CodyCross Halloween Costumes Pack answers

Halloween Costumes PackHalloween Costumes

Here are the answers to CodyCross Halloween Costumes Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Playing sound into both ears at the same time.

Injuries or cuts.

In ancient times, Rome's granary.


To prompt somebody to remember something.

Injuries that wasps and bees can inflict on people.

Canine that sits on your knee.

Color associated with Halloween.

Traditional Halloween fruit from trees.

Keanu __, main star in The Matrix.

Google's browser that's a shiny metal.

He serves beers, spirits and soft drinks in a pub.

Must do something, ought to do it, shall.

Soft carpet for exercising.

Top __, card game with no US presidential input.

Tom __ is the best friend of Huckleberry Finn.

Puzzle 2

The best it can be.

The imaginary line that goes around the Earth.

If you are interested in finding out more you are_.

Putting milk on your cereal.

A flat shape with three or more straight sides.

The beach transported to a garden play area.

To give a computer coded instructions.

Dead bodies wrapped in cloth.

Mythical creature and Harry Potter Order.

Paul Blart: __ 2, 2015 movie.

Group of buildings where nuns live and work.

Sabrina, the Teenage Witch actress, __ Joan Hart.

Ladies' clothes with a top joined to a skirt.

Puzzle 3

Platform that building workers stand on.

A witch's big black pot.

Scarlet and Herb __ from Minions.

Like a demon, sort of.

Exiled to Elba in 1814.

Too many cooks spoil __.

A baby being breastfed.

Danish __, sweet bakery treats.

The "P" in "http".

Watersport with a single-bladed paddle.

Puzzle 4

Insects moving around, creeping and __.

Man's singing voice between tenor and bass.

Dress up in these at Halloween.

A response to a stimulus; a chemical __.

Follower of the religion associated with the Pope.

Very bad headache or eye pain.

Ruling as a king or queen.

Completely unused and fresh.

Our galaxy.

Blood vessels that carry blood away from the heart.

Fairy tale princess with extra long hair.

Birds with large throat pouches for catching fish.

Children's TV cartoon, Dora the __.

Cake eaten once a year on your special day.

Puzzle 5

To transfer files from your computer to another.

Male witch.

The clown in The Simpsons.

Large desert that covers most of northern Africa.

Village green punishment device that locks feet.

Funny Volkswagen beetle from Disney.

You'll need one of these to go to a gig.

A female peacock.

Fruit grown in orchards, can be cooked.

Maker of metal knives, forks and spoons.

Glass receptacle for liquids in chemistry.

Three-eyed fish in The Simpsons.

Several vehicles traveling in a long line.

Puzzle 6

__ Hedge, environmental DreamWorks animation.

Nervousness or worry.

Pointy-hatted female wizards.

Mixed __ arts, combo of fighting sports.

Large dish, anagram of prattle.

These come in a box and are used to start fires.

Mountain with highest elevation above sea level.

Half woman, half fish.

The fleshy part at the bottom of your ear.

The narrow leaves of a conifer tree.

Guitarist who inspired a popular electric guitar.

"Commandment," bat and bar in Judaism.

Pumba's porky species with long tusks.

Red, yellow and blue are __ colors.

Your teeth might do this when scared.

What Rick calls zombies in The Walking Dead.

Puzzle 7

One of two things needed to log into a computer.

__ Island dressing is used on salads.

Part human, part canine.

Jump over someone's back.

George Lucas directed the __ movies.

Event where athletes aim to leap the highest.

Sticky, like glue or tape.

Scary, frightening.

Gang of young males that Peter took to Neverland.

Represented by a cog/gear icon on a mobile phone.

Puzzle 8

Sith Lord, Jedi nemesis in Star Wars.

Captivate an audience, amuse them.

Pleasing, pleasant; rhymes with "foreseeable".

A toxic substance sprayed to kill plants.

Wireless technology named after King Harald __.

Family fun in a box, like Monopoly or Scrabble.

You get this with a cold; it needs tissues.

His porridge is too hot for Goldilocks.

Sweet Christmas decor.

Shouting out loud with fear.

Where the dead are laid to rest.

Making something shiny by rubbing it with a cloth.

Art that isn't moving, a bowl of fruit, say.

Puzzle 9

Duplicated, e.g. she cheated and __ his answers.

Staple food often served with marinara sauce.

Monsters, Inc.'s blue furry gentle giant.

Cutlery used for cutting and carving.

__ lunch, take your own food.

__stroke, swimming froggy style.

The Emperor's New __, 2000 Disney film.

A photograph that you take of yourself.

A costume or a set of clothes.

Demons, hellish ghouls.

Baby birds, especially chickens.

The Nile and Ganges are __.

Underground hole dug by a rabbit or fox.

Puzzle 10

The Vampire __, books by Richelle Mead.

Something or someone from overseas or abroad.

Central part of an atom.


To pull something to make it longer.

Like a Prayer singer.

Hole dug in a garden and set alight.

A surgical knife with a short, sharp blade.

Magical chemistry.

A __ house is full of ghosts.

Toy __, green army men loved by kids.

Using a whisk or mixer to mix an egg.

