free cola with silver, red label.

Keep an __; don't jump to conclusions.

Country performers often use this type of guitar.

Grain grinder powered by air.

Using a broom to clean up hair clippings.

Athletic people who can stretch and bend are this.

Period of sweltering temperatures.

Rose in opposition against.

Keep looking after something, such as hair.

Many powders do this in water.

Kim __, actress who married Alec Baldwin.

Political group with the fewest members.

Making the noise that a pig makes.

Quartz stones thought by some to cure ills.

Puzzle 10

Slices of this fungi are good on pizza.

Ten-event event.

Make tools and surfaces sterile after use.

Bristled personal object used to untangle.

Period of life often tinged with nostalgia.

A human with enhanced powers and abilities.

Transparent sea creature with stinging tentacles.

When older people go first: __ beauty.

An instrument known as a squeezebox.

Setting agent to keep a style in place.

Puzzle 11

Two-piece swimsuit for the beach.

Hairdressing name for scissors.

Singer and diva, __ Carey.

Components of spectacles that hold lenses in place.

Bond movie Live and __.

Iron tripod platter to put hot things on.

Wide blue __, a faraway place or unknown lands.

Cartoon laboratory boy.

__ roll, sideways revolution in a plane.

Make a mouse sound.

Network of waterways dug by people.

Personal images captured on film, or digitally.

Stretch muscles ahead of exercising.

Fabric sheets for drying hair.

Solomon, who was born on a Monday.

Fries quickly in a bit of oil.

Puzzle 12

Treated with cruelty; used and __.

Hairs around the eyes, which can be tinted.

Slices of rock for a roof.

A hot, pressed sandwich originating in Italy.

Misses Minogue and Jenner.

One who spits rhymes.

Large type of lizard.

Goatees, chin straps and mutton chops.

Permanent art that lives on your skin.

Type of cat Phoebe sings about on Friends.

Pact, treaty, e.g. a peace __.

Largest hot desert in the world.

The body part that tastes and helps swallow.

Three-legged camera support.

A reflective disc sewn onto textiles to be sparkly.

Just out of medal place in the Olympics.

Big Bang __ explains the birth of the universe.

Puzzle 13

Deep sleep.

Staple of New York City: Statue of __.

Turning cheese into small sprinkles.

The Cloverfield __ sci-fi horror film.

Metallic instruments that form part of drum kits.

Plural name for people with XX chromosomes.

The goal of the legal system; fairness.

French bun worn low at the back of the head.

The capital of China.

Fictional universe in books, movies, or your head.

A friendly squeeze named after an ursine.

To bounce a basketball repeatedly.

Emma __, actress Julia's niece.

Ceremony that could include a 21-gun salute.

Surgeons on Grey's Anatomy do this for a living.

Congestion of vehicles that causes delays.

Portable computer line manufactured by Apple Inc.

Fixing hair so it stays in place for a long time.

Puzzle 14

Watch __; warning to be wary of people around you.

Board game of property purchases.

Tidying and trimming hair.

Mary, Mary, Quite __, How Does Your Garden Grow.

Legal way of becoming parent to a child.

Client, person who buys a service.

Fruit cocktail family with rum, lime juice, sugar.

Spiral seed pod from a fir tree.

Flipper is one of these swimming mammals.

It increases the deeper underwater you go.

Synonym for more than one.

Puzzle 15

Semi-robotic people.

Richard Pryor character that had to earn millions.

Footwear that has sparked a subculture.

Strong type of Italian coffee.

The illegal taking or killing of wildlife.

Satirical imitations or copies, mickey-takes.

Braids that run tightly against the scalp in lines.

An individual's collection of clothing.

Stargate __, 2002 sci-fi animated series.

Casually talking.

Journalists write them.

French Emperor with the last name Bonaparte.

Wearing down by abrasion, like coffee beans.

Medicines or treatments for illness.

Dead as a __.

Puzzle 16

Written correspondences sent by the postal service.

Age Ain't Nothing but a Number artist.

Prongs that grow out of the heads of deer.

The LGBTQ flag is this.

Pest __; catching vermin.

Change of appearance, not an old style.

Stephen, Alec, Daniel, William: the __ brothers.

Physical health from exercise.

Crispy and noisy.

Getting rid of a tattoo.

A mythological creature with one eye.

Streaming service, made Orange is the New Black.

Setting the hair in curls that stay until cut off.

Walter __, he laid down his cloak before the queen.

Puzzle 17

List of timings, such as client appointments.

Linda Hamilton returned for Terminator 2: __ Day.

A cow has four of these.

White metal in necklaces, catalytic converters.

Flaky scalp condition.

When a website auto rerouts to another page.

Where Belgian sprouts come from.

What a toddler or a nuclear reactor can do.

The Child, green star of The Mandalorian.

Stephenie Meyer's hit vampire series.

Body labyrinth that includes the cochlea.

Puzzle 18

Downy makes one for your fabric.

Shampoos, gels and waxes are these.

Appliances tend to break right after this runs out.

Queen asked "Can anybody find me __ to love?".

Mr. Krabs's arch enemy on SpongeBob.

Greeting card company with a crown logo.

__ of lamb, cut of meat for Sunday roasts.

Cutting off stray bits of hair.

Hunky star of Seven and Ad Astra.

Places that attract bees, nudists, artists.

Puzzle 19

Social network founded by Harvard Uni students.

A baby of a billed bird that lives in water.

In a movie he wears Prada.

Snippets, brief passages.

Looking after the outer layer of the body.

Religion practiced by the Dalai Lama.

Kitchen storage with a door.

Where you catch your flight; coming to an end.

Yabba __, Fred Flintstone phrase.

Any type of animal or plant in a natural biome.

A genetic variation that changes DNA.

Hair gathered in an elastic band near the scalp.

To move about willy nilly; a way to mix eggs.

To move the body to burn energy and gain strength.

Puzzle 20

Dancer and Hollywood legend Fred.

Here is the church, here is the __.

Largest island of the United Kingdom.

Animated TV show.

Paying extra to a stylist for their good work.

Rage __ the Machine.

Food that's called "Jewish penicillin": __ soup.

Hairdresser or fashion guru.

System based on 10 units.

To set up for use, especially an appliance.

Ape-like creature who may or may not exist.

Ill-fitting, painful to wear.

French Revolutionary ideal, the second-mentioned.

Brought back, e.g. a stick or a ball.

Got Milk? and Just Do It are these.

Child with exceptional talent.

Where Juliet stood to muse about Romeo.

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