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Here are the answers to CodyCross Hairstyles Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

__ hair, tousled beach-style hair.

Wife of Esau in the Bible; female version of Jude.

Warm and snug indoors, often in winter.

__ Tees Valley, or MME airport.

Music group formed with six people.

Sport where a small ball is hit against a wall.

Evergreen seaside plant with pink or white flowers.

Brass instruments on which the Last Post is played.

Region of Nepal on the side of Mount Everest.

Hair cut at different lengths has these.

Wacky Races driver of The Crimson Haybailer.

According to the slogan, KFC is 'Finger __ Good'.

World's largest producer and exporter of lentils.

Puzzle 2

Economic capital of Côte d'Ivoire.

Chemically straightened curly hair.

Crested plover with peewit call.

Pat __, catwalk makeup artist.

__ While You Work sang the Seven Dwarfs.

Hair growing in a different way from the rest.

The Vampire __; drama set in Mystic Falls.

Italian coffee brand, established in 1895.

Shake with fear.

Source of steady easy income, no bovines involved.

Puzzle 3

Richard __, Irish jockey.

Metal cutting blades, used for haircuts.

Roast __, Christmas dinner staple veg.

Environmental tale by Dr Seuss.

Hearts __, military strategy to win over an enemy.

Root housing for hair.

Rise in birth rate.

Discrepancy, misalignment.

Bags full of frozen water used to reduce swelling.

Boys From __, film based on The Comedy of Errors.

Puzzle 4

Early One Direction song: What Makes You __.

WW1 military campaign famous for Anzac involvement.

__ Pickle, Smollett's picaresque story.

Bird-like layered haircut.

Game genre in which players advance while firing.

Traditional method of woodland management.

Hair grown either side of the face, like Elvis.

__ Plain, large expanse of dry land in Australia.

Not prepared to do something.

Aquatic insect that resembles a moth.

Puzzle 5

Capital city of New York state.

Assumes the praying position.

Lemur from Madagascar with long middle finger.

Punk rocker hair, shaved at sides, spiky in middle.

Puts on, pretends to be something they're not.

What the Water __, Lo que el agua me dio, by Kahlo.

Fishy nickname of Equatorial Guinea swimmer Eric.

Uncle __, bald Addams Family member.

US Army's main battle tank.

Kenneth __, played Uncle Sammy in Hi-de-Hi!.

In culinary terms, cut of rabbit meat on the back.

Put these up to indicate OK.

Penultimate king of Egypt and Sudan.

Places of work for hairdressers.

Chinese philosophy of harmony and The Way.

Puzzle 6

Palindrome describes making someone into a god.

Upheld the law.

TV station.

French bun in the hair, pinned low down at back.

Capital of North Carolina.

Warm, upward-moving air current.

Train transport network.

1980s short hair with a long strand down the back.

Cry, the __ Country, Alan Paton on apartheid.

Coffee papers invented by german Melitta Bentz.

Puzzle 7

The Murder of Roger __, Agatha Christie mystery.

Shutting up shop for the day.

Alexander's __ Band, early hit for Irving Berlin.

Struthio camelus; flightless African bird.

French word for Spain.

__ unicornfish is large and has blue lines.

Climbing up a wall.

The capital of Guernsey, __ Port.

Icy winter precipitation falling.

Raking through hair; brushing.

Tree __ can be fairies, stars, angels, Santa hats.

Barber's system for electric razor hair length.

In a way able to be heard.

With pride.

Puffed egg dish, sweet or savory.

Garden structure with climbing plants.

Puzzle 8

Aerosol fixative for head styles.

Butter substitute created by Mège-Mouriès.

Battle of __; Opium War attacks on Peiho defenses.

"If You Could Read My Mind" singer: Gordon __.

Che Guevara's matronymic.

__ care, medical unit for life-threatening issues.

St __, Roman saint whose feast day is December 31.

__ case, casing containing a charge or bullet.

Lodge at the entrance to a castle.

Could be forked or sheet.

French artist of The Raft of the Medusa.

Geological sign of earthquake movement.

Place to sleep, for one person.

Maker of whisky.

Solo parallel sided quadrilateral.

Artist's medal given to best UK illustrated book.

"Don't mince __", a call to be open and voluble.

Michael Jackson style wet-look wavy perm.

Comedy series featuring The Fonz and friends.

Puzzle 9

Corkscrew curls like Shirley Temple.

Historic division of Ireland; e.g. Munster, Ulster.

Similar to baseball but played on a smaller field.

Acted maternally to someone.

Deep decorative picture surround.

Natural ability.

__ Triangles, spreadable cheese.

Small spring bulbs come in purple and gold colors.

To be prepared to do something.

Side part __, a hairstyle.

19th century Russian composer Nikolay Rimsky-__.

One who designs machinery or bridges.

S. P. L. __, inventor of the pH scale in science.

Puzzle 10

Exercise video game, compatible with balance board.

Scattered rubbish or waste.

First __ War; 1215-17 civil war against King John.

Doctor Seuss's last name.

Beatles-inspired haircut, like a floor cleaner.

Nasi __, spicy Indonesian dish of meat and rice.

The truth is out there according to __ and Scully.