Puzzle 11

Capital of Paraguay.

To write or draw all over something.

The one that is the least bald.

Sauce for salad, or putting on clothes.

You two don't agree? You're not seeing __.

Tiny organisms that cause decay and disease.

Bright disc in sky that turns you into a werewolf.

Shortening wood.

The directions skiers go in.

They raise cattle.

Puzzle 12

The way an animal changes from birth to adulthood.

Skin blemish from the day you are born.

Red fruit sauce that goes with turkey.

Marsupials endemic to Australia.

Austin Powers, Shrek, Wayne's World.

Words that are said when meeting friends.

Blending the words gigantic and enormous.

Amazingly popular 2017 Luis Fonsi song.

A vehicle for both traveling and sleeping in.

Bed and __, overnight accommodation and meal.

Ice pellet that falls from the sky.

Explosive material that is used in bullets.

Being confident or forceful, rhymes with "furtive".

Hidden explosive device that goes off when touched.

Carving onto metal.

People who look after a plane's passengers.

A castle's toilet hung over the battlements.

Colorful makeup to complete a Halloween costume.

Puzzle 13

Casual, short-sleeved top, named after a letter.

To have a bad spell cast on you.

Mushrooms and toadstools grow from these.

TV's most famous felt amphibian.

To favor something over something else.

Sea with rough waves.

These nuts look like walnuts and make good pies.

A US musical award.

Dogs' paws, men's feet, horses' __.

Primary color, like the Sun.

El-Al: the national airline of __.

Puzzle 14

A female deity, such as Athena or Aphrodite.

Traveling very quickly, like a rocket.

A cat stays clean by __ itself.

Prepares and sells meat.

The ball was __, he let go of it and didn't catch.

Witchcraft by another name.

You wear these in bed, they might be striped.

Tony Stark superhero genius.

Light these wax sticks and place in pumpkins.

Money that is kept and not spent.

To secure a victory in battle.

Serious disease that is carried by mosquitoes.

An umbrella used as a sunshade.

Regional variety of a language.

Puzzle 15

What PgDn on a keyboard stands for.

Ghost with only a body, the other part chopped off.

The __, Disney film about a pride of big cats.

Something terrible that happens, e.g. earthquake.

Outside or outer; the opposite is internal.

__ Husky dog, thick fur, light eyes, cold climates.

Small trendy clothes shop.

A camping cooker with a canister.

Lessons in painting and drawing.

More perspiring.

She found another world behind a door in her room.

Puzzle 16

June vegetable that comes in spears.

Kiosk or office collecting fees on a road.

A sentence that is not a question.

When something is postponed temporarily, it is __.

Black bars on the top and bottom of your screen.

A tingly, spiky sensation in the body.

A CD or video is a __ of something.

Trying to score goals against your opponent.

Rotating column of air with destructive force.

Dogs of this breed are white with black spots.

To lose water or body liquids.

Push it and it keeps the grass short.

Blowing air into a balloon.

Hogwarts house, founded by Rowena.

Puzzle 17

Scooby's friend who is most afraid of the ghosts.

Help the enemy by being treacherous.

Chewy, fruit jellies you might get at Halloween.

__ Islands, George Town is the capital.

A reptile with four legs, and a long tail.


Michael __, basketball player known as MJ.

Snow White's bad-tempered dwarf chum.

Advertising billboard.

Yellow bird with a beautiful singing voice.

Puzzle 18

A bright shade of red.

Harrison Ford's character in the Star Wars movies.

Education you have to pay fees for.

Building where you take a train.

The point when a liquid bubbles and evaporates.

High screaming from werewolves.

Full __, cooked breakfast with bacon, eggs etc.

Riding a bike.

Group of islands north of Cuba, The __.

Embarrassing; anagram of mashing.

Anxious, worried, antsy, edgy.

Someone who plays the piano is a __.

Grasshoppers that are fed live to pet reptiles.

Comforting, warm drink from cows.

The arm parts of a shirt or jersey.

Halloween celebrations, invite lots of friends.

Putting something on social media/in a letterbox.

Puzzle 19

One is worth a thousand words.

Long strands of pasta in Chinese cookery.

Wide opening of mouth when sleepy.

Go dunking for apples.

Lawn game played with hoops, balls and mallets.

Eruption of steam and hot water from the ground.

Small vicious fish with powerful, deadly teeth.

Traditionally, wheeled big guns firing balls.

Eight-legged Halloween creepy crawlies.

A theatrical play featuring songs.

Silver paper used for cooking.

A passage used by pedestrians.


Huffing and __, breathing heavily.

Commanded, or chose something from a menu.

Ms De Vil who coveted dalmatians.

Puzzle 20

A pattern that repeats in a certain order.

Social media driven surprise gatherings.

Teacher, professor, lecturer.

Horseman missing the top part of his body.

The noise floorboards make in a haunted house.

Bruised peeper from fighting perhaps.

Peanuts are ingredients in __.

South African city home to Table Mountain.

Online storage from Microsoft.

Mexican corn triangle snack.

Guards the Chamber of Secrets in Harry Potter.

Another word for a horse moving at a medium pace.

A legal agreement between two people.

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