Political assembly in US.

Aster-family blooms named after a Swedish botanist.

__ Goldberg of Ghost and Sister Act.

Foamy hair product used for scrunching.

Puzzle 11

Official language of Somalia.

Hair removed with a buzz cutter.

__ Fischer, German canoeist with 12 Olympic medals.

The __, Friends-inspired haircut of the 1990s.

French cheese from goats.

Basement storage.

US soap that starred Larry Hagman.

Otto __; worked on development of nuclear fission.

Simian in Chinese calendar.

Furious, seething.

Puzzle 12

From the combined Asian and European continents.

Shaved skull hairstyle.

Supermarket offers that are far from ordinary.

1940s Indian leader __ Gandhi (not Mahatma!).

Puffing along.

Step up to __, take responsibility in a time of crisis.

Short women's hairstyle, like an imp.

In baseball, MVP stands for Most __ Player.

Somewhat bitter but trendy vegetable: __ rabe.

Can be seen or inspected.

Puzzle 13

__ boy, lead role played by a woman in panto.

States, gets the meaning across.

Blowing machine to remove wetness from locks.

Train carriage where you can eat.

Mughal emperor, constructor of Taj Mahal.

Shedding tree.

Month when WWII officially ended.


Three-stage athletics competition: swim, bike, run.

__ egg, slang for gold embellishments on uniforms.

Frances __; Prince Charles' first mother-in-law.

__ mentality; way of thinking of a rural community.

Turned into alcohol.

Damaged, frayed hair tips.

Infant transport.

Russian port on the White Sea.

Puzzle 14

Whitcomb __; inventor of metal fastening device.

Marksman shooter, works from a concealed position.

Change the factory version.

Sprinted a faster pace than someone else.

Aka locks, of Afro hair, rolled or backcombed.

Hairstyle: business in front, party at the back.

Expression of apology or surprise.

Describes a fruit with its stone removed.

Small-wheeled racing car for kids.

Receiving one meant bankruptcy on Press Your Luck.

The least high.

Puzzle 15

Popular Latin American dessert: tres __.

Hairstyles achieved by weaving three strands.

Medical surgical dressing; Samwise's surname.

McDonald's has golden ones.

Spanish catchphrase of Speedy Gonzales.

City that's home to one of the world's oldest zoos.

__ Palace; historical home in Vila Real, Portugal.

Someone who was once married to a husband.

Kansas City NFL team.

Baseball nickname of Sam Malone from Cheers.

__ gray, elderly hair color for young people.

US probe that met up with Halley's Comet in 1986.

Puzzle 16

Bond Actor Pierce __.

Aretha Franklin sang about this.

Ovoid roulette game with water-filled shapes.

__ iron, heated device for putting waves in hair.

Closed a door violently.

Brazilian partner dance, evolved from Carimbo.

Envisaged, hoped.

Leap higher than someone.

Inadmissible evidence made out of court.

Ornamentally cut shrubs.

Hairstyle liked by Amy Winehouse.

The __ Saga, Galsworthy's Edwardian tale.

Chinese cabbage.

Chief cause of old age blindness: __ degeneration.

Male sibling.

Puzzle 17

John __; father of Henry IV, King of England.

Having courage to face your fears.

In a constant, predictable pattern or sequence.

Cor __, double-reed woodwind music maker.

Crumple and squeeze hair to get curls.

General Lee in The Dukes of Hazzard was a Dodge __.

Consider again.

Kitchen crockery hairstyle inflicted on children.

Home state of the Grand Canyon.

Stocky bird with long neck and legs.

Mortally, critically.

Puzzle 18

Abhorred, detested.

To repel, drive away.

1980s/90s hairstyle of parted fringe, like drapes.

Gels, putty, hairspray, serums, are all __.

Without clear labels or signage.

Devices for cleaning up crumbs from carpets.

Oversees, supervises.

Vegetable sometimes called a "cabbage turnip".

Rota __, Wheel of Fortune imagery in medieval art.

Communicate with others.

Region of the Yukon in NW Canada.

Puzzle 19

Dying hair to remove color, making it blond/white.

Quiff-like hair that stands up above the forehead.

Earl of __; subsidiary title of the Duke of York.


Saving from dump, rescuing from the rubbish.

Workers in Santa's workshop.

"scared the living __ out of...".

A soldier armed with grenades.

Outdoor cooking devices.

The final battle of the Hundred Years' War in 1453.

Puzzle 20

Cooperstown museum; National Baseball Hall __.

Big hair has this.

Home to little green vegetables.

__ Dodger, minor criminal in Oliver Twist.

Changes slightly.

Buoyant layers in hair, or waves at sea.

100 equal a Swiss franc (for German speakers).

Latin American city near Ernest Hemingway's estate.

__ of SHIELD; comic book TV drama series.

Star of "And God Created Women": Brigitte __.

2017 Nintendo console with Joy-Con controls.

George __, US funk guitarist of Breezin.

As __ as the wolf.

Italian seaside resort on the Adriatic Sea.

The southernmost Australian state capital.

French orator, came to oppose the Reign of Terror.

Founding emperor of China's Ming Dynasty.

Birthday month for Madonna.

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